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Author: Lee, Samuel, 1625-1691.
Title: Orbis miraculum, or, The temple of Solomon pourtrayed by Scripture-light wherein all its famous buildings, the pompous worship of the Jewes, with its attending rites and ceremonies, the several officers employed in that work, with their ample revenues, and the spiritual mysteries of the Gospel vailed under all, are treated at large.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: Orbis miraculum, or, The temple of Solomon pourtrayed by Scripture-light wherein all its famous buildings, the pompous worship of the Jewes, with its attending rites and ceremonies, the several officers employed in that work, with their ample revenues, and the spiritual mysteries of the Gospel vailed under all, are treated at large.
Lee, Samuel, 1625-1691.

London: Printed by John Streater, for George Sawbridge ..., MDCLIX [1659]
Attributed to Samuel Lee by Wing and NUC pre-1956 imprints.
Errata: p. [9] at end.
Numerous errors in paging.
Reproduction of original in the British Library.
Subject terms:
Temple of Jerusalem (Jerusalem)

engraved title page
title page
In this vacant side, be pleased to take a view of the whole work in this following Scheme.
A Catalogue of the several Views, cut in Copper.
Of the Temple built by King Solomon at Jerusalem.
To the Reverend and Learned, The Warden, Fel∣lows, and Students of Wadham Colledge, in the Famous and Flourishing Ʋniversity of Oxford.
CHAP. I. The first Chapter containes the Proem or Porch to the main Body of this Trea∣tise; Wherein, are exposed to view the famous Preparations for the Structure of Solomon's Temple.
CHAP. II. Of the Dimensions, and Figure of the Temple.
The Foundation.
Of the Porch.
Of the Sanctuary.
The Doors.
The Walls.
The Floor.
The Windowes.
The Roof.
Of the Oracle.
The Walls of the Oracle.
The Quantity of the Oracle.
The Floor of the Oracle.
The Windows of the Oracle.
The Sides of the Oracle.
The Roof of the Oracle.
Of the Vail of the Oracle.
Of the Side-Chambers.
Of the Situation.
Of the Breadth.
The height of the Chambers of the Temple.
The number of Chambers belonging to Solomon's Temple.
The length of Solomon's Temple.
CHAP. III. Of the Courts and Buildings about the Temple.
Of the Quantities of the Courts.
Of the Inner-Court.
Of the Walls, Gates, Porches, Treasuries, Pavements, &c. in both these Courts.
The Gates.
Of the Gates of the Inward Court.
The Pavements.
The Porches.
CHAP. IV. Concerning the Vessels, Ʋtensils, and other Ornaments of the Temple.
The Mercy-Seat.
The Cherubims.
Of the Vessels and Ʋtensils in the Sanctuary, or Holy Place.
The Brazen Scaffold.
Of the ten Lavers, with their Appurtenan∣ces, standing in the Priests Court.
A Description of the Figure and Compo∣sition of the ten Bases, with their Lavers.
1. A Flat Piece of Brass.
2. The Borders.
3. The Ledges.
4. The Ʋpper-Base.
5 The Additions.
6 The Wheels.
7 The Plates.
8 The Pillars.
9 The Chapiter.
10 The Ʋpper-Border.
11 The Laver it self.
Of the Priests, and High-Priests Vestments.
CHAP. V. Concerning the Solemn Worship, and Service of GOD, in the Temple.
SECT. I. Of the Temple Officers, their Names and Employments.
Of the chief Priests.
Of the Ordinary Priests.
Of the Levites.
Of the Singers.
1 Cymbals.
2 Psalteries.
3 Harps.
Of the Porters.
Of the Family of Merari, 1 Chron. 26.4, &c.
Of the Treasurers.
Of the Judges.
Of the Nethinims.
SECT. II. The second Paragraph of this Chapter, according to the Division of it in the be∣ginning, shall contain the several Seasons, Quantities, Numbers, and Mea∣sures, of things sacrificed unto God under the Jewish Paedagogie.
SECT. III. The third Section of this Chapter, promised in the beginning of it, shall treat concerning the various sacrifices under the Jewish Paedagogy, their Nature, Manner, Ʋse, and End, with their attendant Rites and Ceremonies.
1 Of the Burnt-Offering.
The Cause.
The Kind.
The Seasons and Occasions.
The Manner.
The Priest's Portion.
2 Of the Sin-Offering.
The Cause.
The Kind.
The Occasion.
The Manner.
3 Of the Tresspass-Offering.
The Causes.
The Manner.
SECT. IV. Of the Peace-Offerings.
The Cause.
The Kind.
The Occasions.
The Manner.
The Priest's Part.
SECT. V. Of the Meat-Offerings.
The Cause.
The Matter.
The Occasion.
The Manner and Rites.
The Priests Part.
SECT. VI. Of the Drink-Offerings.
CHAP. VI. Of the Revenues and Endowments, assigned to the Temple, and its Officers.
First, for the Priests, their Cities were nearest to the City of Jerusalem, and lay, for the most part, in the Kingly Tribe of Judah.
The Levites that were of Kohath, had these Cities.
The Levites that were of Gershom, had these Cities.
The Levites that descended from Merari had these Cities.
These are the Cities belonging to the Merarites, even 12 Cities, with their Suburbs.
CHAP. VII. Of the Encoenia, or Solemn Dedication of the Temple.
CHAP. VIII. The Temples Duration.
The Succession of the High-Priests under the first Temple.
The state of the Temple under Solomon, the royal Founder of that glorious Pile.
The state of the Temple under Rehoboam the second King after its Building.
Under Abijah the third King.
Ʋnder Asa the fourth King.
Iehoshophat the fifth King.
Iehoram the sixth King.
Ahaziah the seventh King.
Athaliah the Queen.
Joash the eighth King.
Amaziah the Ninth King.
Azariah, or Uzziah, the tenth King.
Jotham the 11th King.
Ahaz the 12th King.
Hezekiah the 13th King.
Manasseh the 14th King.
Amon the 15th King.
Iosiah the 16th King.
Jehoahaz the 17th King.
Jehojakim the 18th King.
Jehojachin or Jeconiah the 19th King.
Zedekiah the 20th King.
CHAP. IX. Concerning the divine Mysteries of the Temple.
Concerning the Mysteries of the holy Tem∣ple, respecting the Time of its Erection.
Concerning the place where the holy Temple was built.
Concerning the Builder of the Temple, King Solomon.
SECT. I. Concerning the Mysteries af the Covered Temple, and its included Rooms.
The Mysteries laid up in the Foundation of the Temple.
The Mysteries of the body of the Covered Building, called The Temple, in a strict sense.
Concerning the Mysteries of the stately Porch of the Temple.
The Mysteries of the Sanctuary or Holy Place.
The Mysteries of the Oracle.
The Vaile.
Of the Side-Chambers.
SECT. II. Concerning the Mysteries of the Courts and Buildings, round about the Temple.
SECT. III. The Mysteries of the several Or∣naments and Utensils of the Temple.
Of the Ark.
The Mystery of the Ark.
The Rod of Aaron.
The Mysterie of the Ʋtensils in the Sanctuary.
The Altar of Incense.
The Golden Tables of Shewbread.
The Golden Candlesticks.
In the Porch.
The two Brazen Pillars.
The Vessels in the open Court.
1. The Altar of Brasse.
The Brazen-Sea.
The 10 Lavers.
SECT. IV. Of the Officers.
SECT. V. The Services of the Temple spiri∣tualized.
1. Of the burnt Offering.
Of the Six-Offering.
The Services of the solemn Day of Expiation, being the 10th of the 7th Moneth.
The solemn work of Atonement performed on the day of Expiation by the Highpriest.
The manner of the performance of this solemnity in its orderly method.
The Explanation of the Mysteries of these grand Solemnities.
3. Of the Trespasse-Offering.
4. Of the Peace-Offerings.
5, 6. Of the Meat-offerings and Drink offerings.
SECT. VI. The Endowments of the Temple Officers Spiri∣tualized.
CHAP. X. OF THE Temples Destruction.
The Epilogue.
The Index. An Alphabetical Index of the chief Matters handled in the foregoing Treatise.