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Author: Muggleton, Lodowick, 1609-1698.
Title: The acts of the witnesses of the spirit in five parts / by Lodowick Mvggleton ..., left by him to be publish'd after's death.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
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Print source: The acts of the witnesses of the spirit in five parts / by Lodowick Mvggleton ..., left by him to be publish'd after's death.
Muggleton, Lodowick, 1609-1698.

London: [s.n.], 1699.
Errata: prelim. p. [8].
Imperfect: Portrait is lacking in filmed copy.
Reproduction of original in Huntington Library.
Subject terms:
Christian sects -- England.

title page
The Acts of the Witnesses, &c.
The First Part.
CHAP. I. The Prophet sheweth first, That Moses and the Prophets did record strange and wonderful things; As also their Revelations, which we are bound to believe.
CHAP. II. The Prophet makes a Rehearsal of the Acts of the Apostles in the new Testament, and of the Lord Christ, and how that they were writen for the Comfort of the Seed of Faith: After which he enters upon the third Record, and shows the cause of his writing some of the most principal Acts of the Witness of the Spirit under this third Record.
CHAP. III. Of the Birth, Parentage, and Trade; of the two Witnesses, and how the Profits Nature led them sorth to all Sobri∣ety, hateing Drunkeness, and of their inclining to the Princi∣ples of those Call'd Puritans, and of their being perswaded from judging Cases of Concience before they new the truth.
CAP. IV. How the secret providence of God prevented the Ex∣pectation of the Prophet in his choice of a Wife, and in his desire of Riches, of the Prophet's Zeal for the Law, and a Righteous Life.
CAP. V. The Prophet shews his Care, his Fear, and Zeal in the Law of God, and of the working of his Thoughts, and heighth of the Puritan Religion.
CHAP. VI. After the Prophet hath given a Description of his Mar∣riage, of his Wives, and of his Children, from the Twenty sixth year of his Life to the Thirty Eighth, he then shews the alteration of the Religion in the Pu∣ritan People, and of the Confusion that was amongst them.
CHAP. VII. The Prophet shews his great dissatisfaction and loss in Religion, even almost to Dispair, yet in the Conclusion, resolves to hold his Integrity, to do Justly, and keep from actual Sin, but mind Religion no more, but left Happiness and Misery to Gods disposal.
CHAP. VIII. The Prophet gives a Discription of John Tannye and John Robins, being counted greater than Prophets, and sets forth their Appearance and wonderful Actions.
CHAP. IX. Of the Prophets Application conserning these wonderful things, and of his Qualification.
CHAP. X. The Prophet here showes of a Melancholy that came upon him, and afterwards of Two Motions arising in him, and speak as Two living Voices.
CHAP. XI. The Prophets further Reasoning in himself how hardly God delt with him; and of his Reasoning against Adam: And shews how a contrary Seed; or, Voice in him repeld his Arguments.
CHAP. XII. The Prophet raiseth Arguments more, to give him some Hope that he might escape Hell; but another mosttional Voice gave Answer, which quite frustrated all his Hopes again:
CHAP. XIII. The Prophets submitting to Gods prerogative Power; immediately wrought in him Peace and Quietness of Mind, even to all ad∣miration in Wisdom and ravishing Excellencies.
CHAP. XIV. Of the time of the Prophets Revelation, his Satisfaction in it, and his Resolution to fit still now, and be quiet from Disputes a∣bout Religion. Yet shews that Providence order'd it otherways. Of the Prophet Reeve's Revelation of the Raven and Dove.
CHAP. XV. Shewing how John Reeve's Revelation gave him Satisfaction, and full Resolution to sit still and be quiet, never medling about Re∣ligion more: But contrary to the Resolutions of them both, a little while after, where made the greatest medlers of Religion of all the World.
The Second Part.
CHAP. I. Of the Commission given the Prophet Mugleton's Chil∣dren, blessed by the Prophet Reeve; the great Wisdom given unto Sarah Mugleton.
CHAP. II. The Transactions of the second Morning, and how Thomas Tur∣ner went with the Prophets to John Tauny's, and of John Reeve's Message to him; and how John Tauny and his De∣sign perished and came to nothing.
CHAP. III. Of the Transactions of the Third Morning, and of the Message of the Prophet Reeve to John Robins.
CHAP. IV. When the transcendant Treatis was wrote many People more offend∣ed with the Doctrin than the Commission. Of the Letter sent to the Ministers, and when: How the Children mocked John Reeve, called him Prophet, Prophet, and followed him sling∣ing Stones at him; and how a Woman hearing this followed the Prophet to his House, and was converted to the Faith. Of Sen∣tence given upon one Penson, and its Effets.
CHAP. V. Of one Jeremiah Maunte, a great Friend to this Commission: And of a damn'd Man and his Fury; and how John Reeve in∣treated the People that he might ly down and expose himself to his Fury, with the ephects of that Submission: And of one James Barker his Hipocricy to get the Blessing of John Reeve; and how he was cursed by Lodowick Mugleton, with the Ephects of that Curse.
CHAP. VI. What the Ranters God was: And how them and their God was damn'd by this Commission: And of the Resolution of Three of the most desperatest to Curse the Prophet Reeve and Mugle∣ton's God.
CHAP. VII. Of the Dispute with Mr. Leader, a New-England Merchant; and of the Prophet's convincing him how that God had a Bo∣dy; and how God is worshiped in Spirit and Truth with Bodys, and that there is no Spirit without a Body.
CHAP. VIII. Of one Mr. Cooper a great Disputant; and how convinced: And how a true Ministry is known from a false. Of his Conversi∣on: And how he passed Sentance of Damnation upon Fifteen of his Companions: And of his trouble for so doing without Com∣mission: And of a Minister's censoring him to be bewitched.
CHAP. IX. Of one Captain Stasy, a friend to the two Witnesses, and of their Dispute with a Minister, proving that God was in the form of a Man: And of the Minister's Blasphemy, and John Reeve's passing the Sentance upon him, and that he should ne∣ver see any other God but that Sentance: And how John Reeve was threaten'd with a Warrant from Cromwell, or the Councel of State: And how John replyed, that if they dispised as the Priest had done, that he would pronounce them damn'd.
The Third Part. From the Year 1653 to the Year 1665.
CHAP. I. Shewing how five Men got a Warrant from the Lord Maior and brought the two Witnesses before him: Of their Accusation: Of their Examination: And of their Answer to it with boldness:
CHAP. II. Shewing John Reeve's Answer to the Lord Maior's Questions, and John Reeve's Question to the Maior, what his God was, with the Maior's Answer: And John's Replycation to it. Of the two Witnesses Commitment to Newgate.
CHAP. III. Shewing how the Prisoners brought Irons: Required Mony of the two Witnesses, they having none, took one of their Cloaks for a Pledg. How long they were Prisoners: The Bordes were their Bed. And of the Wickedness of some of the Prisoners, which had a Design to have hanged them; and how Providence pre∣served them.
CHAP. IV. Of the Two Witnesses being brought to their Tryal: How John Reeve would not suffer the Maior, a damn'd Man, to speak: How the Jury brought them in guilty; and of the Recorder's Sentance upon them. And of several other Transactions.
CHAP. V. Of John Reeve's travelling to Maidstone in Kent, where he met with Enemies, and gave them the Sentance, upon which they got a Warrant against him: Of the Notice he had and departed. Of his Treatis, Called, Joyful News from Hea∣ven: After the writing of which he died.
CHAP. VI. Of Laurance Claxton, what Books he wrote of his exalted Pride: The Beleivers complain of him: The Prophet forbad him for writing any more: How he humbled himself: The Pro∣phet forgave him: And of his Death.
CHAP. VII. Shewing how the Prophet caused, The Divine Looking-Glass to be Reprinted: Of the Prophets printing a Book of the Inter∣pretation of the 11th. of the Revelations: And, The Quakers Neck broken: Of his Travels to Nottingham; and the Transactions that passed there: And then to Chesterfield.
CHAP. VIII. The Prophet travels into Cambridge shire and Kent: And of his Marriage to his Third Wife, and of his Second Jorney into Darby-shire; and of his being brought before the Maior of Chesterfield: Of his Examination by the Priest, and of his Commitment.
CHAP. IX. Shewing that the Prophet proved before the Priest, Maior, and Aldermen, that Christ was the only God. The Priest made no Replycation against it, but fauning upon him with fine Words, to insnare him against the Government: The Prophet's Wisdom discover'd it. Of his Commitment.
CHAP. X. The Priest gave that Character of the Prophet, of a wise and so∣ber Man The Prophet, gave the like Character on Pendor. Of a Dispute between the Prophet, and two of the Officers of the Town and the Keeper of the Person, and the Sheriff's Men. The Prophet proves Three Records on Earth to answer the Three Records in Heaven▪ All this in the Goal.
CHAP. XI. Shewing the Interpretations of the Two past Records on Earth, of Water and Blood, being undeniably unfolded.
CHAP. XII. The Interpretation of the Third Record on Earth, the Record of the Spirit, and who it is acted by.
CHAP. XIII. The Prophets Argument. And Examin'd by the Judge: And he Required of the Judge to take Bail, the Judge granted it: The Maior, Aldermen and Recorder that Committed him, saw their Folly and Madness, and were asham'd of themselves: How the Prophet had the Love of all the Prisoners. Of his Printing of the whole Book of the Revelation, &c.
The Fourth Part. From the Year 1665 to the Year 1670.
CHAP. I. The Prophets Travels into Kent: Of Judge Twisden; and of the Prophet's Letter to him. Of the in∣crease of Beleivers,
CHAP. II. Of one Captain Wildye, an honourable Man: And of one Mrs. Cowlye, of her Faith, and Obedience of her Husband, and of her Son, a University Scholar; and of his Convinement by the Prophet, both as to the Ministry, Law, and Phisick.
CHAP. III. The Prophets Answer to Thomas Loe's Letter: His Sentance, with the Ephects of it. The Prophet's Dispute with George Whitehead and Josiah Cole: With his Sentance passed upon them both.
CHAP. IV. Of Cole's being sick unto Death immediately after the Sentance of his Testimony against the Prophet: Of his Death: The Qua∣kers God described; with the nature of Reason, and the Law that is writen in it. Of William Pen's blasphemous Letter to the Prophet.
CHAP. V. The Answer of Lodowick Muggleton to William Pen, Quaker, his proud presumptious and blasphemous Letter.
CHAP. VI. Of the Prophets Travels into Cambridge, Leicester, Noting∣ham, and Darbyshire, to visit Friends there.
CHAP. VII. The Prophet's House searched for Books: The Sercher's Civility: The Prophet acknowledges their Kindness, and after sent them a Gratuity. A second search for Books, where several were taken. Of a great Rebellion that hapened upon the Prophet's Absence.
CHAP. VIII. The Three first Assertions Answered.
CHAP. IX. The Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Assertions answered.
CHAP. X. The Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Assertions Answered.
The Fifth Part.
CHAP. I. Of one Sr. John James's Opression of Widow Brunt, and of her Death: The Prophet left her Executor, and how he would not sell his Birthright, but Arrested Sr. John James's Te∣nants: Of his great Troubles and Tryals.
CHAP. II. Of the Bill of Indictment, and of the Cruelty of the Judges.
CHAP. III. The Counsel against the Prophet, Pleads with fear and horrour: The Prophets Counsel Pleads, and through fear, did wrong his Cause.
CHAP. IV. The Prophet is brought in Guilty of his Sentance and Judgment; with the nature of his Sufferings.
CHAP. V. Shewing how that the Prophet in a short time, saw his desire (unto God) in part fullfilled.
CHAP. VI. Of the Prophets deliverance out of Prison; of the Price and Val∣lue that was made of him: The Rewards to the two Seeds at the last Day.