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Author: Danett, Thomas, fl. 1566-1601.
Title: A continuation of the historie of France from the death of Charles the eight where Comines endeth, till the death of Henry the second. Collected by Thomas Danett Gentleman.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 April (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: A continuation of the historie of France from the death of Charles the eight where Comines endeth, till the death of Henry the second. Collected by Thomas Danett Gentleman.
Danett, Thomas, fl. 1566-1601.

London: Printed by Thomas East for Thomas Charde, 1600.
Intended as a continuation of the history of Philippe de Commynes, which Danett had translated.
Reproduction of the original in the Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery.
Subject terms:
France -- History -- 16th century -- Early works to 1800.

title page
To the Right honorable my very good Lord the Lord Buckhurst, Lord high Treasorer of England and knight of the most no∣ble order of the Garter.
A Continuation of the Hi∣storie of Fraunce, from the death of Charles the eight where Comines endeth till the death of Henry the second, namely till the yeere 1559.
LEVVIS the twelfth of that name King of FRAVNCE.
Cap. 1. Lewis the twelfth commeth to the crowne, hee is deuor∣ced from his wife, and marrieth the Lady Anne, King Charles his widow and heire of Bretaine, A briefe dis∣course of the euills that ensewed that marriage.
Cap. 2. The king conquereth the Dutchie of Milan, Lodouic Sforce recouereth it, and presently after loseth it againe, and both hee and his brother Cardi∣nall Ascanius are caried prisoners into France.
Cap. 3. By a confederacie betweene the kings of Fraunce and Spaine, Frederick King of Naples loo∣seth his realme. The two Kings▪part it bee∣tweene them, the King of Spaine in the end obtaineth the whole, Pope Alexauder dyeth Iulius the second succedeth.
Cap. 4. Frederic King of Naples and Elizabeth Queene of Spaine both dye, by a mariage beetweene the King of Aragon and the Lady Germa∣nie Foix, peace is made beetweene Fraunce and Spaine. Archduc Philip dyeth. Bo∣lonia is restored to the pope, Genoua rebel∣leth and is soone reduced to the Kings obe∣dience.
Cap. 5. A confederacie is made at Cambray against the venetians, the french ouerthrow them at the battell of Guyradadda.
Cap. 6. The Venetians are reconciled to the Pope and the King of Aragon, all they three toyne to∣gether against the King. The Swyssers al∣so beecome the Kings enemies, the quarell beetweene the Pope and the Duke of Fer∣rare, the Pope loseth Bolonia. The King withdraweth himselfe from the Popes obe∣dience. The Pope excommunicateth the whole Realme of Fraunce. The battayle of Rauenna wherein the Pope and his con∣federats are ouerthrowen.
Cap. 7. The king celebrateth the counsell of Pisa against the Pope, and the Pope the counsell of Later an against him. The Pope stirreth vp Maximilian the Emperor, the kings of England & Spaine, the venetians, & the swissers against the king. The king loseth Milan and Genoua. The king of Spaine conquereth Nauarra.
Cap. 8.
Cap. 9. The king of England ouuerthroweth the french, winneth Therouenne and Tournay. The Swyssers inuade Burgundy, Queene Anne dyeth, The Pope maketh peace beetweene all these Princes. The king marieth the King of Englands sister and dyeth.
Cha. 10. A discourse of certaine vertues and vices of King Lewis the twelfth.
FRANCIS THE FIRST OF that name King of Fraunce.
Cap. 1. King Francis commeth to the crowne, surpriseth Prospe∣ro Colonna, vanquisheth the Swyssers, recouereth Mil∣an. The Pope and hee meete at Bolonia.
Cha. 2. The King returneth into Fraunce, recouereth the Swissers to his seruice, Ferdinande King of Spaine dyeth. Maximilian the Emperour inua∣deth the Duchie of Milan. The Venetians reco∣uer Bressa & Verona, a treatie betwene the king and Charles king of Castile at Noyon. The wars of Vrbine, Luther preacheth against the Pope.
Cap. 3. Maximilian the Emperour dyeth, Charles king of Castile succeedeth him. The King confederateth himselfe with the King of England, who restoreth Tournay to him. The two Kings meete beetweene Ardres and Calais. The King of England and the Emperor mete also together at Calais and Grauelin, a rebellion in Spain.
Cha. 4. VVars betwene the king & the Emperour. The French conquer Nauarre and pre∣sently lose it againe. The Imperials winne many places from the French in the Duchie of Milan. The French win Fontarabia. Nassau inuadeth Picar∣die. The Emperour recouereth Tournay.
Cap. 5. Pope Leo falleth from the King to the Emperour. The Imperials winne Milan and soone after also Genoua. Pope Leo dyeth, Adrian the sixth succedeth. The Swyssers furiously inuading the Imperi∣als camp are vanquished. The King of England defieth the King by the Em∣perours procurement. The Turke win∣neth the Ile of Rhodes.
Cha. 6. The Venetians forsake the King, The Duke of Bourbon falleth also from him, The Emperour inuadeth Biscay, recouereth Fontarabia, The King of England in∣uadeth Picardie. Bourbon inuadeth Burgundie. Boniuet inuadeth Milan for the king but with euell successe. Pope Adrian dyeth, Clement the seuenth suc∣cedeth. The Emperour inuadeth Fraūce but with euell successe.
Cap. 7. Queene Claude of France dieth, Bourbon inuadeth Pro∣uince, but is soone forced to retire, The king inuadeth Milan, and is taken prisoner at the battaile of Pauia.
Cha. 8. The King of England confederateth himselfe with the estate of Fraunce, and the Princes and states of Italie themselues against the Emperour. The Imperialls seaze vpon the Duchie of Milan. The King sayleth into Spaine. The treatie of Madrid. The king is deliuered, The Children of Fraunce goe in hostage into Spaine.
Cap. 9. The Emperour marieth, Fraunce refuseth the treatie of Madrid. The kings con∣federates in Italie, beesiege Milan twice, but in vayne. The Pope is twice taken prisoner by the Imperialls, Rome is sacked. Bourbon is slayne at the as∣ault. The King of England and Fraunce defie the Emperour. The Pope is resto∣red to libertie. Genoua returneth to the Kings obedience. The King inua∣deth Milan and the Realme of Na∣ples, but by reason of the reuoult of Andre D'oria to the Emperour, and the plague that entered into the French camp, his enterprise was ouerthrowne.
Cap. 10. Peace is concluded at Cambray. The Children of Fraunce are deliuered, the King mari∣eth the Emperours sister. The Emperour is crowned, Florence is be sieged and yelded to the Pope, Ferdinand is chosen king of Romaines.
Cap. II. The Practises of the kings of Fraunce and Eng∣land against the Emperour. The Turke inua∣deth Hungarie. The Pope and the Emperour meete at Bolonia, and the Pope and the king at Marseilles. Henry the kings sonne marrieth the Popes niece. The King of England falleth from the Pope, Pope Clement dyeth, Paulus the third succedeth. The Duke of VVirtemberg re∣couereth his Duchie.
Cha. 12. The Emperour winneth Tunis and Gouletta in Afric. The king establisheth legions of footemen in Fraunce. VVarres bee∣tweene the Emperour & the King about Sauoy. The Emperour inuadeth Pro∣uince with euill successe. Nassau beesie∣geth Perona in vayne. The King inua∣deth Picardie and Artoys. The warrs of Picmont and Salusses, truce for three moneths.
Cap. 13. The Pope, the Emperour, and the king, mete at Nice in Prouince, a truce is there concluded for tenne yeares. The Empe∣rour and the King meete at Aigues∣mortes. The Empresse dyeth. Gaunt rebelleth. The Emperour passeth through Fraunce and represseth the rebellion of Gaunt. The Kings Ambassadors are slayne. The Emperours vnfortunate voyage to Argier. The Turke iuuadeth Hungarie.
Cap. 14. Warrs renewed betwene the Emperour and the king. The king inuadeth the Emperour with foure armies. The Em∣perour inuadeth the Duke of Cleues. The king winneth Landersey, inuadeth Luxembourg the second time. The Emperor ioyned with the king of England, be sieged Lan∣dersey, but in vaine. The causes why the king of England left the kings friendship.
Cap. 15. The Turke ioyned with the kings forces, take Nice in Prouince, the Emperour entereth into Cambray. Furstembergs successe in the duchie of Luxembourg. The English spoyle the Countrey of Bouloynoys. The warres in Piemont, and the battayle of Serizoles. The Emperour recouereth Luxembourg, hee and the King of England inuade Fraunce. The King of England win∣neth Boloyn, peace betwene all these Princes. The death of the Kings of England and Fraunce.
HENRY THE SE∣cond of that name King of Fraunce.
Cap. 1. King Henry commeth to the Crowne, The Emperours warres in Germanie. The English inuade Scotland. The rebellion of Guyenne.
Cap. 2. The King aydeth the Scots against the English, hee inuadeth the Countrey of Boulonoys. The Queene of Scots is cari∣ed into Fraunce. Paule the third dyeth. Iulius the third succedeth, peace betwene England and Fraunce.
Cha. 3. The warres of Parma and Mirandula. The kings nauie spoyleth diuers Holandish shippes. The Turke winneth Tripoli.
Cap. 4. VVarres betweene the Emperour and the Princes of Germanie. Tbe king ente∣reth into Germanie, hee carrieth away the duke of Lorraine, inuadeth Luxem∣bourg, Haynault and Picardie,
Cap. 5. The Emperour besiegeth Metz. The Prince of Salerna reuolteth from the Emperour, and likewise the towne of Syena. The armie Imperiall inuadeth Picardie, Bris∣sac in Piemont winneth Alba. Thero∣uenna is razed by the Imperials.
Cap. 6.The Imperialls raze Hesdin. The Duke of Arscot is taken prisoner. The death of Edward the sixt King of England, and of Duke Maurice. The king inua∣deth the Emperour with three armies, the battaile of Renty.
Cap. 7. The warres of Siena. Brissacs successe in Piemont. Pope Iulius dieth. Paule the fourth succedeth. The French in Piemont take Vulpian. The Fight beetweene the French and Flemish Nauies before Douer. The Empe∣rour resigneth the Empire and all his other estates.
Cap. 8. A truce for fiue yeares betweene the King of Fraunce and Spaine. The Emperour saileth into Spaine, and putteth himselfe into an Abbye where hee dieth.
Cap. 9. The truce for fiue yeares is broken by the Popes practise. The Duke of Alua inuadeth the Church Dominions. The Duke of Guyse entereth into Italie, and the King inuadeth the King of Spayne in diuers other places. The Queene of England proclaymeth warre against the French.
Cha. 10. The King of Spaine taketh Saint Quen∣tin. The battaile of Saint Laurens in the which the Constable is ouer∣throwen and taken prisoner. The duke of Guyse is reuoqued out of Italie. The Pope maketh peace with the king of Spaine. The French take Calais. The marriage of the Daulphin. The French take Theonuille.
Cap. II. The French inuade Flaunders and sacke Dunkerke, they are ouerthrowen in their retrait to Calais. The English Nauy ta∣keth Conquet. Peace betweene the Kings of Spaine and Fraunce and Elizabeth Queene of England. Bourg and other Councellours of the law are sent to the Bastile. The Kings daughter is maried to the King of Spaine. The King is slaine at the iusts.
Cap. 12. The conclusion of the Historie.