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Author: Church of England.
Title: The Church of England as by law established being the very doctrine and express words of the homilies against popery.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The Church of England as by law established being the very doctrine and express words of the homilies against popery.
Church of England.

London: Printed for Sam. Thomason, 1683.
Alternate titles: Homilies. Selections
Caption title.
Imprint from colophon.
Marginal notes.
This item also appears as p. 27-46 of "A second five year's struggle against popery and tyranny" edited by Samuel Johnson, and published in 1689, Wing J843, found at reel 386:10.
Reproduction of original in Union Theological Seminary Library, New York.
Subject terms:
Catholic Church -- Controversial literature.
Church of England -- Doctrines.

THE Church of England As by LAW Established: Being the very DOCTRINE and express Words of the HOMILIES against POPERY.
I. That Ignorance is the Mother of Popery.
II. The pretended Reasons for denying the People the free use of the Holy Scriptures.
III. Concerning the singular Profitableness of Lay-men's Books, which with them do supply the place of the Holy Scriptures.
IV. Concerning the right use of Churches, and the gross abuses of them under Popery.
V. Concerning Prayer in an unknown Tongue.
VI. Against Invocation of Saints or Angels, and that Prayer ought to be made and directed to God alone.
VII. Against the Doctrine of Merit.
VIII. Concerning Religious Orders, as they call them∣selves, or Pharisaical Sects by Antichrist invented, as the Homily calls them, and con∣cerning their Merits and works of Superero∣gation.
IX. That the Mass is a gross, Idolatrous and mum∣mish Abuse of the Lord's Supper.
X. What kind of Power the Pope's is, and that therefore we ought not to submit to it.
XI. That the Papists worship a vast number of false Gods.
XII. Concerning Popish Reliques.
XIII. Concerning Image Worship.
XIV. What Ʋse the Church of Rome makes of her gay Imagery.
XV. Concerning the opening of Shop, and publick set∣ing up of Images.