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Author: Menzeis, John, 1624-1684.
Title: Roma mendax, or, The falshood of Romes high pretences to infallibility and antiquity evicted in confutation of an anonymous popish pamphlet undertaking the defence of Mr. Dempster, Jesuit / by John Menzeis [i.e. Menzies] ...
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
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Print source: Roma mendax, or, The falshood of Romes high pretences to infallibility and antiquity evicted in confutation of an anonymous popish pamphlet undertaking the defence of Mr. Dempster, Jesuit / by John Menzeis [i.e. Menzies] ...
Menzeis, John, 1624-1684.

London: Printed for Abel Roper ..., 1675.
Anonymous popish pamphlet, "Scolding no scholarship" attributed to Alexander Con, but more probably by D. Abercromby. Cf. BM.
Reproduction of original in Bodleian Library.
Subject terms:
Dempster, Francis.
Scolding no scholarship.

title page
TO THE RIGHT HONOURABLE ARTHUR Earl of Anglesey, Lord Privy Seal, and one of his Majestys most Honou∣rable Privy Council.
ROMES Most Specious CHEATS Laid Open
CHAP. I. A brief Survey of the Pamphleters empty and unfaithful Apologies for Jesuit Demster.
CHAP. II. There is no necessity of an Infallible visible Judge of Con∣troversies in the Church, and consequently the Basis of the Pamphleters whole Discourse is overthrown.
SECT. I. The true state of the Question propounded.
SECT. II. Arguments proving that there is no necessity of an Infallible visible Judge in the Church.
SECT. III. The Pamphleters Objections for the necessity of an Infallible vi∣sible Judge, discussed.
CAP. III. That the Scriptures are the Principal, Compleat, and Infal∣lible Rule of Faith; the Atheistical Cavils of the Pam∣phleter notwithstanding.
SECT. I. Some hints of Indignities put upon the Holy Scripture by Romanists.
SECT. II. The state of the Question, concerning the Rule of Faith, opened, and the Scriptures briefly proved to be the Rule.
SECT. III. The Pamphleters four principal Objections against the Scriptures being the compleat Rule of Faith, discussed.
SECT. IV. Some Reflections on the rest of the Pamphleters Rapsodick Dis∣course concerning the Rule of Faith.
CAP. IV. A Discourse of Fundamentals, with some Reflections on the Contradictions, Impertinencies, and Falshoods of the Ro∣mish Pamphleter in his Sect. 5.
SECT. I. Whether there be ground for the distinction of Fundamentals and Non-Fundamentals, or of Essentials and Integrals in Religion.
SECT. II. Whether do the Scriptures contain clearly all the Fundamen∣tals of Faith.
SECT. III. Whether all be Fundamentals which the Church imposes as Fundamental.
SECT. IV. Whether was it necessary for the decision of the question betwixt Mr. Dempster, and the Author, to determine the precise number of Fun∣damentals.
SECT. V. Whether is the Popish Religion injurious to the Fundamentals of Chri∣stianity.
SECT. VI. Were the Waldenses, Wicklevists and Hussits of the same religion as to Fundamentals and Essentials with Protestants.
SECT. VII. Whether do the Greek Churches agree with Protestants as to Fundamentals.
SECT. VIII. Whether the doctrine of Protestants in all points of Controverste be openly against God and his written word (as the Pamph∣leter affirms) and so contrary to the Fundamentals of Reli∣gion.
CHAP. V. Concerning Transubstantiation, and the Number of Sacraments.
SECT. I. The Popish Figment of Transubstantiation briefly Confuted, and the Authors argument against it, vindicated from the exceptions of the Pamphleter.
SECT. II. The Pamphleters Superficial reflexions on the number and Nature of Sacraments, examined.
CHAP. VI. Whether Protestant Churches do grant that the Visible Church was not always preserved, and that for 1400. years before Luther, Popery was the only prevail∣ing Religion.
CHAP. VII. The Truth of the Religion of Protestants evicted, by the Conformity thereof with the faith of the Primitive Church, in the first three Ages, and the falshood of the present Romish Religion from the disagreement thereof with the Faith of these Ages.
SECT. I. The Pamphleters first Instance of Novelty, touching the Popes Supremacy, briefly canvased, and retorted upon Romanists.
SECT. II. T•• second instance of Novelty, concerning unwritten Tra∣ditions, examined and retorted upon Romanists.
SECT. III. The third instance of Novelty, concerning the Sacrifice of the Mass, considered and retorted upon Romanists.
SECT. IV. A fourth Instance of Novelty, concerning Transubstantiation, discussed and retorted upon Romanists.
SECT. V. A fifth instance of Novelty, concerning Purgatory examined and Retorted.
SECT. VI. A sixth instance of Novelty, concerning invocation of Saints, examined and retorted upon Romanists.
SECT. VII. A Seventh Instance of Novelty, concerning Crosses and Ima∣ges, examined and retorted.
SECT. VIII. An eight instance of Novelty, concerning Free-will examined and Repelled.
SECT. IX. A Ninth Instance of Novelty concerning Merits, examined and Retorted.
SECT. X. A Tenth Instance of Novelty, concerning a perfect keeping of the Commands, Examined and Retorted.
The First APPENDIX to CHAP. VII. Containing another Decad of Romish Novelties in Religion.
A Second APPENDIX to CHAP. VII. The Pamphleters impertinent Citations from Justin Martyr, together with a new Catalogue of Heresies, falsly charged on Protestants, briefly dis∣cused.
CHAP. VIII. A Confutation of the Pamphleters Last Section, wherein, beside other things, his three Notes of the Catholick Church, viz. Miracles Conversion of Infidels, and Sanctity of Life, are examined, and by them also the Truth of the reformed Re∣ligion, and falshood of the Popish Religion, is Demonstrated.
SECT. I. A bundle of the Pamphleters most impudent Slanders against Protestants Rejected.
SECT. II. The Pamphleters equivocation in propounding the grounds of the Romish Religion.
SECT. III. Three Propositions of the Pamphleter, on which all the interest of the Papacy doth hang, Canvased.
SUBSECT. I. The Pamphleters Sophisms for his first Proposition, viz. That their is an infallible Propounder, briefly Discussed.
SUBSECT. II. The Pamphleters second Proposition, viz, that the true Church is the Infallible Propounder, Considered.
SUBSECT. III. The Pamphleters third Proposition, viz, that the Roman Church is the only true Catholick Church, Considered.
ARTICLE. I. Of Miracles.
ARTICLE II. Of the Conversion of Infidels.
ARTICLE III. Of Sanctity of Life.
SECT. IV. A touch of the Pamphleters hints at two other Notes of their Church, viz. the Title of Catholick, and Succession.
SECT. V. A Brief Reparty to his Conclusory Knacks.
A TABLE Of the chief heads contained in this Treatise.
An Advertisment concerning the Errata.