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Author: Leslie, Charles, 1650-1722.
Title: A defence of a book intituled, The snake in the grass in reply to several answers put out to it by George Whithead, Joseph Wyeth, &c.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 April (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: A defence of a book intituled, The snake in the grass in reply to several answers put out to it by George Whithead, Joseph Wyeth, &c.
Leslie, Charles, 1650-1722.

London: Printed by M. Bennet for C. Brome ... W. Keblewhite ... and Geo. Strahan ..., 1700.
Attributed to Charles Leslie. Cf. Halkett & Laing (2nd ed.).
"A collection of several papers which relate to the fore-going discourse" (93 p. at end) has special t.p. dated 1695.
Reproduction of original in Union Theological Seminary Library, New York.
Marginal notes.
Subject terms:
Leslie, Charles, -- 1650-1722. -- Snake in the grass.
Whitehead, George, -- 1636?-1723. -- Antidote against the venome of The snake in the grass.
Wyeth, Joseph, -- 1663-1731. -- Primitive Christianity continued in the faith and practice of the people called Quakers.
Society of Friends -- Controversial literature.

title page
A DEFENCE Of the BOOK Intituled The Snake in the Grass.
part 1
THE APPENDIX TO G. Whitehead's Antidote, CONSIDERED; Which is Subscrib'd by Joseph Wyeth. And bears the Title of Primitive Christianity Continu'd &c.
SECT. I. Concerning the Author.
SECT. II. The Method which the Quakers use in Answer∣ing of Books that are wrote against them.
SECT. III. The Quakers Clear'd from Contradiction, in those Seeming Contrary Testimonies which are Pro∣duc'd in this Appendix, to Defend them from the Heresies Charg'd upon them.
SECT IV. Their Witty Answer, and Repartees, upon the Point of their Denying MARRIAGE; And Preach∣ing up of FORNICATION.
SECT. V. Their Re-asserting of their own Infallibility, and Sinless-Perfection. Wherein of their Idolatry.
SECT. VI. Their Defence of not taking off their Hats, or Giving Civil-Titles, Consider'd.
SECT. VII. The Asurdity and Blasphemy of the Quakers No∣tion of the Light Within.
Numb. I.
A FAITHFUL RELATION Of the great Opposition, made by some Prea∣chers among the Quakers, to three great funda∣mental Doctrins of the Christian Faith, at Two several Meetings, at London, in the year 1678, appointed to hear the Charges made by them against me George Keith, for my asserting the said Three Fundamental Doctrins, in my Book call'd The way cast up. Printed 1677.
Some Passages taken out of Humphry Nor∣ton's Ms. mentioned in the II. Part p. 99. 100.
Some Few of the Many OMISSIONS and AL∣TERATIONS in the Re-printing of the Works of the Deceased QƲAKERS (tho' said to have been given forth by the SPIRIT of the ETERNAL GOD) to Trim with every Turn of Government; And Cover the Deceit of their Horrid Principles.
paper 5
In the Post-Man. 14 January 1699. The Quakers have Publish'd the following Pa∣ragraph.
paper 7
The Excommunication of Will. Wilkins, for Marrying one who was not a Quaker: And for being Marry'd by a Clergy-Man.