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Author: Waller, William, Gent.
Title: An essay on the value of the mines, late of Sir Carbery Price by William Waller, Gent ...
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: An essay on the value of the mines, late of Sir Carbery Price by William Waller, Gent ...
Waller, William, Gent., Pryse, Carbery, d. 1695.

London: [s.n.], 1698.
Two folded ill. inserted between p. [24] and 1, 10 and 11.
Reproduction of original in British Library.
Subject terms:
Copper mines and mining -- England -- Cardiganshire.
Lead mines and mining -- England -- Cardiganshire.
Silver mines and mining -- England -- Cardiganshire.
Copper mines and mining -- Early works to 1800.
Lead mines and mining -- Early works to 1800.
Silver mines and mining -- Early works to 1800.

title page
THE Epistle Dedicatory TO Sir HUMPHRY MACKWORTH, CHAIRMAN, And now Standing in the Place of ED∣WARD PRICE, Esq and late of Sir CARBERY PRICE; AND TOAND TO The Honoured, the Lady Ann Cholm∣ley, Mrs. Mary Cholmley, Mrs. Bridget Pesball, Mrs. Jane Bickerstaffe, Mrs. Ann Hill, Mrs. Elizabeth Lloyd, Widow, Mrs. Eliz. Lloyd, Spinster, Mrs. Lu∣cy Wright; AND TO The Honoured Sir Thomas Mackworth, Bart. Sir John Price, Bart. Sir John Morden, Knt. Sir Charles Bickerstaffe, Knt. Sir Christopher Wren, Knt. Sir Paul Whitchcot, Knt. AND TO The Honoured Edward Price, Esq Hen∣ry Farmer, William Powell, Edward Ni∣cholas, Bulkley Mackworth, Philip Bic∣kerstaffe, Arthur Moore, Henry Lloyd, John Meyrick, John Pugh, James Blake, William Freeman, Samuel Trotman, Wil∣liam Nicholas, Joseph Short, Rich. Ste∣phens, Geo. London, Hen. Simons, Hen. Grove, and Joh. Wodehouse, Esquires; AND TO Mr. John Oldbury, Thomas Phips, Senior, Paul Docminique, Whitfield Hayter, An∣thony Forty, William Wolley, Thomas Phips, Junior, Richard Chancy, Richard Curtis, Thomas Fredericke, Gabriel Glo∣ver, John Glover, Thomas Jeve, John Thrale, Nathanael Troughton, John Newland, John Preston, Edward Grace, John Hayword, James Hallet, Mer∣chants, present PARTNERS of the said MINES.
A DESCRIPTION of the Silver, Lead and Copper-mines, late of Sir Carbery Price, lying in Cardiganshire, within four Miles of the Navigable River Dovey, and from thence a Mile by Water to the Port of Aberdovey, where Vessels of three or four hun∣dred Tuns may ride with great Safety.
A Description of the Mine of Po∣tozi.
A small ESSAY, by a Medium of Prizes, as Oar is got in the North, and in Wales at Eskirhir, compared together.
As to the Copper Mines,
A Computation of the Value of the Copper Mines.
AN APPENDIX, Concerning the SILVER That may be Extracted out of these MINES.