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Author: Pora, Charles.
Title: A sovereign balson to cure the languishing diseases of this corrupt age. By C. Pora a well-wisher to all persons.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: A sovereign balson to cure the languishing diseases of this corrupt age. By C. Pora a well-wisher to all persons.
Pora, Charles.

[London?: s.n.], Permissu superiorum. 1678.
Alternate titles: Second part of the languishing diseases of Christians proceeding from self-pride, drunkenness, and carnal concupiscence, cured Languishing diseases of Christians
"The second part of the languishing diseases of Christians proceeding from self-pride, drunkenness, and carnal concupiscence, cured" has separate dated titlepage; register and pagination are continuous.
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Reproduction of the original in the British Library.
Subject terms:
Christian life -- Early works to 1900.
Conduct of life -- Early works to 1900.
Great Britain -- History -- Restoration, 1660-1688 -- Early works to 1900.

title page
TO His Truly and Ever Honoured PATRON MILES STAPELTON Knight and Baronet, &c. Of Carleton in the County of York. AND To his Right Honourable Lady ELIZABETH STAPELTON Alias BARTU, Daughter to the Earl of LINDSY, &c. Peace, Health, and Happiness.
The First Treatise OF THE LANGUISHING DISEASES OF CHRISTIANS Proceeding from Self-Love.
SECTION I. Of Self-Love.
SECT. 1. Introduction to Self-Love.
SECT. 2. Three several sorts of Love.
SECT. 3. Self-Love contrary to the Love o God.
SECT. 4. How Self-love opposeth the Love of God.
SECTION II. Self-love the original spring of all Spiritual Diseases.
SECT. 1. All Spiritual Diseases of Christian from Self-love.
SECT. 2. Self-love (it self) a most dange∣rous Disease.
SECT. 3. A Description of the same.
SECT. 4. The beginning and continuance of this pernicious Disease.
SECT. 5. How this pernicious Disease of Sel-love corrupeth also all Vertu and good Actions.
SECTION III. Of the fatal Ruin of Man∣kind by Self-love.
SECT. 1. By taking more Pleasure and put∣ting more Confidence in Worldly things than in God.
SECT 2. By taking Delight in all manner of Sensualities of the Flesh.
SECT. 3. By their Glorying and Boasting themselves in Malice and Ini∣quities.
Sect. 4. How Self-love is prejudicial to God and Men.
Sect. 1. Self-love causeth Blas∣phemy and an Undervaluing •• God; therefore prejudicial •• him.
Sect. 2. Self-love looks alwayes at his own Interests, in treat∣ing with Neighbours; therefore prejudicial to them.
Sect. 3. By Self-love we seek all sorts of vanities, therefore it is prejudical to our selves.
SECTION V. How to conquer and over∣come Self-love.
Sect. 1. Man cannot attain that Grace without the help of God.
Sect. 2. The first means to overcome Self-love, is by the knowledge of our selves, of our own nothing, un∣profitableness, vileness, miseries, and affliction.
Sect. 3. The second means to over-come Self-love, is by the knowledge of the Excellencies and Perfecti∣ons of God.
Sect. 4. The third means (and mo∣tive to overcome Self-love) is by knowledge of the benefits we have received, and are to receive from God.
SECTION VI. How to cure the pernicious Disease of Self-love.
Sect. 1. By with-drawing our love from all Corporal Objects.
Sect. 2. By humbling and underva∣luing our selves.
Sect. 3. By overcoming our selves, and sensual Appetites.
SECTION VII. How to love God and our Neighbour.
Sect. 1. How we are to love God.
Sect. 2. How we are to love our Neighbours.
Sect. 3. How we are to love our enemies.
Sect. 4. In what manner of Love we are to love our Neighbors and our Enemies.
Sect. 5. How we may know our selves free from Self-love, in loving God and our Neighbours.
title page
SECTION 1. Pride a General Disease amongst Christians.
Sect. 1. How Heaven and Earth was infected by Pride.
Sect. 2. Self-pride of the Nobility and Gentry.
Sect. 3. Self-pride of great Ladies.
Sect. 4. Of the Self-pride of other Women.
SECTION II. Pride of Men in general.
Sect. 1. The Self-pride of Spiritual Directors.
Sect. 2. The Self-pride of Learned Men.
Sect. 3. Self-pride of the Better sort.
Sect. 4. Self-pride of Labouring Men, Shop-keepers and Servants.
Sect. 5. Remedies against the Evils of Self-pride.
SECTION. III. Contempt of others a general Disease of Christianity.
Sect. 1. Many trouhled with this Disease.
Sect. 2. Contempts between Man and Wife.
Sect. 3. Contempts between Children and Parents.
Sect. 4. Contempt between Servants and Masters.
Sect. 5. Contempts between the Poor and Rich.
Sect. 6. Contempt of Persons for their Infirmities only, and of many for the faults of some few, justly blameable.
Sect. 7. Contempts between Nations and Nations.
SECTION. IV. Of Gods Indignation towards Contemners.
Sect. 1. Malediction upon Contem∣ners either of God or their Neighbours.
Sect. 2. Malediction upon the Con∣temners of Parents and Relations.
Sect. 3. Malediction upon those that Contemn their Kings and Princes.
Sect. 4. Malediction upon those that contemn their Neighbour.
Sect. 5. Remedies against the con▪
Sect. 6. Reflection upon the fore∣going Matter.
The Second Treatise (Of this SECOND PART) OF THE LANGUISHING DISEASES OF CHRISTIANITY, Proceeding from Drunkenness.
SECTION I. Drunkenness a Pernicious Disease of Christianity.
Sect. 1. Drunkenness common to all.
Sect. 2. Drunkenness of Nobility and Gentry.
Sect. 3. Drunkenness of the Richer sort of People.
Sect. 4. Drunkenness of the Poorer sort of People.
Sect. 5. The Drunkenness of Youth.
SECTION II. The Motives to with-draw all Christians from the Excesses of Meat and Drink.
Sect. 1. The Sobriety of the Patri∣archs and Prophets.
Sect. 2. Sobriety of the Apostles and Disciples of Christ.
ect. 3. Sobriety of the Ancient Fa∣thers, and of Religious Orders.
Sect. 4. Sobriety of Great Monarchs and Ancient Philosophers.
Sect. 5. Sobriety of Pagans, Eth∣niques and Infidels.
SECTION III. Drunkenness, or the Excess of Meat and Drink, a most Pestilent Disease.
Sect. 1. Drunkenness or Excess in Meat and Drink, causeth several Infirmities.
Sect. 2. Drunkenness, or rather the Excess of Meat and Drink, is the Corruption of the Soul.
Sect. 3. Drunkenness (or the Excess of Meat and Drink) the Corrupti∣on of the Body.
Sect. 4. Sad Examples upon great Drinkers.
SECTION IV. Drunkenness or the Excess of Meat or Drink, caus∣eth several Sins.
Sect. 1. Drunkenness the Origin of several Sins.
Sect. 2. Drunkenness a dangerous storm to the Body.
Sect. 3. Drunkenness raiseth a furi∣ous Tempest in the Tongue.
Sect. 4. Drunkenness the wrack of Chastity.
section 5
Sect. 1. The Excess of Meat and Drink causeth Immoderate Plea∣sure and Vanity.
Sect. 2. The excess of Meat and Drink causeth undue multiply∣ing of words, and dishonest dis∣course.
Sect. 3. The excess of Meat and Drink causeth men to take vain-glory in their wicked actions.
Sect. 4. The excess of Meat and Drink causeth filthiness and un∣cleanness.
SECTION VI. Excess in Meat and Drink the cause of several other inconveniencies and mise∣ries.
Sect. 1. Drunkenness causeth a vo∣luntary madness.
Sect. 2. Drunkenness makes Men worse than bruit Beasts.
Sect. 3. Drunkenness causeth the want of necessary Provisions.
Sect. 4. A sad Example upon that Account.
Sect. 5. Remedies against Glut∣tony and Drunkenness.
Sect. 6. Reflection upon the fore∣going Matter.
title page
treatise 3
SECTION I. Carnal Concupiscence a great Disease to Christianity.
Sect. 1. Carnal Concupisence caus∣eth several Corporal Diseases to Mankind.
Sect. 2. Carnal Concupiscence in∣fecteth the whole World.
Sect. 3. Carnal Concupiscence de∣testable to God; therefore to be avoided.
Sect. 4. Carnal Concupiscence in∣cludeth several other sins.
Sect. 5. Malediction upon the Trans∣gressors.
Sect. 6. A Serious Admonition to Sensual Livers.
SECTION II. Reasons why Carnal Concu∣piscence is prohibited.
1. By it many are corrupted at the same time.
Sect. 2. By Carnal Concupiscence the Temple of God is defiled.
SECTION III. By what means Carnal Con∣cupiscence that is in the Heart and Inward Inten∣tions, cometh forth to Action.
Sect. 1? By toleration of Sensu∣al Complacency.
Sect. 2. By Wilful Delectation in the Lustful Object, or Act.
Sect. 3. By wilful consent to per∣petrate the outward act of Sin.
SCECTION IV. Carnal Concupiscence causeth continual trouble.
Sect. 1. Carnal Concupiscence the most troublesome sin of any.
Sect. 2. The troubles and usual proceedings of fond and lewd Women.
Sect. 3. The troubles and usual proceedings of Foolish and Lewd Men.
SECTION V. Carnal Concupiscence cau∣seth many other inconve∣niences.
Sect. 1. Carnal Concupiscence cau∣seth Poverty and Misery.
Sect. 2. By Carnal Concupiscence, Men brcome Senseless and Stu∣pid, and void of Ʋnderstanding.
Sect. 3. By reason of Carnal Con∣cupiscence Men abide or remain in Sin, and entangle themselves more and more therein.
Sect. 4. Remedies against Carnal Concupiscence.
Sect. 5. Advice and Exhortation to all sorts of Persons, to over∣come the Vice of Carnal Concu∣piscence.
Sect. 6. The main and chief Re∣medy of Concupiscence, is, to a∣void the occasions thereof.