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Author: Flaminio, Marco Antonio, 1498-1550.
Title: The scholars vade mecvm, or, The serious student's solid and silent tutor being a translation of Marcus Antonius Flaminius out of Latin into English : with som few alterations therein by vaie of essay, as also certain idiomatologic annotations on the said author / by John Norton.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The scholars vade mecvm, or, The serious student's solid and silent tutor being a translation of Marcus Antonius Flaminius out of Latin into English : with som few alterations therein by vaie of essay, as also certain idiomatologic annotations on the said author / by John Norton.
Flaminio, Marco Antonio, 1498-1550., Norton, John, b. 1662., Flaminio, Marco Antonio, 1498-1550.

London: Printed by T. Sawbridge and are to be sold by Rowland Reynolds ..., [1674]
Errata: p. 415-416.
A selection of, and annotations on, some of the author's Carmina.
This items appears at reel 930:30 incorrectly identified as Wing F1133, and at reel 1717:6 as Wing F1132A.
Imperfect: t.p.s stained, cropped, imprint date lacking; both copies lack frontispice portrait. Reel 1717:6 contains Beginning-p. 5 from defective British Library copy spliced at end.
Reproduction of originals in Cambridge University Library and University of Illinois Library.
Subject terms:
Flaminio, Marco Antonio, -- 1498-1550. -- Carmina.
Latin literature -- Study and teaching.

title page
TO The truly Virtuous and hihly valued Gen∣tlwoman, Mrs. Margaret Arnold, Wife of his ever honored Friend the Worthi John Arnold, Esq one of his Majestie's Justi∣ces of the Peace for, and late Hih Sheriff of the Countie of Monmouth
Ad Lectorem.
To the hopeful young Au∣thor Mr. John Norton on his in∣genious self and Book.
To the Candid Lector and Spectator of the Scholar's Vade Me∣cum and the young Autor's prefixed Effigies.
To the learned and ingenious Author (of whom it may be said Sibi ipsi laus est.)
AN ACROSTICAL ENCOMIUM Upon the Ingenious Author of the Scholars Vade Mecum.
Matutina Precatio.
Meridiana Precatio.
Vespertina Precatio.
The Morning Prayer.
The Noon Prayer.
The Evening Prayer.
The Matutin Precation.
The Meridian Precation.
The Vespertin Precation.
HYMNUS I. Constitutus in magna aegritudine ani∣mi implorat opem Christi.
HYMN. II. Qàm beati sint qi, sua cruce sumpta, sequntur Christum!
HYMN III. Comparat suum animum Flori.
HYMN. IV. Affirmat eos esse tantùm beatos qi, omnibus caeteris relictis, ad∣haerent Christo.
HYMN. V. Praedicat beneficia collata in se & caeteros mortales à Christo.
HYMN. VI. Quid sit servandum amatoribus Christi.
HYMN. VII. Exprimit ardorem sui amoris erga Christum.
HYMN. VIII. Hymnus in Christum.
HYMN. IX. Sentiens se opprimi jam magnitudine morbi, invocat Christum.
HYMN. X. Dolet se fieri jam senem, neqe tamen caepisse adhuc ser∣vire Deo ex animo.
HYMN. XI. Qàm dulcis & salutaris assidua meditatio vulnerum & tormentorum Christi sit.
HYMN. XII. Orat ut, benignitate Christi, liceat sibi agere vitam piè qe Sancté.
HYMN. XIII. Agit gratias Christo beneficio cujus sit erep∣tus è Maximis periculis & revocatus ad viam salutis.
HYMN. XIV. Qeritur, magnam partem hominum, Christo relicto, studere inanibus rebus.
HYMN. XV. Praedicat se ruere praecipitem in omnia mala sine tutela Christi.
HYMN. XVI. De suo ardenti amore erga Christum.
HYMN. XVII. Adductus in extremum periculum vita magnitudine morbi, commendat suum animum Deo.
Ad Margaritam sororem Henrici Regis Gallorum.
GRAM. I. Being set in a great grief of mind, he calleth for the help of Christ.
GRAM. II. How blessed are they that follow Christ, their Cross taken up.
GRAM. III. He compareth his mind to a Flower.
GRAM. IV. He affirmeth them to be onely blessed, who, all other things being left, cleave to Christ.
GRAM. V. He speaketh openly of the benefits bestowed upon him and other mortal men by Christ.
GRAM. VI. What should be kept by the Lovers of Christ.
GRAM. VII. He expresseth the burning of his Love towards Christ.
GRAM. VIII. An Hymn upon Christ.
GRAM. IX. He calleth on Christ, understanding him∣self now to be grieved with the great∣ness of a Disease.
GRAM. X. He grieveth himself to be now an Old Man, neither yet till this time have begun to serve God with his mind.
GRAM. XI. How sweet and wholsome may the daily meditation of the wounds and torments of Christ be.
GRAM. XII. He prayeth that by the bounty of Christ it may be lawful for him to lead a life godlily and holily.
GRAM. XIII. He giveth thanks to Christ, by whose bene∣fit he is taken away by force from the most great dangers, and called back again to the way of Salvation.
GRAM. XIV. He complaineth the greatest part of men, Christ being left, to study empty things.
GRAM. XV. He speaketh openly himself to rush head∣long into all evils without the guardi∣anship of Christ.
GRAM. XVI. Of his burning love towards Christ.
GRAM. XVII. Being brought into an extreme danger of his life by the greatness of a Disease, he commendeth his mind to God.
GRAM. XVIII. To Margaret the Sister of Harry King of the Gauls.
hymn paraphrase
PARAPH. I. Being in grievous and extreme troubl and anguish of mind and Spirit, hee im∣ploreth, beggeth with tears that Christ would help and com∣fort him.
PARAPH. II. With how great beatitude, blessedness, bliss, are thei incircled, environed, encom∣passed who, having taken up their Cross, becom, are, find them∣selfs to be Imitators, Di∣scipls, followers of Christ.
PARAPH. III. He compareth, likeneth, resembleth his Soul, mind, Spirit to and with a flower.
PARAPH. IV. He voucheth them, and them only to be blessed, happi, who having qite left, for sakn all things, firmly adhaere, hold fast, cleav to Christ.
PARAPH. V. He praedicateth, promulgateth, publisheth the benefits, favors, mercies, confer∣red, bestowed, givn on him and other mortal men bi Christ.
PARAPH. VI. What ought to be reteined, held fast, kept by those whose lov is pla∣ced, fixed on Christ.
PARAPH. VII. He repraesenteth, remonstrateth, exposeth to public view the ardor, effervescence ebullitions of his exceding Ecstatic, Seraphic amor, affection, lov toward the onli begottn, & onli beloved Son of the living God, (the Lords, Anointed and our onli Lord) the holi Jesus.
PARAPH. VIII. An Hymn, Ode, Canticl on Christ.
PARAPH. IX. Hee invocateth, imploreth calleth on Christ, perceiving, finding, feeling that he is now oppressed, over-whelmed, brought low bi the mag∣nitude, hugeness, greatness of a distemper, di∣sease, siek∣ness.
PARAPH. X. Hee mourneth, weepeth, waileth to find himself already becomn decrepit, old, strickn in yeers, and yet not to have so much as begun hear∣tily to serv his Maker.
PARAPH. XI. How mellifluous, dulcifluous, placent, sa∣lubrious, safe, saving a thing it is inces∣santly, diligently, constantly to medi∣tat, studi, muse on the torments, tortures, wounds of the Lord of Life and Glorie.
PARAPH. XII. He praieth that by the benignitie, favor, grace of Christ he mai liv a pious, godli, holi Life.
PARAPH. XIII. He rendereth thanks to Christ bi whose mer∣cie, kindness, goodness hee is rescued, delivered, freed from the greatest perils, dangers, hazards, and revocated, revocaëd cal∣led back into the Vaie of Sal∣vation.
PARAPH. XIV. Hee waileth, moaneth, lamenteth that the most part of men having qite forsakn, clear abandoned, utterly left Christ, studi, follow, pra∣ctice vain, unprofita∣bl, empti things.
PARAPH. XV. Hee praedicateth, reporteth, giveth out that hee should rush head-long into everi evil thing without the guar∣dianship, shield, succour of Christ.
PARAPH. XVI. Of, about, concerning his ardent fervent, zelous amor, affection, lov Christ-ward.
PARAPH. XVII. Hee commendeth, committeth, surrendreth his Soul, Mind, Spirit to God, being brought into the extremitie of peril, danger, hazard of his life throuh the magnitude, hugeness, great∣ness of a distemper, di∣seas, sickness.
To Margaret, Sister of Henrie, King in France, of the French-men, the French King.
Margaritae Henrici Gallorum Regis Sorori.
Precatio Matutina.
Precatio Meridiana.
Precatio Vespertina.
HYMN. I. Opem Christi in magna animi agri∣tudine Constitutus implorat.
HYMN. II. Qàm sint beati, qi sumpta sua cruce Christum sequntur!
HYMN III. Comparat animum suum Flori.
HYMN. IV. Eos tantùm beatos esse affirmat, qi, caeteris omnibus relictis, Christo adhaerent.
HYMN VI. Qid servandum sit amatoribus Christi.
HYMN. VII. Exprimit ardorem amoris sui erga Christum.
HYMN. VIII. Hymnus in Christum.
HYMN. IX. Christum invocat, magnitudine world se jam opprimi Sentiens.
HYMN. X- Dolet se jam senem fieri, neqe tamen adhuc caepisse Deo ex animo servire.
HYMN. XI. Qàm sit dulcio & selataris vulnerium & tormentorum Christi assid me io.
HYMN. XII. Orat ut, Christi benignitate, sibi liceat piè Sanctéqe vitam agere.
HYMN. XIII. Gratias agit Christo, cujus beneficio è M∣imis periculis sit ereptus & ad via salutis revocatus.
HYMN. XIV. Qeritur, magnam bominum partem relicto Christo, rebus inanibus studere.
HYMN. XV. Praedicat se, sine tutela Christi, in mala omnia praecipitem ruere.
HYMN. XVI. De ardenti amore suo erga Christum.
HYMN. XVII. Commendat animumesum Deo, ne morbi, in extremum vitae peri∣culum adductus.
Ad Margaritam Henrici Gallo∣rum Regis sororem.
Grammatica & Rhetorica qaedam inter legendum & ludendum, hinc indé collecta & heic coràm selecta cum observatiunculis & notulis qibusdam, , jure optimo meritóqe in calcem codicis jam tan∣dem rejectis.
parser morning prayer
Matutina Precatio.
The Morning Prayer.
parser midday prayer
Meridiana Precatio.
The Noon Prayer.
parser evening prayer
Vespertina Precatio.
The Evening Prayer.
Precationum trium sc. Matut. Merid. & Vesp. Analysis Spntacticae Crypticaeqe qoddam Syecimen Tyrunculis sal∣tem Grammaticis haud inutile.
Orationis partium qarumlibet in Juniorum gratiam Analysis Grammaticalis.
section feminine
section masculine
section first declension
section second declension
section third declension
Regulae qaedam generales observan∣dae, circa alia verba aeqe ac hoc Verbum percurro.
Paronyma, seu assonantia qae sono simili res dissimiles signifi∣cant.
Epitheta & nomina Dei. Deus opti∣mus & Maximus.
Jesu Christi.
Epitheta alia Miscellanea in codice hoc con∣tenta or dineqe Alphabetico digesta.
Phrases ex precationibus excerptae, qarum oculo, ut ex rimulo diem, reliqas vi∣deas, & ad usum sivis tuum transfer as.
Gemella, seu voces affines sono & sensu.
Gemella seu voces affines sono, at non sensu.
Voces pro diversa junctura , sive Homonyma.
Verborum immutationum, (qas Graeci ap∣pellant ) & sententiarum ora∣tionìsqe formarum (qas vocant ) in Hymnis hisce & carminibus magìs conspi∣cuè hinc indè lucen∣tium Catalogus cursorius.
Specimen ultimum & ex multis unum Idio∣matologicum super vocabulo hoc Fac [vel Facere] heic passim Lecto∣ri occurrente; item super hoc infinitivo Anglico To make, heic etiam Lectori se offe∣rente, eductore Jo∣hanniculo prae∣dicto.
vocabulary Latin-English
To Make.
English-Latin glossary
phrases and compounds
proverbs, etc.
Notae, sive Scholia in Autoris hujus illu∣stris voces aliqot obscuriores & minus obvias.