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Author: Howlett, Robert.
Title: The school of recreation, or, A guide to the most ingenious exercises of hunting, riding, racing, fireworks, military discipline, the science of defence, [brace] [brace] hawking, tennis, bowling, ringing, singing, cock-fighting, fowling, angling by R.H.
Publication Info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 April (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The school of recreation, or, A guide to the most ingenious exercises of hunting, riding, racing, fireworks, military discipline, the science of defence, [brace] [brace] hawking, tennis, bowling, ringing, singing, cock-fighting, fowling, angling by R.H.
Howlett, Robert.

London: Printed for H. Rhodes .., 1696.
Added illustrated t.p.
Attributed to Howell by Wing and NUC pre-1956 imprints.
Numerous errors in paging.
Reproduction of original in the University of Illinois Library.
Subject terms:
Recreation -- Early works to 1800.
Sports -- Early works to 1800.

title page
Beasts of Forest, &c.
Beasts of Chase.
Of Hounds.
Diseases incident to Dogs, and their Cures.
Of Hart or Stag-Hunting.
Of Hare Hunting.
Of Coney-Catching.
Of Fox-Hunting.
Of Badger Hunting.
Of the Martern or wild Cat.
Of the Otter.
Of the wild Goat.
For scouring a Race-Horse,
School of Recreation. How to make Artificial Fire-works of all sorts, for Pleasure, &c.
Golden Rain, and Golden Hair.
Silver Stars, How to make them.
Red fiery Colour'd Stars, How to make them.
Another sort of Stars that give great Re∣ports in the Air, as if Armies were fighting.
To make Paste-board Mortars for Balloons.
To make Balloons, the rarity of Fire-works.
The Airy or flying Saucisson, How to make it.
Paste-board Guns to cast the Saucissons in∣to the Air, How to make them.
Saucissons for the Earth or Water, To make them.
Fire-Boxes, To make them.
Firey Lances, How to make them.
To make the appearance of Trees and Fountains of Fire.
Girondels or Fire-wheels, How to make them.
Ground-Rockets, and the best way of Making Serpents.
Fiery Globes or Comets, to make them.
To try the goodness of Powder, that you may know its strength.
St. George and the Dragon fighting, &c. Also Mermaids, VVhales, &c.
A Fire-Drake on a Line.
A Burning Castle and Dragon on the Water.
A Wheel of Fire-works to run backwards and forwards on the Ground.
A Fire that will burn in the Water, or Water-ball.
The exactest Military Discipline for the Exercise of Foot and Horse, as in Ʋse at this day, at Home and Abroad, in all the Words of Command, &c.
The Exercise of the Pike, by word of Command, &c.
The words of Command in the Exercise of the Musquet, and how they are to be Obser∣ved and Performed.
The Exercise of Pike and Musket jointly.
1. Musketiers, make ready.
Poise your Muskets.
Of the Match-Lock.
Exercise by Beat of Drum, relating to the Foot.
The Exercise of Horse in Troops or Squa∣drons, &c.
To close the File. The Right Wing file stand.
The Order of closing Ranks.
How doubling Ranks must be Ordered.
Instructions for Wheeling, with the proper words of Command.
The manner of Filing off.
In Hay, what Order is to be considered in drawing up.
Of doublings.
The Noble Science of Defence, in all its Ʋseful Particulars, for Defending and Offending, with the Rapier or final Sword; after the exactest Method now in Ʋse.
A Guard.
To Parie.
Within the Sword.
Within the Sword.
The Approach or Advance.
To Retire or Retreat.
To break Measure.
To Elonge.
Feinting or Falsifying.
Caveating or Disengaging.
To take Time.
Counter Temps.
Quarting on the strait Line.
Quarting of the strait Line, called de Quarting.
Holding of the Sword.
Of keeping a Guard.
Of the Quart Guard, with the strait Point.
The Quart-guard, with the sloping Point.
The-Terce-guard, with the Point higher than the Hilt.
The Terce-Guard, with the Point lower than the Hilt.
The Guard of Both Hands.
Of the several Parades.
The Counter caveating Parade, &c.
Lessons Offensive. 1. Of Approach∣ing or Advancing.
Lesson. 2. Of Retiring.
Lesson 3. Of giving in the Thrust.
Lesson 4. Of Caveating or Disengaging.
Lesson 5. Feinting or Falsifying.
Lesson 6. The Double Fient.
Lesson 7. The single Feint at the Head.
Lesson 8. Of the double Feint at the Head.
Lesson 9. Containing the manner of the Feint at the Head on the True Parade.
Lesson 10. Of the Low Feint.
Lesson 11. Of Battery.
Lesson 12. Of Volt Coupe.
Lesson 13. Of Binding your Adversaries Sword.
Lesson 14. Of the Flancanade.
Cures for Hawks Diseases.
Of Changes, &c.
Of Cross-peals.
Grandsire Bob.
The Morning Exercise.
A Cure for Melancholy. Doubles and Singles.
London Nightingale. Doubles and Singles.
College Bobs.
The City Delight: Doubles and Singles.
The Evening Delight. Doubles and Singles.
Dodging Triples.
Plain Triples.
College-Triples, dodging before, and behind,
Peals of Eight Bells.
The Imperial Bob. Quadruples and Triples.
Bob Major. Plain Quadruples and Triples.
College Bob Major. Quadruples and Triples.
College Triples Dodging both before and behind.
The Wild-Goose Chase Triples.
Vocal Musick: Or, Plain and Easy Directions to Sing by Notes, wherein with a little Help, any one who is Musi∣cally given, may be perfected in a short time.
The Names of the Lines and Spaces.
Directions as to the Distances of one Note from another, as to Sound.
Directions for the Tuning of Notes, &c.
Cures for Distempers incident to the Cock or Chick of the Game.
How to take all manner of Fowl or Birds.
The several wayes of taking Pheasants.
For taking Partridge.
Of Flies.
Of Pastes.
Of keeping Baits.
Sundry curious Baits for Fish.
Oat-Cakes with Cheese.
To keep Baits for the Pike, or Night-hooks.
Fishes Eyes.
Fat Bacon.
The Pith of the Back-bone of a Sheep
Grain, VVheat, Malt.
How to bring Fish, if any in the Pond or River, to the place you desire.
To make worms for Baits come out of the Ground.
Another approved Bait.
The Artificial Cod or Cad Bait.
Rules and Considerations about Baits in general.
To take Fish in the Night with a Light.
Flies proper for every Month.
The best time to Angle in.
Of Fish-ponds.
To make Carps grow large, &c.