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Author: Sydenham, Thomas, 1624-1689.
Title: The compleat method of curing almost all diseases to which is added an exact description of their several symptoms / written in Latin by Dr. Thomas Sydenham ; and now faithfully Englished.
Publication Info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The compleat method of curing almost all diseases to which is added an exact description of their several symptoms / written in Latin by Dr. Thomas Sydenham ; and now faithfully Englished.
Sydenham, Thomas, 1624-1689.

London: Printed and are to be sold by Randal Taylor ..., 1694.
Includes index.
Reproduction of original in the Cambridge University Library.
Subject terms:
Medicine -- 15th-18th centuries.

title page
The Translators PREFACE.
The common Purging Potion.
The Common Vomit.
The Pearl Julep.
The Cordial Julep.
The Decoction for a Diet-drink.
The Opening and Antiscorbutic Apozem.
The thickening Eclegma (or licking Medicine) for a Cough.
An Eclegma that thickens more powerfully.
In a thin Defluxion.
Purging Ale.
The Hysterical Plaister.
A Purging Medicine for young Infants.
The bitter Purging Decoction.
Of the Disease called in Women, the Hysterical; in Men the Hypochondraical Passion.
Of the Depuratory, or cleansing Fever of the Years 1661, 62, 63, 64.
Of the Pestilential Fever of the Years, 1665, 66.
Of Intermitting Fevers.
Another method of curing Tertians.
Of Intermitting Fevers in Children.
Of the present Fever from the year 1685 to 90.
Of the Fever of the present Constitution in Children.
Of the Scarlet Fever.
Of the Pleurisie.
Of the Bastard Peripneumonia.
Of the Rheumatism.
Of the Erysipelatous Fever.
Of the raging Itch and other inveterate Diseases of the Skin, which are not curable by Letting of Blood and Purging.
Of the Quinsy.
Of the Measles.
Of the Small Pox.
Of Saint Vitus's Dance.
Of the Apoplexy.
Of the Inflamation of the Eyes.
Of the Falling down of the Womb.
Of the Paroxysms of the Stone in the Kidneys.
Of the Dysentery, Diarrhaea and Tenesmus.
Of the Bilious Colick.
Of the Disease called Cholera.
Of the Disease call'd Colica Pictonum, or the Colic of the People of Poictiers.
Of the Iliac Passion.
Of the immoderate Flux of the Terms.
Of the Hysterical Colic.
Of the Jaundice when it doth not come after the Colick.
Of the Preservation from Abortion.
Of the immoderate Flux of the Loches, or Child-bed Purgations.
Of Suppression of the Loches.
Of the Dropsie.
Of the CLAP, or virulent RUNNING of the REINS.
Of the Whites, or White Flux.
Of the Diabetes.
Of the Pain of the Haemorrhoids.
Of the immoderate Flux of the Haemorrhoids.
Of the Epilepsy in Children.
Of the Rickets truly so called.
Of Fevers proceeding from the Breeding of Teeth
Of the Hectic Fever in Children.
Of Bleeding at the Nose.
Of the Green-Sickness.
Of the Suppression of the Terms.
Of Vomiting or Spitting of Blood.
Of the Pricking of a Tendon.
Of Burning.
Of Common Madness.
Of Contusions or Bruises.
Of Scurf or Scales in the Head.
Of the Biting of a Mad Dog.
Of the Ulcer of the Bladder.
Of an Asthma, or Difficulty of Breathing, in Per∣sons of a Sanguine Constitution.
Of the Palsy.
Of the Cough and Pthisis, or Consumption.
Of the Scurvy.