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Author: Thompson, Nathaniel, d. 1687.
Title: A collection of 86 loyal poems all of them written upon the two late plots viz, the horrid Salamanca plot in 1687, and the present fanatical conspiracy in 1683 : to which is added, advice to the carver : written on the death of the late L. Stafford : with several poems on their majesties coronation, never before published / collected by N.T.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: A collection of 86 loyal poems all of them written upon the two late plots viz, the horrid Salamanca plot in 1687, and the present fanatical conspiracy in 1683 : to which is added, advice to the carver : written on the death of the late L. Stafford : with several poems on their majesties coronation, never before published / collected by N.T.
Thompson, Nathaniel, d. 1687.

[London?]: Printed by N.T. ..., 1685.
Preface signed: Nat. Thompson.
Reproduction of original in Bodleian Library.
Subject terms:
Political ballads and songs -- England.
Popish Plot, 1678 -- Poetry.
Rye House Plot, 1683 -- Poetry.
Great Britain -- History -- Stuarts, 1603-1714 -- Poetry.

title page
A Table of all the several Loyal Poems contained in this Book.
BOOKS Printed by Nath. Thompson at the Entrance into the Old-Spring-Garden near Charing-Cross.
To the KING.
The Deliquium: or the Grievance of the Nation discovered in a Dream.
SEJANUS: Or the Popular Favorite now in his solitude, and Sufferings.
A Canto upon the Miraculous Cure of the K's Evil, perform'd by the D. of M. in 80.
Tom Ross's Ghost to his Pupil.
The Oxford Alderman's Speech to the D, of M. at His entrance into that City about September 80.
The Ghost of the late Paliament to the New one to meet at OXFORD
The Parliament Dissolv'd at OXFORD,
A Panegyrick upon OATES.
An Epithalamium upon the Marriage of Captain William Bedloe.
Funeral Tears upon the Death of Captain William Bedloe.
ANAGRAM and ACROSTICK On the Salamanca-Doctor,
The Convert SCOT, and Apostate ENGLISH.
A Postscript upon the D. of York's Return to Scotland.
The Mad-men's Hospital: or a present Remedy to Cure the Presbyterian Itch.
Tony's Soliloquies.
The Badger in the Fox-Trap, or a Satyr upon Satyrs.
The Humble Wishes of a Loyal Subject.
The Polititian's Downfall; Or Potapski's Arrival at the Netherlands: And the Congratulation of the Protestant Joyner at their Meeting.
A Congratulation of the Protestant-Joyner to Anthony King of Poland, upon his Arrival in the Lower World.
The King of Poland's Ghost: Or a Dia∣logue betwixt Pluto and Charon, upon his Reception.
The Country-mans Complaint and Ad∣vice to the KING.
To the KING.
Advice to the CARVER.
Shaftsbury's Farewell: Or the New As∣sociation.
Dagon's Fall: Or Sir William Waller turn'd out of Commission.
A Dialogue betwixt the Devil and the Igno∣ramus Salamanca Doctor.
Tyburn's Courteous Invitation to TITUS OATES, the Salamanca Doctor.
Advice to His GRACE.
The Solicitous Citizen: Or Much-ado about NOTHING.
To the KING.
To the DUKE.
To the LORDS.
To the GENTRY.
To the Common-Councel and Court of Aldermen.
To the Livery-men.
A Character of London-Village.
True Loyalty in its Colours: Or a Sur∣vey of the Laudable Address of the young Men and Apprentices of the City of Lon∣don, to His MAJESTY.
Loyalty Triumphant: Or a Poem on the Numerous Loyal Addresses to His MAJESTY.
The Club of Royalists.
The Dissenter truly Described.
The Loyal LETANY.
The Fanatick Rampant: Or an Election at Cambridge.
Poor Robin's Dream: Or the Visions of Hell.
A DIALOGUE betwixt the Devil and the Whigs.
A Congratulatory Poem to Sir John More Knight, Lord Mayor Elect of London.
The Car-man's Poem; Or, Advice to a Nest of Scriblers.
The Last Will and Testament of Anthony King of Poland.
An Epitaph upon his Bowels.
The Case is Alter'd now: Or the Conver∣sion of Anthony King of Poland, publi∣shed for satisfaction of the Sanctified Brethren.
The King of Poland's Last Speech to his Countrey-men.
Fitz-Harris his Farewel to the World: or a Traytors Just Revvard.
The last and truest Discovery of the Popish-Plot, by Rumsey, West, and other great Patriots of their Countrey.
Poems written by the Right Honourable Henry Lord Arundel of Warder, and Count of the sacred Roman Empire, whilst Prisoner in the Tower.
Majesty in Misery: Or an Imploration to the KING of Kings;
Interrogatories: Or a Dialogue between WHIG and TORY.
On the Relief of Vienna, a Hymn for the True-Protestants.
A Narrative of the Popish Plot, shewing the cunning Contrivance thereof.
part 1
The Second Part.
The third Part.
Upon the Popish PLOT.
The great Despair of the London-Whigs for the Loss of the Charter.
A Panegyrick to His Royal Highness, upon His Majesties late Declaration; especi∣ally dravvn from Unio Dissidentium Pag. 2. Part 14. Pag. 3. Part 3. Pag. 4. Part. 3. and 4.
To His Royal Highness the Duke.
A Congratulatory Poem upon the happy Ari∣val of his Royal Highness JAMES Duke of York, at London, April 8. 1682.
To His Royal Highness the DUKE, up∣on his Arrival.
To His Royal Highness the Duke of York, Upon his Return to the Care and Manage∣ment of the Navy of England.
A Welcom to His Royal Highness into the City, April the 20th 1682.
A Farevvel to His Royal Highness James Duke of York, on his Voyage to Scot∣land, October 20. 1680.
The DUKE's Welcom from Scotland to London.
An Heroick Poem on Her Highness the Lady ANN's Voyage into Scotland: With a little Digression upon the Times.
Islington WATERS.
Serenissimis Principibus Eboracensibus, & Albaniensibus Ducibus, ter Maximis in Angliam Reducibus Congratulator.
A Pindorique Ode, upon the late Horri and Damnable Whiggish Plot.
A Pindarique Ode, upon His Majesties Review of His Forces at Putney-Heath.
The Melancholly Complaint of Doctor TITUS OATES.
An account of an Apparition that appeared to TITUS OATES.
A Paradox against Liberty, Written by the Lords, during their Imprisonment in the Tower.
The last Speech of Sr. Edmundbury Godfrey's Ghost.
Advice to the Painter's Adviser.
The Hypocritical Christian; or the Con∣venticle Citizen.
On the KINGS most Happy and Mira∣culous Deliverance at Newmarket.
A Pastoral upon the Death of her Grace the Dutchess of ORMOND.
Funeral Tears to the Sacred Memory of our late Soveraign King CHARLES the Second.
SCOTLANDS Loyalty; or, Sorrowful Sighs on the Death of our late Sove∣raign His Sacred Majesty; CHARLES by the Grace of God King of Great Bri∣tain, France and Ireland, &c.
An Elegy on the Deplorable, and never enough to be Lamented Death of the Illustrious, and Serene CHARLES the Second. KING of Great-Britain, France and Ireland, &c. Who departed this Life February the 6th. 1685.
To His Sacred Majesty King JAMES II.
Ireland's Tears. A Pindarique Poem upon the Death of our late Soveraign Charles the Second; and the Peaceful and Happy Succession and Inauguration of our pre∣sent Great Monarch King James the II.
An Heroick POEM Most humbly Dedica∣ted to the Sacred Majesty of CATHA∣RINE Queen Dowager.
The Description of the CORONATION.
A Poem on the CORONATION.