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Author: Dodoens, Rembert, 1517-1585.
Title: Rams little Dodeon [sic] A briefe epitome of the new herbal, or histoy of plants. Wherein is contayned the disposition and true declaration of the phisike helpes of all sortes of herbes and plants, vnder their names and operations, not onely of those which are here in this our Countrey of England growing but of all others also of other realmes, countreyes and nations vsed in phisike: Collected out of the most exquisite newe herball, or history of plants, first set forth in the Dutch or Almayne tongue, by ... D. Reinbert Dodeon, ... and lately translated into English by Henry Lyte, ... and now collected and abridged by William Ram, Gent. Pandit oliua suos Ramos.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: Rams little Dodeon [sic] A briefe epitome of the new herbal, or histoy of plants. Wherein is contayned the disposition and true declaration of the phisike helpes of all sortes of herbes and plants, vnder their names and operations, not onely of those which are here in this our Countrey of England growing but of all others also of other realmes, countreyes and nations vsed in phisike: Collected out of the most exquisite newe herball, or history of plants, first set forth in the Dutch or Almayne tongue, by ... D. Reinbert Dodeon, ... and lately translated into English by Henry Lyte, ... and now collected and abridged by William Ram, Gent. Pandit oliua suos Ramos.
Dodoens, Rembert, 1517-1585., Lyte, Henry, 1529?-1607,, Ram, William,

Imprinted at London: By Simon Stafford, dwelling in the Cloth Fayre, at the signe of the three Crownes, 1606.
Alternate titles: Cruydenboeck. English. Abridgments Cruydeboeck. Rams little Dodeon.
Extracts of the medical applications, with additions, by William Ram, of a translation of the French translation by Charles de l'Ecluse of: Dodoens, Rembert. Cruydeboeck.
Numerous errors in pagination; actual pagination derived from signature collation.
Six leaves of manuscript bound in at end of Cambridge University Library copy include an index and a folded table.
Signatures: A-C4, D-R, S4.
Reproduction of the original in the Cambridge University Library.
Subject terms:
Herbals -- Early works to 1800.
Medcinal plants -- Early works to 1800.
Botany -- Pre-Linnean works.

title page
The Author to the Reader.
The Contents of this Booke.
All these Plants, or the most part of them haue their seuerall dangers and pro∣perties, and therefore they are to be corrected, or to be vsed by good discretion.
All these simples and plants are not to be taken into the body, without great skill, and good correction, by the learned and skilfull Phisicions.
The Corrections of dangerous Herbes, Plants, and simples.
Obseruations in Ianuarie.
Obseruations in Februarie.
Obseruations in March.
Obseruations in Aprill.
Obseruations in May.
Obseruations in Iune.
Obseruations in Iuly.
Obseruations in August.
Obseruations in September.
Obseruations in October.
Obseruations in Nouember.
Obseruations in December.
Obseruations for gathering of Herbes, Fruits, Seedes, Flowres, and Rootes.
Obseruations for gardening, by Fa∣ther Kinke of Tibolds.
Certaine obseruations.
A good perfume to burne.
A pretie kind of bread to eate in the morning.
For a web in a Horse eye.
For a Horse foundred.
To make Vineger.
For a Horse that hath the Cough.
For Hogges murren.
For squinancy of Hogges.
Ad extinguendum Argentum viuum.
For the Farcy on a Horse.
Obseruations for Diet.
Rams little Dodeon.
For the after-birth, secondine, dead child, or flowres.
For the Ague.
For hote Agues or Feuers.
For tertian Agues.
For long Agues.
For old Agues.
For to procure Agues.
For to quench thirst in Agues.
For to driue away shaking and shiuering Agues.
For S. Anthonies fire.
For to restore Appetite.
For the Appoplexie.
For to restore speech in Appoplexie.
For the Ars-gut going out.
For Ayre infected.
For the belly to purge mightily.
For the belly to purge gently.
For to cause blasting, and paine in the belly.
For to open and loose the belly.
For inward Scuruines of the bladder.
For Vlceration or rawnes of the bladder.
Hurtfull to the bladder.
For inward scabs of the bladder.
For paine or stopping of the bladder.
For to coole the bloud.
For to stoppe all issues of blood.
For to staunch bloud of greene woundes.
For to stop the bloud of all woundes.
To purge bloud of all corrupt humors.
For Inflammation of bloud.
For to cause to pisse bloud.
For to stop the Fluxe of the belly.
For windinesse, and blasting of the belly.
For griping paines in the belly.
For to cure the bloudie Fluxe.
For spitting of bloud or corrupt matter.
De Sanicula.
For to stoppe pissing of blood.
For to cause pissing of blood.
For to strengthen the bodie.
For obstructions and stopping of the body.
For to dissolue congealed and clottered blood in the bodie.
For windinesse of the bodie.
For to strengthen the Bowels.
For inflamation of the Bowels.
For windinesse of the Bowels.
For to mundifie the Braine.
For to comfort the Braine.
For to warme the Braine.
For to remooue slymie flegme from the Braine.
For Impostumes of the Braine.
A comfortable Pomaunder for the Braine.
For to cleanse the brest.
For stopping of the brest.
For exulcerations or swellings of womens brests or pappes.
For to drie vp womens brests.
For impostumes of the brest.
For old disease of the brest.
For great paines of the brest.
For vnnatvrall swellings of womens brest.
For hardnesse of womens brests.
For shortnes of breath.
For paine in fetching breath.
For to amend a stinking breath, and to procure a sweete breath.
For such as are bursten or broken.
For children bursten.
For burning or scalding with water or fire.
For Cankers.
For to prouoke carnall copulation.
For to ingender male children.
For to ingender female children.
For pestilent Carbuncles.
For cholerick humours.
For cholerick inflamations.
For the collicke.
For cornes of the feete.
For a consumpsion.
For the Cough.
For the olde Cough.
For the Crampe.
For deafenesse.
For dissentery or dangerous fluxe.
For to cause good digestion.
For biting of a mad dogge.
For the dropsie.
For to slake the belly of such as haue the dropsie.
For payne in the Eares.
For Impostumes behind the Eares.
For wormes in the Eares.
For Impostumes in the eares.
For running eares.
For to clense the stopping of eares.
For singing or humming of the eares.
For inflammation and rednesse of the eyes.
For dimnesse of the sight and eyes.
For bloud-shotten Eyes.
For paynfull bleared Eyes.
For the Haw in the Eye or Pearle.
For Fistulaes in the corner of the Eyes.
For payne of the eyes.
To stop the running eyes.
For flowing downe of humours to the eyes.
For to quicken and sharpen the sight.
For to quicken and sharpen the sight.
For enchauntments and bewitchings.
For the falling Euill.
For bruises by falling or beating.
For one fallen in a swoone.
For to prouoke carnall copulation.
For prowd flesh.
For the Fistula.
For to prouoke flowers, and to bring them downe.
For to prouoke flowers, and to bring them downe.
For to stop the inordinate course of flowers.
For white flowers.
For to ripen flowers.
For cold flewmes of the stomacke.
For Frenzy.
For out-going of the Fundament.
For to settle the Fundament displaced.
For swelling of the Fundament.
For chops, rifts and fistulaes about the fundament.
For to open the stopping of the gall.
For blasting or swelling of Genitors.
For spreading or fretting sores of Genitors, or Priuities.
For to expell Gnats and flyes.
For swelling of the Gowt.
For to asswage payne of the Gowt.
For Gowt in hands or feet.
For to auoyd Grauell, and the Stone.
For to strengthen the Gummes.
For swelling of gummes.
For filthy moysture of gummes.
For Gouts fallen into the Cods.
For heauinesse of the heart.
For to driue vennome from the heart.
For to comfort the heart.
For stitches or gripings at the heart.
For trembling and shaking of the heart.
For scuruy heate or itch of hands.
For chaps or rifts, in hands, feete, or fundament.
For head-ache.
For head-ache.
For giddynesse of the head.
For scurfe of the head.
For to purge the head.
For Impostumes and humours of the head.
For dry humours of the head.
For to heale wounds in the head.
For old payne of the head.
For kybed heeles.
For the Hydropsy.
For the Emerods inward and outward.
For the Yex or Hicket.
For to dissolue cold humours.
For noyse and sound in the eares, and to moue hearing.
For to waste waterish humours.
For the launders.
For the Iaunders and yellow sought.
For the Iaunders and yellow sought.
For swelling and corruption of the Iawes.
For Impostumes.
For Impostumes about the priuy members or genitors of men or women.
For to soften Impostumes about the fundament.
To breake hard Impostunes, or swelling Vlcers.
For inward inflamations.
For hote inflamations.
For ache of ioynts that haue bene broken.
For parts being out of ioynt.
For itch of scuruinesse.
For hollow kybes.
For the Kings Euill.
For Vlcers of Kidneyes.
For stopping and payne of the kidneyes.
For to driue away Gnats.
For lamenesse.
For to stop the Laske.
For to stop the Laske.
To stop the Lask, comming of chol∣lerick humours.
For to heale legges or armes broken.
For sores that runne in the legges.
For the Litargy or sleeping sicknesse.
For the Lazer and Lepry.
For lice and nits in the body and apparrell.
To drine them from the head and body.
To strengthen the Liuer.
For inflamation of the Liuer.
For stopping of the Liuer.
For stopping of the Liuer.
For payne of the loynes.
To increase loue.
For inflamation of the Longs.
For to clense the Lungs.
For roughnesse of the Lungs.
For drynesse and harme of the Lungs.
For to take away marks, comming by stripes or beating.
For to take away marks with hote irons.
For to take away marks of small Poxe.
For to mundify the Matrix.
For to close vp the Matrix.
For windynesse of the Matrix.
For blasting and windynesse of the matrix, or mother.
For the payne of the matrix or mother.
For to resettle the matrix in the naturall place, being moued.
For suffocation and strangling of the matrix.
For stopping, or hardnesse of the matrix.
For hote hard Impostumes of the Matrix, or Mother.
For rising of the Matrix.
For to helpe Melancholy.
For members taken dead or benum'd.
For to mollify stiffe and hard members.
For shrinking of any member.
For to warme all parts of cold members.
For swolne members.
For dislocation of members one of ioynt.
For to strengthen and comfort memory.
For to make a man to be merry.
For Meazels.
To cause plenty of milke in womens brests.
To dry milke in womens brests.
For cloddered milke in brests.
To cause Kyne to yeeld plenty of milke.
For to open the Myle or Splene.
For swelling and inflamation of the Mylt.
For stopping of the Mylt or Splene.
To diminish the Mylt.
For hardnesse of the Mylt.
For hardnesse of the Mylt.
For old griefs and vlcers of the mouth.
For olde vlcers or griefes of the mouth.
For stinking of the mouth.
For vlcers in childrens mouthes.
To increase nature.
For going out of the Nauell.
For young childrens Nauels.
For ange nayles.
For corrupt nayles.
For the Kings Fuill.
To procure sneezing,
For to cause the nose to bleede.
For to staunch nose-bleeding,
For to take away stench or smell of the nose.
To heale superfluous flesh in the nose called Polious.
To open the condoits of the nose.
For members taken with Palsey.
For the Palsey.
For to stay perbraking and vomiting.
For perbraking and wambling of the stomake of women with child.
For to asswage all paynes.
For to dissolue pestilent Carbuncles.
For egmes and hote Carbunclee.
For the Tisick, or consumption.
For to cause one to pisse well.
For the hote pisse.
For such as cannot pisse, but by drops.
A Preseruatine for the Plague or Peftence.
Against the Plague and ent Feuers.
For the French Poxe.
For weaknes comming of the French Poxe.
For the small Poxe.
For poyson of Serpents or Vipers.
For to cure poyson.
For vlcers of the Pulme and Lungs.
For clammy Flegme and humours, to purge them.
To purge by vrin.
For to purge women of deliuerance.
To purge raw and grosse flegme.
To purge hote and cholerick humours.
For to purge hote melancholy humours.
To purge choler vpward and downeward.
To purge by siege downeward.
For rage or madnes by biting of a mad dogge.
To make a man raue and madde.
Against rauing and Frenzy.
To kill Rats and Mice.
For raw vnskinned places.
For payne of the Reynes or Kidneyes.
For to refresh a man.
For subtill Rhewmes and Cataries.
For all ruptures.
For running and spreading scabs and sores.
For scabs and scuruinesse.
For Sciatica.
To driue away Serpents.
For stinging of Serpents.
For byting of Serpents.
For biting of Serpents.
For white naughty scurfe.
For naughty white scuruinesse of the head.
For foule scuroy tetters and scabs.
For dry scurfe and mangynesse.
To driue away the Secondine or after-birth.
For to driue away the secondine or after-birth.
For the falling Sicknesse.
For falling sicknesse in children.
For excoriation, or going off of the skin of the pri∣uities or secret parts.
To make holes in the skin, or blisters.
To take away hard skin of hands and feete, procured by labour.
For roughnesse of the skin.
To procure ouermuch sleepe.
For to procure quiet sleepe.
For them that are very sleepy.
To restore smelling lost.
To prouoke neezing.
For olde sores.
For filthy fretting sores.
For dulnesse or heauinesse of spirit.
For the Sqinnancy.
For the Stone.
To breake the Stone.
For to breake the stone.
Things, hurtfull to the stomake.
To strengthen the stomake.
For to strengthen the stomak.
For payne in the stomake.
For wambling or boyling of the stomake.
For inflamation of the stomake.
To warme the stomake.
To refresh the hote stomake.
For to ouerturne the stomake.
To purge the stomake of Flegme.
To clense the stomake.
For to ingender winde in the stomake.
For cold windinesse, or blasting of the stomake.
For to comfort the weaknesse and ouercasting of the stomake.
For to comfort the mouth of the stomake.
For stinging with Bees or Wasps.
For Strangury and hote pisse.
To pronoke sweating.
For hardnesse of swelling.
For all hote swellings.
To dissolue hard cold swellings.
For to dissolue cold hard swellings.
Fod cold swellings.
For all swelling and scuruinesse about the Seege.
For to take away sweating.
For hardnesse and shrinking of sinewes.
For drawing or aking of sinewes.
For payne, or swelling sinewes.
For to soften sinewes.
For to ioyne sinewes cut.
For to appease payne in the side.
For to dry a moyst stomake.
For to clense the teeth.
For tooth-ache.
To prouoke flowres when they be destroyed.
To deliuer a dead child.
Ague Cakes.
To abate extreme heate in Ague.
For S. Anthonies fire.
For wild fire.
To make a man haue appetite to his meate.
A comfortable powder for digestion, and to procure appetite, with other good properties.
Ipocras for a weake Stomack.
For the Appoplexie, and to restore speach in Appoplexie.
For falling of the fundament or Matrix.
For Ache in the backe, a soueraine Medicine.
A Receipt to make a Purgation.
For going off of the skinne of the Coddes, and the rednesse and inflamation of the same.
A most approued experiment against the same griefe.
For warts and pustules on the priuie members.
For inflamation of the yard ex Coitu.
Provlco in vesica.
For pissing of bloud.
For the bloudy Fluxe.
For to staunch bloud of greene wounds.
To staunch bloud when a master vaine is cut.
For pricking with a needle, or thorne in a Sinew.
For to stop the fluxe of the belly.
For a Marmoll.
For fret in the belly.
For hardnes of the belly.
For griping paine in the belly.
For ache in the backe.
For ache in the bones.
For ache a Cerecloth.
For to cure the bloody Fluxe.
For bleeding at the nose or bloody Fluxe.
A Caudle for the bloody Fluxe.
A singular approued remedie for the bloody Fluxe.
To remoue a botch from one place to another.
To ripen a Botch.
To breake a Botch when it is ripe within, and the skinne thicke and hard.
To strengthen the body and stomacke, and to procure good digestion.
For a sore brest of a woman,
To purge the brest.
To cleare the Pipes.
Bladders called sire Bladders, or burnings.
For a sore brest, where peeces fall out so broad as the bot∣tome of a sawcer.
Ad idem.
For the brest and side.
For inflamation or swelling of the brest or elsewhere.
For rankling Teats of too much Milke.
To make Teats small.
For Tisick and shortnes of breath.
Against the Tisicke.
Against horsenesse.
For winde and stitch in the side.
A paste for stinking breath.
For one that is bursten.
For to preserue one from bursting.
For burning.
For burning or scalding.
Another for the same.
To destroy a Canker.
For Cankers in teates.
For a Canker in the mouth.
To purge Choller.
For the Collicke, and to cause disgestion, and for gryping paynes of the belly.
For swelling of the coddes.
For Cornes in any place.
For the perilous Cough.
For Gough of cold.
For Cough of flegme.
For a Cough of Rewme in the lungs.
For the Cough, rutling of the brest, boyles and sores in the side: for the Milt and stomacke.
For the dry Cough.
For the olde Cough.
A notable Electuary for the same.
For the chine cough.
For the Crampe.
For the Cramp or conuulsion of sinewes.
To cause good digestion, and to destroy wind, and to comfort the reynes and side.
Dropsy in the wombe.
Dropsy and Iaundes.
For Dropsy.
Hote Dropsy in the wombe.
Cold Dropsy in legs and feet.
For payne in the Eares, and to restore hearing.
For wormes in the Eares.
For aking of eares.
For water fallen into the Eares.
A water for sore eyes, that if a man had lost his sight ten yeres, if it be possible to be reconered, it will helpe in ten dayes.
To cleare the sight, and remoue the Web.
For a stripe in the eye, though the sight bee perished.
A Powder to conserue the sight.
To perfit the sight.
For Eyes that water, runne and itch.
For swelling bladders in the eyes.
For sore Eyes in man or beast.
For the Webbe in the Eye.
For all paynes in the Eyes.
For eyes that swell, comming of cold.
For inflammation of the Eyes.
For rednesse of eyes, and to cleare the sight.
A good water for eyes.
Ad idem preciosissima a qua.
A precious water to cleere the eyes, and to destroy the Pyn and Webbe.
To purge the bloud, and cleare the sight.
A good water for eyes.
Falling Euill.
For a Salsiplen face.
For the greene Sicknesse.
For a Felon.
To draw out the Core and corruption. A white salue.
To heale and close vp the wound, after the other salue hath drawne. A greene salue.
There are foure maner of Fluxes.
To stop Whites.
To purge Flegme.
To auoyd slegme.
For Frenzy.
Fundament going out.
For bleeding at the Fundament.
For swelling of the Genitors.
For the Gowt.
For the Gangreene.
A playster wherewith the L. R. was cured, when all Chi∣rurgions thought him incureable.
A playster to cure the red Gowt, or Gutta Rolatia.
A most excellent remedy for a cold Gowt, that is Oleum Benedictum, to heale Guttam Rosatiam.
For the cold Gowt.
For a Canker in the gummes.
Noli me tangere.
Regula. In facie, Noli, in medijs partibus, Herpes, Si sit inferius, dicitur esse Lupus.
For swelling of the guts.
For fatnesse about the heart.
For swelling and stitch at the heart.
For a Stitch.
For a stitch about the heart. A Cawdell.
Trembling and shaking of the heart.
For extreme head-ache.
For head-ache.
For head pushes.
For a scald head.
For qualifying of any hote matter, practised by D. Achelo.
Kybed heeles.
For the Emerods.
Ad idem.
For the Yex or Hicket.
Ad idem.
For Emerods.
For the same.
For the same.
For the Pyles.
To stay the bleeding of Pyles.
For the blacke Iaundis.
For yellow laundis.
For the Yex or Hicket.
For the yellow Iaundes.
Ad idem.
For blacke Iaundes.
For law-fallen, mould-fallen, or roofe-fallen.
For the Ape gall.
For swelling of the P.
For scalding of the P.
For scaing or a womans priuity.
For Satirisis, or rising of the Yard.
To clense the lungs and brest.
Vnguentum Album Camphoratum.
For the scuruy itch
Wormes in hands and feete.
To dissolue scriphules or kernels.
For swelling and ache in the knees.
Payne in the knees.
For costiuenesse.
An easy Laske for digestion.
To stop the Laske.
For a sore shynne.
For Lazer and Lepty.
Lippe salue.
For lice and nits in the body and apparrell.
To driue away lice.
For scabs and lice.
For the consumption of the Liuer.
A playster to coole the Liuer.
For to restore the Liuer.
For to increase loue.
A water to clense the lungs and stomake.
A maruey lous and precious water.
It is of a secret vertue.
For the Marmoll, or Malum mortuum.
For wind passing by the Matrix.
For a woman laboring with child, and that wanteth her throwes at her deliuerance.
De virga virili swollen.
For scalding virge.
For the yard blorized.
For a woman whose child is fallen too lowe, to rayse it.
Against melancholy, an electuary.
To purge melancholy.
For stopping of the Mylt and Splene.
For a sore mouth.
Ad idem, an excellent remedy.
For olde vlcers of the mouth.
To increase Nature.
For the Naucll going out.
To prouoke neezing.
For the Palsey.
Another for the Palsey.
Ad idem, when the speech is lost.
For him that pisseth bloud.
For him that cannot well pisse.
For him that cannot hold his water.
A perfume to ouoyd the infection of the Plague, Poxe, or Meazels.
Against Poyson, and the Pestilence.
For the Pestuence.
For them that haue the small Poxe.
For poyson of Serpents or Vipers.
To withstand poysoning.
Against Poyson and Plague.
For the small Poxe, a loueraigne medicine.
For to make the Poxe come forth.
To know if the sick of the Pox shall liue or die.
To make the Poxe come forth.
To take away the pits of the Poxr.
To purge melancholy.
To purge choler,
For running of the reynes, and Gomora passio.
For him that hath lost his kinde.
Running of the Reynes.
For a scall.
For a childs head hauing a white scall.
For the Purples.
For angry scabs, night ploks, and watry wheales.
For wormes in hands and feete.
For stinging of an Adder.
For byting with a Dogge.
For byting of a Spider.
For biting or stinging of any venemous worme.
For shingles.
For foule scuruy tetters and scabs.
For bleche or swelling.
To kill a Ring-worme or tetter.
A water to heale in fiue dayes all scabs, as well inward as outward.
For the falling sicknesse.
To prouoke sleepe.
For a scald head.
A principall playster to doe away kernels.
For Glandils or kernels.
A new kernell or scruphill is cured as followeth, without cutting or rupture.
For to stop spitting of bloud.
For a fore throat by sicknesse.
For the Squinnancy.
Let the Impostume be opened with yron, or a razer, or this breaking plaster following.
To procure vrine, and to breake the Stone.
For the Collicke and the Stone.
For the Stone. A powder.
To breake the stone in the bladder.
For the Stone.
To clense the stomake.
To auoyd slege out of the stomake, to be taken one spoonefull or two at any time.
For such as cast vp their meat by weaknesse of the stomake.
To comfort and strengthen a weake Stomake.
A good sauce to procure Appetite.
For the Collike of the stomake.
For a Feuer in the stomake.
Against dayly payne and repletion of the mouth of the stomake.
A Purgation against Paralipsim, or coldnesse of the stomake.
For a hote stomake.
For the Collicke of the Stomake.
To elense the Stomake, and cause digestion.
Ad idem.
For stinging with Wasps or Bees, and such like.
For the Collick, Stone, and Strangury.
Forthe Strangury. A plaster.
For Warts.
For thighs wearyed, and that ake, and that are stiffe with trauell.
For sinewes shrunke.
A precious salue for all wounds and sores.
A precious oyle to heale a wound in 24. houres.
For all swellings.
Payne of the Spleene is thus cured.
A playster for the tooth-ache.
For the same.
For tooth-ache of Rhewme.
For spreading Tetters.
For roughnesse of the throe.
For Squinancy or swelling in the throate.
For Almonds or straynes about the throate, and the rootes of the tongue.