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Author: Thibaut, P. (Pierre)
Title: The art of chymistry as it is now practiced / written in French by P. Thibaut ... ; and now translated into English by a fellow of the Royal Society.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The art of chymistry as it is now practiced / written in French by P. Thibaut ... ; and now translated into English by a fellow of the Royal Society.
Thibaut, P. (Pierre)

London: Printed by John Starkey ..., 1675.
Alternate titles: Cours de chymie. English
Translation of: Cours de chymie.
Advertisement: p. [31]
Includes index.
Reproduction of original in the Christ Church Library, Oxford University.
Subject terms:
Chemistry -- Early works to 1800.

title page
The Author's PREFACE.
A TABLE OF The Matters contained in this BOOK.
Chymical Books lately Printed for John Starkey.
THE ART OF CHYMISTRY, As it is now Practised.
Of the Chymical Laboratory.
Of the Chymical Instruments.
Of the Chymical Lute.
Of the Chymical Furnaces.
Of the Chymical Vessels.
Of the Chymical Fire.
The Spirit of Salt.
Spirit of Niter.
The Spirit and black Oyl of Vitriol.
Aqua Fortis.
The Spirit and black Oyl of Sulphur.
Spirit of Wine.
The Phlegm, Spirit, and Oyl of Tur∣pentine.
The Salt of Tartar, of which is made the Oyl of Tartar by solution of the Salt.
Crystal Mineral, or Lapis Prunellae.
The Niter sulphurated, or the nitrous Salt of Sulphur.
Dulcified Sublimate.
Turbith Mineral.
The White Precipitate.
The Red Precipitate of Mercury.
Arcanum Corallinum.
The Crocus Metallorum, or Liver of Antimony.
The Regule of Antimony.
The Regulus of Mars.
The golden Diaphoretick Sulphur.
The Diaphoretick Antimony, or the Diaphoretick Mineral.
The Black and Acid Oyl of Antimony.
The Butter of Antimony, of which is made the Mercurius vitae, or the Emetick powder, or the powder of Algarot, and the Cinnaber of Antimony.
Bezoard Mineral.
The Calcination, or Calx of Lead.
The sweet Chrystals of Saturn, the sweet Salt of Saturn, not Crystal∣lized.
The Crocus Martis aperitivus.
Another Crocus Martis aperitivus.
The Infernal Stone.
The Magistery or Precipitate of Bismuth.
The Spirit, Oyl, and Extract of Guaiacum.
The Spirit of Box. The Oyl of Ash, &c.
The stinking, or foetide Oyl of Cloves.
The Oyl of Jet.
The Oyl of Mirrha and other Gums.
The Oyl of Bricks, or of the Philosophers.
The Oyl of yellow Wax.
The Oyl of Yolks of Eggs.
The Oyl of Karabe, and the Ambred Spirit of Wine.
The Oyl of Camphire.
The Spirit of Wine Campherised.
The Aromatick tincture of Cloves.
Cinnamon Water.
The Spiritus Ardens, or burning Spi∣rit of Honey. The sweet Tincture of Honey. The stinking, or faecid Oyl and Spi∣rit of Honey. The stinking Tincture of Honey.
The Vinegar of Saturn. The Butter, or Balsamum of Saturn.
The Plaister of Saturn.
The Extract of Hellebore.
An Essence for the Tooth-ach.
Turpentine Pills.
The distilled Water of Plants.
The soft Conserve of Leaves and Flowers.
The Lime Water and Phagede∣nick Water.
The Magistery of Coral. The Salt of Coral.
The Balsam of Saint John's Wort compounded, drawn by the Spirit of Wine.
The Corrosive Sublimate.
The Balsam of Sulphur, drawn by the Oyly Spirit of Turpentine.
The Essence of Musk, and Amber∣greece, drawn by Spirit of Wine.
The Tincture of Tartar, or Spirit of Wine clarified.
The Spirit, and foetid Oyl of Tartar.
The Spirit and Aromatick Oyl of Ju∣niper Berries.
The stinking and black Oyl of Juniper.
The Extract of Juniper.
The Laudanum.
The Tincture of Roses.
The Milk, or Precipitate, or Ma∣gistery of Brimstone.
The Magistery of Pearls.
The Calx of Oyster-shells.
The Magistery and Calx of Egg-shells.
The Calcination of Venice Tale.
The Salt of Crystal Venice.
The Flowers of Benjamin.
The Flowers of Antimony.
The Flowers of Brimstone.
The Rosin or Magistery of Jalap.
The Rosin, or Magistery of Scammony.
The Cremor Tartari.
The Cremor Tartari Calybeatus, or the Steel'd Crystal of Tartar.
The Virginal Milk of Benjamin, and Storax.
The Precipitate, or Magistery of Silver, or Luna.
The Tincture of Gold, or Aurum Potabile.
The Salt of Vitriol, or the Crystals of Venus.
The Crystals, or Salt, or Vitriol of Mars.
The Astringent, or binding Saffron of Mars.
A Little TREATISE OF CHYMISTRY OR, An Abridgement of the precedent TREATISE.
Of the Hermetick Lute.
Of Hermetick Furnaces.
Of Spirit of Wine.
Of Salt of Tartar.
The Regulus of Antimony.
Of the Liver of Antimony, of which is made the Crocus Metallorum.
The Spirit and Oyl of Guaiacum.
Crystal Mineral.
The Spirit and Oyl of Box
Of the Regulus of Mars.
The Spirit of Salt.
Of the Red Precipitate of Mercury.
Of Spirit of Niter.
Of Turbith Mineral.
Of the white Precipitate.
Of the golden Diaphoretick Sulphur.
Of the Oyl of Eggs.
Of the Oyl and Spirit of Ash-wood.
Of distilled Vinegar.
Oyl of Camphire.
Of Spirit of Wine campherized.
Of the Aromatick Tincture of Cloves.
The calcination of Lead.
The stinking Oyl of Cloves.
Of the Oyl and Butter of Antimony, of which is made the Mercury of Life, or Emetick Powder, or of Algarot. Of the Cinnaber of Antimony. Of Mercury and Antimony revived.
Of the Oyl and Tincture of Karabe.
Of the Oyl of Jet.
Of the Butter, Cream, or Nutritum of Saturn.
Of the Oyl of Bricks, or the Philo∣sophers Oyl.
The Oyl of yellow Wax.
Of the Extract of Hellebore.
Of Aqua fortis.
Of the Infernal Stone.
Of the burning Spirit of Honey.
Of the Arcanum Corallinum.
Of the sweet Sublimate.
Of the Salt of Saturn.
Of the Diaphoretick Antimony.
Of the binding Saffron of Mars.
The opening Saffron of Mars.
Of the Spirit of Sulphur.
Of the Spirit of Vitriol, and Oyl of Colcothar.
Of the Oyl of Myrrha.
Of Cauteries.
Of the Red acid oyl of Antimony.
Of Besoard Mineral.
The Precipitate of Bismuth.
The spirit and oyl of Turpentine.
Of the sulphurated Niter, call'd Sal Antifebrile, or the salt against Feavers.