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Author: Cyprian, Saint, Bishop of Carthage.
Title: [Certein workes of blessed Cipriane the martyr, translated out of laten by J. Scory]
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: [Certein workes of blessed Cipriane the martyr, translated out of laten by J. Scory]
Cyprian, Saint, Bishop of Carthage., Scory, John, d. 1585., Cyprian,, Cyprian,, Cyprian,

[Emden: E. van der Erve, 1556]
Imprint and title from STC.
Signatures: A-F GÛp3Ûs+.
Formerly STC 6159.
Identified as STC 6159 on reel 213.
Imperfect: lacks title page, and all after leaf G3.
Reproduction of the original in the Bodleian Library.
Appears at UMI microfilm, reels 213 (Bodleian copy) and reel 880.

A sermon of blessed Cipriane touching mortalitie, exhor∣ting mē to the loue of forsating this lyfe: and shewing that notwithstan∣ding the iuste and vniuste dye wyth out difference, yet no man ought to thynke, that the good & euell come bothe to one destructiō: Foras∣muche as the iuste are cal∣led hence to refreshing, and thoususte are caught awaye vnto punish¦ment.
A boke of the holy martir G. Chpriane, conicining an exhortation to martyrdome, diuided into, xii. chapters, wherin the sūme of the hole mater is more fully knowen. written vnto Fortunatus.
The first Chapter.
The first chapter.
The .ij. chapter.
The .iij. chapter.
The .iiij. chapter
The .v. chapter.
The .vi. chapter.
The .vij. chapter.
The .viij. chapter.
The .ix. Chapter.
The .x. Chapter.
The .xi. Chapter.
The .xij. chaptre.
Thargument of the Epistle folowing.