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Author: Virginia.
Title: The lawes of Virginia now in force collected out of the assembly records and digested into one volume : revised and confirmed by the Grand Assembly held at James-City by prorogation the 23d of March 1661 in the 13th year of the reign of our soveraign lord King Charles the II.
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Print source: The lawes of Virginia now in force collected out of the assembly records and digested into one volume : revised and confirmed by the Grand Assembly held at James-City by prorogation the 23d of March 1661 in the 13th year of the reign of our soveraign lord King Charles the II.
Virginia., Moryson, Francis., Randolph, Henry., Virginia. General Assembly.

London: Printed by E. Cotes, for A. Seile ..., 1662.
Alternate titles: Laws, etc.

title page
For the Honourable Sr William Berkeley.
I. Church to be built, or Chappel of Ease.
II. Vestries appointed.
III. Glebes to be laid out.
IV. Ministers to be Inducted. 1642.
V. Ministers to provide Readers, 1661.
VI Liturgie to be read.
VII. Church-Catechism.
VIII. Ministers to Preach Weekly.
IX. Sundays not be Prophaned.
X. January the 30th. to be kept a Fast.
XI. May 29th to be kept Holy.
XII. None to be Married but by Ministers, nor by them but by Licence or Publishing the Banes.
XIII. Church-wardens to make Presentment.
XIV. Burial of Servants, or others, privately; Prohibited.
XV. Church-wardens to keep the Church in Repair, and provide Ornaments.
XVI. Registers to be kept by the Ministers or Readers.
XVII. Licences for Marriage how to issue.
XVIII. Provision for a Colledge.
XIX. Courts.
General Courts to begin and continue.
Stile how entred. That the Stile of the Court be entred thus.
Calling the Plaintiff.
Calling for the Defendant.
XX. Actions to be Proportioned.
XXI. Courts to sit from Eight to Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon: from one to three, after Noon.
XXII. The Plaintiffe to file his Declaration three days before the day of Hearing.
XXIII. Adjournment to the two last days for Determination of Referen∣ces by Avisare Volumus, or Actions erected in Court-time.
XXIV. Criminal Causes to be tryed at the General Courts.
XXV. The Governour and two of the Council to go the Circuit.
XXVI. Appeals how to be made.
XXVII. Amerciaments in the General-Courts Fifty pounds of Tobacco per Cause; in County-Courts, Thirty per Cause.
XXVIII. Subpaena's to be Issued by the Clerk.
XXIX. Dedimus Potestatem how to issue.
XXX. Penalties for non-appearance of Evidence.
XXXI. County-Courts appointed.
XXXII. No Arrest without Entry of Action.
XXXIII. The Defendant to put in his Answer.
XXXIV. Form of Entring the Court.
XXXV. Court not to take Cognizance of any thing, under Two hun∣dred pounds of Tobacco.
XXXVI. Private Courts prohibited.
XXXVII. Tryals by Juryes.
XXXVIII. Grand-Juryes to present Offenders.
XXXXIX. Pillories to be erected at each Court.
XL. Fines to be disposed of by the Assembly.
XLI. Supersedeas by whom, and how grantable.
XLII. Prisons to be built in each County.
XLIII. Dwellers within the Rules of any Prison not to have any benefit thereof.
XLIV. Sheriffe to be chosen in the Commission.
XLV. Sheriffs not making Return.
XLVI. Sheriffs to take Bail.
XLVII. Non est Inventus.
XLVIII. Apprisement of Goods.
XLIX. No Commissioner, Clerk, or Sheriff, to be Attorneys in the Court where they officiate.
L. Publication of Writs for Election of Burgesses.
LI. Publique Levies to be first paid.
LII. The Sheriff, upon the instance of the Treasurer, or his Deputy, to Collect the Quit-Rents.
LIII. List of Tithables how to be taken.
LIV. What persons are Tithable.
LV. Counsellors and ten persons, to be exempted out of the Levy.
LVI. Artificers not planting Tobacco, freed from payment of the Levy.
LVII. Counsellours to raise a Levy.
LVIII. No Arrests to be made on the Sabbath-dayes.
LIX. Reward for killing of Wolves.
LX. Commissioners to take Security of Sheriffs.
LXI. Judgement before Commissioners.
LXII. Persons removing into the Bay.
LXIII. English Weights and Measures.
LXIV. County-Courts to grant Probates and Administrations.
LXV. Administrations to whom to be granted.
LXVI. Concerning Orphans.
LXVII. Orphans-Land not to be aliened.
LXVIII. Grants of Land.
LXIX. Deserted Lands.
LXX. Seating upon others Dividents.
LXXI. Not to Shoot or Range upon other mens Lands.
LXXII. Lands five years in possession.
LXXIII. Against Fraudulent Conveyances.
LXXIV. Quit-Rents how to be paid.
LXXV. Surveyors of Land.
LXXVI. Land to be plainly Marked and Bounded.
LXXVII. What Fences shall be sufficient.
LXXVIII. Bounds of Lands to be every four years renewed by the view of Neighbourhood.
LXXIX. Surveyors for High-wayes.
LXXX. Tobacco, when to be demanded.
LXXXI. Judgments and Specialties how long pleadable.
LXXXII. Atturnies for Business out of England.
LXXXIII. Burgesses.
LXXXIV. Burgesses Ascertained.
LXXXV. Burgesses Charges Ascertained.
LXXXVI. Burgesses to appear upon the day.
LXXXVII. Burgesses not to be Arrested.
LXXXVIII. No Order to contradict an Act.
LXXXIX. Assemblies to enquire after the Breach of Laws.
XC. Publique Letters, how to be Conveyed.
XCI. Divulgers of false News.
XCII. Chirurgions Accounts regulated.
XCIII. Chirurgions Accounts, pleadable after decease of the Party.
XCIV. Discounts to be made in Courts.
XCV. Accounts against dead Mens Estates.
XCVI. Ballancing Accounts of Deceased Persons.
XCVII. Ordinary-Keepers, how to sell.
XCVIII. Servants, how long to serve.
XCIX. Against Secret Marriage.
C. Against Fornication.
CI. Hired Servants.
CII. Run-awayes.
CIII. Cruelty of Masters prohibited.
CIV. Against unruly Servants.
CV. Against Trading with Servants.
CVI. No Tobacco to be planted after the tenth of July.
CVII. No Seconds or Slips.
CVIII. Improvement of Staple-Commodities.
CIX. Act for Mulbery-trees.
CX. Encouragement to build Vessels.
CXI. Tan-houses to be erected.
CXII. Two Acres of Corn for each Tithable.
CXIII. Stray Horses, &c.
CXIV. Free Trade.
CXV. Exportation of Hides.
CXVI. Exportation of Money.
CXVII. Size of Virginia Hogsheads.
CXVIII. Against private taking away Boats.
CXIX. Against Shooting.
CXX. Supply of Ammunition.
CXXI. Against Exacting Millers.
CXXII. Against Exportation of English Goods.
CXXIII. No Mares or Sheep to be transported.
CXXIV. Against selling of Rum, but in places appointed.
CXXV. Against stealing of Hogs.
CXXVI. Masters of Ships to provide four Moneths Provision.
CXXVII. Concerning Passes.
CXXVIII. Imposition of two Shillings per Hogs-head.
CXXIX. Every Inhabitant in Northumherland, and Westmerland-Counties, to give an Accompt how many Hogsheads of Tobacco they made, and to whom sold.
CXXX. Payment of Fort-Duties in Accomake, &c.
CXXXI. Ten Shillings per Hogshead.
CXXXII. Castle-Duties to be paid.
CXXXIII. Ships to come up to James-City.
CXXXIV. Priviledg of Virginia-Owners.
CXXXV. A Publike Notary appointed.
CXXXVI. Acts concerning the Indians.
CXXXVII. Clerks Fees to be paid.
The Secretarie's Fees.
County-Court Clerks-Fees.
The Sheriff's Fees.
The Clerk of the Assemblies Fees.
CXXXVIII. Interpreters made for the Country.
The Title and Number of the Acts, in order as they are PRINTED.