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Author: Stileman, John, d. 1685.
Title: A peace-offering an earnest and passionate intreaty, for peace, unity, & obedience ...
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: A peace-offering an earnest and passionate intreaty, for peace, unity, & obedience ...
Stileman, John, d. 1685.

London: Printed for Thomas Pierrepont, 1662.
Reproduction of original in Huntington Library.
Attributed to John Stileman. cf. NUC pre-1956.
Hebrew at head of title.
Errata: p. [1] at end.
Subject terms:
Church of England -- Allegiance.
Great Britain -- History -- Charles II, 1660-1685.

title page
ILLƲSTRISSIMO DOMINO Stemmatis Nobilitate; nec non Pri∣mariae Eruditionis, Eximiae Ʋir∣tutis, Egregiae Pietatis nomini∣bus verè Honoratissimo ROBERTO Comiti Leicestriae, Vice Comiti Lisle, Baroni Sidney de Penshurst; Sere∣nissimae Regiae Majestati à Secre∣tioribus Consiliis. S. P.
TO THE Pious, Judicious, and Candid READER.
CHAP. I. The Introduction bewailing our Dissentions, and plead∣ing for Peace.
CHAP. II. Two Arguments to perswade to peace and unity, from 1. The strict charge of the Gospel, and 2. The possi∣bility, and no difficulty to perform it.
CHAP. III. Our Differences examined, as to Doctrine, Government, Liturgy, &c. and none found so great, as for which to divide the Church. This shewed, 1. in matters of Doctrine.
CHAP. IV. The Differences about Ecclesiastical Government examined; And that there is nothing in the Episcopacy established with us, but may be submitted to, proved.
CHAP. V. The Particular exceptions against Bishops, as they are said to take too much upon themselves, an∣swered.
CHAP. VI. The other general Exception against the Bishops, as hin∣dering the particular Pastors from the exercise of their Office answered.
CHAP. VII. The Conclusion of this Part.
A Peace-Offering. The Second Part.
CHAP. I. The Differences about the Liturgy noted, and some Scandals observed to be given by the non use thereof.
CHAP. II. Some General, undoubted Maximes, concerning the Obligations of Hu∣mane Laws, applied to the particular Case of the Liturgy, &c.
CHAP. III. The Liturgy examined, and 1. That a prescribed form is not unlawful, proved.
CHAP. IV. Our particular Liturgy considered.
CHAP. V. 1. The charge of Battology, or vain Repetitions, answered.
CHAP. VI. 2. Another exception answered, and the Interlocutions, Responsals, and Al∣ternate Reading Justified.
CHAP. VII. Two other exceptions answered, and 3. the frequent Intercessions, and short Prayers, as also 4. the parcells of Scripture for Epistles and Gospels, Vindicated.
CHAP. VIII. The Matter of the Liturgy examined, and the exceptions against it. 1. As Defective. 2. As using corrupt Tran∣slations. 3. As prescribing Apochry∣phal Books. 4. As to the Form of Ab∣solution, considered and answered.
CHAP. IX. 5. Exception answered: and the Matter of several Col∣lects examined and cleared.
CHAP. X. The Judgements of the Old Non-Conformists concern∣ing the use of our Liturgy, and this Practice shew∣ed to be 1. No Argument of weakness. 2. No Plea for Idleness in the Ministery. But 3. From Con∣science of Duty.
CHAP. XI. The People exhorted to Charity and Obedience; and at∣tendance of the Publick Prayers of the Church.
CHAP. XII. The Objection, That Our Liturgy is taken out of the Mass-Book, is shewed to be False for the Main, and in the whole, Frivolous.
CHAP. I. The Fasts and Feasts of the Church of England Examined, and justified.
CHAP. II. Several Rites and Ceremonies Prescribed, Examined, and Vindicated.
CHAP. III. The Signe of the Crosse in Baptisme examined, and its law∣full use justified, and 1. Proved to be no sinne against Pi∣ety.
CHAP. IV. 2. Our use of the Crosse, no matter of iniquity, or breach of the Second Table by a violation of charity, nor any just occasion of Scandal; proved.
CHAP. V. The Expediency of our Conforming to the established Liturgy and Rites, examined and asserted.
CHAP. VI. The Conclusion of the whole, pressing the main design, exhort∣ing, and shewing the way to Ʋnity and Peace.
In Part 3. Chap. 2. §. 21.
The hast of the Press hath caused some Errata. Mistakes and mispointings will soon be discovered, and I hope excused.