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Author: Jeamson, Thomas, d. 1674.
Title: Artificiall embellishments, or Arts best directions how to preserve beauty or procure it.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: Artificiall embellishments, or Arts best directions how to preserve beauty or procure it.
Jeamson, Thomas, d. 1674.

Oxford: Printed by William Hall, 1665.
Reproduction of original in Bodleian Library.
Dedication signed: M.S.
Attributed to Thomas Jeamson. cf. BM.
Table of contents: p. [13]-[16]
Subject terms:
Beauty, Personal -- Early works to 1800.

title page
To The HONOURABLE And Truly Vertuous A. E.
To the Ladies.
table of contents
The Prooeme.
Artificiall Embellishments.
CHAP. I. How Women with Child are to order them∣selves that they may be delivered of fair and handsom Children.
CHAP. II. What course of life may probably be the best either to procure Beauty or preserve it.
CHAP. III. External means to gain a good Com∣plexion.
CHAP. IV. How to beautifie a white and pallid complexion.
CHAP. V. To smooth a rough and uneven Skin.
CHAP. VI. How to cleans the sweatie and sluttish Complexion.
CHAP. VII. How to repair the beauty of an itchy or scabby skin.
CHAP. VIII. To adorne the scurffie and mealy Complexion.
CHAP. IX. How to polish the Skin when it is disfi∣gured with Scars, or marks of the Small Pox.
CHAP. X. How to remove spots in what part of the body soever.
To take away any spot whatever.
To cleer the skin of black spots.
For white spots.
For green spots.
For red tawny spots.
CHAP. XI. To reduce the body that is too fat to a meane and handsome proportion.
CHAP. XII. To make the body or any part thereof plump and fat, that was before too leane.
PART. II. Of the Head, Necke, and Breasts.
CHAP. I. To cure Redness and fiery Pimples in the Face.
CHAP. II. How to free the face from freckles.
CHAP. III. To whiten a tan'd visage and to keep the face from Sunburn.
CHAP. IV. To remove running Tettars, or spread∣ing Pustules.
CHAP. V. How to help the Complexion when it is marr'd with blue and congealed blood, or black and blue, proceeding from a stroak or bruise.
CHAP. VI. To smooth the face disfigured with wrinckles.
CHAP. VII. How to cure chaps in the Face.
CHAP. VIII. Remedies for the Face when it is Burnt or Scalded.
CHAP. IX. To beautifie the Face howsoever disfigured.
CHAP. X. How to fasten the Hair, and keep it from falling off.
CHAP. XI. Remedies for the want of haire, how to make it grow on any bald place, or there where it never came before.
CHAP. XII. How to take away haire and keep it from growing againe.
CHAP. XIII. How to make the haire Curle.
CHAP. XIV. To make the Haire Lank and flag.
CHAP. XV. To lengthen the Haire.
CHAP. XVI. To soften the Haire when too harsh and stiffe.
CHAP. XVII. Remedies for the Hair when it splits.
CHAP. XVIII. To make the Hair of what colour you please.
To make the Hair yellow.
To make the Hair or Beard black, though before grey.
CHAP. XIX. How to cleanse the Hair of Scurffe or Dandruffe.
CHAP. XX. How to beautifie the Forehead.
CHAP. XXI. How to beautifie, and adorne the Brows.
CHAP. XXII. Remedies for Inflammation, Bloodshot, or Spots in the Eyes, and yellow∣ness of the Eye-lids.
CHAP. XXIII. To alter the ill colour of the eyes and how to make them bigger or lesse.
CHAP. XXIV. To make the Lips ruddie.
CHAP. XXV. How to smooth the Lips when they are rough and chapt.
CHAP. XXVI. Remedies for such vices as are incident to the Nose.
CHAP. XXVII. How to fasten, cleanse, and preserve the Teeth.
CHAP. XXVIII. To Sweeten the Breath.
CHAP. XXIX. How to beautifie the Neck.
CHAP. XXX. How to keep the Breasts from growing too big, and to make them plumpe and round.
CHAP. XXXI. Remedies for Inflammations or Hard∣ness of the Breasts, and chaps in the Nipples.
PART. III. How to Beautifie the Arms, Hands, Leggs and Feet.
CHAP. I. To remedie sweating of the Armpits, and other inconveniences pro∣ceeding thence.
CHAP. II. For Chaps and Warts in the Arms or Hands.
CHAP. III. How to make the Hands fair and white, and to lessen the Veins when they appear too big.
CHAP. IV. For the Hands when they are swoln and look red or blew with cold.
CHAP. V. Remedies for those vices which are incident to the nails.
CHAP. VI. Remedies for the galling, fretting and sweating of the feet.
CHAP. VII. Remedies whereby to be freed from Kibes and Cornes.
PART. IV. Sents and Perfumes fitted for severall occasions.
CHAP. I. Perfumed Pomanders for Bracelets.
CHAP. II. Pouders for the Hair, Linnen, and Sweet Baggs.
CHAP. III. Sweet Waters, Oils and Essences.
CHAP. IV. Sweet Candles, and Perfumes to burn.
CHAP. V. How to perfume Gloves.