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Author: Royal College of Physicians of London.
Title: The Statutes of the Colledge of Physicians London worthy to be perused by all men, but more especially physicians, lawyers, apothecaries, surgeons, and all such that either do, or shall study, profess, or practise physick.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The Statutes of the Colledge of Physicians London worthy to be perused by all men, but more especially physicians, lawyers, apothecaries, surgeons, and all such that either do, or shall study, profess, or practise physick.
Royal College of Physicians of London.

[London: s.n.], Anno Domini 1693.
Alternate titles: Statuta collegii medicorum Loninensium. Statutes (or by-laws) of the Colledge of Physicians of London.
Divisional title page on pg. 1(second series): Statuta collegii medicorum Loninensium. The statutes (or by-laws) of the Colledge of Physicians of London; separate pagination and register; in Latin.
With index on pg. 172-175.
Reproduction of the original at the British Library.
Subject terms:
Royal College of Physicians of London -- Rules and practice -- Early works to 1800.

title page
The Base, Dishonourable, and Ille∣gal Dealing of the Colledge of Physicians, London, with a Doctor in Physick, admitted to that Degree in one of our own Ʋniversities;
'A short Account of the Institution and Nature of the Colledge of Physicians London.
CAP. I. De Electoribus Creandis.
CAP. II. De Praside & ejus Officio.
Sponsio sive Fides à Praeside data.
Ratio Deponendi Officium.
CAP. III. De Pro-Praeside.
CAP. IV. De Consiliariis.
CAP. V. De Censoribus.
Censorum Juramentum.
CAP. VI. De Comitiorum ratione atque tempore & de Caduceatore sive Bedello.
De Collegis admonendis ad Comitia.
CAP. VII. De Temporibus Ordinariis & Ex∣traordinariis Comitiorum & re∣liquis ad Comitiorum rationem pertinentibus.
CAP. VIII. De Statutis Condendis & Abro∣gandis, & de Mulctis Irro∣gandis.
CAP. IX. De Officio Thesaurarii.
CAP. X. De Registrario.
CAP. XI. De Candidatis.
Fides a Candidatis postulata.
CAP. XII. De Sociis.
Literae Admissionis.
CAP. XIII. Literae Testimoniales Practican∣tium per Ʋniversum Angliae Regnum.
CAP. XIV. De Coercendis Empiricis.
Forma Literarum ad Senatores.
CAP. XV. De Permissis sive Licentiatis ad Praxin.
CAP. XVI. Forma Examinationum Sociorum & Candidatorum eorundemque Admissionis.
Formula Admissionis talis esto.
CAP. XVII. De Loco & Dignitate Praesidis & omnium Sociorum.
CAP. XVIII. De Anatomica Administratione, & ¶ De Lectura Chirurgiae.
CAP. XIX. De Ornatu & Vestitu Medico∣rum
CAP. XX. De Exequiis.
CAP. XXI. De Conviviis.
CAP. XXII. De Conversatione Morali & Sta∣tutis Poenalibus.
Consultandi Formula.
THE Statutes (or By-Laws) OF THE COLLEDGE OF Physicians of London.
CHAP. I. Of Creating the Electors.
CHAP. II. Of the President and his Office.
The Covenant or Faith given by the President.
The Manner of Laying down the Office.
CHAP. III. Of the Pro-President.
CHAP. IV. Of the Consiliarii or Assistants.
CHAP. V. Of the Censors.
The Oath of the Censors or Governours.
CHAP. VI. Of the Manner and Time of the Comitia or Meetings, and of the Caduceator or Beadle.
Of Summoning the Collegues to the Meeting.
CHAP. VII. Of the Ordinary and Extraor∣dinary Times of Meetings, and other Things pertaining to the Reason of the Meetings.
CHAP. VIII. Of Making and Abrogating of Statutes, and of Levying of Fines.
CHAP. IX. The Office of the Treasurer.
CHAP. X. Of the Register.
CHAP. XI. Of the Candidates.
The Faith required of the Candidates.
CHAP. XII. Of the Fellows.
Letters of Admission.
CHAP. XIII. Letters Testimonial of those that Practise thorow the whole Kingdom of England.
CHAP. XIV. Of Suppressing Quacks.
CHAP. XV. Of the Permissives or Licenti∣ates to Practice.
CHAP. XVI. The Form of the Examinations of the Fellows and Candi∣dates, and of their Admission.
Let this be the Form of Admission.
CHAP. XVII. Of the Place and Dignity of the President and all the Fellows.
CHAP. XVIII. Of Anatomical Administration, and ¶ The Chirurgical Lecture.
CHAP. XIX. Of the Ornament and Cloath∣ing of Phisicians.
CHAP XX. Of Funeral Ceremonies.
CHAP. XXI. Of Feastings.
CHAP. XXII. Of Moral Conversation and Penal Statutes.
So much we attribute to the Honour and Authority of the President.
The Form of Consultation.
☞ The Statutes that are marked with these Characters * ¶ are such that the Colledge thought good to leave out in their New Model, and these follow∣ing ought to be inserted in those Pages that the Numbers refer to.
THE NEW STATƲTES OF The President of the Colledge, or Commonalty of the Fa∣culty of PHISICK of LONDON, Made by the President of the Colledge, or Commonalty aforesaid, with the consent of the Presi∣dent of the Colledge, or Com∣monalty aforesaid, in the year 1687. and that they may re∣main establish'd, fix'd, and certain, signed with the Com∣mon Seal of the same Col∣ledge, or Commonalty afore∣said, the 28th of September, in the year 1687.
STATUTA NOVA Praesidis Collegii, seu Commu∣nitatis Facultatis MEDI∣CINAE LONDINI, per Praesidem Collegii, seu Communitatem praedictam, per consensum Praesidis, Collegii, seu Communitatis praedictae, Anno 1687 facta, & ut rata firma ac certa permaneant Si∣gillo Communi ejusdem Colle∣gii, seu Communitatis praedi∣ctae 28 die Septembris 1687, munita.