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Author: Nausea, Friedrich, d. 1552.
Title: A treatise of blazing starres in generall: As well supernaturall as naturall: to what countries or people soeuer they appeare in the spacious world.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: A treatise of blazing starres in generall: As well supernaturall as naturall: to what countries or people soeuer they appeare in the spacious world.
Nausea, Friedrich, d. 1552., Fleming, Abraham, 1552?-1607.

London: imprinted by Bernard Alsop, and are to be sold by Edward Wright at his shoppe neere Christ Church Gate, 1618.
Alternate titles: Super huis anni post Christum natum M.D.XXXI. & quolibet alio cometa exploratio. English
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title page
A Prognostication of Blazing Starres, according to the opinion of the Poet Pontanus.
Why, and whereupon Blazing Starres haue theyr Names, CHAP. I.
That Blazing Stars are sundry and diuers. CHAP. II.
In what part of Heauen blazing starres appeare most com∣monly. CHAP. III,
At what time of the yeare blazing starres appeare, and how long they continue. CHAP. IIII.
Whereof Blazing starres are engendered (according to the iudge∣ment of Diuines) and what they are indeede. CHAP. V.
Whereof Blazing starres do engender; according to the rules of Philosophers; and the Canons of Astronomers, and what they are in deed. CHAP. VI.
Whether the starre which conducted the Wisemen to the place where Christ was borne, were the Blazing starre, whereof the Emperour Augustus did speake, calling it by the name of a starre. CHAP. VII.
Whether Blazing starres proport and foreshew some strange & wonderfull thing to follow. CHAP. VIII.
CHAP. IX. The good and euill which Blazing stars doe prognosticate, and betoken.
The mischiefes which Blazing starres forewarne to ensue. CHAP. X.
Sundry examples and testimonies, declaring the diuers and ma∣nifold mischiefes, which haue followed the appearing of Blazing starres. CHAP. XI,
Whether Blazing Starres, doe not as well betoken good, as ill. CHAP. XII.
To what Countries, and to what persons blazing starres doe principally betoken ill. CHAP. XIII.
How and what way Blazing starres are forewarning of som∣what to come, and of force so to doe. CHAP. XIV.
Why Blazing Starres do specially betoken ill to Peeres, Po∣tentates, Rulers of Realmes and Commonwealthes, &c. CHAP. XV.
Of a certaine Blazing starre which appeared in the yeare, 1531. the 19. of Sept. at Mentz, a City in Germany, and was sensi∣bly seeene likewise in other places. CHAP. XVI.
Whether such euils as Blazing stars betoken, may by any meanes eyther be preuented or auoyded. CHAP. XVII.