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Author: Lacey, William, 1584-1673.
Title: The iudgment of an vniuersity-man concerning M. VVilliam Chillingvvorth his late pamphlet, in ansvvere to Charity maintayned
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 April (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The iudgment of an vniuersity-man concerning M. VVilliam Chillingvvorth his late pamphlet, in ansvvere to Charity maintayned
Lacey, William, 1584-1673.

[Saint-Omer]: Imprinted with licence, [at the English College Press], anno M.DC.XXXIX. [1639]
Alternate titles: Judgment of an university-man concerning M. William Chillingworth his late pamphlet, in answere to Charity maintayned Heautomachia. M. Chillingworth against himselfe. Judgment of an university-man concerning M. William Chillingworth his late pamphlet, in answere to Charity maintayned.
An university man = William Lacey.
A reply to: Chillingworth, William. The religion of protestants a safe way to salvation.
Place of publication and identification of printer from STC.
"Heautomachia. M. Chillingworth against himselfe" (caption title) has separate pagination and register.
"Heautomachia" identified as STC 5140 on UMI microfilm reel 1478.
Reproductions of the originals in the Bodleian Library.
Appears at reel 1245 and at reel 1478 (Bodleian Library copies).
Subject terms:
Chillingworth, William, -- 1602-1644. -- Religion of Protestants a safe way to salvation -- Controversial literature -- Early works to 1800.
Protestantism -- Controversial literature -- Early works to 1800.

title page
M. CHILLINGWORTH his Title to his Preface.
The Preface to the author of Charity Maintayned, with an answere to his Pamphlet, entituled a Direction to N. N.
Calumnies and Sophistries of M. Ch. gathered out of his two Answers: And first out of his answere to the Direction giuen him by the Maintayner of Charity.
The Application of this sentence of our Sauiour, Qui malè agit &c. to the Socinians.
Another Calumny of M. Ch. refuted.
A Calumny obiected, retorted vpon the Obiectour.
Seuerall Calumnies of M. Ch.
Calumnies against Miracles.
Calumny against holy Ceremonies.
Calumny against Ecclesiasticall Persons.
A further solution of this Calumny and Fallacy.
Concerning different opinions among Catholiques, the Aduocates Fallacy and Calumny.
Calumny concerning Transubstantiation, and the B. Trinity.
His fallacious calumny concerning Pru∣dentiall motiues.
The Church compared with Scripture.
Calumnies against Protestants in generall, imputed to his Aduersary, proued to be the Calumnies of this Aduocate, obiecting them.
His pretended Calumnies cleared, and retorted.
His Calumny concerning VVorship of Angells, Traditions, Latin seruice &c.
His Calumny, That Catholiques execution of Heretiques is Murder, discussed, and retorted.
His Fallacy discouered, his supposall of no Heresy, according to Socinianisme.
Fallacy of Diuision.
His Answers to his Aduersaries Arguments, Fallacious, or none.
Another Text of S. Iohn, by this Aduocate corrupted, and misinterpreted.
His fallacious Interpretation of a text of S. Peter, 1.3. vers. 15.
VVords of our Sauiour fallaciously abused.
Another sentence of our Sauiour abused.
His false Logick, or misapplication of Logick-rules.
His fallacious Answere, or Euasion to his Aduersaries Arguments, conuincing the necessity of an infallible Church.
Some other fallacious Euasions, in answere to the same position of his Aduersary.
His Calumny, concerning Protestants reputed Atheists &c. by Catholiques.
His fallacious Recriminations.
His concealed Arguments for Socinianisme.
His Sophisticall Calumny, concerning differences of Catholique Doctors, in questions vndefined.
His Fallacious application of this his Aduersaries Position, From truth no falshood, in true consequence.
His falsely supposed Calumnies against English De∣uines, reiected; and the supposall proued calumnious.
The second part of the Calumny, concerning the stu∣dies, and learning of the English Vniuersities.
His geering of Schoole-termes, and Angells vpon the needles point.
His Calumny and Fallacy concerning the declining of Protestancy, intimated by his Aduersary.
His Answere to some personall Imputations.
An Act of Parlament, the motiue of his beliefe. His fallacious refuge.
His fallacious Hypocrisy.
His Purgation concerning temporall respects, as Motiues to his change of Religion.
That Socinianisme is the readiest way to temporall Aduancements.
The Aduocates misconstructions of his Aduersaries Direction, declared to be a iust and charitable Admonition.
The Conclusion of his Preface, with his fallacious Apology for himselfe.
Of the number of M. Chillingworth his Motiues.
1. Motiues. 2. Remotiues. 3. Promotiues, or Replicants.
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section 3
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section 7
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section 9
Gentle Reader.