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Author: Taylor, Thomas, 1618-1682.
Title: Truth's innocency and simplicity shining through the conversion, Gospel-ministry, labours, epistles of love, testimonies and warnings to professors and profane (with the long and patient sufferings) of that ancient and faithful minister and servant of Jesus Christ, Thomas Taylor, who finish'd his course in the year MDCLXXXI.
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Print source: Truth's innocency and simplicity shining through the conversion, Gospel-ministry, labours, epistles of love, testimonies and warnings to professors and profane (with the long and patient sufferings) of that ancient and faithful minister and servant of Jesus Christ, Thomas Taylor, who finish'd his course in the year MDCLXXXI.
Taylor, Thomas, 1618-1682.

London: Printed and sold by T. Sowle ..., 1697.
"Some prison meditations in the 7th month 1657," "Ignorance and error reproved," and "Richard Baxter's book entituled, The cure of church-division, ansvver'd and confuted" have special title pages.
Contains various testimonies, variously signed: George Fox, Christopher Taylor, Thomas Taylor, Hannah Taylor, Robert Barrow, William Fallowfield, and Mary Comberford.
Errors in pagination.
Reproduction of original in Huntington Library.
Subject terms:
Taylor, Thomas, -- 1618-1682.
Converts, Quaker -- England.
Society of Friends -- Collected works.

title page
AN EPISTLE TO ALL Friendly and Impartial READERS.
A TESTIMONY Concerning our Dear Friend and Brother Thomas Taylor, Who was Convinced of the Lord's Everlasting Truth, and Received it in the Year 1652.
Christopher Taylor's TESTIMONY Concerning Thomas Taylor.
Thomas Taylor's TESTIMONY Concerning his FATHER.
A short TESTIMONY OF Hannah Taylor, Concerning her Dear Father Thomas Taylor.
Robert Barrow's TESTIMONY Concerning Thomas Taylor.
William Fallowfield's TESTIMONY Concerning Thomas Taylor.
A short TESTIMONY Concerning that Faithful Servant of the Lord Thomas Taylor, Whose Memory is Blessed.
Thomas Taylor's EPISTLES.
TO FRIENDS AT Stickland-head.
TO FRIENDS IN Warwick-shire and Stafford-shire, &c.
A Loving and Seasonable Advice TO THE Children of Light From a BROTHER, Thomas Taylor.
TO FRIENDS That Abide in the Truth: AS ALSO To such as are gone from it.
TO Israel's Babes.
Of Prayers.
Concerning ZION.
The Life more than Cloaths and Meat.
To the Unsatiable Devourers of Strong Drink.
TO MY Dear Friends every where.
TO Friends in LONDON.
TO Friends of SUDBURY Side.
TO FRIENDS, Richard Boothman and Robert Clough.
THE Day of the Lord Is DAWNED.
title page
SOME Prison-Meditations. &c.
1 Query.
2 Query.
3 Query.
4 Query.
5 Query.
6 Query.
7 Query.
8 Query.
To those of MANCHESTER THAT ARE Zealous for their Sabbath.
TO A Wandering Apostate.
TO George Ward, And those that had Fellowship with him.
TO A Plundering Priest.
To those that Rejoyce in Bells and Bonefires.
To them that plays the Fool upon the Stage.
Against Mass-Times.
To the Bear-ward.
To the Dancers on the Ropes.
A Warning to all People.
For the People of England to Weep.
To the Comers and Goers by the Prison-Window, of both Sorts.
To King Charles the Second, concerning Persecution, &c.
To Informers.
Some Serious Considerations concerning the Priests of the High Places, called Churches, their Sprinkling Infants, Marrying People, and Burying their Dead, &c.
To the Jury-Men of Appleby.
To Judges and Rulers.
A Testimony of Truth.
To all that are Worshipping in the Outward Court, without God in the World, in di∣verse Forms.
To William Thornton, called Justice, at Hipswell, in York-shire, Divulged for the Information of other moderate Enquirers after the Lord.
To the Presbyterians so called.
To the Presbyterians.
To the Blind Teachers.
For the great People of the Earth, who love the Pleasures of Sin, these.
Concerning Bread and Wine.
The Indignation of the Lord upon all Nations.
To Loose and Wicked Professors.
To Protestants.
To the Sons of Vanity.
Who they are that only Rejoyce in the Birth of Christ.
A Testimony against Persecution, to King Charles the Second, and his Magistrates.
Wo to the World, because of Iniquity.
An Apology from the Harmless against the Unjust. And to the King and his Magi∣strates against Plotting.
Against May-poles.
To a Dancing-Master.
To the Fruitless Vineyard of England.
To the People of England.
God's Controversie with England declared: Or, A Warning-Word, by way of Re∣proof, to the Inhabitants thereof, even to such as Forget God, and are adding one Sin unto another.
A Faithful Warning to Outside Professors, and Loose Pretenders to Christianity of all sorts.
Something as it came to mind, of what passed at the Assizes in Stafford, betwixt the Judge and the People of God, called by the World Quakers: But the Reproach of Christ is to us great Riches, and the Scorners God will Judge.
To the Jury men of Stafford, that brought him in Guilty.
To King Charles the Second.
Against Lotteries.
To Stafford.
To the Mayor of Stafford.
For them that Rule in Stafford.
To the Kings and Rulers.
Concerning his being taken Prisoner of seven Years Continuance.
To the Mayor and Priest of Stafford.
Concerning the Fallen Christians.
To the Vain People of the World.
An Exhortation to all People.
To the Teachers and Magistrates of Tamworth.
To Sinful People.
To the Children of Men.
To the Fencers.
Concerning Sprinkling.
Concerning Burying, and Churching of Women, &c.
In their Churching of Women,
Visitation of the Sick.
A Testimony against Bull and Bear-Baiting.
A Testimony against Sporting and Playing.
A Loving Exhortation, TO All Kings, Princes, Potentates, Bishops and People in the whole Christendom. Where∣in is a Distinction betwixt the True and False Teachers.
A Few Necessary Questions and Conclusions For the Present Parish-Teachers OF ENGLAND, &c.
A Strong and Terrible Alarm Sounded out of the Holy Mountain, against all the Wicked Inhabitants of the Earth.
Watching for Sin.
A Warning to the NATIONS, To Layaside all Prejudice and Enmity, The Ground of Strife and Wars; And to come and Embrace the Light of Christ Jesus, that they may see themselves, and come to be Saved and Healed, and United in the Love of God.
To People whose Hearts are turned from the Lord.
To the Magistrates.
To the Generation of Fleshly Fallen Christi∣ans, not worthy the Name of Christians.
To the King.
An Exhortation to remember the Judgments of God.
To the Unclean Communicants.
God's Virtue and Goodness Extolled.
title page
Richard Baxter's BOOK, ENTITULED, The Cure of Church-Divisions. ANSWER'D and CONFUTED.
Some more of the strange Sayings of this Richard Baxter in his Book.
Some Gentle Remarks on a Book, Entituled, A Discourse concerning the Idolatry Pra∣ctised in the Church of Rome.
The Day is Dawned that makes all Wicked∣ness manifest.
To some of T. Hicks's Friends.
Something concerning that called the Common-Prayer.
A Testimony for the Lord, the good Shep∣herd, and true Minister of the Sanctuary, and true Tabernacle which God hath pitch∣ed, and not Man, against all the false Shep∣herds, and Hireling Ministers, and Teach∣ers of the World, under what Name, or Notion, or Form soever, who have run, and God never sent them, and therefore cannot profit the People at all.
The true Fast from the False
Something in Answer to some Passages in that naughty Book, called, A Looking-Glass for Ladies.
To conclude.
T. T. who was Ten Years and an half in Pri∣son at Stafford, writes a Letter to a particu∣lar Adversary.
To the People at and about Stafford, a Te∣stimony for God and his Truth, and against Deceit and Deceivers, especially the Hire∣ling Priests, as a Warning, Information and Instruction in Righteousness, to them, (and all People elsewhere concerned) by the Spirit of the Lord in his Suffering Ser∣vant Thomas Taylor.
Something in Answer to some Passages in that Wicked Antichristian Book written Cate∣chism-wise, by some Popish Stickler for his Master the Pope, the Romish Antichrist and his Followers. Printed at Douay, and Subscribed H. T.
There is more by me of this kind, as in Answer to more Passages of that Bad Book herein mentioned, which in due time may come forth; and it is this.
A Warning to the Papists at Stafford.
Something in Answer to a Paper from a Name∣less Author, directed to be left at Joseph Holt's in Okeham.
This Writ upon Occasion of a Visitation, so called.
Certain Queries Propounded to the People called Anabaptists, especially to such as be∣lieve, and hold forth, that Water-baptism is an Ordinance and Command of Christ Jesus, the Door of Entrance into the True Church, and so of such Absolute Necessity, as that there can be no True Gospel-Church-Fellowship without it.
Christ Exalted above Moses, and the Spirit above the Letter.
A Testimony for the Lord God, and His Work in the Earth.
title page
Ignorance and Error REPROVED, &c.
A Testimony to the True and Spiritual Worship: And a Word of Consolation to the Children of Light.
A Message of Truth to Professors.