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Author: J. P.
Title: An antidote against melancholy: made up in pills. Compounded of witty ballads, jovial songs, and merry catches.
Publication Info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
2011 April (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: An antidote against melancholy: made up in pills. Compounded of witty ballads, jovial songs, and merry catches.
J. P., N. D., attributed name.

London: printed for John Playford at his shop in the Temple, 1669.
Subject terms:
English wit and humor

title page
To the Reader.
The Stationer to the Reader.
The Table of the Ballads, Poems, Songs and Catches in this Book.
In the Praise or Ex-Ale-tation of ALE.
The Ballad Of Arthur of Bradley.
A Ballad of the Gelding of the Devil.
A Ballad call'd the Green-Gown.
A Ballad of Sir Egle More.
A Ballad call'd Blew-Cap for me.
The Ballad Of the CAPS
A Ballad Of the NOSE.
A Ballad of the Black-Smith.
The BREWER. A Ballad made in the Year, 1657.
A Ballad, or Parly, between two West-Countrymen on sight of a WEDDING.
The Ballad Of Saint GEORGE for England.
The Ballad of The BULLS FEATHER
A Ballad. Old England turn'd New.
The Ballad On the North-Countrymans Song on his View of London Sights.
A Ballad News and no News.
A Ballad: Or the Old Song of an Old Courtier and a New.
A Ballad.
The Ballad of the Beard.
A Ballad In Praise of a Red Nose.
The Ballad called The Parson of Rumford, Or the Merry Maying.
A Ballad called, The Man in the Moon.
A Ballad Or Colins Adventure.
A Ballad. Of A Good Wife and a Bad.
A Ballad Intituled the Faries Farewel.
A Ballad of THE PIGG.
A new Ballad: Call'd the Tunbridge Doctors.
A Ballad Called the German Doctor, As it was Sung by his man Merry Andrew.
part 1
Second Part.
Third Part.
A Ballad Called the Angler.
The Ballad of the two Amorous Swains.
A Ballad called The Jovial Bear-ward.
A Ballad Ʋpon the New Inn, with the Famous Signe-Post called the White-Heart at Skoal in Norfolk.
The Ballad Of Old Simon the King.
The Ballad Of the Fryer and the Maid.
A Ballad Called the Politick Drinker.
A Ballad. Or the Reformed Drinker.
A Ballad Of the Courtier, and the Country Clown.
A Ballad Called, Cresadays Lamentation.
A Ballad Called a medly of Wooers.
A Ballad Or The Welfhmans Praise of Wales.
A Ballad Called Cooklorrel.
The Song, of Tom a Bedlam.
A Ballad Ʋpon the downfal of one part of the Mitre-Tavern in Cambridge, or the finking thereof into the Cellar.
Ʋpon the Virtue of SACK.
ON A Combat of Cocks, the Norfolk, and the Wisbish.
On a Fart in the Parliament-House.
The Amorous Welshman to his Mistress.
On the Choice of a WIFE.
A Ballad On the Decay of good HOSPITALITY.
Captain Squiers Lettany,
A York-shire TRIALOGUE IN York-shire Dialect, Between an Awde Wife, a Lasse, and a Butcher.
The SECOND PART. Here followeth Merry SONGS and CATCHES.
The Tobacco-Takers Song.
The Coblers Song.
The Needy-man's Song.
The Pedlers Song.
The Cut-Purse Song.
The Hay-makers Song.
The Scholar's Song,
The Beggers Song.
part 1
Second Part.
The Tavern Song
The Healths.
A Glee to Bacchus.
A Glee to Bacchus.
ON A Pint of SACK.
In the Praise of WINE.
A Glee in praise of Sack.
A Song, Forsaken Phillis, her Lamentation.
On a Cold Chyne of BEEF.
On a Chine of BEEF.
Councel to a Batchellor.
Advice to a Friend upon his Marriage.
The Married mans Diet.
A Song, Caelia's Complaint.
A Song, The Mad Lover.
A Song, An Old Knight to a Young Lad
A Song, Colin and his Love.
A Song, A Lady to a young Courtier.
The Bashful Lover. A Song in the Play of the Mock Astrologer.
A Song, Fredome in Love.
A Song, Advice to Cloris.
A Song, Counsel to a Maid.
A Song, The doubtful lover Resolv'd.
A Song, The Merry Lover.
A Song, Liberty in Love.
A Song, A Clown to his Mistress.
On a Wife.
On Tobacco.
Upon a Welshman.
A Song, The Jovial Tinker.
2 Catch.
3 Catch.
4 Catch.
5 Catch.
6 Catch.
7 Catch.
8 Catch.
9 Catch.
10 Catch.
11 Catch.
12 Catch.
13 Catch.
14 Catch.
15 Cath.
16 Catch.
17 Catch.
18 Catch.
19 Catch.
20 Catch.
21 Catch.
22 The Answer.
23 Catch.
24 Catch.
25 Catch.
26 Catch.
27 Catch.
28 Catch.
29 Catch.
30 Catch.
31 Catch.
32 Catch.
33 Catch.
34 Catch.
35 Catch.
36 Catch.
37. Catch.
38 Catch.
40 Catch.
41 Catch.
42 Catch.
43 Catch.
44 Catch.
45 Catch.
46 Catch.
47 Catch.
48 Catch.
49 Out of Anacreon.
Books newly printed for John Playford at his Shop in the Temple.