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Author: Thévenot, Jean de, 1633-1667.
Title: The travels of Monsieur de Thevenot into the Levant in three parts, viz. into I. Turkey, II. Persia, III. the East-Indies / newly done out of French.
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Print source: The travels of Monsieur de Thevenot into the Levant in three parts, viz. into I. Turkey, II. Persia, III. the East-Indies / newly done out of French.
Thévenot, Jean de, 1633-1667., Lovell, Archibald.

London: Printed by H. Clark, for H. Faithorne, J. Adamson, C. Skegnes, and T. Newborough ..., 1687.
Alternate titles: Relation d'un voyage fait au Levant. English

title page
A LETTER FROM Monsieur de la Croix, SECRETARY and INTERPRETER TO THE FRENCH KING, Touching some Points of Oriental Learning, Contained in the SECOND PART of these TRAVELS.
title page
CHAP. I. The Travellers Design.
CHAP. II. Of Messina.
CHAP. III. Of Sicily.
CHAP. IV. From Messina to Malta.
CHAP. V. Of the Isle of Malta.
CHAP. VI. Of the Castles St. Angelo and St. Erme.
CHAP. VII. Of the City Valetta.
CHAP. VIII. Of the Grove, and other Walks in the Countrey-Fields and of the Isle of Gozo.
CHAP. IX. Of the Publick Rejoycing and Solemnity on Our Lady-day, in September.
CHAP. X. Departure from Malta for Constantinople.
CHAP. XI. Of Cape Matapan, and the Isle of Cerigo.
CHAP. XII. Of the Isle of Zia.
CHAP. XIII. Of the Isle of Andra, and of our Ships running a ground.
CHAP. XIV. Of the Dardanelles, Gallipoly, and our arrival at Constantinople.
CHAP. XV. Of the Situation of Constantinople.
CHAP. XVI. Of Santa Sophia, Solymania, the New Mosque and others.
CHAP. XVII. Of the Hyppodrome, the Pillars and Obelisks of Constantinople.
CHAP. XVIII. Of the Grand Signior's Serraglio.
CHAP. XIX. Of the other Serraglios, Hans, Private Houses, and Bezestins of Constantinople.
CHAP. XX. Of Cassumpasha, Galata, Pera, and Tophana.
CHAP. XXI. Of Leander's Tower, Scudaret, the Princes Isle, and the Black Sea.
CHAP. XXII. Of the Shape and Strength of the Turks. Of their Apparel. Way of Saluting. And of their Manners.
CHAP. XXIII. Of Baths or Bagnios
CHAP. XXIV. Of the Turks way of Eating, Drinking and Lying.
CHAP. XXV. Of the Recreations and Exercises of the Turks.
CHAP. XXVI. Of the Language of the Turks, their Sciences, and ways of Divination.
CHAP. XXVII. Of the Diseases of the Turks, and their Remedies.
CHAP. XXVIII. Of Mahomet and the Alcoran.
CHAP. XXIX. Of the Belief of the Turks.
CHAP. XXX. Of Tutelary Angels, and of the Examination of the Black Angels.
CHAP. XXXI. Of the Beasts that shall enter into Paradise.
CHAP. XXXII. Of Circumcision.
CHAP. XXXIII. Of the Commands to be observed in the Turkish Religion.
CHAP. XXXIV. Of the Ramadan.
CHAP. XXXV. Of the Bairam.
CHAP. XXXVI. Of what renders the Turks Ʋnclean, and of their Ablutions.
CHAP. XXXVII. Of the form of their Mosques, and their Prayers.
CHAP. XXXVIII. Of the Charity of the Turks, and the Pilgra∣mage to Mecha.
CHAP. XXXIX. Of things Prohibited in the Turkish Religion.
CHAP. XL. Of the Ministers of the Turkish Law.
CHAP. XLI. Of the Marriage of the Turks.
CHAP. XLII. Of the Beauty, Manners, and Apparrel of the Turkish Women.
CHAP. XLIII. Of the way of Mourning for the Dead among the Turks, their manner of Burying, and of their Burying-places.
CHAP. XLIV. A Summary of the Humour of the Turks.
CHAP. XLV. Of the Grand Signior.
CHAP. XLVI. Of the Grand Visier, and other chief Officers of the Turkish Empire.
CHAP. XLVII. Of the Divan.
CHAP. XLVIII. Of the Oeconomy or regulation of Provisions amongst the Turks. Of the Money and Weights of Con∣stantinople.
CHAP. XLIX. Of the Punishments and kinds of Death in Turkey.
CHAP. L. Of the Grand Signior's Militia.
CHAP. LI. Of the easie way the Grand Signior has in raising and maintaining great Armies.
CHAP. LII. Of the Weakness of the Turks by Sea.
CHAP. LIII. Of the Battel of the Dardanelles, Fought in the Year 1656.
CHAP. LIV. Of the Sedition that happened in Constanti∣nople, in the Year 1655.
CHAP. LV. Of the Christians and Jews that are Subjects to the Grand Signior.
CHAP. LVI. The Arrival and Audience of an Ambassadour from the Mogul.
CHAP. LVII. Of the Grand Signior's going abroad in State.
CHAP. LVIII. Of the City of Bursa.
CHAP. LIX. Of the Journey from Bursa to Smyrna.
CHAP. LX. Of the City of Smyrna.
CHAP. LXI. Of the Town of Chio.
CHAP. LXII. Of the Mastick-Trees. The Monastery of Niamoni, and the School of Homer.
CHAP. LXIII. Of some Villages of the Isle of Chio.
CHAP. LXIV. Of the Isle of Chio, and its Inhabitants.
CHAP. LXV. Of the Isle of Patino.
CHAP. LXVI. Of the Isle of Nixia.
CHAP. LXVII. Of the Isles of Paro, Delos, Mycone, Tine and Nio.
CHAP. LXVIII. Of the Isle of Santorini.
CHAP. LXIX. Of the Isles of Policandre, Milo, Sifanto Thermia, Ajora, and Scyra.
CHAP. LXX. Of the Isles of Samos and Nicaria.
CHAP. LXXI. Of Stanchio and Bodrou.
CHAP. LXXII. Our Departure from Bodrou, and our Arrival at Rhodes.
CHAP. LXXIII. Of Isle and City of Rhodes.
CHAP. LXXIV. Of the Voyage from Rhodes to Alexandria.
CHAP. I. Of Alexandria.
CHAP. II. Of the Walls of Alexandria, the Pillar of Pompey, and other Antiquities.
CHAP. III. Of Rossetto.
CHAP. IV. Of Caire.
CHAP. V. Of the Pyramides.
CHAP. VI. Of the Mummies.
CHAP. VII. Of Old Caire.
CHAP. VIII. Of the Matharee.
CHAP. IX. Of the Castle.
CHAP. X. Of the Palaces, Streets, and Bazars of Caire.
CHAP. XI. Of the Ovens that hatch Chickens.
CHAP. XII. Of the Burying-place where the Dead rise.
CHAP. XIII. Of the Cavalcade of the Hazna.
CHAP. XIV. Of the Turks Carnaval.
CHAP. XV. Of the going out of a Basha Mansoul.
CHAP. XVI. Of the coming down of Mahomet's Vest from the Castle, and of the setting out of the Emir-Adge.
CHAP. XVII. Of the Departure of the Caravan of Mecha, from the Birque, and of its Journey to Mecha.
CHAP. XVIII. Of Mecha.
CHAP. XIX. Of the Ceremonies to be performed by the Pilgrims of Mecha upon their Journey.
CHAP. XX. Of the Aga sent to meet the Caravan upon their return, and of the Gains of the Emir-Adge.
CHAP. XXI. Of Mecha and Medina.
CHAP. XXII. Of the Opening of the Khalis.
CHAP. XXIII. Of the Arrival of the Basha, and his entry into Caire.
CHAP. XXIV. Of the Journey from Caire to Suez.
CHAP. XXV. Of the Journey from Suez to Tor.
CHAP. XXVI. Of Tor, and of our arrival at Mount Sinai.
CHAP. XXVII. Of the Mountain of St. Catharine.
CHAP. XXVIII. Of the Mountain of Moses.
CHAP. XXIX. Of the Monastery of St. Catherine.
CHAP. XXX. Of Mount Horeb, and of the Place where the Golden Calf was molten, &c.
CHAP. XXXI. Of our Return to Suez.
CHAP. XXXII. Of the Arabs.
CHAP. XXXIII. Of Suez and the Red-Sea.
CHAP. XXXIV. My Return from Suez to Caire.
CHAP. XXXV. The Journey from Caire to Gaza.
CHAP. XXXVI. Of the Cities of Gaza and Rama, and our arrival at Jerusalem.
CHAP. XXXVII. The first visiting of the Dolorous Way, and other Holy Places.
CHAP. XXXVIII. Our first Entry into the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
CHAP. XXXIX. Of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
CHAP. XL. Of the Burying-places of the Kings, and of the Grott of Jeremiah.
CHAP. XLI. Of the River of Jordan, of the Dead-Sea, and of the Mount of the Forty Days Fast.
CHAP. XLII. Of our second entry into the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
CHAP. XLIII. Of the Holy Fire of the Greeks and other Schismatical Christians.
CHAP. XLIV. Of the places that are to be seen on the way from Jerusalem to Bethlehem.
CHAP. XLV. Of Bethlehem.
CHAP. XLVI. Of the Way of making what Marks Men please upon their Arms.
CHAP. XLVII. Of what is to be seen about Bethlehem, and of the Grott of the Virgin in Bethlehem.
CHAP. XLVIII. Of the Mountains of Judea, and of the Convent of Holy-Cross.
CHAP. XLIX. Of Bethany, Bethphage, Mount Sion, the Houses of Caiaphas and Annas.
CHAP. L. Our third Entry into the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Of the City of Jerusalem.
CHAP. LI. Of Emaus and Jaffa.
CHAP. LII. Our Departure from Jaffa. Our Rancounter with a French Corsair. And our Arrival at Acre.
CHAP. LIII. Of Acre.
CHAP. LIV. Of Nazareth, and the Places about.
CHAP. LV. Of the House of the Cananean, the Mount of Bea∣titudes, the Mount of the two Fishes and five Loaves. the Sea of Tiberias, of Mount Tabor, and other holy Places.
CHAP. LVI. The way by Land from Jerusalem to Nazareth.
CHAP. LVII. The Road from Nazareth to Damascus.
CHAP. LVIII. Of the City of Damascus, and the places that are to be seen about it.
CHAP. LIX. Our return to Acre. A Description of Mount Carmel.
CHAP. LX. The way from Acre to Soursayde, Baruth, Tripoly and Mount Libanus; and from Tripoly, to Alep∣po, with what is to be seen in these places.
CHAP. LXI. The Road fram Tripoly to Aleppo, by Damascus.
CHAP. LXII. Our setting out from Acre to Damiette, and our meeting with Italian Corsairs.
CHAP. LXIII. Of what happened on Board the Corsairs so long as we were with them, and our Arrival at Damiette.
CHAP. LXIV. Our Departure from Damiette, and Arri∣val at Caire.
CHAP. LXV. Of the Publication of the Growth of the Nile.
CHAP. LXVI. Of the Ceremonies and Publick Rejoycings at the Opening of the Khalis.
CHAP. LXVII. Of the Arrival of the Bey of Girge at Caire.
CHAP. LXVIII. The arrival of an Ambassadour of Aethiopia at Caire, With the Presents he brought for the Grand Signior.
CHAP. LXIX. Of Aethiopia.
CHAP. LXX. Of the Esine that was kept at Caire in my time.
CHAP. LXXI. Of the Desarts of St. Macharius.
CHAP. LXXII. Of Aegypt, the Nile, Crocodiles, and Sea-Horses.
CHAP. LXXIII. Of the Manners of the Aegyptians; the Woman who pulls Worms out of Childrens Ears, and of the Arabick Language.
CHAP. LXXVI. Of the Circumcision of the Moorish Females; and of the Santo's of Aegypt.
CHAP. LXXV. Of the Cophtes.
CHAP. LXXVI. Of the Franks that live in Aegypt, and the Ava∣nies which are put upon them.
CHAP. LXXVII. Of the Vestments which the Greek Patriarch of Alex∣andria wears when he Celebrates.
CHAP. LXXVIII. Of the Jews and Turks that are in Aegypt.
CHAP. LXXIX. Of Punishments in Ʋse in Aegypt.
CHAP. LXXX. Of the Inconveniencies and Ordinary Distem∣pers at Caire.
CHAP. LXXXI. Of the Remedies used by the Moors in their Sicknesses.
CHAP. LXXXII. Of the Money and Weights of Aegypt.
CHAP. LXXXIII. The History of Don Philippo, Prince of Tunis.
CHAP. LXXXIV. Our Voyage from Caire to Alexandria. What the Hhouames are.
CHAP. LXXXV. Our arrival at Bouquer; a Ship cast away in the Port of Alexandria. A description of Bou∣quer.
CHAP. LXXXVI. Our departure from Bouquer, and our getting on Board the Ship.
CHAP. LXXXVII. Our Ships sailing from Bouquer.
CHAP. LXXXVIII. Of Lampedosa and Pantalaria. Of several Corsairs we met with, and our Arrival before Goletta.
CHAP. LXXXIX. Of Goletta, and our Arrival at Tunis.
CHAP. XC. Of the Countrey-Houses and other places that are to be seen about Tunis.
CHAP. LXXXXI. Of Tunis, and of the Slaves that are there.
CHAP. LXXXXII. Of the Dey and other Officers of Tunis.
CHAP. LXXXXIII. Of the Punishments which are in Ʋse at Tunis.
CHAP. LXXXXIV. Our Departure from Goletta, and the Conti∣nuation of our Voyage.
CHAP. LXXXXV. The Relation of an Engagement we had with three Spanish Corsairs.
A RELATION Of what past at the Taking of BABYLON, OTHERWISE CALLED BAGDAT, BY SULTAN AMURATH Emperour of the TURKS; Translated from a Letter written from the said City by the Grand Signior's chief Faulconer to Mustapha Bey, one of the Sangiacks of Egypt, at Caire. After the giving of God thanks, and other Cere∣monies used by the Turks in their Letters.
title page
CHAP. I. The Author's departure not only from Paris but Marseilles, and his Voyage to Alexandria.
CHAP. II. Of some Curiosities observed during the Voyage, and in Alexandria.
CHAP. III. Of what happened in the way from Alexandria to Sayde, and from Sayde to Damascus.
CHAP. IV. Of the City of Damascus.
CHAP. V. A Continuation of Observations at Damascus.
CHAP. VI. Of the Journey from Damascus to Aleppo.
CHAP. VII. Of Observations of Aleppo.
CHAP. VIII. The Sequel of the Observations of Aleppo.
CHAP. IX. Of the Road to Mosul by Bir and Orfa.
CHAP. X. The Continuation of the Journey to Mosul by Codgiasar, the Countrey of Merdin and Nisibin.
CHAP. XI. Of Mosul.
CHAP. XII. Of the Wind Samiel, the Kelecks, and the Au∣thours embarking in that kind of Vessel.
CHAP. XIII Of the Voyage on board the Keleck, to Bagdad.
CHAP. XIV. Of Bagdad, and of the Road from Bagdad to Mendeli, the last Place the Turks have on the Confines of Persia.
THE Second Book. OF PERSIA.
CHAP. I. Of the entry into Persia, and of the Road to Hamadan.
CHAP. II. Of the Road from Hamadan to Ispahan.
CHAP. III. Of Persia in General.
CHAP. IV. Of what hath been observed in Ispahan.
CHAP. V. A Continuation of the Observations of Ispahan, and particularly of the manner of ordinary Buildings.
CHAP. VI. A Sequel of the Observations of Ispahan. Of ARTS.
CHAP. VII. The Continuation of the Observations of Ispahan. Of Moneys, Weights and Measures.
CHAP. VIII. The Continuation of the Observations of Ispahan. Of the Nature of the Persians.
CHAP. IX. The Continuation of the Observations of Ispahan. Of HABITS.
CHAP. X. The Continuation of the Observations of Ispahan. Chiefly of Eating.
CHAP. XI. The Continuation of the Observations of Ispahan. Of the Court of Persia.
CHAP. XII. The continuation of the Observations of Ispahan. Of Astrologers, a Comet, an Eclipse; and of the Superstition of the Persians.
CHAP. XIII. The Continuation of the Observation of Ispahan. Of the Religion of the Persians.
CHAP. XIV. The Continuation of the Observations of Ispahan. Of Jews, Guebres, Banians, and Arme∣nians.
CHAP. XV. The Continuation of the Observations of Ispahan. Of Horses, Mules, and Camels, and some In∣sects.
CHAP. XVI. The Continuation of the Observations of Ispahan. Of some considerable Fruits and Plants.
BOOK III. Of the Country of Schiras and other places under the Dominion of the King of Persia.
CHAP. I. Of the Road from Ispahan to Schiras.
CHAP. II. Of Schiras.
CHAP. III. Of the Road from Schiras to Bender, and first to Lar.
CHAP. IV. The continuation of the Journey to Bender; and first of the Town of Lar.
CHAP. V. Of Bender-Abassi, Ormus, and the Author's return to Schiras.
CHAP. VI. Of the Antiquities that are to be seen betwixt Schiras and Tschehel-minar.
CHAP. VII. Of Tschehel-minar and Nakschi Rustan.
CHAP. VIII. The Road to Bender-Rik.
CHAP. IX. Of the Voyage from Bender-Rik to Bassora.
CHAP. X. Of Bassora.
CHAP. XI. A Continuation of the Description of Bassora, El-Catif, and Lehhsa. Of the Pearl-Fishing, and the Sabeans.
CHAP. I. Of the Voyage from Bassora to the Indies.
CHAP. II. The Continuation of our Voyage from Bassora to the Indies.
CHAP. III. A Continuation of the Voyage to the Indies. SPOUTS.
CHAP. IV. Of the rest of the Voyage to the Indies.
title page
THE THIRD PART OF THE TRAVELS OF Mr. de Thevenot, CONTAINING The Relation of Indostan, the New Moguls, and of other People and Countries of the Indies.
CHAP. II. Of the Indies.
CHAP. III. Of the Great Mogul.
CHAP. IV. The Province of Guzerat
CHAP. V. Of Amedabad.
CHAP. VI. Departure from Amedabad to go to Cambaye.
CHAP. VII. Of Surrat.
CHAP. VIII. Of Tary.
CHAP. IX. Of the Weights and Money of Surrat.
CHAP. X. Of the Officers of Surrat.
CHAP. XI. Bad Offices done to the French Company at Surrat.
CHAP. XII. Of the Marriage of the Governour of the Town's Daughter.
CHAP. XIII. Of Burying-places, and the Burning of Dead Bodies.
CHAP. XIV. Of diverse Curiosities at Surrat.
CHAP. XV. The Port of Surrat.
CHAP. XVI. Of the Irruption of Sivagy.
CHAP. XVII. Of Father Ambrose a Capucin.
A Mahometan Festival.
CHAP. XVIII. Of the other Towns of Guzerat, and the Siege of Diu by the Turks, which was defended by the Portuguese.
CHAP. XIX. Of the Province and Town of Agra.
CHAP. XX. Of the Habits at Agra.
CHAP. XXI. Of other Curiosities at Agra.
CHAP. XXII. Of the Province or Town of Dehly, or Gehan-Abad.
CHAP. XXIII. Of the Arms of the Mogul's.
CHAP. XXIV. Of the Beasts at Dehly.
CHAP. XXV. Of other Curiosities at Dehly.
CHAP. XXVI. Of the Festival of the Kings Birth-day.
CHAP. XXVII. Of the Province and Town of Azmer.
CHAP. XXVIII. Of the Feast of the New Year.
CHAP. XXIX. Of the Beasts of the Country of Azmer, and of the Saltpetre.
CHAP. XXX. Of the Province of Sinde or Sindy.
CHAP. XXXI. Of Palanquins.
CHAP. XXXII. Of the Province of Multan.
CHAP. XXXIII. Of the Province of Candahar.
CHAP. XXXIV. Of the Province of Caboul, or Caboulistan.
CHAP. XXXV. Of the Province of Cachmir or Kichmir.
CHAP. XXXVI. Of the Province of Lahors and of the Vartias.
CHAP. XXXVII. Of the Provinces of Ayoud, or Haoud; Varad or Varal.
CHAP. XXXVIII. Of the Province of Becar, and of the Castes or Tribes of the Indies.
CHAP. XXXIX. Of the Province of Halabas, and of the Faquirs of the Indies.
CHAP. XL. Of the Province of Oulesser or Bengala, and of the Ganges.
CHAP. XLI. Of the Province of Malva.
CHAP. XLII. Of the Province of Candich.
CHAP. XLIII. Of the Province of Balagate.
CHAP. XLIV. Of the Pagods of Elora.
CHAP. XLV. Of the Province of Doltabad and of the Feats of Agility of Body.
CHAP. XLVI. Of Chitanagar.
CHAP. XLVII. Of the Province of Telenga.
CHAP. XLVIII. Of the Province of Baglana, and of the Mar∣riages of the Gentiles.
CHAP. XLIX. Of the Ʋsage of the Dead.
CHAP. I. Of Decan and Malabar.
CHAP. II. Of the Revolutions of Decan.
CHAP. III. Of Goa.
CHAP. IV. Of the Kingdom of Golconde. Of Bagnagar.
CHAP. V. Of the Inhabitants of Bagnagar.
CHAP. VI. Of the Castle of Golconda.
CHAP. VII. Of the King of Golconda that Reigns.
CHAP. VIII. Of the Omras or Omros of Golconda.
CHAP. IX. The Authors departure from Bagnagar for Ma∣sulipatan.
CHAP. X. Of the Authors departure from Bagnagar for Surrat, and of Mordechin.
CHAP. XI. Curious Memoires of some miscellanie Things.
CHAP. XII. Of the Authors departure from Surrat for Persia.
AN Alphabetical Table OF THE PRINCIPAL PLACES Described and Treated of in this WORK.