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Author: Du Perron, Jacques Davy, 1556-1618.
Title: Luthers Alcoran being a treatise first written in French by the learned Cardinall Peron, of famous memory, against the Hugenots of France, and translated into English by N.N.P. : the page following sheweth the particular contents of the booke, which consisteth of symbolismes, parallells, identities.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: Luthers Alcoran being a treatise first written in French by the learned Cardinall Peron, of famous memory, against the Hugenots of France, and translated into English by N.N.P. : the page following sheweth the particular contents of the booke, which consisteth of symbolismes, parallells, identities.
Du Perron, Jacques Davy, 1556-1618., N. N. P.

[S.l.: s.n.], 1642.
Reproduction of original in Union Theological Seminary Library, New York.
Subject terms:
Huguenots -- France.
Christianity and other religions -- Islam.
Islam -- Relations -- Christianity.

title page
This Treatise is deuied into two Parts.
The Epistle of the Translatour, to the Puritan Reader.
part 1
The Preface of the Authour. CHAP. I.
Of the Method houlden in this Treatise. CHAP. II.
The Particular Passages of the Alcoran, alledged in this Treatise, according to the Order, as they do occurre in this Booke: Of which Passages diuers are se∣uerall tymes vpon seuerall occasions re∣peated, and urged. And heere we are to note, that the different Passages of the Alcoran are distinguished (as by so many Sections, or Paragraphs) by the word, Azoara 1.2.3. &c. CHAP. III.
Of Symbolismes in generall. CHAP. IV.
The 1. Symbolisme.
The 2. Symbolisme.
The 3. Symbolisme.
The 4. Symbolysme, touching the writings of the Apostles. CHAP. V.
The 5. Symbolisme, Touching the erring of the Apostles. CHAP. VI.
The 6. Symbolisme, touching the Ghospells. CHAP. VII.
The 7. Symbolisme, Touching the Ancient Fathers. CHAP. VIII.
The 8. Symbolisme, Touching generall Councells. CHAP. IX.
The 9. Symbolisme, Concerning Traditions. CHAP. X.
The 10. Symbolisme, Touching the not Necessity of Fayth in Christ. CHAP. XI.
The 11. Symbolisme, That Mahumetisme and Lutheranisme are ingendred of ancient Heresyes. CHAP. XII.
The 12. Symbolisme; Touching the Planta∣tion of Mahumetisme and Luthe∣ranisme, is warranted by Scripture. CHAP. XIII.
The 13. Symbolisme; Touching the further Plantation of Mahumetisme and Lutheranisme.
The 14. Symbolisme, Touching the want of Miracles. CHAP. XIV.
The 15. Symbolisme; Concerning the like Protestation of Mahumet and the Lu∣therans, for the proofe of their Reli∣gious. CHAP. XV.
The 16. Symbolisme; Touching the deniall of the Blessed Trinity. CHAP. XVI.
The 17. Symbolisme, Concerning the suffering of Christ. CHAP. XVII.
The 18. Symbolisme; Touching the second Person in the B. Trinity. CHAP. XVIII.
The 19. Symbolisme, Touching the ouer∣throw, and implicite deniall of Christ his Passion. CHAP. XIX.
The 20 Symbolisme, Touching the particu∣lar Motius of Mahumets, and Luthers Apostasy. CHAP. XX.
The 21. Symbolisme; That the Turkish, and Protestant Clorgy do marry. CHAP. XXI.
The 22. Symbolisme; Concerning the con∣iunction of Ecclesiasticall supreme Authority, with temporall Authority. CHAP. XXII.
The 23. Symbolisme; Touching the deniall of Originall sinne. CHAP. XXIII.
The 24. Symbolisme; That Baptisme is not Necessary. CHAP. XXIV.
The 25. Symbolisme; That Polygamy i iointly taught by Mahumet, and the Lutherans. CHAP. XXV.
The 26. Symbolisme; Touching the con∣tempt of the Crosse. CHAP. XXVI.
The 27. Symbolisme; Thing other seuerall points of Fayth. CHAP. XXVII.
An Answere to an Obiection, That the Catholiks do agree with the Turks in the doctrines of Sacrifice, and Vowes. CHAP. XXVIII.
Of the coniunction of the Turkes, and some temporall Christian Stater, against Catholike Princes. CHAP. XXIX.
The Reasons of the frienshippe betweene the Turke, and some Lutheran States. CHAP. XXX.
Of certaine Eminent Caluinists, who for∣saking their Christianity, became open, and blasphemous Turkes. CHAP. XXXI.
Wherein is demonstrated, that in twenty Points of fayth, and other accessory Cir∣cumstances thereof, Mahumet and the Turks do in their beliefe and practise of them, seeme lesse to derogate from the honour of Christianity, then Luther and his Schollers doe, in belieuing the contrary. And these Comparisons made betweene the Turks, and the Luthe∣rans, are heere stiled, Parallels. CHAP. I.
The I. Parallel; Betwene Mahumet, and Henry the Eight, King of England. CHAP. II.
The 2. Parallell; Betwene Sergius and Luther. CHAP. III.
The 3. Parallell; Touching the dignity of Christ. CHAP. IV.
The 4. Parallell; Concerning the . Virgin Mary. CHAP. V.
The 5. Parallell; Concerning the Anti∣quity of Mahumetisme, and Lutheranisme. CHAP. VI.
The 6. Parallell; Touching Vniuersality of Mahumetisme, and Lutheranisme. CHAP. VI.
The 7. Parallell; Concerning Vnity of do∣ctrine in Mahumetisme, and Lutheranisme. CHAP. VIII.
The 8. Parallell; Whether Mahumet, or the Lutherans stand more chargeable, in teaching God to be the Authour of Sinne? CHAP. IX.
The 9 Parallel; Concerning the Paschall supper of the Turke, and the Com∣munion of the Caluinists. CHAP. X.
The 10. Parallell; Whether the Turks, or the Lutherans are by their Reli∣gion, more obliged to Prayer? CHAP. XI.
The 11. Parallell; Touching the Proceedings of the Turks against Christians, and of the Protestants, against other Prote∣stants and Catholiks. CHAP. XII.
The 12. Parallel; Whether Mahumetisme, or Lutheranisme more inclines their Belieuers to Vice and Sinne? CHAP. XIII.
The 13. Parallel, Whether Mahumetisme, or Lutheranisme do more depresse, and visify Vertue, and good Works? CHAP. XIV.
The 14. Parallell; Whether Mahume∣tisme, or Lutheranisme seeke more to frustrate the Promises of God, made for reward of Good Works, in the holy Scripture? CHAP. XV.
The 15. Parallel: Whether the doctrines of Predestination, and Reprobation, diffe∣rently taught by Mahumet, and the Lutherans, induce man more to sinne? CHAP. XVI.
The 16. Parallel; Whether the first Compo∣ser of Mahumetisme, was of a more flagitious lyf, and conuersation in man∣ners, then the chiefe disseminatours of Protestancy? CHAP. XVII.
The 17. Parallel; Whether Mahumetisme; or Lutheranisme consist of more an∣cient condeaned Heresies? CHAP. XVIII.
The 18 Parallel; The different respect giuen by Mahumet, and Luther to the New Testament, and to the Euangelists, CHAP. XIX.
The 9 Parallel; Concerning the Mahu∣metane Clergy, and the Lutherane Clergy. CHAP. XX.
The 20. Parallell; Whether the Turks, or the Lutherans may seeme to haue mere erred in their different Beliefe of some inferiour Points of Fayth; and conse∣quently, whether may seeme more to be punished for such their Misbeliefe? CHAP. XXI.
That Mahumetisme, or the Turkish Re∣ligion, is first, most foolish or ridiculous; Secondly, that it warranteth all sensua∣lity, and vnlawfull Pleasures; Lastly, that it is most horrid, blasphemous, and damnable. CHAP. XXII.
AN APPENDIX INTITVLED, The Hugenots second Looking-glasse.
Identity 1.
Identity 2.
Identity 3.
Identity 4.
Identity 5.
Identity 6.
Identity 7.
Identity 8.
Identity 9.
Identity 10.
Identity 11.
Identity 12.
Identity 13.
Identity 14.
Identity 15.
Identity 16.
Identity 17.
Identity 18.
Identity 19.
Identity 20.
Identity 21.
Identity 22.
Identity 23.
Indentity 24.
Identity 25.
Identity 26.
Identity 27.
Identity 28.
Identity 29.
Identity 30.
Identity 31.
Identity 32.
Identity 33.
Identity 34.
Identity 35.
Identity 36.
Identity 37.
Identity 38.
Identity 39.
Identity 40.
Identity 41.
Identity 42.
Identity 43.
Identity 44.
Identity 45.
Identity 46.
Identity 47.
Identity 48.
Identity 49.
Identity 50.
Identity 51.
Identity 52.
Identity 53.
Identity 54.
Identity 55.
Identity 56.
Identity 57.
Identity 58.
Identity 59.
Identity 60.
The Conclusion.
A Table of the Contents of this Treatise.