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Author: Lower, Richard, 1631-1691.
Title: Dr. Lowers, and several other eminent physicians, receipts containing the best and safest method for curing most diseases in humane bodies : very useful for all sorts of people, especially those who live remore [sic] from physicians.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
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Print source: Dr. Lowers, and several other eminent physicians, receipts containing the best and safest method for curing most diseases in humane bodies : very useful for all sorts of people, especially those who live remore [sic] from physicians.
Lower, Richard, 1631-1691.

London: Printed for John Nutt ..., 1700.
Frontispiece: portrait of author.
Includes index.
Reproduction of original in the British Library.
Subject terms:
Pharmacopoeias -- Early works to 1800.

title page
Dr. LOWER's, And several other Eminent Physicians RECEIPTS.
To make Dr. Lower's Tincture, common∣ly call'd Daffy's Elixir.
An excellent Medicine for Asthmatick Coughs, by Dr. Lower.
For shortness of Breath, by Dr. G—s.
How to make the King of France's Teeth-Powder, famous for making the Teeth white, and preserving them from the Scurvy.
For the Heart-burning, or Acidity of the Stomach.
A very good Remedy for an hollow, aching Tooth, by Dr. C—n.
To fasten loose Teeth, and prevent the Tooth-ach.
A Method to cure the Jaundice, which has been try'd with great success.
For a Diarrhoea, or Looseness.
A powerful Remedy for Rheumatick Pains, By Dr. Lower.
An excellent Medicine for the Spotted, and all other malignant Fevers, pre∣scrib'd by Dr. B—re.
A Medicine for the Colick, which not only gives ease in the most violent Fits, but also being often us'd prevents their returning.
For Hysterical Fits.
For a Whitlow.
Dr. R—'s famous Cephalick Sneezing-Powder.
To Cure any old hollow Ulcer or Fistula.
A very good Receipt to make Pectoral Lo∣zenges by Dr. B—d.
Dr. B—y's Receipt for a Consumptive Cough.
An excellent Remedy for a Bruise.
For Suppression and sharpness of Urine.
For the Colick.
An excellent Plaster, to be apply'd to the Feet in Fevers, which lie much in the Head.
A famous Water for a sore Mouth or Cancer, by Dr. Lower.
To make Dr. Lower's bitter Chalybeat Infusion.
How to make the Lime-drink famous for Curing the Stone.
For Rheum in the Eyes.
A Plaister for the Worms, by Dr. Brown.
An Ointment for the Itch.
For a Noise in the Ear, Proceeding ei∣ther of a Cold, or a Blow.
An Effectual Remedy for an Old Strain.
An Experienc'd Remedy against Epilep∣sies and Convulsive Fits.
To Create a good Appetite, and strengthen the Stomach by Dr. Lower.
A very good Medicine for the Bloody-Flux by Dr. W—s.
For a Wen.
An Excellent Plaster for any pain occa∣sion'd by a Cold or Bruise.
A famous Collyrium, or Eye-water.
For an Ulcer in the Lungs and Kidneys.
For Cold Rheums or Defluxions of the Head.
A very effectual Injection for a Gonorrhea, which Heals the Ulcers, and stops the Gleeting.
A Diet-Drink, very effectual in all Vene∣real Accidents.
For the same.
A very effectual Remedy for the Piles.
For a Looseness.
For a fresh strain.
Sir Edmund King's Lip-Salve.
To make Oil of Bacon, for a Scald-head.
An excellent Ointment for a Blast.
For the Shingles.
For a Consumption.
To make the Oil of Charity.
For a Dropsy.
To Cure the falling-Sickness.
To Cure a Gangreen.
To strengthen the Liver and prevent a Dropsy.
To stop a Bleeding Wound.
An excellent Remedy for Agues which has been often try'd with very great success.
For the Bloody Flux.
To Cure the biting of a mad Dog.
For Sinews that are shrunk.
For a Pin or Web in the Eye.
To stop Bleeding at the Nose.
An approved Remedy against spitting of Blood.
Another for the same by Dr. A.
An excellent Receipt to make Lucatellus Balsam.
An Admirable Ointment for Burns.
A Powerful Remedy for Rheumatick pains in the Joynts.
For a Consumptive Cough, attended with spitting of Blood, by Dr. Lower.
To Cure the Stone in the Kidnies.
For the Gravel.
To make Syrup of Cinnamon.
Dr. Lower's Cephalick Plaster, which gives ease in all pains of the Head, stops Catarrns, and strengthens the Eye-sight.
An Experienced Water for hot and sharp Humours of the Eyes.
A famous Water to preserve the Eye sight, or if lost to restore it.
For sore Nipples.
For extream Looseness.
Dr. C—n's Receipt to stop Vomiting, and strengthen the Stomach.
An approv'd Poultis for an Ulcer.
A Receipt that Cured a Gentleman, who had for a long time spit Blood in a great Quantity, and was so wasted with a Consumption, that Dr. Willis declared it was impossible for him to recover.
An Approved Medicine to bring away a dead Child.
A very successful remedy for an Ague.
Another for the same.
For Fits of the Mother.
An Excellent method to Cure the Dropsy.
For the Almonds of the Ears being fallen.
A famous Diet Drink to sweeten the Blood.
A Poultis for a swelling Caus'd by the Gout.
An excellent Bolus to carry off Rheumatick pains by sweating.
To Cure a sore Breast.
For the Dysentery, or Bloody Flux.
A very good water to Cure the Scurvy, purge the Blood, and to cause a good habit of Body.
To Cure a Felon.
To make Paracelsus's Plaster Dr. Lower's way.
For a Stich or Pain in the side.
To make a very good Surfeit water.
For a Weakness or Giddiness in the Head.
To make Milk-water, very useful in all sorts of Fevers and Consumptions.
To Cure an Imposthume.
Dr. Lower's Stomatick Tincture, which being continued for a considerable time, perfectly Cures those that are much troubled with the Cholick.
For Violent pains in the Ears.
To preserve the Face, from being deform'd by the Small Pox.
To Cure the pains of the Cramp.
To Cure a sore Throat that is Inflam'd.
To fortify the Stomach, and stop Vo∣miting.
For the Hoemorrhoids.
For Hysterical Vapours by Dr. Lower.
An Approved Medicine for a Burn or Scald.
A Strengthning Plaister for the Back.
A Cataplasm to divert Humours, or abate any Swelling.
An excellent Cordial for a Consumption.
An Excellent Oil to cure the Heat and Shining of the Nose.
Dr. Lowre's Purging Drink for young Children to sweeten their Blood.
To make the Italian Plaster, which cures Corns, heals old Sores and Ulcers.
For a Bruise occasion'd by a Fall.
For Obstructions by Dr. Lowre.
An Excellent Cooling Emulsion which gives ease in Fits of the Stone and Gravel.
To fasten Teeth made loose by the Scurvy.
A Plaster for Hysterical Fits.
A Receipt brought out of Turky to cure a wound, by anointing the Weapon.
A Prescription by Dr. S—m for the Scur∣vy, which has been often us'd with ve∣ry great success.
An Ointment for a Rupture.
An experienced Eye-water to strengthen the Sight, and prevent Cataracts.
Dr. Fryar's Directions for Curing the Fits of the Mother.
For Heat and Weakness in the Back.
An Approved Drink to prevent the Plague.
For the Gout.
To Cure Dulness of Hearing.
To Cure a Tettar.
For a Sore Stomach.
An Excellent Ointment to Cure one that is burnt with Gun-powder.
For a Stich or Bruise in the Side.
For the Stone.
A famous Anodyne Glister, which gives present ease in Fits of the Stone.
To preserve a Man from being infected with the Plague.
For a Pain and Coldness in the Head.
Against spitting of Blood.
To make the Oil of Toads, of excellent use in the Gout, Kings-evil, or any old Sore or Ulcer.
A Famous Water to Clear the Eye-sight.
To Cure the Falling Sickness.
To make Hair to grow.
Dr. R's Pills for the Cholick.
To take away Freckles, and Beautify the Skin.
To Cure the Shingles.
To make a Drink for the Rickets.
For Bloodshot, or Inflam'd Eyes.
For Clammy Humours, which fasten the Eye-lids together.
By Dr. Lowre. To Cure an Excessive sweating arising from the vitiated Fer∣mentation of the Blood.
An approved Medicine to relax Con∣tracted Sinews.
The Lord Chesterfield's Excellent Pow∣der to help Delivery.
A Receipt to Cure the Black or Yellow Jaundies, by Dr. I—n.
To Cure a Tenesmus, or a continual de∣sire of going to Stool, without any oc∣casion.
To Cure a Quinsey.
To make the famous White Salve, which being applied to the Stomach, cures the Pains and Weakness thereof, to the Belly, the Cholick, and to the Back, the Pains of the Kidnies.
For a Rupture.
To Cure the Scurvy, by Dr. C—n.
For a soreness, or stoppage at the Stomach, proceeding from a great Cold.
To Cure the Stone.
To Cure a Pleurisie, by Dr. Lowre.
To Cure an Empyema, or Imposthume of the Lungs.
For Stomach-worms.
A very good remedy for an Inflamation of the Eyes.
A Famous Powder to Cure a Rupture.
An Excellent Cordial-water for Fainting Fits, and a Pain at the Heart.
To make Dr. S—m's Pectoral Syrup, which Cures all sorts of Coughs.
To make a Drink which kills the Worms in Children.
To Cure a Gangrene.
For a Bruise on the Eyes or Face.
An Experienc'd Remedy for such as are subject to Bleeding at the Nose.
To Cure a Pain of the Head; which re∣turns at set times, like an Ague.
For Eyes that are troubled with an hot Rheum.
A very good Ointment for any hot Swel∣ling or Burn.
For a Stoppage in the Stomach or Langs.
A very Effectual Remedy to appease Gouty Pains.
To Cure the Strangury, occasioned by Bli∣stering with Cantharides.
An Excellent Sneezing Powder of singu∣lar use in an Apoplexy.
A Choice Medicine for the Dropsie, which powerfully evacuates the Watery Hu∣mour.
To Cure an Asthma, or shortness of Breath, by Dr. H. S.
To make a Poultis of Turnips, which both ripens, and discusses any hard Swelling.
Dr. J—'s Powder to prevent Costiveness, and help Digestion.
To make Astringent Pills for a Gonorrhea.
To make China Broth, an approved Re∣medy for a Consumption.
For a Bruise or Strain.
To make an Ointment which speedily Cures the Itch.
A present Remedy for a Pain in the Ears.
Dr. Lower's Electuary to cure a Cough, accompanied with a tickling Rheum.
To make Dr. M. S. Steel-Pills, which cer∣tainly cure the Green Sickness.
To make a Time-water which cures the Diabetes, or Pissing-evil.
To give ease in fits of the Stone, and to cure the suppression of Urine, which usually attends them.
To make Dr. T—'s Diet Drink for the Scurvy.
To Cure the Dropsie.
For an Inward Bruise.
For a Pain of the Side.
An Experienced Water for a sore Mouth.
To heal a Childs Face which breaks out with a Watery Humour.
An Excellent Preservative against all In∣fectious Diseases.
Dr. H—'s Cordial Drops, to be used in all Fainting Fits, especially such as are Hysterical.
An Excellent Receipt to make Snail-water.
For a Consumption.
An Astringent Chyster.
An Approved Cataplasm, to dissolve any Hard Swelling.
Dr. Lower's Hysterick Pills.
To make a Diet-drink for the Scurvy.
To make Pectoral Pills.
To cause Digestion.
For a Sore Throat.
To strengthen the Bowels, and stop an Im∣moderate Looseness.
An Extraordinary Plaster, which being apply'd to the Nape of the Neck, pre∣vents the Rheum from falling on the Eyes, or any part of the Head.
For the Piles.
An Experienced Remedy for a Sore Throat or Mouth.
To make the Green Salve, which heals and cleanses Wounds in any part of the Body, ripens and discusses Tumours.
To make a Gentle Vomit, which will work safely and effectually in all cases where Vomiting is required.
For the falling down of the Mother.
To make Dr. S—n's famous Worm-powder.
To make the red Balsam, which cures any Green Wound, Scald or Burn.
To make a very fine Cordial-water, which opens the Obstructions of the Liver and Spleen, expels Wind, strengthens the Heart and Stomach.
An Excellent Ointment for Rheumatick, or Bloodshot-Eyes.
For the Rickets.
For Stinking Feet.
To make Dr. H—'s Cephalick Pills, which purge the Head, clear and preserve the Eye-sight.
An Extraordinary Ointment for Burns or Scalds.
A Medicine for the Stone.
For Costiveness.
A very good Drink to be used in all sorts of Fevers.
A famous Sternutatory, which quickens the Senses, and preserves the Head from all Diseases pro∣ceeding from Cold.
To Cure a Running Sore, which comes either in the Legs, or any other part of the Body.
An Effectual Wrist Plaster for all sorts of Agues.
To make Lozenges of Rhubarb, which strengthen the Stomach, open the Obstructions of the Liver and Spleen.
A very agreable Purge for such as abound with Flegm, or Choler.
For the Whites, or any other Flux.
To make Dr. O—'s Stomatick Electuary, being a most Excellent Medicine such as are of a Cold Constitution.
For a Pain or Heat of the Back.
For a Speck or Film in the Eye.
For a Bruise in the Members.
For the Itch.
An Excellent Gargle to preserve the Teeth, and pre∣vent the Tooth-ach.
For rotten and Scorbutick Gums.
For Convulsive Fits.
An Approved Medicine for the Stone, which is also very prevalent in Convulsive and Paralytical af∣fects.
For a Bruise.
An Excellent Cataplasm to be apply'd to any part that is Bruis'd.
For St. Anthony's Fire.
To make Captain Green's Famous Powder, which cures Cancers of the Mouth, fastens loose Teeth, heals any old Sore or Ʋlcer; and being with a Feather drop'd into weak and sore Eyes, mightily strengthens them.
For the Black Jaundice.
An Electuary for a Cough or great Cold.
For a Child that hath the Falling-Sickness.
A Soveraign Oil for the Numb Palsie.
To make Dr. Lower's Gargarism, which cools all Inflammations of the Throat.
For the Worms in Children.
To make Dr. L's Cataplasm, which ripens Tumours, and cures Inflammations.
For Eyes that are troubled with a Hot Rheum.
For a Consumption of the Lungs.
To make Dr. Lower's Pills, which open Obstructi∣ons, cause a good Complexion, and strengthen the Stomach.