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Author: Bossuet, Jacques Bénigne, 1627-1704.
Title: An exposition of the doctrine of the Catholic Church in matters of controversie: by the Right Reverend James Benigne Bossuet ... ; done into English from the fifth edition in French.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: An exposition of the doctrine of the Catholic Church in matters of controversie: by the Right Reverend James Benigne Bossuet ... ; done into English from the fifth edition in French.
Bossuet, Jacques Bénigne, 1627-1704., Johnston, Joseph, d. 1723.

London: [s.n.], Printed in the year, 1685.
Alternate titles: Exposition de la doctrine de l'Eglise catholique sur les matières de controverse. English
Subject terms:
Catholic Church -- Doctrines.

title page
The Approbation of the Right Reverend, the Arch∣bishops and Bishops.
A Table of Articles contained in this Treatise.
An Advertisement upon Account of this Present Edi∣tion.
SECT. I. The Design of this Treatise.
SECT. II. Those of the Pretended Reform'd Religion acknowledg, That the Catholic Church embraces all the Fundamental Articles of the Christian Religion.
SECT. III. Religious Worship is terminated in God alone.
SECT. IV. Invocation of Saints.
SECT. V. Images and Reliques.
SECT. VI. Justification.
SECT. VII. Merits of Good Works.
SECT. VIII. Satisfactions, Purgatory, and Indulgences.
SECT. IX. The Sacraments.
Penance, and Sacramental Confession.
Extream Ʋnction.
SECT. X. Doctrine of the Church touching the real presence of the Body and Blood of JESUS CHRIST in the Eucharist, and the manner how the Church understand these words, This is my Body.
SECT. XI. Explication of these Words, Do this in remembrance of me.
SECT. XII. Exposition of the Calvanists Doctrine concerning the real Pre∣sence.
SECT. XIII. Of Transubstantiation and Adoration, and in what sence the Eucharist is said to be a Sign.
SECT. XIV. Sacrifice of the Mass.
SECT. XV. The Epistle to the Hebrews.
SECT. XVI. Reflections upon the preceding Doctrine.
SECT. XVII. Communion under both kinds.
SECT. XVIII. The written and unwritten Word.
SECT. XIX. The Authority of the Church.
SECT. XX. The Sentiments of those of the Pretended Reform'd Religion, concerning the Authority of the Church.
SECT. XXI. The Authority of the Holy See of Rome, and of Episcopacy.
SECT. XXII. Conclusion of this Treatise.
Lettre de Monseigneur le Cardinal BONA a Monseigneur le Card. de BUILLON.
Lettre de Monseigneur le Cardinal SIGISMOND CHIG la Monsieur L'Abbé de DANGEAU.
Lettre du Reverendiss. Pere HYACINTHE LIBELLI, alors Maistre du Sacre Palais, & maintenant Archevesque d'Avignon, a Monseig∣neur le Cardinal SIGISMOND CHIGI.
Illustrissimo & Reverendissimo Domino JACO∣BO BENIGNO Episc. Condomensi S. P. D. FERDINANDOS Episcop. & Princeps Pader∣bornensis Coad. Monasteriensis.
Lettre du Reverendiss. Pere RAIMOND CAPI∣SUCCHI Maistre du Sacré Palais, a L'Au∣teur.
Approbations de l'Edition Romaine de 1678.
Approvatione del Signor MICHEL ANGELO RICCI, Segret. della S. Congr. dell' Indulgenze e S. Reliq. e Consultore del S. Offitio.
Approvatione del P. M. LORENZO BRANCA∣TI da LAUREA delle Congr. Consist. Indul∣genze, Riti, Visita e S. Offit. Consul. e Qualif. e Pr. Cust. della Lib. Vaticana, &c.
Approbatione del Sign. Abbate STEPHANO GRADI.
Bref De N. S. P. le Pape. INNOCENTIUS PP. XI.
The foregoing Testimonies rendred into English from the French.
A Letter from his E. the Cardinal BONA of happy Me∣mory, to his E. the Cardinal de BUILLON.
A Letter from Cardinal SIGISMOND CHIGI, of hap∣py Memory, to the Abbot of DANGFAU.
A Letter from the Reverend Father HIACINTHUS LIBELLI, at that time Master of the Sacred Pa∣lace, and now Arch-Bishop of Avignon, to the Car∣dinal SIGISMOND CHIGI.
A Letter from the Bishop and Prince of PADER∣BORNE, at that time Coadjutor, and now Bishop of Munster, to the Author.
A Letter from the Reverend Father RAIMUNDUS CAPISUCCHI, Master of the Sacred Palace, to the Author.
The Approbations of the Roman Edition, Anno 1678.
The Approbation of Signor MICHEL ANGELO RICCI, Secretary to the Congregation of I. and H. R. and Consultor of the Holy Office.
The Approbation of the Reverend Father LAURENCE BRANCATI DE LAUERA of the Congregat. Consist. of I. Rites, Visit, Consultor and Qualificator of the Holy Office, and Bibliothecarian of the Vatican Library, &c.
The Approbation of the Abbot Stephen Gradi.
The Brief of our Holy Father Pope Innocent the XI.