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Author: Hutton, Richard, Sir, 1561?-1639.
Title: The third part of the young clerks guide: or, a further collection of choice English presidents: for indentures of settlement, of exchange, of bargains and sales, letters of attorney, declarations of trust, assignments, conditions, presentations, and sundry others of the newest forme. / Compiled by Sir R.H. and perused by a judicious practitioner, very useful and necessary for all.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
2011 April (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The third part of the young clerks guide: or, a further collection of choice English presidents: for indentures of settlement, of exchange, of bargains and sales, letters of attorney, declarations of trust, assignments, conditions, presentations, and sundry others of the newest forme. / Compiled by Sir R.H. and perused by a judicious practitioner, very useful and necessary for all.
Hutton, Richard, Sir, 1561?-1639.

London: Printed for Humphrey Tuckey at the black spread-Eagle in Fleet-street over against St. Dunstans Church, 1659.
Alternate titles: Young clerks guide.
Subject terms:
Forms (Law) -- Great Britain
Conveyancing -- England

title page
A deed for the revoking of a bargain and sale, if so much money be paid.
A Deed of Covenants to declare the trusts in a former Bargain and Sale; the Lands being to be sold for payment of Debts.
A Release for money that was left in the hands of a purchaser on paymint there∣of.
A proviso to be inserted in a lease, or a po∣wer of Revocation reserved.
A presentation of a Minister to a living according to the form now used.
A Lease of a Parsonage impropriate for three lives, upon surrender of a former Lease with extraordinary Covenants, and a letter of Atturney to deliver pos∣session, together with the execution thereof endorsed.
The execution of the Letter of Atturney, for possession endorsed on the back of the Lease aforesaid.
A Lease for a yeare.
A release and confirmation of the precedent lands.
A release from an executor to two creditors of the testator of all debts.
A release with an exception of some bonds, &c.
A release from two partners to two debtors.
A grant of the Stewardship of a Mannor during pleasure.
An agreement of creditors to take their debts by foure several payments and abate all interest.
A Lease of a side of a Shop and other convenien∣cies, with a grant of goods and wares according to a schedule annexed.
A declaration of one, whose name is used in trust in an obligation.
A presentation to a living by one who had the next donation granted to him by the Patron, according to the latest forme.
A presentation by a Patron of the latest forme
A deed of feoffment, with a letter of atturney to give livery and seisin.
An Indenture to bar an estate-Tail.
A Covenant to give security to perform Covenants.
A re-demise of Lands Mortgaged.
A Confirmation of a Mortgage.
An Indenture upon Marriage, and for settling Lands to uses: and a Declaration of a Fine levyed to those uses.
A Declaration of the use of a Fine and Recovery.
A Lease to try a Title by Ejection firme.
A Letter of Atturney to seal such a Lease.
A Mortgage.
A Conveyance of a Mannor.
Sir Alex. D. being seized of the Mannor of B. in Com. O. for life, with remainder to his first sonne and his heires, with remainder to his second sonne, and so to the tenth sonne sell the Mannor-House, and half the Lands to Sir T. R. which to secure, settles the Man∣nor of C. by the Collateral Deed and Bargain and Sale, ut sequetur.
A Declaration of the use of a Fine, where se∣veral parties joyne.
A Condition for the sealing an Acquittance or release of lands.
A Bill to pay money.
A Release.
A license to let Lands, although prohibited by Lease
A Letter of Atturney to two, to receive pos∣session.
A note of an Indorsement of livery of Seizin on the Inden∣ture by vertue of the Letter of Attorney.
An Assignment of a Lease in trust.
E. R. having bought the Mannor of B. and Copy-hold Lands belonging to it, takes a surrender of the Copy-hold Lands in others names, who by Deed, after reci∣tall of what estate they had: make this Acknowledge∣ment.
A Lease in Trust.
A Lease in trust.
A Declaration of Trust, with a declaration of uses by the Trustor.
A Letter of Attorney to demand a Rent according to a Lease.
A Letter of Atturney to re enter upon the former letter of Atturney.
An Indorsement of Atturnment of Tenants.
An Indenture of Covenants, Declaring that a mans name is but only used in Trust, in the taking of an Assu∣rance.
An Acquittance for money paid in part of a Purchase. Quinto die D. &c.
The manner of indorsing an Attornment of Tenants.
A Release of interest in Lands.
A Condition to save a Surety harmless from a Recognizance.
A Disavowment of a Suit.
Warrant for the keeping of a Court.
An Indenture of Covenants between Executors.
An Indenture in Consideration of Marriage in lieu of Joynture.
Words to be used upon the Delivery of Possession.
A Conveyance of Land by three Co-heires, and their Husbands, well pend.
An Indenture of Bargain and Sale of a Messuage and Lands, in consideration of a surrender of a Lease of other Lands with good Covenants.
A Lease of Lands, with exception of Woods, well pend.
An Assignment of a Lease, forfitted upon a Mort∣gage.
A Lease for three lives of a Messuage and Lands un∣to those that sold the same, it being so a∣greed upon sale thereof. Well pend.
An Indenture reciting a Bargain and Sale of the Moity of a Mannor, &c. in trust for the use of another, the same is hereby reconveyed to the person trusting.
A Covenant to deliver Evidences by such a time.
A Declaration of a Fine and Recovery to variety of uses; well pend.
A Covenant to settle Lands for natural affection.
A Condition of a Counter Lond.
An Assignment of several Leases of divers Messuages and Lands, with several recitals and good Cove∣nants. Well pend.
An Indenture of settlement. Well pend.
A Condition to save harmlesse where one Attorns Te∣nant, with a Covenant to grant a Lease when the premisses are settled in the Obligee.
A Counter-Condition to save harmlesse from a bond entred into, for payment of money.
A Condition to save harmlesse an Executor, for payment of several Legacies to Orphans, with a Covenant to see the same Legacies disposed to the best advantage for the Legatees.
A Condition to pay the Rent reserved in a Lease, according to the Covenant therein exprest.
A Deffezance on a Recognizance, or Statute sta∣ple.
A Declaration that a mans name in a Conveyance of Land, was only in trust.
A grant of Lands in Fee, in consideration of mo∣ney, and in further consideration of exchange of o∣ther Lands.
Articles concerning Lands purchased untill the Co∣venants could be made.
Bonds to perform Covenants. A plain bargain and sale to be enrolled.
Articles for building. Articles of a Covenant indented, made, concluded and agreed upon the, &c. Between I. F. of, &c. of the one part, & T. B. of, &c. of the other part, as followeth, viz.
Articles between two Joynt purchasers for dividing the rent, and avoiding survivorship.
Articles to surrender copy-hold Lands, till the surren∣der can be had.
An Indenture of Covenants to stand seized to uses, in consideration of marriage, &c.
An assignment of a Bond by way of collateral security.
A grant of the moity of an annuity during life.
Articles of agreement for the holding copyhold lands from year to year for the term of, &c. at a certain rent, &c.
An obligation and Condition from a Bayliff and his Sureties to a High Sheriff.
A Condition to save harmless for payment of several Legacies.
A Counter Condition to save harmless from a bond; well pend.
A Letter of Atturney to take possession according to the contents of a Lease.
A short Lease of a Messuage and Lands to be void, on paying of one shilling, it being the presedent deed.
An Award made between foure executors.
Another forme of an Award.
A lease of a Ferry.
A release of land in Exchange.
And the said C. T. doth covenant for himselfe, ut W. L. antea mutat. mutand.
A bargain and sale of lands mortgaged, made from the mortgagee and Mortgager, before the day for redemption to an other.
A covenant for quiet enjoying, discharged of incum∣brances fom M. C. as from H. B.
A bargain and sale upon condition made to feoffees in trust.
An Indenture of bargain and sate absolute.
An Indenture of covenants to the former Indenture: Whereupon a recovery is passed.
Covenants for surrendring of Copyhold lands.
A bargaine and sale of Swans and Swan mark.
A bargain and sale of underwood.
A sale of Billets and Wood or Timber.
A release of a Proviso, or condition for payment of money, reserved upon an Indenture of bargaine and sale.
A release, where three have a joynt estate of inheritance.
A release of an Assignment made upon condition.
A release of a Mannor.
A release of a rent reserved in a paire of articles of agreement.
A release of a condition in an Indenture of bargaine and sale, with the proviso recited.
A release of an annuity.
A release of the condition and other covenants in an Indenture of mortgage, with a confirmation from the morgager to the morgagee.
An Indenture of allotment of several parts of lands.
An Indenture to avoid the title of Survivorship: where lands are granted to two by lease.
An Indenture where two have a joynt estate upon Covenant, that either of them may have an equal part in the land or money lent, taking no benefit by survivorship.
An Indenture of Partition.
An Indenture where three have purchased land joynt∣ly, that upon sale thereof all summes of money shall be equally divided between them.
An Indenture, where a lease is granted to three joynt lessees, that every of them is to pay his part of the rent, and equal parts in the charges of repairing and other charges.
The grant of a Keepership of a Parke.
A Deputation of a Bayliff or Receiver.
The grant of a Stewardship or keeping of Courts.
A Licence for a Buck and Doo, during the life of the Grantee.
A Condition to cure a disease or to repay the money.
Not to sell lands had by marriage.
To assure a summe of money in consideration of a Mar∣riage.
To assure an estate.
That the Lessee shall not carry away any wainscot or windows at the end of his lease.
The obligee to pay money for wares delivered in trust, to another that shall make default of payment.
To deliver writings to be cancelled at a day certain and place.
To save one harmlesse for delivery of an Indenture.
A Letter of Atturney irrecoverable to receive a debt on a bond with covenant not to re∣lease, &c.
A Letter of Atturney from two Executors of a bond sued to a judgement to a Creditor of the Testator.
A Letter of Atturney of a mans estate in general, in consideration of several debts and engage∣ments.
A Letter of Atturney of several summes of money due from one person.
A short bill of debt from one to one.
An assignment of certain debts with a Letter of At∣turney to receive them.
A Grant of the next donation of Benefice.