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Author: Park, Robert, d. 1689?
Title: To the right reverend, the ministers of the Kirk of Scotland, of the Presbyterian perswasion the following defence, of the rights and liberties of the church ... / by Robert Park.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: To the right reverend, the ministers of the Kirk of Scotland, of the Presbyterian perswasion the following defence, of the rights and liberties of the church ... / by Robert Park.
Park, Robert, d. 1689?

[Edinburgh: s.n., 1698?]
Reproduction of original in Bodleian Library.
Caption title: A defence of the rights & liberties of the church.
Table of contents: p. [4]-[5]
Errata: p. [5]
Subject terms:
Church of Scotland -- Doctrines.
Presbyterian Church.

To the READER.
A DEFENCE OF THE RIGHTS & LIBERTIES Of the CHURCH, In the Election and Maintenance of Her PASTORS: AGAINST The Negative Interests of PATRONAGE.
SECTION. I. An Account of the Original of Patronage.
SECT. II. A general View of the Rights of PATRONAGE.
SECT. III. The Opinion of our Reformers &c. concerning PATRONAGE.
SECT. IV. The Ground and Argument for Patronage, from a Reservation by the first Foun∣ders, Examined.
SECT. V. A farther examination of this Reservation, from its own Nature, and from the Na∣ture of Pious and Charitable Deeds,
SECT. VI. The Reservation pretended can be no ground, for the Jus Utile of Patronage.
SECT. VII. The denyal of Patronage can be no discou∣ragement in gratifying of the Church: something obiter of the Dilapidation of the Church's Patrimony.
SECT. VIII. The Ground of Patronage, from a Grant or Concession of the Church, examined.
SECT. IX. A farther Examination of this pretended Concession.
SECT. X. Another ground adduced for the foundation of Patronage from the Necessity of the Jus Onerosum, examined.
SECT. XI. Patronage is no institution of Divine appoint∣ment, but a manifest usurpation.
Sect. XII. The power of Patronage is destructive of the Institutions of Christ, for Election of the Pastors of his Church.
SECT. XIII. The power of Patronage, is against the Free∣dom and Interest of common Society.
SECT. XIV. The power of Patronage hath been grosly ab∣used, and scandalously offensive, without any necessity or use.
SECT. XV Patronage is a symbolizing with Idolaters, and against the Doctrine and Discipline of this Church.
SECT: XVI. A pretence that the Patron meddles with no∣thing of Election, or what is properly Ec∣clesiastical.
SECT. XVII. Another pretence, that the Church may re∣ject the Person presented, in case of in∣sufficiency.
SECT. XVIII. Another pretence from the distinction of Laick and Ecclesiastick Patronages.
SECT. XIX. A pretence from the failings and mistakes of the Church Judicatories. &c.