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Author: Horn, Andrew, d. 1328.
Title: The booke called the mirrour of justices made by Andrew Horne ; with the book called the diversity of courts and their jurisdictions ; both translated out of the old French into the English tongue by W.H.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The booke called the mirrour of justices made by Andrew Horne ; with the book called the diversity of courts and their jurisdictions ; both translated out of the old French into the English tongue by W.H.
Horn, Andrew, d. 1328.

London: For Matthew Walbancke, 1646.
"The booke called the diversity of courts and their jurisdictions" has special t.p.
Reproduction of original in the British Library.
Subject terms:
Law -- Great Britain.
Courts -- Great Britain.

title page
The Translator to the READER.
chapter 1
SECT 1. Of the Offences against the Peace.
CHAP. 1. SECT. 2. Of the coming of the English into this Realme.
CHAP. 1. SECT. 3. Of the first Constitutions made by the ancient Kings.
CHAP. 1. SECT. 4. Of Offences, and the Division of them.
Of the Offence of Majesty.
CHAP. 1. SECT. 5.
CHAP. 1. SECT. 6. Of Falsifying.
CHAP. 1. SECT. 7. Of Treason.
CHAP. 1. SECT. 8. Of Burners.
CHAP. 1. SECT. 9. Of Man-slaughter.
CHAP. 1. SECT. 10. Of Larcines.
CHAP. 1. SECT. 11. Of Hamsockne, or Burglary.
CHAP. 1. SECT. 12.
CHAP. 1. SECT. 13. Of the Office of the Coroners.
The Articles are these.
There are nine manner of Accessories.
CHAP. 1. SECT. 14. Of the Exchequer.
CHAP. 1. SECT. 15. Of inferiour Courts.
CHAP. 1. SECT. 16. Of the Sheriffes urnes.
CHAP. 1. SECT. 17. Of viewes of Franck-pledges.
The Articles are these.
chapter 2
CHAP. II. SECT 1. Of Actions.
CHAP. II. SECT. 2. Of Judges.
CHAP. 2. SECT. 3.
How lawfull men ought to complaine.
CHAP. 2. SECT. 4. Of Rewards and Fees.
CHAP. II. SECT. 5. Of Countorr or Plaaders.
CHAP. II. SECT. 6. Of Attachments.
CHAP. II. SECT. 7. Appeales, and to whom Appeale is given.
CHAP. II. SECT. 8. Of Processe of Exigent in Appeales.
CHAP. II. SECT. 9. Of Goales and Goalers.
CHAP. II. SECT. 10. Of People Bayleable in Appeales.
CHAP. II. SECT. 11. Of the Appeale of Maiesty.
CHAP. II. SECT. 12. Appeale of Falsifying.
CHAP. II. SECT. 13. Of Appeales of Treason.
CHAP. II. SECT. 14. Of Appeale of Burning.
CHAP. II. SECT. 15. Of the Appeale of Murder.
CHAP. II. SECT. 16. Appeales of Robbery and Larcine.
CHAP. II. SECT. 17 Of the Appeale of Burglary.
CHAP. II. SECT. 18. Of the Appeale of Imprisonment.
CHAP. II. SECT. 19. Of Appeales of Mayheime.
CHAP. II. SECT. 20. Of the Appeale of wounding.
CHAP. II. SECT. 21. Appeale of Rape.
CHAP. II. SECT. 22. Of Offences reall at the Kings Suit.
CHAP. II. Sect. 23. Of Offences personall at the Kings Suit.
CHAP. II. SECT. 24. Of Veniall Trespasses, and Perso∣nall Suits.
CHAP. II. SECT. 25. Of Assize of Novell, Disseisin, and Reddisseisin.
CHAP. II. SECT. 26. Of Distresses.
There are two kinds of leading of distresses
CHAP. II. SECT. 27. Of Contracts.
Of what thing a Contract may be made.
CHAP. II. SECT. 28. Of Villinage and Neiftie.
CHAP. II. SECT. 29. Of Summons.
CHAP. II. SECT. 30. Of Essoignes.
CHAP. II. SECT. 31. Of Atturnies.
chapter 3
CHAP. III. Sect. 1. Of Exceptions.
CHAP. III. SECT. 2. What Exception is, and the order of Exception, or Plea.
CHAP. III. SECT. 3. Exceptions Dillatories.
CHAP. III. SECT. 4 Of Exception of Clergy.
CHAP. III. SECT. 5. Replication of Bigamy.
CHAP. III. SECT. 6. Exception to the Power of the Jadge.
CHAP. III. SECT. 7. Exception to the Person of the Judge.
CHAP. III. SECT. 8. Exception to the time.
CHAP. III. SECT. 9. Exception of the place.
CHAP. III. SECT. 10. Exception to the Person of the Plaintiffe.
CHAP. III. SECT. 11. Exception of Person, and of his Custody.
CHAP. III. SECT. 12. Exception of Summons.
CHAP. III. SECT. 13. Exceptions of vicious Cou.
CHAP. III. SECT. 14. Exception to Approvers.
CHAP. III. SECT. 15. Exceptions of Indictments.
CHAP. III. SECT. 16. An Answer to Treason
CHAP. III. SECT. 18. Murder.
CHAP. III. SECT. 20. Of Burglary.
CHAP. III. SECT. 21. Of Rape.
CHAP. III. SECT. 22. Of Imprisonment.
CHAP. III. SECT. 23. Of Mayhem and Wounding.
Chap. 3. Sect. 24. Iuramentum Duelli.
Cap. 3. Sect 25. The Ordring of the Combatants.
Cap. 3. Sect. 26.
CHAP. III. SECX. 27. Of Purprestures.
CHAP. III. SECT. 28. Of Treasure.
CHAP. III. SECT. 29. Of Wrecks.
CHAP. III. SECT. 30. Of Vsery.
CHAP. III. SECT. 31. Of Hunting.
CHAP. III. SECT 32. Of Obligation.
CHAP. III. SECT. 33. Of Attaint.
CHAP. III. SECT. 34. The Ordinance of Attaint.
CHAP. III. SECT. 35. Of Oathes.
CHAP. III. SECT. 36. Homage.
Cap. 3 Sect. 37. Fealty annexed to Homage.
Chap. 3 Sect. 38. common Oathes.
Cap. 3. Sect. 39. Of sinall Accoràs.
chapter 4
SECT 1. Of Iudgment.
CHAP. IIII. SECT. 2. The Ordinance of Judgement.
CHAP. IIII. SECT. 4. Jurisdiction is a power to declare the Law.
CHAP. IIII. SECT. 4. Defaults punishable.
CHAP. IIII. SECT. 5. Defaults.
CHAP. IIII. SECT. 6. Of Personall Action.
CHAP. IIII. SECT. 7. Defaults in reall Actions.
CHAP. IIII. SECT. 8. Of Actions Mit.
CHAP. IIII. SECT. 9. Of Pledge and Mainpernor.
CHAP. IIII. SECT. 10. Defaults after summons.
CAP. IIII. SECT. 11. Of champion.
CHAP. IIII. SECT. 12. Of punishments.
CHAP. IIII. SECT. 13. Of Insamous Persons.
CHAP. IV. SECT. 14. Of Majesty.
CHAP. IV. SECT. 15. Of Burning.
CHAP. IV. SECT. 16. Of Murder.
Seaven things doe stay Judgement of Death.
CHAP. IV. SECT. 17. Of Punishments in divers kindes.
CHAP. IV. SECT. 18. Of false Judges.
CHAP. IV. SECT. 19. Of Perjury.
CHAP. IV. SECT. 15. Of the Offices of Justices in Eyre.
CHAP. IV. SECT. 21. Of the Articles in Eyre.
CHAP. IV. SECT. 22. Of Franchises.
CHAP. IV. SECT. 17. Of satisfaction of Debt.
CHAP. IV. SECT. 18. Cases of Disseisin.
CHAP. IV. SECT. 25. Of Amercements.
CHAP. IV. SECT. 26. Of Amercements taxable.
CHAP. IV. SECT. 27. Of the Office of Justices in Eyre.
chapter 5
CHAP. V. Sect. 1. Abusions of the Common Law.
CHAP. V. SECT. 2. The defects of the great Charter.
CHAP. V. SECT. 2. The Articles upon the Statute of Merton.
CHAP. V. SECT. 3. Of the Statutes of Marle-bridge.
CHAP. V. SECT. 4. Articles upon the Statute of Westminster, the first.
CHAP. V. SECT. 5. Articles upon the Statute of Westminster, 2.
Reprehensions upon the Statute of Gloucesier, 16. E. 1.
CHAP. V. SECT. 6. The reprehensions of Circumspectè agates, An. 13. E. 1.
title page
The Booke called, The diversity of Courts, and their Jurisdictions.
Of the Court of Marshalsey.
The Kings Bench.
The Common Pleas.
The Chancery.
The Exchequer.
The Cinque Ports.
The Court Baron.
An Appeale of Murder.
Appeale of Robbery.
Appeale of Rape.
Appeale of Mayhem.
An Indictment upon the Statute of 8. H. 6.
The Table.