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Author: Lacroze, Jean Cornand de, d. ca. 1705.
Title: The history of learning, or, An abstract of several books lately published, as well abroad, as at home by one of the two authors of the Universal and historical bibliotheque.
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Print source: The history of learning, or, An abstract of several books lately published, as well abroad, as at home by one of the two authors of the Universal and historical bibliotheque.
Lacroze, Jean Cornand de, d. ca. 1705.

London: Printed for Abel Swalle, and Timothy Childe ..., 1691.
Attributed to Jean Cornand de la Crose. Cf. BM.
Advertisements on p. [1]-[2] at end.
Reproduction of original in Yale University Library.
Subject terms:
Books -- Reviews.

title page
To the Right Honourable, the Earl of DORSET and MIDDLESEX, Lord Chamberlain of Their Majesties Houshold.
I. HISTOIRE DU ROY LOUYS LE GRAND, par les Me∣dailles, Emblemes, Devises &c. History of Lewis the Great; Taken from the Medals, Emblems, Devices, Inscriptions, Ar∣mories, and other Publick Monuments, Collected and Explained by Father CLAUDIUS FRANCIS MENESTRI∣ER Jesuit. A new Edition augmented with five Plates. Fol. Paris, 1691. F. 64.
II. NOUVELLE BIBLIOTHEQUE DES AUTHEURS ECCLESIA∣STIQUES, &c. Or, a new Library of Eccle scastical Authors, containing the History of their Lives, a Catalogue and Chronology of their Writings, and an Epitome of whatsoever is comprehended therein, together with divers Critical Reflections on their Style and Doctrine, as also an Account of the se∣veral Editions of their Works. In five Volumes in Quarto, which com∣pleat the History of the six first Ages of the Church Printed at Mons, and to be Sold in London by Abel Swall, and Timothy Child at the Ʋ∣nicorn in St. Pauls Church-yard. 1692. the 1. Vol. pag. 342.
III. Commentaries on Latin Authors. Q. HORATII FLACCI Poemata Interpretatione & notis illustravit Pe∣trus Rodellius é Soc. Jesu, jussu Christianissimi Regis ad usum Sereniss. Delphini, huic Editioni accesserunt Odae aliquot & Satyrae: unà cum inter∣pretatione continuâ, quae in priori desiderabantur, nec non Index re∣rum, Phrasium & Verborum memorabilium. 8. Lond. Impensis Abel Swalle. 1690. pag. 366.
IV. LES COMEDIES DE TERENCE traduites en François par Ma∣dame D'ACIER, &c. The Comedies of TERENTIUS, Translated into French by Madam D'Acier, with some remarks upon them. The last Edition Corrected and enrich'd with Figures at the head of each Comedy. 12. Divided into three Parts. The I. hath 576 pag. The II. 490. The III. 432. Printed in Amsterdam 1691 for the Bro∣thers Huguetan, and are to be Sold in London by Abel Swalle and Tim. Child.
V. CORNELIUS NEPOS de vita Excellentium Imperatorum; Interpretati∣one & notis illustravit NICOLAUS COURTIN, Humanitatis Pro∣fessor in Ʋniversitate Parisiensi. Jussu Christianissimi Regis, in u∣sum Serenissimi Delphini, juxta Editionem Parisiensem. 8o. Londini a∣pud Abel Swalle. 1691. p. 264.
VI. D. JUNII JUVENALIS, & A PERSIS FLACCI Satyrae, Interpreta∣tione & notis illustravit LUDOVICUS PRATEUS, Rhetoricae Preceptor emeritus. Jussu Christianissimi Regis, in usum Serenissimi Delphini, 8o. Lond. apud Abel Swalle, 1691. p. 606.
VII. A DEFENCE OF DIOCESAN EPISCOPACY, in answer to a Book of Mr. David Clarkson lately Published, Entituled Primitive E∣piscopacy; by HEN. MAURICE D.D. 8o. London 1691. p. 470.
VIII. An Accurate Description of the Ʋnited Netherlands, and of the most considerable Parts of Germany, Swedeland, and Denmark, contain∣ing a succinct accompt of what is most remarkable in these Countries; and necessary Instructions for Travellers; together with an exact relation of the Entertainment of his most Sacred Majesty, K. WILLIAM at the Hague. Written by an English Gentleman. 8o. London for Tim. Child. 1691. p. 192.
IX. The new Method of Fortification as practised by Monsieur Vauban Engineer General of France. 8o. London for Abel Swalle. 1691. p. 183.
X. OSTEOLOGIA NOVA: Or, A New Treatise of the Bones, and the Parts belonging to them; with the Manner of their Growth and Nutrition: Communica∣ted to the Royal Society in several Discourses; By Clopton Havers M. D. Fellow of the Royal Society. London, for S. Smith, 1691. Pag. 310.
II. FREDERICI RƲISCHII, Anatomes, Chyrurgiae & Botanices Professoris, Observationum Anatomico-Chirurgi∣carum Centuria. Accedit Catalogus Rariorum quae in Musaeo Ruyschiano asservantur, adjectis ubi{que} I conibus aeneis naturalem magnitudinem representantibus. Amstelod. apud H. Boom 1691. pag. 274. Prostant apud Abel Swall, & Timo. Childe.
XI. Leonardi Plukenetri PHYTOGRAPHIA, s Stir∣pium Illustriorum, & minùs cognitarum I CONES, Tabu∣lis aeneis, 120 Fig. fere, 800. summâ diligentra elaboratoe. Fol. Londini 1691.
XII. Praxeos Mayernianae in Morbis internis, praecipue gravio∣ribus, & Chronicis Syntagma, & ex Adversariis, Conciliis, ac Epistolis ejus summa Cura ac Diligentia concinnatum. 80. Lond. For Sam. Smith. 1690. pag. 472.
XIII. Edmundi Richeri Doctoris Parisiensis, De Potestate Ec∣clesioe in Rebus Temporalibus, Libri IV. Nunquam antehac editi. 4o Coloniae; & Londini, for Abel Swall, 1691. pag. 526.
XIV. Analysis Aequationum Universalis, &c. An Ʋniversal Ana∣lysis of Equations; Or, A Short and General Method of re∣solving Algebraical Equations; deduc'd and demonstrated out of the New Doctrine of Infinite Series: By JOSEPH RAPHSON, Fellow of the Royal Society, 4o. London, Printed for Abel Swall, 1690. pag. 50.
XV. Cursus Mathematicus: Mathematical Sciences; in Nine Books: Comprehending Arithmetick Vulgar, Decimal, Instrumental, Algebraical; Geometry, Plain and Solid; Cosmography, Celestial and Terrestrial; Astronomy, Theorical and Practical; Navigation, Plain and Spherical; Trigonometry, Rectilinear and Circular: With the De∣scription, Construction and Ʋse of Geometrical and Nautical Instruments, and the Doctrine of Triangles, applyed to Practise in Mensurations of all kinds; as in Longimetry, or taking of Heights, Distances, &c. Planome∣try, or Surveying of Lands, Woods, Roads, &c. Military Architecture, or Fortification; and in Navigation, Dyalling, &c. All which are dispos'd in such a Method as they ought to be read and practis'd by such as would attain to a competent Perfictency in them by their own Industry. By William Leybourn, Philomathes, in Fol. London, for Benjamin Took, &c. 1690. p. 984.
XVII. An Account of some Observations made in the great Congregation of Waters, by lowering Bottles down into the Sea six hundred Foot deep from the Surface, January 2d. 1677/;.
XVIII. Inscriptionum Antiquarum Sylloge, in duas Partes distributa; in Ʋsum Jnventut is Rerum Antiquarum studiosae edita; & Notis illustrata; à Guliel. Fleetwood, Col. Regal. apud Cantab. Socio. Octav. Londini, apud Tim Child, 1691. p. 572. A Collection of Ancient Inscriptions; Divided into Two Parts.
XIX. The Falshood of Humane Vertue, done out of French, 8o. London, For Tim. Child, p. 308.
A Catalogue of some Books lately Printed in Foreign Parts; to be Sold by Abel Swall and Timothy Childe at the Ʋnicorn in St Paul's Church Yard.