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Author: Smith, Stephen, 1623-1678.
Title: The true light discovered to all who desire to walk in the day in several little treatises / written by that faithful member of the true church of Christ Jesus (deceased) Stephen Smith.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The true light discovered to all who desire to walk in the day in several little treatises / written by that faithful member of the true church of Christ Jesus (deceased) Stephen Smith.
Smith, Stephen, 1623-1678.

London: [s.n.], 1679.
"A testimony for the truth" (p. 1-34), "A faithful testimony concerning the Scriptures" (p. [181]-251), "The life of Christ which is the light of men exalted" (p. [293]-339) have special t.p.s, the first two dated 1679, the third dated 1678.
Reproduction of original in the Harvard University Library.
Subject terms:
Society of Friends -- Apologetic works.

title page
To the Friends of Truth in the Counties of Surrey, Sussex, and Hampshire.
A Testimony of the Work and Mercy of God, particularly in relation to our dear Friend Stephen Smith lately deceased.
Susanna Smiths Testimony concern∣ing her Husband.
The Testimony that lives in my heart concerning the Life and Death of that holy and worthy Servant of the Lord, Stephen Smith.
title page
A Testimony for the TRUTH, and against Deceit and De∣ceivers, with a Reproof unto those who are not faithful to the Truth which they are Con∣vinced of.
A PROCLAMATION By way of EXHORTATION Unto all the Inhabitants of England; Concerning Fasting and Prayer: And that they may come to a certain Discerning and Knowledge of the Will of God therein, (who is King of the whole EARTH.
THE BLESSED WORKS OF THE Light of God's Holy and BLESSED SPIRIT Exalted above the works of Darkness.
A Trumpet sounding in the Ears of all Persecutors, to awaken them out of their dead sleep, in which they have taken Prey from the Innocent; who have made themselves drunken with Malice and Envy; and so, Nabal-like, are saying, What are these, that we should re∣gard them, &c.
SOME REASONS AGAINST Paying Tythes, AND Upholding that Ministry that doth Receive the same.
Wholsome Advice AND INFORMATION, In TRUE LOVE to all called CHRISTIANS;
title page
A Faithful Testimony Concerning the SCRIPTURES
A Tender Greeting to the Flock of Christ in Bed∣fordshire and Hunting∣tonshire.
An Answer to a Paper, called, The Christians Vow in Baptism.
An Answer to a Paper called, The Gospels Glory.
A Testimony to the way of Truth and Life, with seasonable Ex∣hortations thereunto.
title page
An Answer to a Book Intituled, The Foundamental Error of the Quakers detected; Or, That men do not become Christians by following the Light within, without Out∣ward Teaching, &c.
A Testimony against the Worlds vain Mirth and Pastimes, &c.
To all Bishops and Priests, and all concerned with them in a Book Intituled, A form of Common Prayer, for Gods blessing up∣on His Majesty and His Do∣minions, and for the averting Gods Judgments, Printed this year 1678.