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Author: Church of England.
Title: A collection of articles injunctions, canons, orders, ordinances, and constitutions ecclesiastical: with other publick records of the Church of England; chiefly in the times of K. Edward. VIth. Q. Elizabeth. and K. James. Published to vindicate the Church of England and to promote uniformity and peace in the same. And humbly presented to the Convocation.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: A collection of articles injunctions, canons, orders, ordinances, and constitutions ecclesiastical: with other publick records of the Church of England; chiefly in the times of K. Edward. VIth. Q. Elizabeth. and K. James. Published to vindicate the Church of England and to promote uniformity and peace in the same. And humbly presented to the Convocation.
Church of England., Sparrow, Anthony, 1612-1685., Hollar, Wenceslaus, engraver. 1607-1677,

London: printed by R. Norton for Timothy Garthwait at the little north-doore of St. Pauls Church, 1661.
Subject terms:
Ecclesiastical law -- England
Church of England -- History -- Sources
Church of England -- Government -- Early works to 1800.
Church of England -- Catechisms
Church of England -- Creeds
Church of England -- Liturgy -- Early works to 1800.
Church of England -- Customs and practices -- Early works to 1800.

title page
table of contents
A PREFACE to the Reader.
Books sold by T. Garthwait.
title page
Injunctions given by the most excellent Prince, Edward the sixt, by the grace of God, King of England, France, and Ireland: de∣fender of the Faith and in earth under Christ, of the Church of England and of Ireland, the supreme head: To all and singular his loving subjects, as well of the Clergy as of the Laity.
❧ The form of bidding the Common Prayers.
title page
The Proclamation.
The Order of the Com∣munion.
Articles to be enquired of, in visitations to be had within the Dio∣cesse of Canterbury: in the second year of the Reign of our Dread Sovereign Lord Edward the 6. by the grace of God, King of England, France, and Ireland defender of the Faith, and in earth of the Church of England and also of Ireland the supreme head.
title page
Articles of Visitation by Bishop Ridley Anno 1550.
title page
ARTICLES agreed upon in the CONVOCATION and published by the KINGS MAJESTY
Of Faith in the holy Trinity.
That the word or Son of God was made very man.
Of the going down of Christ into hell.
The Resurrection of Christ.
The Doctrine of holy Scripture is sufficient to salvation.
The old Testament is not to be refused.
The three Creeds.
Of Original or Birth sin.
Of Free-will.
Of Grace.
Of the Justification of Man.
Works before Justification.
Works of Supererogation.
No man is without sin but Christ alone.
Of sin against the holy Ghost.
Blasphemy against the holy Ghost.
Of Predestination and Election.
We must trust to obtain eternal Salvation onely by the Name of Christ.
All men are bound to keep the Moral Commandments of the Law.
Of the Church.
Of the authority of the Church.
Of the Authority of general Councils.
Of Purgatory.
No man may minister in the Congregation except he be called
Men must speak in the Congregation in such a tongue as the people understandeth.
Of the Sacraments.
The wickednesse of the Ministers doth not take away the effectual operation of Gods Ordinances.
Of Baptisme.
Of the Lords Supper.
Of the perfect oblation of Christ made upon the Cross.
The state of single life is commanded to no man by the word of God.
Excommunicate persons are to be avoided.
Traditions of the Church.
Of Homilies.
Of the book of Prayers and Ceremonies of the Church of England.
Of Civil Magistrates.
Christian mens goods are not common.
Christian men may take an oath.
The Resurrection of the dead is not yet brought to passe.
The Souls of them that depart this life do neither dye with the bodies nor sleep idly.
Hereticks called Millenarii.
All men shall not be saved at the length.
title page
De fide in Sacrosanctam Trinitatem.
Verbum Dei, verum hominem esse factum.
De discensu Christi ad Inferos.
Resurrectio Christi.
Divinae Scripturae doctrina sufficit ad salutem.
Vetus Testamentum non est rejiciendum
Symbola tria.
Peccatum Originale.
De libero arbitrio.
De gratia.
De Hominis justificatione.
Opera ante justificationem.
Opera Supererogationis.
Nemo praeter Christum est sine peccato.
De peccato in spiritum sanctum.
Blasphemia in Spiritum Sanctum.
De Praedestinatione & Electione.
Tantum in nomine Christi speranda est aeterna salus.
Omnes obligantur ad Moralia legis praecepta servanda.
De Ecclesiae.
De Ecclesiae authoritate.
De authoritate Conciliorum Generalium.
De Purgatorio.
Nemo in Ecclesia ministret nisi vocatus.
Agendum est in Ecclesia lingua quae sit populo nota.
De Sacramentis.
Ministrorum malitia, non tollit efficaciam institutionum divinarum
De Baptismo.
De Coena Domini.
De unica Christi oblatione in cruce perfecta.
Coelibatus ex verbo Dei praecipitur nemini.
Excommunicati vitandi sunt.
Traditiones Ecclesiasticae.
De libro Precationum & caeremoniarum Ecclesiae Anglicanae.
De Civilibus Magistratibus.
Christianorum bona non sunt Communia.
Licet Christianis jurare.
Resurrectio mortuorum nondum est facta.
Defunctorum animae ne{que} cum corporibus intereunt, neque otiose dormiunt
Non omnes tandem servandi sunt.
title page
INJUNCTIONS Given by the QUEENS MAJESTY, Aswell To the Clergy, as to the Laity of this Realm.
An Admonition to simple men, deceived by malitious.
For Tables in the Church.
The form of bidding the prayers to be used generally in this uniform sort.
And this done, shew the holy dayes and fasting dayes.
title page
Of faith in the holy Trinity.
2. Of the Word or Son of God, which was made very man.
3. Of the going down of Christ into Hell.
4. Of the resurrection of Christ.
5. Of the Holy Ghost.
6. Of the sufficiency of the holy Scriptures for salvation.
7. Of the Old Testament.
8. Of the three Creeds.
9. Of Original or Birth-sin.
De Gratia.
10. Of Free-will.
11. Of the Justification of man.
12. Of good works.
13. Of works before Justification.
14. Of works of Supererogation.
15. Of Christ alone without sin.
Blasphemia in Spiritum Sanctum.
16. Of sin after Baptisme.
17. Of Predestination and Election.
Omnes obligantur ad moralia legis praecepta servanda.
18. Of obtaining eternal salvation only by the Name of Christ.
19. Of the Church.
20. Of the authority of the Church.
21. Of the authority of general Councels.
22. Of Purgatory.
23. Of ministring in the Congregation.
24. Of speaking in the Congregation, in such a tongue as the people understandeth.
25. Of the Sacraments.
26. Of the unworthinesse of the Ministers, which hinder not the effect of the Sacraments.
27. Of Baptisme.
28. Of the Lords Supper.
29. Of the wicked which eat not the body of Christ in the use of the Lords Supper.
30. Of both kindes.
31. Of the one oblation of Christ finished upon the Cross.
32. Of the marriage of Priests
33. Of excommunicate persons, how they are to be avoided.
34. Of the traditions of the Church.
35. Of Homilies.
De libro precationum & ceremoniarum Ecclesiae Anglicanae.
36. Of Consecration of Bishops and Ministers.
37. Of the civil Magistrates.
38. Of Christian mens goods, which are not common.
39. Of a Christian mans oath.
R. Edv. 6. Art. 39. Resurrectio mortuorum nondum est facta.
R. Ed. 6. Art. 40. Defunctorum animae neque cum corporibus intereunt, neque otiose dormiunt.
R. Edv. 6. Art. 41. Millenarii.
R. Edv. Art. 42. Non omnes tandem servandi sunt.
The Ratification.
table of contents
Anno primo Reginae Eliz. cap. 2. There shall be Uniformity of Prayer, and Administration of Sa∣craments.
A Clause Anno 8. Eliz. cap. 1.
Anno 13. Eliz. cap. 12. Reformation of Disorders in the Mi∣nisters of the Church, &c.
title page
The Preface.
Articles for Doctrine and preaching.
Articles for Administration of Prayer and Sacraments.
Articles for certain orders in Ecclesiastical policy.
Articles for outward apparel of persons Ecclesiastical.
Protestations to be made, promised and subscribed by them that shall hereafter be admitted to any office, room or Cure in any Church, or other place Ecclesiastical.
The OATHS of ALLEGIANCE, SUPREMACY, AND Canonical Obedience.
The Oath of SƲPREMACY.
The Oath of SIMONY.
Juramentum de continuâ Residentiâ in Vicariâ.
By the KING A PROCLAMATION Declaring That the proceedings of his Majesties Ecclesi∣astical Courts and Ministers, are accord∣ing to the Lawes of the Realm.
title page
The form and manner of ordering DEACONS.
The Letany and Suffrages.
¶ Let us pray.
Let us pray.
¶ Then shall be said also this that followeth.
Then shall be sung or said the Communion of the day, saving the Epistle shall be read out of Timothy, as followeth.
Or else this out of the sixth of the Acts.
¶ The Oath of the Kings Soveraignty.
❧ The form of ordering of Priests.
Or else this third Chapter of the first Epistle to Timothy.
After this shall be read for the gospel, a piece of the last Chapter of Mat∣thew, as followeth.
Or else this that followeth out of the tenth Chapter of Saint John.
Or else this, of the 20. Chapter of John.
When the Gospel is ended, then shall be said or sung,
And then the Arch-deacon shall present unto the Bishop, all them that shall receive the Order of Priesthood that day, the Arch-deacon saying,
And then the Bishop shall say to the people.
That done, the Bishop shall pray in this wise, ¶Let us Pray.
❧ The form of Consecrating of an Arch-Bishop, or Bishop. ¶ At the Communion.
The Epistle.
The Gospel.
The Oath of due obedience to the Arch-Bishop.
¶ Let us Pray.
THE GOSPEL Written in the XVI. Chapter of St. MARK, beginning at the 14. verse.
THE GOSPEL Written in the I. Chapter of St. JOHN, beginning at the first verse.
A copy of thacte made for thabrogacion of certayne holy dayes, accordyng to the transumpte late sent by the kyngs hyghnes to all bysshops with his graces strayght commaundement, to signifie his farther pleasure to all Col∣leges, religious houses and Curates, within theyr diocesse for the publicacion, and also effectuall & vniuersall obser∣cion of the same. Anno 1536.
By the Queen. A Proclamation against the despisers or breakers of the orders prescribed in the book of Common prayer.
By the Queen. A Proclamation against the Sectaries of the Fa∣mily of love
By the Queen. A Proclamation against certain seditious and schisma∣tical Books and Libels &c.
God save the Queen.
title page
Articles &c. Anno 1559.
title page
Articuli pro Clero.
Ʋt homines idonei ad sacros ordines, & Beneficia (uti vocant) Ecclesiastica admittantur.
De moderanda solennis Poenitentiae commutatione.
De moderandis quibusdam indulgentiis, pro celebratione Matrimonii absque trinundina denunciatione, quam Bannos vocant Matrimoniales.
De quibusdam circa Excommunicationem excessibus côer∣cendis sive reformandis.
De Beneficiorum pluralitate cohibenda.
De feodis quae Officiariis Ecclesiasticis & eorum ministris debentur.
De inquisitione per Episcopos ineunda.
title page
In Commendationibus Benefactorum.
Celebratio Coenae Domini in Funebribus, si Amici & vicini defuncti commu∣nicare velint.
Epistola. 1 Thess. 4.
Evangelium. Joan. 6.
Vel hoc Evangelium. Joan. 5.
title page
De fide in sacro-sanctam Trinitatem.
De verbo, sive Filio Dei, qui verus homo factus est.
De descensu Christi ad Inferos.
De resurrectione Christi.
De spiritu Sancto.
De divinis Scripturis, quod sufficiant ad salutem.
De veteri Testamento.
De tribus Symbolis.
De peccato originali.
De libero arbitrio.
De hominis justificatione.
De bonis operibus.
De operibus ante justificationem.
De operibus supererogationis.
De Christo qui solus est sine peccato.
De peccato post Baptismum.
De praedestinatione, & electione.
De speranda aeterna salute tantum in nomine Christi.
De Ecclesia.
De Ecclesiae Authoritate.
De authoritate Conciliorum generalium.
De purgatorio.
De Ministrando in Ecclesia.
De loquendo in Ecclesia lingua quam popu∣lus intelligit.
De Sacramentis.
De vi institutionum divinarum quod eam non tollat malitia Ministrorum.
De Baptismo.
De Coena Domini.
De manducatione corporis Christi, & impi∣os illos non manducare.
De utraque specie.
De unica Christi oblatione in cruce perfecta.
De conjugio Sacerdotum.
De excommunicatis vitandis.
De traditionibus Ecclesiasticis.
De Homiliis.
De Episcoporum & Ministrorum consecratione.
De civilibus Magistratibus.
De illicita bonorum communicatione.
De jurejurando.
Confirmatio Articulorum.
title page
¶ Decani Ecclesiarum Cathedralium.
¶ Cancellarii, Commissarii, Officiales.
¶ Aeditui Ecclesiarum & alii selecti viri.
¶ Concionatores.
¶ Residentia.
¶ Pluralitas.
¶ Ludimagistri.
¶ Patroni & Proprietarii.
Forma sententiae excommunicationis.
title page
Ʋt homines idonei ad sacrs ordines, & Bene∣ficia (uti vocant) ecclesiastica admittantur.
De Beneficiorum pluralitate cohibenda,
Ʋt Beneficiati in suis Beneficiis Curatis hospi∣talitatem exerceant.
Ʋt Decani & Canonici in Ecclesiis Cathedra∣bus suis vicibus conciones habeant.
De moderandis indulgentiis pro celebratione ma∣trimonii absque trina bannorum denunciatione.
De Sententiis divortii non temere ferendis.
De excessibus circa excommunicationem refor∣mandis.
De Recusantibus, & aliis excommunicatis pub∣lice denunciandis.
De moderanda solennis poenitentiae communi∣tatione.
De Feodis quae Officiariis Ecclesiasticis & eorum ministris debentur.
De excessibus Apparitorum reformandis.
De Registris in Ecclesiis salve Custodiae commit∣tendis.
¶ EXEMPLARIA Licentiae Seu FACULTATIS Matrimonii, absque trina Bannorum promulgatione cele∣brandi in fingulis Episcopatibus observanda.
title page
CONSTITUTIONUM Capita & Contenta.
Constitutiones sive Canones Ecclesiastici per Episcopum Londinensem, Praesidem Synodi pro Can∣tuariensi Provincia, ac reliquos Episcopos & Clerum ejusdem Provinciae ex regia authoritate tractati, & conclusi in ipsorum Synodo, inchoata Londini Anno Salutis millesimo, sexcentesimo tertio, regnique Serenis∣simi Principis, Clementissimi Domini nostri, JACOBI Dei gratia Angliae Franciae & Hiberniae Regis primo, & Scotiae tricesimo septimo.
¶ De Ecclesia Anglicana.
1. Suprema in Ecclesiam Anglicanam authoritas Regiae Majestati asserenda.
2. Regii in Ecclesiam Anglicanam primatus impugnato∣res coerciti.
3. Ecclesia Anglicana, Orthodoxa.
4. Divini cultus ratio in Ecclesia Anglicana stabilita, pia & orthodoxa.
5. Doctrinae Articuli in Ecclesia Anglicana stabiliti, pii & Orthodoxi.
6. Caeremoniarum in Ecclesia Anglicana obtinentium usus, pius & licitus.
7. Ecclesiae Anglicanae administratio, verbo divino con∣sona.
8. Cleri ordinandi ratio in Ecclesia Anglicana, verbo di∣vino consona.
9. Authores schismatis ac dissidii ab Ecclesiae Anglicanae communione coerciti.
10. Schismaticorum in Ecclesia Anglicana fautores, coerciti.
11. Conventiculorum in Ecclesia Anglicana propugna∣tores, coerciti.
12. Ordinationum in Conventiculis conditarum propug∣natores coerciti.
¶ De Cultu Divino, & Sacramentorum administratione.
13. Liturgia publica, & reliqua pietatis exercitia die∣bus Sacris celebranda.
14. Liturgiae publicae praescriptus Canon diebus sacris observandus.
15. Litania diebus Mercurii & Veneris recitanda.
16. Liturgiae publicae praescriptus Canon in Academiis ob∣servandus.
17. Inter Liturgiae publicae celebrationem Superpellicea, & Epomides in Academiis adhibendae.
18. Inter Liturgiae publicae celebrationem reverentia so∣lennis adhibenda.
19. Inter Liturgiae publicae celebrationem otiosi ab eccle∣siae ambitu repellendi.
20. Panis & vinum in sacrae Coenae usum paranda.
21. Coenae trina perceptio quotannis indicta.
22. Coenae administrationem solennis indictio praeire jussa.
23. Coenae usus frequentior Academicis indictus, & Coena utentibus genuum flexio injuncta.
24. Coenae in festis solennibus administratio in Ecclesiis Cathedralibus indicta, & Coenam administran∣tibus Caparum usus injunctus.
25. Superpelliceorum & Epomidum usus, Coena non ad∣ministrata, in Ecclesiis Cathedralibus indictus.
26. Notorii peccati consuetudine infames a sacra Coena re∣pellendi.
27. Schismatici à Coenae communione arcendi.
28. Extranei à Coenae communione repellendi.
29. Parentes in liberorum suorum Baptismate, & pueri Coenae Dominicae incapaces, Susceptores esse prohibiti.
30. Crucis in Baptismo caeremonia explicata.
De Ministris, eorumque ordinatione ac functione.
31 Jejunia Quatuor Temporum Ministrorum ordinatio∣ni decreta.
32. Ʋtrumque Ordinem eodem die non conferendum.
33. Neminem sine certo titulo ordinandum.
34. Certae conditiones in Ordinandis requisitae.
35. Neminem, nisi praevio solenni examine, Ordinan∣dum.
36. Neminem, nisi praevia trium Articulorum subscri∣ptione, Ordinandum.
37. Ordinatis, Diocesin mutantibus, subscriptio coram Episcopo Diocesano iteranda.
38. Ordinati post subscriptionem praevaricantes à Mini∣sterio removendi.
39. Ordinati, sine congruo testimonio ac examine, in Be∣neficia non instituendi.
40. Instituendi in Beneficta Simoniae suspicionem solenni jureiurando jussi avertere.
41. Beneficiorum pluralitas parciùs dispensanda, & de personali dispensatorum residentia cautio ineunda.
42. Cathedralium Ecclesiarum Decani ad congruam re∣sidentiam tenentur.
43. Decani & Praebendarii, in Ecclesiis Cathedralibus residentes, ad sedulam concionandi diligentiam te∣nentur.
44. Praebendarii Beneficiati ad congruam in Beneficiis suis residentiam tenentur.
45. Beneficiati concionatores, in Beneficiis suis residentes, jugiter tenentur concionari.
46. Beneficiati non concionatores vicariam concionatoris operam jubentur singulis mensibus adhibere.
47. Beneficiati, à Beneficiis suis legitimè absentes, Curatum concionatorem jubentur adhibere.
48. Ministri, nisi ex Episcopi vel Ordinarii approbatione, pro Curatis non admittendi.
49. Ministris ad concionandum non admissis glossae & paraphrases in publica Scripturarum lectione inter∣dictae.
50. Concionatores adventitii, abs{que} legitima missione, ad concionandum non admittendi.
51. Advenae concionatores, nisi authentico testimonio com∣mendati, ad concionandum in Ecclesiis Cathedralibus non admittendi.
52. Concionatorum advenarum nomina in librum refe∣renda.
53. Concionatorum mutuis oppositionibus pulpita non patebunt.
54. Concionatores schismatici licenciis suis mulctati.
55, Precationis formula, à Concionatoribus in concionum suarum ingressu imitanda.
56. Ministris merè concionatoribus Precum publicarum lectio, & sacramentorum administratio bina annuatim injuncta.
57. A Ministris non concionatoribus Sacramenta efficaci∣ter administrari.
58. Ministris sacra peragentibus Superpelliceorum & Epomidum usus injunctus.
59. Catechizandi diligentia Ministris injuncta.
60. Confirmationis solennitas in triennali Episcoporum vi∣sitatione celebranda.
61. Catechummeni Episcopo visitanti per Ministrum ad Confirmationem sistendi.
62. Ministri sine Bannis rite indictis, vel legitimè dis∣pensatis matrimonium celebrare prohibiti.
63. Ministri in locis exemptis sine bannorum justa indi∣ctione, vel dispensatione legitima matrimonium cele∣brare prohibiti.
64. Feriae à Ministris solenniter indicendae.
65. Recusantes & Excommunicati à Ministris solenni∣ter denunciandi.
66. Recusantium conversio à Ministris sedulò elabo∣randa.
67. Aegrotantes à Ministris sedulò visitandi.
68. Ministri Baptismum, aut Sepulturam denegare ve∣titi.
69. Ministri Baptismum in articulo necessitatis differre vetiti.
70. Ministri Baptizatorum, Nubentium, & Sepultorum registrum conservare jussi.
71. Ministri Concionum & Coenae Dominicae publi∣cam religionem in privatas aedes invehere pro∣hibiti.
72. Ministri publica jejunia, prophetias appellatas, & exorcismos privato ausu celebrare prohibiti.
73. Ministri conventicula privata conciliare probibiti.
74. Ministris in vestitu gravitas praecepta.
75. Vitae sobrietas Ministris praecepta.
76. Ministris à vocatione sua refilire interdictum.
De Paedagogis sive Ludi-magistris.
77. Publicè vel prïvatim injussu Ordinarii docere prohi∣bitum.
78. Curati ad docendum habiles ab Ordinario aliis prae∣ferendi.
79. Ludi magistrorum officia.
De Ecclesiis, & rebus Ecclesiasticis.
80. Libri sacri in Ecclesiis parandi.
81. Baptisteria in Ecclesiis paranda.
82. Mensae in sacrae Coenae usum in Ecclesiis parandae.
83. Pulpita îdonea in Ecclesiis paranda.
84. Cistae ad eleemosynarum custodiam in Ecclesiis com∣parandae.
85. Ecclesiae sartae tectae conservandae.
86. Ecclesiae de tertio in tertium annum perlustrandae, & earum defectus Regiis Commissariis intimandi
87 Terrarum & peculiorum ad Ecclesias spectantium inventaria conficienda, & in Episcoporum archivis asservanda.
88. Ecclesiarum religio prophanis usibus non polluenda.
De Ecclesiarum Oeconomis, & Inquisitoribus, sive Assistentibus.
89. Oeconomorum electio, & rerum Ecclesiasticarum pro∣curatio.
90. Inquisitorum sive Assistentium electio, eorumque cum Oeconomis officii communitas.
De Ostiariis sive Clericis Parochialibus.
91. Clericos Parochiales eligendi jus Ministro cedit.
De Curiis Ecclesiasticis, ad Archiepiscopi jurisdictionem spectantibus.
92. Testamentorum probatio, justâ Bonorum Notabi∣lium summâ constante, Praerogativarum Curiae duntaxat competit.
93. Testamentorum probatio, justâ Bonorum Notabi∣lium summâ non comparente, Ordinariis vindi∣catur.
94. In Curias de Arcubus, & Audientiae extra pro∣prium territorium (nisi consentiente Episcopo Di∣oecesano) nemo citandus.
95. Duplices Querelae, nisi justi gravaminis factâ fide, in Curiis Archiepiscopi non concedendae.
96. Inhibitiones in causis instantiae absque advocati sub∣scriptione non concedendae.
97. Inhibitiones in causis correctionis, nisi gravamine Judici priùs cognito, non concedendae.
98. Inhibitiones schismaticis, nisi subscribentibus, non con∣cedendae.
99. Intra gradus prohibitos matrimonium contractum, ipso jure nullum.
100 Minores 21. annis absque parentum consensu matri∣monium contrahere prohibiti.
101. Facultates pro Bannis matrimonialibus omittendis per quos, & quibus sint concedendae.
102. In facultatibus pro Bannorum omissione conceden∣dis cautio interponenda, & sub quibus conditio∣nibus.
103. Eaedem conditiones ob majorem cautelam jurejuran∣do suffultae.
104. Parentum consensus viduis contrahentibus re∣missus.
105. Pro conjugio dirimendo nuda partium confessio non audienda.
106. Sententiae divortii & separationis non nisi pro tri∣bunali ferendae.
107. Separatis, eorum altero superstite, nova copula in∣terdicta.
108. Sanctio in Judices contra praemissa delinquentes.
De Curiis Ecclesiasticis ad Episcopos, & Ar∣chidiaconos spectantibus.
109. Peccata & scandala notoria in Curiis Ecclesiasticis denuncianda.
110. Schismatici in Curiis detegendi.
111. Precum Divinarum perturbatores in Curiis dete∣gendi.
112. Puberes in festo Paschatis non Communicantes in Cu∣riis detegendi.
113. Peccata notoria Ministris jus est denunciare, priva∣tim confessa retegere, nefas.
114. Recusantes per Ministros in Curiis detegendi.
115. Ne Ministris aut Oeconomis fraudi sit criminoso∣rum detectio.
116. Oeconomi ad binas tantùm detegendi vices annuatim tenentur.
117. Oeconomi, binis detegendi vicibus debitè perfuncti, non sunt de reliquo in Curiam vocandi.
118. Anni superioris Oeconomi detectiones suas tenentur exhibere, priusquam recens electi munus suum adeant.
119. Detectionum schedulae fide bona, non perfunctoriè & pro forma conficiendae.
120 Nequa Citatio, nisi expressis citandorum nominibus, è Curiis emittatur.
121. Nequis in pluribus Curiis super eodem crimine co∣gatur respondere.
122. Sententiae pro Ministris à Beneficio vel Officio remo∣vendis, non nisi per Episcopum pronunciandae.
123. Actus judiciales non nisi publica, & authentica manu expediendi.
124. Curiarum sigilla, unica.
125. Curiarum sedes opportuna.
126. Curiae inferiores testamenta originalia ad Episcopo∣rum Archiva jubentur transmittere.
De Judicibus Ecclesiasticis.
127. Judicum Ecclesiasticorum qualitas.
128. Qualitas Deputandorum.
De Procuratoribus.
129. Procuratores, nisi de partis mandato authentico, causas attingere prohibiti.
130. Procuratores sine Advocati alicujus consilio causas retinere prohibiti.
131. Procuratores, inconsulto Advocato, in causa conclu∣dere prohibiti.
132. Procuratorium in causis testamentariis juramentum prohibitum.
133. Procuratorum vox importunior in Curiis, cohi∣bita.
De Registrariis.
134. Registrariorum excessus coerciti.
135. Feodorum, quae juris Ecclesiastici administris de∣bentur, census debet esse statarius.
136. Statarius Feodorum census in tabulas relatus publi∣cè in Consistoriis & Archivis proponendus.
137. Feoda pro Ordinum literis, aliis{que} licentiis Episcopo exhibendis, tantùm dimidia (praeterqùam in prima Episcopi visitatione) persolvenda.
138. Apparitorum excessus coerciti.
AUTHORITAS. Synodorum.
139. Synodus nationalis, Ecclesia repraesentativa.
140. Synodi acta tàm absentes, quàm praesentes obligant.
141. Synodi authoritati derogantes, coerciti.