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Author: Scotland.
Title: The laws and acts of the first Parliament of our most high and dread soveraign Charles the Second ... holden at Edinburgh the first of January, 1661 by a noble Lord, John, Earl of Middleton ... with the special advice and consent of the estates of Parliament / extracted and collected from the records of Parliament by Sir Archibald Primerose.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The laws and acts of the first Parliament of our most high and dread soveraign Charles the Second ... holden at Edinburgh the first of January, 1661 by a noble Lord, John, Earl of Middleton ... with the special advice and consent of the estates of Parliament / extracted and collected from the records of Parliament by Sir Archibald Primerose.
Scotland., Primrose, Archibald, 1616-1679.

Edinburgh: Printed by Evan Tyler ..., 1661.
Alternate titles: Laws, etc.
Frontispiece: portrait of Charles II.
Reproduction of original in the University of Illinois Library.
Subject terms:
Scotland. -- Parliament.

title page
The LAWS and ACTS made in the first PARLIAMENT of our most High and Dread Soveraign, CHARLES the Second, by the grace of GOD, King of Scotland, England, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith.
I. ACT concerning the President and Oath of Parliament.
II. Act and Acknowledgement of His MAjESTIES Prerogative, in the choice of His Officers of State, Councellors and Judges.
III. Act asserting His Majesties Royal Prerogative, in the calling and dissolving of Parliaments, and making of Laws.
IIII. Act asserting His Majesties Royal Prerogative, in the making of Leagues and the conven∣tions of the Subjects.
V. Act asserting His Majesties Royal Prerogative in the Militia, and in making Peace and War, &c.
VI. Act annulling the pretended Convention of Estates, kept in the year, 1643.
VII. Act concerning the League and Covenant, and dis∣charging the renewing thereof without His MAjESTIES warrand and approbation.
VIII. Act against Papists, Priests, and Jesuits.
IX. Act approving the Engagement, 1648. and annulling the pretended Parliaments and Committees kept thereafter.
X. Act condemning the Transactions concerning the Kings Majesty, whilst He was at Newcastle, in the years, 1646. and 1647.
XI. Act for taking the Oath of Alleagiance, and asserting the Royal Prerogative.
Follows the Oath of Alleagiance.
Follows the Acknowledgement of His Majesties Prerogative.
XII. Act concerning the Judicial proceedings in the time of the late Ʋsurpers.
XIII. Act and offer of Fourty thousand pounds Sterling, to be paid to the Kings Majesty yearly, du∣ring His lifetime, by this Kingdom.
XIV. Act for raising the Annuity of Fourty thousand pounds Sterling, granted to His MAjESTY.
Fife and Kinross.
Stewartry of Kirckudburgh.
Orkney and Zetland.
XV. Act Rescinding and Annulling the pretended Par∣liaments, in the year 1640, 1641, &c.
XVI. Act concerning Religion and Church Government.
XVII. Act for a Solemn Anniversary Thanksgiving, for His Majesties Restauration to the Royal Government of His Kingdoms.
XVIII. Act for the due Observation of the Sabbath-day.
XIX. Act against Swearing and Excessive Drinking.
XX. Act against Cursing and Beating of Parents.
XXI. Act against the crime of Blasphemy.
XXII. ACT concerning the several degrees of Casual Homicide.
XXIII. Act Ratifying the Priviledges of the Colledge of Justice.
XXIV. Act concerning Appear and Heirs, their payment of their Predecessors and their own Debts.
XXV. Act for Denouncing of Excommunicate Persons.
XXVI. Act appointing the Pursuer of the Thief, to have the Goods stolen from him, restored.
XXVII. Act for the Pardon of Penal Statutes.
XXVIII. Act discharging the Quots of Testaments.
XXIX. ACT for Poynding upon Sheriffs and Commissars Decreets.
XXX. Act anent the Fewers and Vassals of Kirk-lands.
XXXI. Act concerning the Registration of Comprisings.
XXXII. Act concerning Heritable and Moveable Bonds.
XXXIII. Act for the right Packing of Salmond.
XXXIV. Act against Clandestine and unlawfull Marriages.
XXXV. Act concerning the Election and Charges of the Com∣missioners from Shires to the Parliament.
XXXVI. Act anent Presentation of Ministers.
XXXVII. ACT concerning the Bullion.
Follows the A, B, C. of Bullion, as it is now established by our Soveraign Lord and Estates of Parliament.
XXXVIII. Commission and Instructions to the Justices of Peace and Constables.
Followeth the Oath of Alleagiance.
Followeth the Oath De fideli administratione.
Followeth the Oath to be taken by the Constables.
XXXIX. Act for the Fishings, and Erecting of Companies for Promoving of the same.
XL. Act for Erecting of Manufacturies.
XLI. Act for Planting and Inclosing of Ground.
XLII. Act Establishing Companies, and Societies for making Linnen-cloath, Stuffs, &c.
XLIII. Act discharging the exportation of Linnen-yarn, and regulating the breadth of Linnen-cloath, &c.
XLIV. Act for incouraging of Shipping and Navigation.
XLV. ACT discharing the Exportation of Skins, Hides, &c.
XLVI. Act discharging Exportation of Woollen-yarn, Wor∣stead, broken Copper and Pewter, &c.
XLVII. Act discharging Trades-men to Import Made-work.
XLVIII. Act for incouraging of Soap-works.
XLIX. Act Reducing the Annuals to Six for the Hundred.
L. Act and Offer of Twelve thousand pounds Sterling to the Lords of Session.
LI. Act concerning Arrestments.
LII. Act concerning the disposal of Vacant Stipends.
LIII. Act ratifying the Act of Parliament 1633. anent the Annexation of His Majesties Property, &c.
LIV. Act in favours of Laick Patrons, of Provestries, Prebendaries, Chaplanries and Alterages.
LV. Act anent Cocquets and Entries of Ships.
LVI. Act anent Coal-hewers.
LVII. ACT discharging the Custom of two and a half of the Hundred, and the Impost of four pounds on the Tun.
LVIII. Act in Favours of these who get their Ward∣holding changed by the Kings Majesty.
LIX. Act anent the Exchequer.
LX. Act concerning Docqueting of Signaturs.
LXI. Commission for Plantation of Kirks, and Valuation of Teinds.
LXII. ACT for ordering the payment of Debts, betwixt Creditor and Debitor.
LXIII. Act Salvo jure cujuslibet.
LXIV. Act of Adjournment.
A TABLE of the Printed ACTS.