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Author: Thorowgood, John.
Title: The king of terrors silenced by meditations & examples of holy living and heavenly dying as the same was recollected and recommended by Sir John Thorowgood.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The king of terrors silenced by meditations & examples of holy living and heavenly dying as the same was recollected and recommended by Sir John Thorowgood.
Thorowgood, John.

London: [s.n.], 1665.
"To be distributed among his kindred and his friends at his funeral."
Reproduction of original in the British Library.
Subject terms:
Devotional exercises.
Christian life.

title page
To such Friends as shall be invi∣ted to accompany my CORPSE to the Earth.
A Friendly CAUTION.
PART I. Meditations in time of Health.
I. Short sentences to minde us of our Mortality.
II. A Prayer in health preparing for death. Qui orat & peccat, non orat sed deludit.
III. Meditations of Gods mercies.
IV. Of the danger and evil of Sin.
V. Health, the fittest time for Repentance.
VI. Holy resolutions in time of Health.
VII. Meditations concerning sickness.
VIII. Remedies against Sin.
IX. Meditations of death.
X. Resolutions against the vexations and vanities of the world.
PART II. Meditations at the first Sickning.
I. A Prayer in time of Sickness.
II. Concerning Prayer.
III. Meditations at first sickning.
IV. Directions and Consolations in time of Sickness and Death.
V. A Prayer, before taking of Physick.
VI. A Prayer before Physick is on working.
VII. Six Medicines to cure the fear of Death.
VIII. Rules to make our Calling and Election sure.
IX. Against doubtings of Gods mercy.
X. Reading of Chapters, or portions of Scripture.
PART III. Meditations at growing Weak.
I. A Prayer upon danger of Death.
II. Consolations concerning Death.
III. Against impatience in sickness.
IV. Consolations in the Lord Christ, &c.
V. Reading of Scripture, or part of Chapters.
VI. A Prayer where friends are to joyn.
VII. Meditations on the dayes of Death and of Doom.
VIII. Short Prayers upon any release of Pain.
IX. Consolations against Pain and fear in Dying.
X. Ejaculations to Father, Son, and holy Ghost.
PART IV. Meditations upon certain signes of Death.
I. Several short Prayers upon any intermission of Pain.
II. A Prayer to be used by my Friends.
III. Questions with Answers, upon any signe of Dying.
IV. Portions of Scripture to be read.
V. More Questions with Answers, upon any signe of Dying.
VI. Short Prayers upon any lessening of Pain.
VII. When weakness and faintness increase, let friends help, with these short ejaculations.
VIII. More of Ejaculations when faintness increaseth.
IX. A Prayer by friends, at leaving this Life.
X. Another Prayer at yielding up the Ghost.
PART V. Being ten blessed Examples of holy Persons, relating to a happy passage out of this Life to a better.
I. Philippus Lodovicus, Earle of Hanaw, Reinek, &c. a German Prince. He stickned, July 29. 1612. and departed this life upon Sunday the 9th of August; being not long after his return as Ambas∣sador out of England.
II. John Meautis, Esq Secretary to the Lord-Keeper Finch, departed this Life, Dec. 22. 1635. whose sayings on his Death-bed, were such as fol∣low.
III. Mrs. Elizabeth, the Wife of Mr. John Juxon, a Citizen of London.
IV. Dr. Usher, Archbishop of Armagh.
V. Mr. Benjamin Rhodes.
VI. Mrs. Anne Rhodes.
VII. Dr. Harris his Life and Death.
VIII. Mrs. Scots Life and Death.
IX. Monsieur du Moulins Life and Death.
X. Mr. Crook's Life and Death.