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Author: Symonds, Joseph.
Title: The case and cure of a deserted soule, or, A treatise concerning the nature, kindes, degrees, symptomes, causes, cure of, and mistakes about spirituall desertions by Jos. Symonds ...
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The case and cure of a deserted soule, or, A treatise concerning the nature, kindes, degrees, symptomes, causes, cure of, and mistakes about spirituall desertions by Jos. Symonds ...
Symonds, Joseph.

London: Printed by M. Flesher, for Luke Fawne, and S. Gellibrand, at the Brazen Serpent in Pauls Churchyard, 1639.
Alternate titles: Treatise concerning the nature, kindes, degrees, symptomes, causes, cure of, and mistakes about spirituall desertions Deserted soules case and cure
Imperfect: torn and tightly bound.
Signatures: AÛp8Ûs, bÛp8Ûs, B-ZÛp8Ûs, 2A-2MÛp8Ûs, NÛp7Ûs
Reproduction of original in: Union Theological Seminary (New York, N.Y.). Library.
Subject terms:
Christian life.

title page
TO THE RIGHT Worshipfull and much Honoured Lady, the Lady REBECCAH RUMNY.
A Preface.
CHAP. I. That the godly are sometimes deserted.
CHAP. II. How, or in what sense the godly are said to be deserted.
CHAP. III. Foure other considerations about de∣sertions.
CHAP. IV. Of the first sort of desertions, the withhold∣ing of assisting grace.
CHAP. V. That a man may bee Deserted, and not know it, with the Causes and Evills of it.
CHAP. VI. Rules to judge when one is Deserted. The first is the consideration of his graces. First, their activity is abated.
CHAP. VII. When a man is deserted, his light is darkned.
CHAP. VIII. The light and notions of a deserted man have not their former efficacie, to affect, impell, repell, and humble the heart.
CHAP. IX. When a man is deserted, the minde is more vaine, and abated in frequency complacencie consistencie in holy thoughts.
CHAP. X. Great incredulitie in a Deserted soule, with the Causes of it.
CHAP. XI. Of the change and alteration of affe∣ctions in case of desertion, where is spoken of love, hope, hatred, &c. with their sad abatements.
CHAP. XII. The second rule to judge of Desertion is taken from the increase of sinne, where how the increase of sinne may be knowne.
CHAP. XIII. The third rule to judge in this case, is from consideration of the meanes of grace.
CHAP. XIV. Causes of Desertion: they are for 1 in∣struction, that nature and grace may bee better knowne; 2 the one in its sinfulnesse and weaknesse, the other in its freenesse and necessity.
CHAP. XV. Desertions are for correction, and are caused by pride, and carelesnesse, &c.
CHAP. XVI. Of grieving the spirit, causing de∣sertion.
CHAP. XVII. The second meanes of grieving the Spi∣rit is disobedience and resistance of the Spirit.
CHAP. XVIII. Perswasive considerations to move men to study the preservation of communion with God.
CHAP. XIX. Directions how to retaine a divine quickning presence with us.
CHAP. XX. 1 Quest. Since all come short of what they know they should doe, and God im∣putes not that as sin to them that are be∣leevers; How may a man know when his deficiency is imputed as a sin to him?
CHAP. XXI. Third meanes to retaine a divine pre∣sence, is prayer, in which care must be had of the rise carriage end of it.
CHAP. XXII. Fourth meanes, keeping the favour of God, with Directions how to doe it.
CHAP. XXIII. Fifth meanes, keeping in Gods way.
CHAP. XXIV. Sixth and Seaventh means: Be doing, and wisely and diligently use the meanes of grace.
CHAP. XXV. Three counsels to such as are deserted.
CHAP. XXVI. Motive to use these counsels; ta from possibility of recovery.
CHAP. XXVII. Motives to seeke recovery, taken from necessity.
CHAP. XXVIII. Two directions how to seek recovery.
CHAP. XXIX. Two other directions how to recover.
CHAP. XXX. Of Defertions in appearance only, with causes of mistake in this Case.
CHAP. XXXI. The false Rules of mens judging them∣selves, causing mistake in this case.
CHAP. XXXII. Other false Rules causing mistake in judgement.
CHAP. XXXIII. The second sort of spirituall desertions, losse of comfort.
CHAP. XXXIV. The causes and roote of comfort.
CHAP. XXXV. Of the state and degrees of this sad condition.
CHAP. XXXVI. The effects and consequent of this sad condition.
CHAP. XXXVII. The Causes and Cure of this sad con∣dition.