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Author: La Varenne, François Pierre de, 1618-1678.
Title: The French cook.: Prescribing the way of making ready of all sorts of meats, fish and flesh, with the proper sauces, either to procure appetite, or to advance the power of digestion. Also the preparation of all herbs and fruits, so as their naturall crudities are by art opposed; with the whole skil of pastry-work. Together with a treatise of conserves, both dry and liquid, a la mode de France. With an alphabeticall table explaining the hard words, and other usefull tables. / Written in French by Monsieur De La Varenne, clerk of the kitchin to the Lord Marquesse of Uxelles, and now Englished by I.D.G.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
2011 April (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The French cook.: Prescribing the way of making ready of all sorts of meats, fish and flesh, with the proper sauces, either to procure appetite, or to advance the power of digestion. Also the preparation of all herbs and fruits, so as their naturall crudities are by art opposed; with the whole skil of pastry-work. Together with a treatise of conserves, both dry and liquid, a la mode de France. With an alphabeticall table explaining the hard words, and other usefull tables. / Written in French by Monsieur De La Varenne, clerk of the kitchin to the Lord Marquesse of Uxelles, and now Englished by I.D.G.
La Varenne, François Pierre de, 1618-1678., I. D. G.

London: Printed for Charls Adams, and are to be sold at his shop, at the sign of the Talbot neere St. Dunstans Church in Fleetstreet, 1653.
Alternate titles: Cuisinier françois. English
Subject terms:
Cookery, French

title page
TO THE RIGHT HONOURABLE JOHN Earl of TANNET, &c. My very good Lord.
To the Reader.
FOR THE High and Mighty Lord, Lewis Chaalon Du Bled, Counsellor of the King in both his Counsels of State and Privy-Counsell, Knight of his Orders, Baron of Tenar, Marquesse of Uxelles, and of Cormartin, &c.
to the reader
The French Stationer to the Reader.
A Table referring to all the particu∣lars contained in this Book.
An Alphabeticall table for the explaining of the hard and strange words contai∣ned in this Book.
The French Cook.
part potages for flesh days
A Table of the Potages that can be made for to serve up in the flesh dayes.
How to make all kinds of Potage.
1. A Bisque of young Pigeons.
2. Potage of Health.
3. Potage of Partridges with Coleworts.
4 Potage of Ducks with Turnips.
5. Potage of Pullets with Sparagus.
6. Potage of marbled Partriges.
7. Potage of Quelckchoses, or Liverings.
8. Potage of marbled quailes.
9. Potage of wood pigeons garnished.
10. Potage of small vayles.
11. The Queens Potage.
12. Princesse's Potage.
13. Jacobin's Potage.
14. Potage of Cockerels.
15. Potage of Teales with Hypocrast.
16. Brown Potage of Larkes.
17. Potage of young Pigeons.
18. Potage of Teal with the juice of Turnips.
19. Potage of Beatilles.
20. Potage of Pullets with Coliflowers.
21. Potage of Pullets in Ragoust.
22. Potage of young Pigeons rosted.
23. Potage of Goose with Pease-Broath.
24. Potage of Goose-giblets.
25. Potage of Geese with Pease.
26. Potage of Salt-Goose with Pease-Broath.
27. Potage of Pullets with green Pease.
28. Potage of Pigeons with green Pease.
29. Potage of salt meat with Pease.
30. Potage of young Rabbets.
31. Potage of Abatis of Lambs.
32. Potage of Larks with a sweet Sauce.
33. Potage of Knuckle of Veal.
34. Potage of a Breast of Veal.
35. Potage of Mavs, or Thrushes.
36. Potage of Tortoise.
37. Potage of sucking Pigge.
38. Potage of mine'd Mutton.
39. Potage of Knuckle of Beef.
40. Potage of Capon with Rice.
41. Potage of Pullets with Rice.
42. Potage of Knuckle of Beef with Tailladins.
43. Potage of the Boyler, or great Pot.
44. Potage of a Calfs-head fry'd.
45. Potage of fryed Mutton with Turnips.
46. Potage of the handles or knuckles of shoulders with Ragoust.
47. Potage of rosted Woodcocks.
48. Halfe a Bisque.
49. Jacobin's potage with cheese.
part farced potages
A Table of the farced Potages.
2. How to make Farced Potages.
1. Potage of Capons farced.
2. Potage of farced cockerels without bones.
3. Potage of pullets farced.
4. Potage of young pigeons farced.
5. Pottage of Ducks farced.
6. Potage of legs of veale farced.
7. Potage of a farced breast of Veal.
8. Potage of a Calfe's head farced without bones.
9. Potage of Lamb's heads without bones farced.
10. Potage of a joint of Mutton farced.
11. Potage of Geese farced.
12. Potage of Partridges without bones, farced.
13. Potage of Turkie farced.
part first course potages
Potage of Entrees (or first cour∣ses) which can be made in the Armies, or in the field.
3. The way of making meat ready for the first courses.
1. Turkie with Raspis.
2. Joint of Mutton after the Cardinal's way.
3. Legs Or Knuckles of Veal Epigramme way.
4. Loin of Veal with Pickle.
5. Ducks wiih Ragoust.
6. Young Pigeons with ragoust.
7. Young Henns in ragoust.
8. White puddings.
9. Saucidges with the brain of Partridges.
10. Andovilles, Chitterlings.
11. Servelats.
12. Pullets pickled.
Knuckles, or Handles of Shoulders, Oliveir way.
14. Peece of Beef after the English, or Cha∣lon fashion.
15. Breast of Veal after the Estoffade.
16. Partridges with ragoust.
17. Neats tongue with ragoust.
18. Porks tongues with ragoust.
19. Tongue of Mutton with ragoust.
20. Loin of Mutton with ragoust.
21. Joint of Mutton after the Daube.
22. Turkie after the Daube.
23. Cive of Hare.
24. Breast of Mutton into an aricot.
25. Lamb with ragoust.
26. Surloine of veale with ragoust.
27. Peece of beef after the daube.
28. Joint of Mutton after the Legate's way.
29. Peece of beef after the Marrotre.
30. Loine of Mutton rosted.
31. Peece of Beef, and Loine of Mutton after the naturall.
32. Pigge after the Daube.
33. Goose after the Daube.
34. Goose with ragoust.
35. Teales with ragoust.
36. Turkey with ragoust.
37. Pigge with ragoust.
38. Loyn of Veal with ragoust.
39. Larks with ragoust.
40. Liver of Veale fried.
41. Calf, and Sheeps trotters with ragoust.
42. Fat tripe with ragoust.
Another way.
43. Pullets fryed.
44. Young pigeons fryed.
45. Fricandeaux.
46. Fricasse of Veale.
47. Fillet of Veale with ragoust.
48. Shoulder of Veal with ragoust.
49. Shoulder of Mutton with ragoust.
50. Breast of Veale fried.
50. Loine of Roebuck with ragoust.
52. Small ribs of Mutton with ragoust.
53. Beefe a la mode.
54. Beef after the Estoffade.
55. Young Rabbits with ragoust.
Another way.
56. Loine of Fork with a sauce Robert.
57. Partridges after the Estoffade.
58. Capon with Oysters.
59. Young Ducks with ragoust.
60. Tounges of Mutton fryed with ragoust and fritters.
61. Liver of Veale with ragoust.
62. Stewed Pullets.
63. Calfes head fryed.
64. Liver of Veale sticked.
65. Abbatis, or Purtenances, or Giblets, of Turkie.
66. Shoulder of Wildboare with ragoust.
67. Legs of Roebuck, or Wild-goate.
68. Pigge farced.
69. Calfes feet fried.
70. Mutton tongues rosted.
Another way.
Another way with ragoust.
Another way.
Another way.
71. Achis of rost meat.
72. Haslets.
73. Achis of raw meat.
74. Poupeton.
75. Tourte of lard.
76. Tourt of Marrow.
77. Tourte of young Pigeons.
78. Tourt of Veale.
79. Pie of Capon without bones.
80. Pie of Gaudiveau.
81. Pie of Assiette.
82. Pie after the Marotte.
83. Pie after the English.
84. Pyes after the Cardinal's way.
85. Pullets with ragoust in a bottle.
part second course meats
A note of the meats which may be served in the Second.
The way of dressing and serving meat for the second Courses.
1. The Pheasant.
2. The Turtle dove.
3. The young Hare.
4. The Quaile.
5. The Partridge.
6. The Capon.
7. Young Pidgeons rosted.
8. Pullets fed with corn, or cram'd Pullets.
9. Turkie.
10. Young Ducks.
11. The Wild-pidgeons.
12. Cockerels.
13. Lamb.
14. Teales.
15. Goose.
16. Young Wildboare, or Grice.
17. Young Rabbits.
18. The Thrush.
19. The Rayle.
20. Young Partridges.
21. Young Quailes.
22. Young Turkies.
23. Plover.
24. Loyne of Stagge.
25. Ortolan.
26. The Woodcock.
27. Another way for the Snipe.
28. The Stockdove.
29. Loyne of Veale.
30. Pigge sticked.
31. Wild-goose.
32. Water-henne.
33. Capon with Watercresses.
34. Sucking Pig to the natural.
Another way.
35. Cus blanes or Thiastias.
36. Heron.
37. Chine of Hare.
38. Shoulder or loyn of Boare.
39. Pork.
40. Fawn.
41. Fawn of Roebuck.
42. Fillet of Roebuck.
Another way.
43. Breast of Veale farced.
44. Surloine of Mutton.
45. Loine of Mutton.
46. Ribbe of Beef.
47. Neats tongue fresh.
Another way.
48. Joint of Mutton after the Kingly way.
49. Joint of Mutton farced.
50. Fat henne.
Another way.
Another way.
Another way.
51. Batteurs de pave.
52. Shoulder of Veale rosted.
53. Liver of Veale.
54. Larks.
55. Wild-goose.
The way of making ready some sauces.
part middle courses for flesh days
A Table of the Intercourses (or Middle-courses) for the Flesh daies.
5. Discourse of the Entre-mets or Intercourse.
1. Ears, and feet of pork.
2. Small purtenances of Stag.
3. Venison pasty.
4. Pasty of gammon.
5. Trouffles with ragoust.
6. Dry trouffles.
7. Trouffles after the natural.
8. Omelets of beatilles.
9. Sweetbreads.
10. Sweetbreads stuck.
11. Sweetbreads with ragoust.
12. Liver of Roebuck.
13. Liver of Roebuck in Omelet.
14. Ʋadder of Roebuck.
15. Cows Ʋdder.
16. Coliflowers.
17. Creame of Pistaches.
18. Gammon with ragoust.
19. Gammon rosted.
20. Gammon in slices.
21. Thrushes.
22. Pickled pullets.
23. Abbatis of Lamb with ragoust.
24. Larks with ragoust.
25. Gelee.
26. Gelee of Harts horn.
27. Green Gelee.
28. Red Gelee.
29. White meat.
30. Sallat of Lemon.
31. Achis of Partridges.
32. Rissoles fryed.
33. Rissoles puffed.
34. Fritters of Marrow.
35. Fritters of Artichocks.
36. Pets de putain.
37. Paste spunne.
38. Lemon paste.
39. Ramequin of kidney.
40. Ramequin of flesh.
41. Ramequin of Cheese.
42. Ramequin of soot of chimney.
43. Ramequin of Onion.
44. Ortolans with ragoust.
45. Tongue of pork with ragoust.
46. Tongue of pork perfumed.
47. Tongue of pork boiled with ragoust.
48. Neats tongue.
49. Young Pidgeons.
50. Fat liver with ragoust.
51. Fat liver on the gridiron.
52. Fat liver baked in the ashes.
53. Fat liver fryed into fritters.
54. Beatilles.
55. Tourte of Franchipanne.
56. Nulle.
57. Nulle with Amber.
58. Green Nulle.
59. Artichocks fryed.
60. Artichocks fried.
61. Artichocks with Poivrade.
62. Bottoms of Artichocks.
63. Mushrums with ragoust.
64. Mushrums farced.
65. Mushrums fried.
66. Mushrums after the Oliver.
67. Omelet of gammon.
68. Tortoises.
69. Tourte of Pistaches.
70. Eggs after the Portugals way.
Another way.
71. Egs minion.
72. Egs spun.
73. Egs after the Varenne.
Another way.
74. Snow egs.
75. Egs after the Huguenote.
75. Cardons of Spaine.
77. Sparagus with a white sauce.
78. Sparagus with ragoust.
79. Sparagus with creame.
80. Tongue of mutton with ragoust.
81. Tongue of mutton sticked.
82. Tongue of mutton on the gridiron.
83. Satlet of Pomgranat.
84. Head of wild boare.
85. Slice of wild boare's head.
86. Slice of wild boare's head with ragoust.
87. Another way.
87. Greene pease.
88. Ram's stones.
Another way.
89. Palats of beef.
90. Arbolade, or tensie.
91. Young Pigeons.
92. Field fares.
93. Young Partridges.
A method for to make gammons of Westphalia-bacon.
part sauces, etc.
The way of making, allaying, or thickning to be kept for sauces, to the end that one may not be put to the trouble of making them on every occasion, when one may have need of them.
Thickning of Almonds.
Thickning of Mushrums.
Thickning of flowre.
Thickning of trouffles.
Method for the making the juice of Mushrums, of Beef, or of Mutton, which may be usefull for many Sauces and Ragousts.
Juice of Mushrums.
The juice of beef, or of mutton.
The way of garnishing with Pistaches.
The garnish of lemon.
The garnish of Pomegranat.
A Method for to take out the juice and waters of flesh, for to give unto the Sick.
The juice of mutton, veale, or capon.
Another way for the same water.
Water of pullet.
Other Panadoe.
part pastries
A Table of the Pastry work which is served up all the year long.
A Method how to make ready and to serve up the Pastry works which are made mention of in the foregoing Table.
1. Venison pastie.
2. Pasty of a joint of mutton.
3. Pie after the English way.
4. Pie of Capon.
5. Pie of Turkie.
6. Another way.
7. Pie of gaudiveau.
8. Pie of Partridge.
9. Pastie of Gammon of bacon.
10. Pie of a breast of Veale.
11. Pie of Assiette.
12. Pies the Cardinall's way.
13. Pie after the Marotte.
14. Pie of young Rabbits.
15. Pie of pullets.
16. Pie of larks.
17. Pie of Veale.
Another way.
18. Fie of Quailes.
19. Pie of Woodcocks.
20. Pie of thrushes.
31. Pie of Duck
23. Pie of Lambe.
Another way.
24. Pie of mutton's tongues.
25. Pie of Kid warme.
Another way.
26. Goose pie.
27. Pie of knuckles of shoulders.
24. Tourte of young pigeons.
Another way.
29. Tourte of lard.
30. Tourte of marrow.
31. Tourte of veale.
Another way.
32. Tourte of Beatilles.
34. Tourte of larks.
35. Tourte of sweet breads.
36. Tourte of brawne of Capon.
part lean potages
A Table of the lean Potages out of Lent.
7. A Method for to make ready & serve up the Lean Potages.
1. Potage of hearbs.
2. Potage of Crawfish.
3. Potage of Carp.
4. Potage of Tenches.
5. Potage of Carps farced.
6. Potage of rosted Carps.
7. The Queens pottage.
8. The Princesses potage.
9. Potage of Tortoise.
10. Potage of Mushrums farced.
11. Potage of Soals without bones farced.
12. Potage of smelts.
13. Potage of Sparagus.
Another way.
Another way.
14. Potage of haslets of fish.
15. Pottage of lettice farced.
16. Pottage of Cabidge, (or Cole∣worts,) with milke.
17. Pottage of cabidge, or coleworts, with frried bread
18. Potage of coleworts, or cabidge, with pease broath.
19. Potage of pumpkin with butter.
20. Potage of pumpkin with milke.
21. Potage of turnips fried.
Another way.
22. Potage of milke with yolks of eggs.
Another way.
23. Potage of Profiteolles or small vailes.
24. Potage of green pease.
Another way.
25. Potage of hearbs without butter.
26. Potage of onion.
27. Potage of cowcombers farced.
28. Potage of snow.
Another way for flesh dayes.
29. Potage of mussles.
30. Potage of oisters.
31. Potage of grenosts.
32. Potage of salmon.
33. Potage of frogs with saffron.
Another way.
34. Potage of bran.
35. Potage of hops.
36. Potage of Rasberries.
37. Potage of Parsenips.
38. Potage of Leeks.
39. Potage of Barnicle farced.
40. Potage of Lotts.
41 Pottage of broken sparagus.
42. Potage of Coliflowers.
43. Potage of Fidelles.
44. Potage of Rice.
45. Potage of Tailladins.
Another way.
46. Potage of broth of green pease.
47. Potage of pease broth of common pease served green.
48. Potage of Barnickle with turnips.
49. Potage of Barnickle garnished.
50. Potage of Leeks with pease broth.
Another way.
51. Potage of Flounders.
52. Potage of herbs with cowcombers.
53. Potage of onion with milk.
54. Potage of Lofches.
55. Potage of Wivers.
57. Potage of Mushrums farced.
58. Potage of Almond milk.
part first courses for lean days out of Lent
A Table of the Entrees (or first courses) of the leane dayes out of Lent.
8. A Method for to make ready the service of fish for the first courses in the leane dayes out of Lent.
1. Soales with ragoust.
2. Pike with ragoust.
3. Tnches with ragoust.
4. Tenches farced with ragoust.
5. Tenches fried and pickled.
6. Carpes stewed.
7. Carpe farced with ragoust.
8. Carpe fried with ragoust.
9. Carpe broyled with ragoust.
10. Carpe with half short broath.
11. Hash of carpes.
12. Breame with ragoust.
13. Salmon with ragoust.
14. Salmon stewed.
15. Troutes salmon'd.
16. Lotts with ragoust.
17. Lottes fried with ragoust.
Another way of lottes stewed.
18. Oisters with half short broth salted.
Another way.
Another way.
19. Oisters with ragoust.
20. Oisters in fritters.
21. Oysters rosted.
22. Vilain with ragoust.
23. Vilain with short broth.
24. Vilain stewed.
25. Soies rosted and farced.
26. Soies rosted without farce.
27. Soies stewed.
28. Barbels with ragoust.
29. Barbell rosted.
30. Barbels with half short broth.
31. Barbels with short broth.
32. Barbels stewed.
33. Dabs in Gastrolle.
34. Flounders in Castrolle.
35. Flounders fryed.
36. Flounders rosted.
37. Plice in Castrolle.
38. Plice rosted.
39. Barnickle with ragoust.
40. Barnickle with short broth.
41. Barnickle rosted with ragoust.
42. Barnickle without bones farced.
43. Allose rosted with ragoust.
44. Allose with short broth.
45. Allose stewed.
46. Lampraye with ragoust.
47. Lampraye on the gridiron with ragoust.
48. Lampraye with sweet sauce.
Another way.
49. Eele rosted with a green sauce.
50. Eele stewed.
51. Eele-like Serve last.
52. Eele with ragoust.
Another way.
Another way.
53. Sea Eele.
54. Sea Eele stewed.
55. Sea Eele fryed with ragoust.
56. Lobster with short broth.
57. Lobster with a white sauce.
58. Langouste with short broth.
59. Langouste with white sauce.
60. Pike farced.
61. Pike rosted on the spit.
62. Fresh mackerells rosted.
63. Fresh herring rosted.
64. Herrings with brown sauce.
65. Pilchers.
66. Gournet with ragoust.
67. Grenost with ragoust.
68. Fresh cod rosted with ragoust.
69. Cod with half short broth.
70. Fresh Cod with ragoust.
71. Green fish.
72. Soupresse of fish.
73 Gammon of Fish.
74. Mussles of fish.
75. Raye fried with ragoust.
76. Smelts with ragoust.
77. Tripes of Cod fried.
78. Scuttles fryed.
79. Foor John fryed.
80. Poor John with a sauce Robert.
Another way.
81. Joale of salmon with brown sauce.
Another way.
82. Joale or chine peece of salmon into salat.
83. Tons pickled.
84. Mackerels salted.
Another way.
85. Herrings salted.
Another way.
86. Red herrings.
87. Troutes common.
88. Pie of lottes.
89. Eele Pie.
90. Pie of grenost.
91. Small pies of fish.
92. Pie of plices.
93. Tourte of melts.
part eggs for the first course
A Table of the Egges for the Entree or first course, as they are now served up,
The way of making Eggs ready for the Entrees, or first courses, as they are now in use.
1. Eggs farced.
2. Eggs with bread.
3. Eggs after the looking glasse, or an miroir.
4. Egs with black butter.
5. Eggs with milk.
6. Egges with sorrell.
7. Egges fried into slices.
8. Eggs poached in water.
9. Eggs with creame.
10. Omelet of creame.
11. Omelet of parsley.
12. Egges with verjuice.
13. Egges with anchovies.
14. Eggs with cheese.
15. Egs mingled or stirred together.
16. Egs in the moon shine with creame.
17. Eggs made in glasses.
18. Omelet farced.
19. Egges with snow.
Another way.
part fish courses
Table of the second of Fish.
10. Discourses & Method how to serve the second fish.
1. Turbot in Castrolle.
2. Dab with short broath.
3. Wivers rosted on the gridiron.
4. Soales fried.
5. Salmon with short broth.
6. Sturgeon with short broth.
7. Grenost in Castrolle.
8 Bescard with short broth.
9. Purpose with short broth.
10. Purpose with ragoust.
11. Flounders with ragoust.
12. Sea Otter, with short broath.
13. Sea Otter on the gridiron.
14. Ray fried.
15. Tenches with short broth.
16. Allose with short broth.
17. Allose rosted.
Another way.
18. Fresh cod.
19. Breame rosted.
Another way.
20. Pike with blew.
21. Pike with sauce.
22. Troutes with short broth.
23. Troutes salmon'd.
24. Perches with short broth.
25. Lottes.
26. Lottes in Castrolle.
27. Carpe with blew.
28. Carpe farcde.
29. Smelts.
30. Plice.
part middle courses for lean days out of Lent
A Table of the Intercourse of the lean dayes out of Lent.
11. A Method for to make ready the Intercourses for the leane days out of Lent.
1. Mousseron.
Another way.
2. Mushrums with creame.
3. Trouffles.
Another way.
Another way.
Another way.
4. Eggs spunne.
5. Nulles.
6. Omelet with creame.
7. Fritters.
8. Pets de putain.
9.ervelats of Eele.
10. Melts of carp fryed.
11. Melts with ragoust.
12. Liver of Lotte.
Another way.
13. Gelee of fish.
14. White meat.
15. Green gelee.
16. Artichocks fried.
17. Sparagus with white sauce.
18. Sparagus with creame.
19. Celeris.
20. Coliflowers.
21. Gammon of fish.
22. Tortoise with ragoust.
part vegetable dishes
A Table of what may be found in Gardens, which one may use upon occasion and serve up in the first courses, and inter∣courses of the lean daies, and other flesh daies, or in Lent.
12. A Method how to make ready is contained in the forego∣ing Table.
1. Skirrets.
Another way.
Another way.
2. Pappe of flowre of wheat.
3. Hops.
4. Lettice.
5. Pompkin.
Another way.
Another way.
6. Parsnips.
Another way.
7. Sersifis.
8. Carrots.
9. Red beets (or Beete-radish, or red parsnips.)
Another way.
10. Jerusalem hartichocks.
11. Cowcombers.
Another way.
Another way.
12. Turnips.
13. Aples fried.
Another way.
14. Sparagus fried.
15. White succory.
Another way.
16. Cardes of beetes.
17. Cardes of hartichocks.
18. Pease passed.
19. Trouffles of Entree (or first course.)
part pies, etc.
A Table for the Pastry work of Fish for to be eaten warm, containing the Pies and the Tourts.
13. Instruction how to make the Pa∣stry work for Fish.
After the foregoing instruction or word of advise, followeth the Method of the Pastry-work for fish, concer∣ning Pies and Tourts, ac∣cording to the contents of the foregoing Table.
1. Salmon pie.
2. Pie of Dab.
3. Eele pie.
4. Pie of fresh cod.
5. Pie of Carp without bones.
Another way.
6. Pie after the Cardinal's way.
7. Pie of flounders.
8. Pie of grenost.
9. Pie of soales.
10. Pie of soales half fried.
11. Pie made up with hash of eele.
12. Tourte of flounders.
13. Tourte of new oisters.
14. Tourte of liver of lotte.
15. Tourte of laictances of carpes.
16. Tourte of lotte.
17. Tourte of carpe
18. Tourte of crawfish.
19. Tourte of frogs.
20. Tourte of tenches.
21. Tourte of butter.
22. Tourte of spinage.
23. Tourte of meloone.
24. Tourte of pistaches.
25. Tourte of Almonds.
26. Tourte of pompkin.
27. Tourte of peares.
28. Tourte of creame.
29. Tourte of apples.
30. Tourte of franchipanne.
31. Tourte of whites of eggs.
32. Tourte of yolks of eggs.
33. Tourte of Massepin,
part preserves
A Table of several sorts of roots, herbs, and other things to bee preserved, or pickled, for to keep in a houshold or ordinary.
14. A Method how to pickle all them for keeping.
1. Butter melted.
2. Artichocks.
3. Cowcombers.
4. Purslaine.
5. Lettice.
6. Troufles.
7. Red beets, or red parsnips.
8. Sparagus.
9. Green pease.
10. Succery.
11. Mushrums.
Another way.
12. Cabidge.
13. Soales.
14. Oysters,
15. Combes salted.
part salted things
Another Table of things to be salted for to keep, specially for a Cook of Pastry.
The Method.
1. Cardes of Artichocks.
2. Palats of beef.
3. Tongues of mutton.
4. Pullets pickled.
5. Rammes stones.
6. Young pidgeons.
7. Salt butter.
A Method how to make in Lent the broths of Fish, of Pease, of Herbs, and of Almonds.
Broth of fish.
Pease broth.
Broth of Almonds.
part potages for Lent
A Table of the Potages for Lent.
16. Discourse of the potages for Lent.
1. Potage of Crawfish.
2. Potage of hash of carpes.
3. Potage with hearbs.
4. Potage of tenches farced with turnips.
5. Queen's potage.
6. Princesse's potage.
7. Potage of tortoise.
8. Potage of mushrums.
9. Potage of soales.
10. Potage of smelts.
11. Potage of sparagus.
12. Poge of haslets.
13. Potage of lettice.
14. Potage of cabidge with fried bread.
15. Potage of cabidge or coleworts with milke.
16. Potage of cabidge or coleworts with pease broth.
17. Potage of pumpkin.
18. Potage of pumpkin with milke.
19. Potage of turnips with white broth.
20. Potage of turnips fried.
21. Potage of pease broth.
22. Potage without butter.
23. Potage of profiteoles, or small vailes.
24. Potage of mussles.
25. Potage of frogs.
26. Potage of grenosts.
27. Potage of salmon with a sweet sauce.
28. Potage of bran.
29. Potage of frogs with almonds.
30. Potage of hops.
31. Potage of parsnips.
32. Potage of leeks with milke.
33. Potage of broken sparagus.
34. Potage of coliflowers.
35. Potage of fideles.
36. Potage of rice.
37. Potage of tailladins.
38. Potage of Barnicle with ragoust.
39. Potage of Barnickle with turnips.
40. Potage of leeks with pease broth.
41. Potage of flounders.
42. Potage of rougets.
43. Potage of lentilles.
part first courses without eggs for Lent
A Table of the Entrees, or first courses in Lent, with∣out eggs.
17 Advise.
The following articles were not ex∣pressed in the Entrees of the leane dayes.
Apples fried.
Apples with sugar.
part second of Lent
A Table of the second of Lent.
17. Advise.
part middle courses of Lent
A Table of the Intercourses (En∣trements) of Lent.
Fritters of frogs.
18. A note of what may be served up on Good-Friday.
Entree, or first course for the Good-Friday.
part preserves, etc.
A Method how to make several sorts of Preserves, both dry and liquid, with some other small curiosities, and dainties for the mouth.
Apricots liquid.
Another way of liquid Apricots.
Dry Apricots.
Another way of dryed Apricots.
Conserve of Roses.
Conserve of lemon.
Conserve of pomegranate.
Conserve of pistaches.
Conserve of fruits.
Slices of gammon.
White fennell.
For to make red fennell.
For to make blew fennell.
For to whiten geliflowers, roses, and violets.
Cherries liquid.
Plummes of all sorts, liquid.
Green Almonds.
Verjuice liquid.
Dry verjuice.
Bottoms of hartichocks.
Buttons of roses dry.
Lemons whole.
How to make white walnuts.
Paste of Apricots.
Paste of Cherries.
Paste of gooseberries and of verjuice.
Paste of Quinces.
How to make some Massepain.
How to make cakes of Cherries, of Apricots, of Pistaches, and of Almonds.
How to make other light pasts.
How to make a tourte after the Combalet.
How to make some small sheets of paste glased.
How to make the sirrup of cherries.
How to make Lemonade.
How to make dry Quinces.
How to make white hypocrast.
How to make whipped cream.
How to make creame sod.
How to make the English cream.
How to make gelee of gooseberries.
How to make the gelee of verjuice.
How to make the gelee of apples.
How to make the gelee of Quinces.
How to make bisket.
How to make Maccaron.
How to make the Marmalat of Quinces of Orleans.
How to make Strawberries.
How to make the Caramel.
How to make the Muscadin.
How to make Snow paste.
How make a cake of Pistaches.
Rasberries preserved.
Quinces liquid.
For to make a composte of Apples.
Compost of apples John.
How to make the marmalat of apples.
How to make the compost of peares.
Another way.
How to make marons after the Limosine.
Another way.
How to make the compost of lemon.
How to make the lemon paste.
How to make the bisket of Savy.
Prevention to the Reader.
To the Reader.
To the Reader.
Authoris Amicus ad Le∣ctorem.
To his Ingenuous Friend Mr. Nathanael Church on His Pocket-Companion.
Author ad patrem jam 17. annos defunctum.