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Author: Fernández, Jerónimo.
Title: The famous and delectable history of Don Bellianis of Greece, or, The honour of chivalry containing his valiant exploits strange and dangerous adventures, with his admirable love to the Princesses Florisbella, daughter to the Souldan of Babilond / now newly writ[t]en by Francis Kirkman.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 April (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The famous and delectable history of Don Bellianis of Greece, or, The honour of chivalry containing his valiant exploits strange and dangerous adventures, with his admirable love to the Princesses Florisbella, daughter to the Souldan of Babilond / now newly writ[t]en by Francis Kirkman.
Fernández, Jerónimo., Kirkman, Francis, 1632-ca. 1680.

London: Printed for Francis Kirkman ..., 1671-1673.
Alternate titles: Historia del valeroso e invencible Principe don Belianis de Grecia. English
One of the continuations of Amadis of Gaul.
Vols. 2-3 have title: The honour of chivalry, or, The famous and delectable history of Don Bellianes of Greece. Each has separate t.p. with the respective imprints: London : Printed by Tho. Johnson, for Fran. Kirkman, 1671, and London : Printed by Ed. Okes, for Fran. Kirkman, 1672.
Written by Gerónimo Fernández. Cf. BM.
Reproduction of original in British Library.

title page
To the READER.
THE Famous and Delectable HISTORY OF DON BELLIANIS of Greece, OR THE Honour of Chivalry.
CHAP. I. How Don Bellaneo Emperour of Constantinople was married to the Princess Clarinda, Daughter to the King of Spain, of the birth of Don Bellianis, and how being a hunting he par∣ed from his Father by a strange adventure, and how the Emperour went in search of his Son.
CHAP. II. How the Emperor in search of his Son happened on a strange and dangerous adventure. How Don Bellianis and his Cou∣sin Arsileo left the Cave and went with the Lady, and how they were both Knighted, and of a brave and dangerous fight between the Knights of the Castle and the two Princes.
CHAP. III. The end of the fight between Don Gallaneo and his Forces, and the Emperor and Princes, and how the Princes departed without discovery, and what befel them and the Lady in the dangerous Grove, and how the Emperour after their depar∣ture knew who they were.
CHAP, IV. How the Princes being drawn in the Chariot with Griffons were cured of their wounds by the Sage Bellona, and then tra∣velled towards Antioch, how they happened into the Com∣pany of Duke Alfiron the Courteous, and of the adventure of the Unhappy Bridge, and of a combat between Don Bellianis and the Knights of the Bridge.
CHAP. V. How the Knights were received by the Souldan and his daugh∣ter Persiana, and of her discourse with Duke Alfiron, and the Knight of the Golden Image, of a confederacy between Don Gallaneo and Don Galfeo to kill the Knight of the Golden Image, and his Companions.
CHAP, VI. How the Tourney being begun, of the danger the Adventu∣rous Knight and Arsileo were in by Don Gallaneo's Knights, how Don Bellianis defended himself in the Dukes Pallace from Galfeo, and slew him there, and how he going out of Persepolis relieved two Damsels from certain Knights, und how he slew the Dragon of the Riphean Wood.
CHAP. VII. How the Shophy was grieved after the battel, and how Don Belli∣anis Armor was brought to the City. How the Kings of Ar∣mania and Tessifanty conferred with the Sophy; and how the Duke presented himself to the Sophy, and what hapned to him there; and how the Knight of the Golden Image, and Persiana were challenged, by the fearful Fellistone, and his bre∣thren, for the dh of Don Gallaneo, and Don Galfeo, and how the challenge was acceepted.
CHAP. VIII. How Don Bellianis coming to demand Justice of the Soul∣dan was imprisoned till the end of the Combate, how he being disguised went out of Prison and met with Don Contumeliano of Phaenicia, and then returned to the City, and being armed with his Armour, he was ad∣mitted to fight, his Discourse with the Princess Persiana before the Battle and what happened therein.
CHAP. IX. How the Souldan would not release the Prisoners, and how Don Billianis departed the City undiscovered, and how the Kings of Armenia and Tessifanty devised a means to see them at liberty, and be revenged on the Souldan. The strange ad∣venture of the burning Piller finished by Don Billianis, and of Contumeleano's Love passions, and the strange Cure, and Don Billianis's return to Prison undiscovered.
CHAP. X. How Prince Arselio and the two Kings of Armenia and Tessifan∣ty, in the night et upon the Souldan in his Palace and released the Prisoners, and of the great valour of the Princes, and Don Billianis, and of the great slaughter they made of the Souldans Guard, and how the Souldan commanded his Couzin Caroli∣ano to raise a very great Army to pursue them, and bring back his Daughter. And of the dangerous fight that was between the two Armies, and how by the assistance of Don Contueli∣ano, they obteined a great Victory.
CHAP. XI. How the Souldan being inraged at the overthrow of his Army, raised 300000. Horse-men, thinking to be revenged on the Duke and Princes. How the Duke and Persiana were Marri∣ed and of the great joy, and or the strange Adventures in Justing.
CHAP. XII. Whow the Knight of Fortune was, & the Knights of the Crownes, and the end of the Justs, and the causes of the Emperors com∣ing. How Prince Perianeo approached the Walls of Bollera with 300000. Horsemen: How the Emperor was gone to the three Fountains to finish the Combat with the Knight of Fortune, and of the strange effects of the Combat.
CHAP. XIII. Of the strange Combat between Don Billianis and his Father the Emperour, (caused by the Inchantment of the sage Friston,) and how they came to know one the other, and how the sage Bellona arrived and cured them, and took Don Billianis with her, to finish a strange Adventure, how the Emperour coming to Bollera found a great Army before it, and of his strange ad∣venture there, and of the terrible fight between the Dukes Ar∣my and the Souldan.
CHAP. XIV. How Don Billianis and the sage Bellona travelled into Egypt, where the Emperor Brandezar was Enchanted, and how Don Billianis slew him and ended the Enchantment, and took from him a precious Ring and Armour, which no Enchantment could have power off. How the Princess Florisbella had been Enchanted and carried away by the same Friston, had non Don Billianis and the sage Bellona arrived at that very instant.
CHAP. XV. Of the great thanks that the Souldan gave to Don Bellianis for preserving his Daughter Florisbella from the Enchanter, and how Don Bellianis gave her the Ring which he took from the Emperor Brandezar, which would preserve her from all En∣chantment; and how she was struck in love with Don Bellianis and of his departure. How Don Brianel arrived at Antioch.
CHAP. XVI. Of the strange Combat Don Brianel and Palineo performed at Antioch: and how they released Damartino out of Prison, and of a stranger encounter between Don Brianel and Palineo with two strange Knights, and how they came to know one ano∣thor, and of their design to surprize the City by night, and of the strange arrival of Don Billianis, and of the joy there was between these Princes at their meeting, and of the great victory, and how all the people rejoyced at the news of their Princess Aurora.
CHAP. XVII. The cruel fight between Don Clarineo, Don Brianel, Palineo with Tumolcano and his Gyants: And other fats in the City, and how strangely they were Relieved by Don Bellianis: And how by the Policy of Damartino, all the Tyrants Army and Citizns turned to them, all joyntly submitted and declared for the Princess Aurora: And how they rewarded Palineo, and left Damartino Governour, till the return of the Princsse Aurora.
title page
To the Reader.
CHAP. I. How the City of Bollera being straitly besieged by the Souldan was well near taken, but that it was rescued by Gorino Bro∣ther to the Duke Alfiron, and the Knight of the Basilisks and his Companions.
CHAP. II. Who the Knight of the Basilisks, and his Companions were, and how the Siege was raised, and the Souldan and all his Forces retired to Persepolis.
CHAP. III. How Don Bellaneo the Emperor, and the rest of the Knights and Forces followed the Souldan to Persepolis, and that which hap∣pened ethre.
CHAP. IV. Of the Combat between the Eight Knights, and of the end thereof.
CHAP. V. How the Souldan of Persia and the Emperor of Greece con∣cluded on a Peace, and that which happened afterward.
CHAP. VI. How Don Gorion arriving at the City of Bollera, delivered his Message to Don Brianel, and how the Princesses Persiana and Aurora left the City to travel to the Camp.
CHAP. VII. How Don Brianel and Don Gorion arrived at the Camp of the Em∣peror of Greece. and how the Duke Alfiron and the Princess Persiana presented themselves before the Souldan.
CHAP. VIII. How the Wars were ended between the Souldan and the Em∣peror, and a Peace concluded for ten years.
CHAP, IX. How the Princess Aurora and Don Brianel with the rest of their Company, arrived at Antioch, and what happined to them there.
CHAP. X. How the Princes Perianeo of Persia, and Gramalis of Thrace, were carried into the Desart of Death, and of that which hap∣pened to them there.
CHAP, XI. How the two Princes Perianeo of Persia, and Gramalis of Thrace, being thoroughly cured of their wounds, and walking in the Desert of Death, came to the water sides and finding a Barque went into her, which carried them immediately to the plea∣sant Island, and of that which happened to them there.
CHAP. XII. How the Princess Persiana and her Husband Duke Alfiron were conducted to Shyraz by Don Bellians of Greece. and the Kings of Armenia and Tessifanty, where by the way they met with an Adventure.
CHAP. XIII. How Don Bellianis went with the Damsel of the Princess Mat∣tarosa, to relieve her out of the hands of the Gyant Altifer and his Company: And how he and his Company overcame the Gyant and his two Brethren and Company, and Released the Princess and her Brother Baltasno: And how she knew him to be the Knight of the Golden Image, and how she and her Brother left him, to depart towards Babylon,
CHAP. XIV. How Don Bellianis and his Knights overtook the Princess Per∣siana, Duke Alfiron, and the rest of the Company, and how they all entred into the City of Shyraz.
CHAP. XV. How the Day of the Coronation being come, there entred into the Court a Knight, who termed himself to be The Knight of the Island of Pearls, and demanded the Kingdom of Shyraz as his right, and offered to defend his Title in single Combate against any one Knight; which Combate Don Bellianis under∣took, and vanquished him, and of his departure for Babylon.
CHAP. XVI. How Don Bellianis travelling to Babylon, met with a Damsel that was sent to finde him, and how he returned with her to the Souldans Pallace.
CHAP. XVII. How Don Bellianis arrived at the Souldan of Babylons pallace and how he was received by the Empress and Ladies, and of his discourses with the Princess Florisbella and Mattarosa.
CHAP. XVIII. How Don Bellianis had a second Conference with the Princess Florisbella and her Cousin Mattarosa and how he, after he had taken his leave of the Ladies, departed in quest of the Souldan, accompanied with Baltasano Prince of Numidia.
CHAP. XIX. How Don Bellianis and his Comparions travelled to the Caspian Sea, and how there they embarqued themselves in quest of the Souldan of Babylon.
CHAP. XX. How Don Bellianis and the Knights his Companion, landed on an Island in the Caspian Sea, where the Souldan was kept prisoner by Enchantment: and how Don Bellianis and the Prince of Nu∣midia, after they had fought with many monstrous Gyants and Serpents, ended the Enchantment.
CHAP. XXI. How the Souldan of Babylon in company of the Knight of the Golden Image, the Knight of the Bar, the Knight of Hope, and the Knight of the Flaming Sword, travelling towards Babylon, met with an Adventure, whereby they understood of the danger of the Princess Florisbella, and how they arrived in Babylon.
CHAP. XII. How Don Bellianis went to the Chamber of the Princess Florisbella, and of the discourse they had there; and how the next day he departed towards Trebizond with fifty thousand men.
CHAP. XXIII. How Don Bellianis marching towards Trebizond, and increasing his Army, arrived at last near to his Enemies Camp.
CHAP. XXIII. How Don Bellianis ordered his Forces, and of the cruel bloody Battel between the Emperor of Trebizond and his Army, and the Forces under the command of Don Bellianis.
CHAP. XXV. How Don Bellianis fought another Battel with the Emperor of Trebizond, and how he forced him to leave the Field; and how he followed him into his own Countrey.
CHAP. XXVI. How the Emperor of Trebizond being besieged in the City of Pha∣rez, sent Ambassadors to Albania, Georgia, Muscovia, and seve∣ral other Kings his Allies, to help him in his Wars with the Souldan of Babylon; and how Don Bellianis assaulted his Forces that were encamped without the City.
CHAP. XXVII. How Don Brianel Prince of Macedon was married to Aurora Queen of Antioch, and of the Tilts and Tournaments that was held at the Wedding, and of an Adventure that happened there.
CHAP. XXVIII. Who the Knight of the Keys was, and some of his Adventures, and an end of the Tournament.
CHAP. XXVIII. How Don Clarineo, Don Lucidamore, Contumeliano, Florispiano, The Knight of the Wolf, the Knight of the Keys, did all take their Leaves of the King and Queen, and journeyed towards Babylon to meet with Don Bellianis.
CHAP. XXIX. How Don Bellianis and the Prince of Numidia assaulted the Empe∣ror and his Forces, and forced them all to retire into the City.
CHAP. XXX. How the Souldan of Babylon received a Letter from Don Bellianis, who sent others to the Princesses Florisbella and Mattarosa: and of the Arrival of the Princes Don Clarineo of Spain, Don Lucida∣more of Thessaly, and the rest of their Companions at Babylon, in quest of Don Bellianis.
CHAP. XXXI. How the Emperor of Trebizond was relieved by the Arrival of the Kings of Albania and Georgia with one hundred thousand men, and fifty thousand men sent by the Emperor of Russia, and how he appointed a pitcht Battel with Don Bellianis, and Baltasano Prince of Numidia, and their Armies; and how the two Princes Brothers to Don Bellianis, and all the other Knights came with the Aid of fifty thousand men, and engaged with Don Bellianis and his Army against the Emperor of Trebizond, whom in the end they conquer and take him Prisoner: And so leaving one hundred thousand men in the Field, under the Command of Baltasano, Don Bellianis and the rest of his Friends and Alli∣ance, with the rest of the Aamy, marched back with their Priso∣ners to Babylon.
CHAP. XXXII. How Magdalena Princess of Sardinia being left alone in the Island of Scicillia, made a great Complaint for the absence of her Knight Peter, Knight of the Keys, and how she travelled into Ireland to find him out, where missing him she caused a Monaste∣ry to be built, resolving there to live in disguise in expectation of his return.
CHAP. XXIII. How the Earl of Munster and his Wife the Countess did believe their Son Peter to be drowned, and how they informed the Holy Magdalena thereof, and of the great Sorrow they all made.
CHAP. XXIV. How News came to the Souldan at Babylon of the Victory obtai∣ned against the Emperor of Trebizond, and how the Souldan and many of his Court went out to meet Don Bellianis and his Companions.
CHAP. XXV. How the Souldan of Babylon met the Prince Don Bellianis and his Companions, and how they all arrived at the City of Babylon.
CHAP. XXXVI. How the most Renowned Prince Don Bellianis of Greece, Son to the Emperor of Constantinople, was married to the Princess Floris∣bella, Daughter to the Souldan of Babylon; and of the Solem∣nity of the Wedding, and the Tilts and Tournaments then hol∣den in honor of the same.
title page
To the Reader.
THE THIRD PART OF Don Bellianis of Greece: OR, The Honour of Chivalry.
CHAP. I. Who the Knight of Envy and his Companions were, and the cause of their coming. A continuation of the Triumphs for two days longer; at the end whereof is an Inchantment upon the Knight of Envy, and a Prophesie who is to end the Adventure: several Knights make trial, but to their dammage. The Emperor of Trebi∣zond not agreeing to several Propositions that were made him, the War is resolved upon: a Messenger being sent to Baltazano, he brings an answer, wherein he desires help; for that Floreza, Sister to the Emperor, had relieved the City of Pharez; whereupon 100000. men are sent away by the Souldan, under the command of the Knight of Hope and his Companions.
CHAP. II. How Alfiron and Persiana, King and Queen of Shyraz, go home; and she is brought to bed of a Daughter, named Belliana. Don Brianel and Aurora, King and Queen of Antioch, Likewise go home; and she is brought to bed of a Daughter, named Aurora. Perianeo, and Don Gramalis, had a Son and Daughter in the pleasant Island, by Meridiana and Altea, named Gorgiana and Altea, who are nursed by Friston. The Princess Floreza issues out of the City of Pharez, and fights a bloody Battle with Baltazano; who gets the honour of the day, but is deeply fallen in love with her.
CHAP. III. How the Prince of Numidia, being enamoured of the Princess Flo∣reza, sends her a Letter to acquaint her therewith; which she ci∣villy answereth. She and the City of Pharez is relieved by the ar∣rival of Perisano, Knight of the Panther, with sixty thousand men; and he is reinforced by the arrival of the Knight of Hope, and an hundred thousand men. The Knight of the Panther, being her for∣mer Lover, now endeavors to gain her by fair or foul means. He promises to perform wonders; but attempting the Army of the Prince of Numidia, is beat back with loss. The Princess Floris∣bella is brought to bed of a Son, named Meridian, and a Daughter named Clarinda, who are threatned by a Prophecy. The arrival of the young Princesses, Aurora of Antioch, and Belliana of Shyraz, to be bred up with the two young Princes; who being brought out on a solemnity, are carried away by a strange inchantment.
CHAP. IV. How Don Bellianis is comforted himself, and comforts his Wife, for the loss of his Children, by means of a Letter which he received from the sage Bellona, signifying her care of them. The Princes, Don Clarineo, and Don Lucidamore, in their return to Greece, meet with a Damsel, who was going to Constantinople to get re∣lief against a Giant called Fustagon, who had gotten into his custo∣dy the Princess Leonarda, and her Father, and Lover, the Prince Arsileo; they hearing this news, went with the Damsel to deliver them; which they performed by the death of the Giant.
CHAP. V. How the Giant, Fustagon, being shin, and all the Princes being rea∣dy to leave the Castle, they were interrupted by the arrival of se∣veral parties belonging to him; who had like to have re-taken the Castle, but that they were relieved by the Knight of the Stars, and others in his company; and then, all the Giants Knights being van∣quished, the Castle was left to his care. The Princes travelled first to Leonarda's Fathers, and from thence to Constantinople, where they were welcomed, and the Prince Arsileo married to the Prin∣cess Leonarda. Don Clarineo, travelling in search of Magdalena, Princess of Sardinia, meets and falls in love with the Princess Florida of Sicilia, her Cousin; who being acquainted with his true name and quality, under the promise of marriage, permits him to enjoy her. He departing on his voyage to Ireland, she at∣tends him, disguised like a Page, named Florello.
CHAP. VI. How the Knight of Cupid travelled into England, went to the famous City of London, and from thence to Windsor, where a Combat was to be fought; for that a Countess was accused of Adultery by one of her Damsels, who was hired thereunto by the Countesses Bro∣ther in Law. The King ordering that the Damsel should provide a Champion to fight on her behalf, she had a fierce Giant; and the Countess being unprovided of a Champion, the Knight of Cupid undertook the Combat on her behalf: he fights with, and kills the Giant; and thereupon the Damsel, confessing the accusation to be false, is burnt; and the Countesses Brother in Law is banished. How the Knight of Cupid had in vain sought for the Princess Mag∣dalena in England, and, taking shipping at Westchester, travelled into Ireland.
CHAP. VII. How the Knight of Cupid, being arrived in Ireland, was set upon by four Knights whom he vanquished, and afterwards more of their Companions; but at length he being overpowered by the Multi∣tude, and refusing to yield to the King, was well nigh slain. How he submitted to the King, who told him of Wars in his Kingdom about Honna Princess of Ulster, who was beloved by the Prince of Conaught, but could not be suffered to Marry him by reason of the Gyant Flusteron, who would compel her to be Married to him against her will. How the King with the Knight of Cupid went to the Wars, and after many bloody Battels, and the De∣struction of many Cities, the War was ended by the sole valour of the Knight of Cupid, who in a single Combat slew the Giant Flusteron.
CHAP. VIII. How the Giant Flusteron being slain, all Parties consented to the Marriage of the Prince of Conaught, and the Princess Honora. How the Knight of Cupid acquainted the Prince of Munster, and his Princess, of the life of their Son Peter; and how he found out the Princess Magdalena, by means of his Squire Florello, who also discovered her self to be the Princess Florida. How the War be∣tween the Souldan of Babylon, and the Emperor of Trebizond, was ended by the death of the Emperor, and the marriage of the Prince Baltazano with the Princess Floreza: and of the marriage of the Knight of Hope, and the Princess Mataroza. And lastly, of the arrival of the Knight of the Keys in Ireland, at the Wedding of the Prince of Conaught, and the Princess Honora, the Knight of Cupid, and Princess Florida.