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Author: Steevens, Thomas.
Title: A miscellany of poems upon several occassions, both moral and amorous with many odes, songs, acrosticks, epigrams, and elegies, as also divine hymns / composed by T.S.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: A miscellany of poems upon several occassions, both moral and amorous with many odes, songs, acrosticks, epigrams, and elegies, as also divine hymns / composed by T.S.
Steevens, Thomas.

London: Printed for Joseph Knight, 1689.
Reproduction of original in the University of Texas Library.

title page
To the Worthy Thomas Coventry Esq With his most loving Brother Mr GILBERT COVENTRY, Sons of the Right Honourable Thomas Lord Coventry.
TO THE Landid Reader.
Of humane Frailty.
Of a guilty Conscience.
Of Beauty's Frailty.
The old Man.
Time brings all to the Grave.
A Farewel to Fortune.
Qui non est hodie, cras minùs aptus erit.
—Non est mortale quod opto.
—Hic vivimus ambitiosâ Paupertate omnes.—
Qui suum jactat genus, aliena laudat.
On the Fire-Works.
THE Oxford-Triumph: OR, The Academicks Congratulating his Grace the Duke of ORMOND, their new Chancellor.
A Description of a Battel.
Of Woman.
On the King's Progress.
Of the Spring.
Of the Winter.
A general Petition of a School, re∣questing a Cock-Fight of their Master.
A Dialogue between Alexander the Great and Diogenes the Cy∣nick, stating the perplexities of Greatness with the tranquillity of a low Fortune.
My Wish.
An Epithalamium.
Of the Powder-Plot.
Against false Report.
Of my Change to a City Life.
A Jear to a High-flown Lady.
To his Valentine.
The Memorandum.
Too much of School.
An Epilogue to an old Play, as it was acted by Country Bumkins.
To a very accomplish'd Lady.
A Dream.
Mr. Pye.
Ʋnto a very fair Lady though somewhat freckled.
A Fancy.
Requesting a Letter from his Mistress.
The Nightingale.
Ʋnto a Gentleman very strictly confining my Muse.
A very pathetical Poem to a Young Lady.
The Change.
On Mrs Bridget Wood.
On Madam Frances Bosworth.
On Madam Anna Cole.
Another on Madam Frances Bosworth.
In eandem.
Of Man.
On Beauty in its praise.
On Time.
On Death.
On Phillis.
On Superba.
On Ficosa.
Ʋnto Rembombo.
Fiery Passion.
The last Petition.
An Ode unto a scornful Lady.
An Ode to his jealous Mistress.
The Syren.
The Acquest.
A Catch.
The Shepherd.
A Catch.
Love abus'd turns to hate.
The fair Enchantress.
A Catch.
Musick's Empyreum, occasioned by the sight of a young Lady playing on the Flute near St. James's Park.
The Prisoner's Complaint.
The Effeminate Courtship.
The Invitation.
The Sympathy.
A drinking Song.
The Beggar's Felicity.
The Dissolution.
The Voyage.
The Hunt.
To the Fair One.
The Combate.
The Lover's Complaint.
The Lover's Wish.
On Caelia's glancing Eyes.
On my dubious Condition.
The Vale.
The Health.
The Phoenix.
A Song by way of Dialogue between Corydon and Amyntas, deploring the departure of their Caelia.
The Command.
Hope choak'd with Despair.
On Sylvia's Recovery.
elegies and epitaphs
An Elegy upon the Death of the hope∣ful Mr William Rose deceas'd, in the fourteenth year of his Age.
An Epitaph on the same.
Epitaphium in egregiam Pellicem.
An Elegy upon the Vertuous Lady Rebekka Townsend.
An Elegie on the Death of the Right Honourable John Lord Coventry.
An Elegie on the Death of his Grace the Duke of Ormond deceas'd, July the 20th 1688.
Divine Poems AND HYMNS.
A Penitential Hymn.
A Spiritual Hymn.
A Hymn of Confession.
Vale Musis.