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Author: Talbot, Peter, 1620-1680.
Title: A treatise of the nature of Catholick faith and heresie with reflexion upon the nullitie of the English Protestant church and clergy / by N.N.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: A treatise of the nature of Catholick faith and heresie with reflexion upon the nullitie of the English Protestant church and clergy / by N.N.
Talbot, Peter, 1620-1680.

Printed at Roüen: [s.n.], 1657.
Attributed by Wing and NUC pre-1956 imprints to Peter Talbot.
"Permissu superiorum."
Reproduction of original in the Cambridge University Library.
Subject terms:
Catholic Church -- Apologetic works.
Catholic Church -- Doctrines.
Church of England -- Controversial literature.
Protestantism -- Controversial literature.

title page
A TREATISE OF THE NATURE OF CATHOLICK FAITH, AND HERESIE, WITH Reflexion upon the Nullitie of the English Protestant Church, and Clergy.
CHAP. I. How Protestancy begunne, and came into England.
CHAP. II. Of the Nullitie of the English Protestant Clergy.
CHAP. III. Of Heresie.
CHAP. IV. In what doth the obstinacy of Heresie consist?
CHAP. V. Of the Catholick Church.
CHAP. VI. VVhether all Christians be the Catholick Church or whether it may be composed of any two, or more Congregations of them, if not agreeing in all matters whatsoever which any one Congregation, or Church pretends to be revealed by God?
CHAP. VII. VVhether the testimony of the Catholick Church be infallible not onely (as Protestants terme them) in fundamentall, but also in not fundamentall articles of Faith?
CHAP. VIII. VVhether any reformed, or Protestant Church of the world be the Catholick and Apostolick Church? And whether their pretended clearnesse of Scripture doth suffi∣ciently propose their doctrine as Divine Revelation?
CHAP. IX. VVhether any Puritanicall Congregation be the Catholick Church, by reason of their pretended spirit?
CHAP. X. VVhether that Congregation of persons which live in communion with, and subjection to the Roman Church, be the Catholick and true Church of God?
CHAP. XI. VVhether Transubstantiation, and the lawful∣nesse of the worship of Images be sufficiently proposed by the testimony of the Roman Ca∣tholick Church, as Divine revelation? and whether Protestants have any lawfull exceptions against them?
CHAP. XII. VVhether Protestancy be Heresie?
CHAP. XIII. VVhether any Protestants may be saved?
CHAP. XIV. VVhether Protestancy be manifestly against rea∣son, and common sense? and how may the most learned Protestants be convinced in dispu∣tes of Religion by every illiterate Roman Catholick?
SECT. II. A Dialog betweene a learned Protestant Minister, and a Catholick Clowne.
CHAP. XV. Of the difference between Christian Faith, and the historicall beliefe of Protestants.