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Author: Pitcarne, Alexander, 1622?-1695.
Title: The spiritual sacrifice, or, A treatise wherein several weighty questions and cases concerning the saints communion with God in prayer are propounded and practically improved by Mr. Alexander Pitcarne.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The spiritual sacrifice, or, A treatise wherein several weighty questions and cases concerning the saints communion with God in prayer are propounded and practically improved by Mr. Alexander Pitcarne.
Pitcarne, Alexander, 1622?-1695.

Edinburgh: Printed for Robert Brown ..., [1664]
Includes indexes.
Part 1 has special t.p.
Imperfect: pages stained.
Reproduction of original in the University of Illinois Library.
Subject terms:
Christian life.

title page
TO The right honourable LADY, The VISCOUNTESSE of STORMONT.
list of quotes
A summary account of the principal pur∣poses, questions, and cases spoken to in this Treatise.
title page
PART 1. Of the Nature of Prayer.
CHAP. I. Prayer considered under diverse respects; as a Gift, as a Grace, as a Duty, and as a Mean.
CHAP. II. Prayer held forth under several Scripture expressions. Paralleled for preventing mistakes
CHAP. III. Prayer described.
CHAP. IV. In what act of the Soul prayer doth principally consist.
CHAP. V. Of the subject of Prayer.
Sect. 1. Who may not be said to Pray.
Sect. 2. Who once were, but now are not capable of, nor called to offer up this spiritual Sacrifice?
Sect. 3. To whom is the Golden Scepter stretched forth whether the unconverted should pray, &c.
CHAP. VI. Of the object to which we should direct our Prayers.
Sect. 1. To whom should we pray?
Sect. 2. To whom ought we not pray? No: to Angels, Saints, or any other creature.
CHAP. VII. Of the matter and object of prayer.
Sect 1. Of the warrant, ground, and rule of prayer.
Sect. 2. For what things, and in what order and maner should we pray?
Sect. 3. For whom should we pray? not for the dead.
CHAP. VIII. What it is to ask in the name of Christ, why we must, and whether the Jewish Church did pray in his name?
CHAP. IX. Of the help and assistance of the holy Spirit, of its necessity, and how it may be known, and differenced from Satanicall suggestions, and from that activity and fervency which may flow from the light and conviction of a naturall con∣science, sense of wants, &c.
PART II. Of the qualifications of an acceptable prayer.
CHAP 1. Some antecedent and previous conditions of Prayer, which should be observed before and While we are drawing nigh the throne of Grace. As, 1. some enquiry after our state. 2. Circumspection in our walk. 3. A praying disposition and spiritual frame of heart. 4. Prepara∣tion. 5. Right ends.
CHAP. II. Some concommitant qualifications of prayer. What should be our carriage while we are at the throne? and what are these graces which should especially then be exercised?
Sect. I. Of the, 1. attention, 2. reverence, 3. humility, 4. sincerity, 5. importunity, 6. watchfulness, and, 7. perseverance requi∣red in prayer.
Sect. 2. Of faith in prayer. What it importeth, by what means it may be encreased, and how it may be known?
CHAP. III. Some consequent conditions, what we must do after we come from the throne of Grace. 1. We must wait; 2. watch; 3. be busie in using the means; and, 4. renewing our re∣quests; and, 5. we must thankfully improve what the Lord giveth in return to our prayers. With a word concerning the necessity of these and the former qualifications.
PART III. Some practical Cases.
CHAP. I. How should we conceive of God and of the persons of the glorious Trinity.
Sect. 1. What should be our apprehensions of the dreadfull majesty of God when we come before him?
Sect. 2. After what manner and order should we direct our prayers to the persons of the blessed Trinity?
CHAP. II. Of the withdrawing of the Spirit, of deadness, indisposition, and wandring thoughts in prayer, their causes and reme∣dy.
Sect. 1. How far the Spirit doth withdraw? and why?
Sect. 2. What may be the cause of that deadness and indisposition, and these wandring thoughts that arise in the heart upon the Spirits departure? and what course should be taken for removing this evil, and for recovering and maintain∣ing the presence of the Spirit, and a praying frame and disposition.
Sect. 3. Whether our deadness doth excuse our negligence? and whe∣ther we should pray when we are unfit and indisposed? and what will be the issue and success of those prayers that want life and fervency, and which are pestred with wan∣dring thoughts.
CHAP. III. Whether we may pray for any evil, either of sin or suffering.
CHAP. IV. Of cursing and imprecations. Whether it be lawfull to pray for vengeance on the wicked, and on persecuters?
CHAP. V. When, how often, and how long, or how much time should be spent in prayer?
PART. IV. Of the return of prayer.
CHAP. I. Of the success of prayer, what the Lords hearing of prayer doth import, how it may be known, and why the Lord doth not alwaies answer the prayers of his servants after one and the same manner?
Sect. I. The Lord will certainly answer all those prayers that are grounded upon the promises.
Sect. II. The great prejudice and stumbling block of prayerless souls: their mistake discovered; what the Lords hearing doth import; that the Lord doth not alwayes answer prayer after one and the same maner, and what are these different wayes; that he never heareth the wicked, and wherefore notwithstanding he will satisfie their desire; and that he alwayes heareth his servants, when they call upon him in truth.
Sect. III. How we may know, 1.; whether the Lord hath heard our pray∣ers when he deniethor delayeth to give what we asked? and, 2. whether the mercies we receive be the fruits of Gods general bounty conveyed to us by the hand of common pro∣vidence, or given in love as a gracious return to our prayers?
Sect. IV. A modest enquiry after the reason, holy design, and ends why the Lord delayeth, or denieth the particular merey that was desired, though he accept and answer our pray∣ers.
CHAP. II. When, and whose prayer will the Lord not hear nor an∣swer.
Sect. 1. When will the Lord not hear his children and servants? and what are these sins that will obstruct and hinder the suc∣cess of their prayers.
Sect. II. Who are they, whose prayers the Lord will never hear nor answer? By what marks and characters may such be known? With a word of direction to them who fear, lest their names be written in that black roll.
CHAP. III. An exhortation to continue instant in prayer; with an answer to objections.
Sect. I. Several motives for pressing the constant and serious practice of this soul-enriching performance.
Sect. 2. Objections answered, and this Queree considered, whether prayer may be said to move him withwhom is no va∣riableness, neither shadow of turning.
An Alphabetical TABLE.
A TABLE of such places of Scripture, as are occasionally explained, vindicated or illustrated in this TREATISE.