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Author: Walwyn, Herbert.
Title: Poems on several occasions. Humbly dedicated to the right honourable the Marchioness of Tavestock. By the author.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: Poems on several occasions. Humbly dedicated to the right honourable the Marchioness of Tavestock. By the author.
Walwyn, Herbert.

London: printed for William Chandler, at the Peacock in the Poultry; and William Davis, at the Bull over against the Royal Exhange in Cornhill, 1699.
Attributed by Wing to Herbert Walwyn.
With a table of contents.
Reproduction of the original in the British Library.
Subject terms:
English poetry -- Early modern, 1500-1700.

title page
To the Ingenious Author of the following Poems.
To the Author of the following Poems.
POEMS ON Several Occasions.
The Muse.
A Pen, to Sylvia.
To Sylvia, with her Mask on.
To Sylvia, after her Recovery from a Dangerous Sickness.
On the Death of Sylvia.
Strephon to Menalchas.
Damon's Despair.
The Merchant.
An Epitaph on Mr. R. Long.
To Mr. in the Country; with some other Verses.
On Mr. John Milton. To a Friend, who flatteringly desir'd me to send him some Verses on a propos'd Subject.
Ʋpon the Tax on Births and Burials, Granted to His Majesty for Carrying on the War against France.
Reflecting on the Time of the Queens Death.
An Epitaph on Mr. T. C.
To a Friend in the Countrey.
To a Painter, whom, after his Removal in∣to B—Ch. Yard, I had not seen of a great while.
To the same, and (partly) on the same Occasion. A Meditation on the Platonick Year.
Against Gluttony.
An Epitaph on Mr. T. F.
A Letter to Mr. R. C. in the Countrey.
To Celia, who whilst her Lover was Kis∣sing of her, chanc'd to 〈◊〉
To a Sorry Apothecary, who pretended to Criticize on my Friend's Excellent Ser∣mon.
On Mr. P—n the Quaker's Marrying a Young Wife.
On the Heavy Tax on Paper.
Epitaph on a Famous Liar.
To Celia.
The Bravado.
The Conversion.
To a Friend, Recommending a Contempla∣tive Life.
The Request.
To a Miser, who bade me Farewel upon my going into the Countrey.
An Enquiry after Wisdom, occasion'd by Reading some Verses in Job.
The Eighth Psalm.
On the Concluding of the Peace.
To a Painter, on his Ingenious Poem upon the Art of Painting.
A Countrey Seat. To the Honoured J. W. Gent.