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Author: Cambi, Bartolomeo, 1558-1617.
Title: The seaven trumpets of brother Bartholomevv Saluthius of the holie order of S. Francis; exciting a sinner to repentance. A worke very profitable for the saluation of all such soules, as are bound with sinne. Now lately translated out of the Latin, into the English tongue, by Br. G. P. of the same order and obseruance.
Publication Info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The seaven trumpets of brother Bartholomevv Saluthius of the holie order of S. Francis; exciting a sinner to repentance. A worke very profitable for the saluation of all such soules, as are bound with sinne. Now lately translated out of the Latin, into the English tongue, by Br. G. P. of the same order and obseruance.
Cambi, Bartolomeo, 1558-1617., Perrot, George, 1601-1670,

At S. Omers: [By C. Boscard] for Iohn Heigham, with permission of Superiors, Anno 1626.
Alternate titles: Sette trombe. English Le sette trombe.
Bartholomew Salthius = Bartolommeo Cambi--STC.
G.P. = George Perrot.
Printer's name from STC.
Reproduction of the original in the British Library.
Subject terms:
Salvation -- Early works to 1800.

title page
THE EPISTLE DE∣DICATORIE. TO HIS LOVING AND Deare Father, Master H. P. his obedient sonne wisheth health in Iesus Christ.
TO THE WORSHIP∣FVLL HIS DEARE MOTHER Mistris E. P. increase of all spirituall and tempo∣rall consolation.
To the deuout Reader.
BROTHER BAR∣THOLOMEVV VNVVORTHY Seruant of Iesus Christ cruci∣fied, to his moste endeared Si∣ster, S. Marie Magdalen glo∣rious spouse of blessed Iesus in heauen.
The diuision of the Seauen Trumpets. THE I. CHAPTER.
The first Trumpet of Gods grieuous complaint of a sinner. THE II. CHAPTER.
Of the infinite wrong wherwith a sin∣ner by sinning, doth offend the di∣uine Maiestie. THE III. CHAPTER.
The second Trumpet of the deformity of sinne. THE IV. CHAPTER.
Here followeth the same matter of the deformitie of sinne. THE V. CHAPTER.
In what hatred sinne is in the sight of almighty God. THE VI. CHAPTER.
The third Trumpet, of the detriment that sinne bringeth to a soule in this life. THE VII. CHAPTER.
Other damages and losses which a soule receaueth by reason of sinne. THE VIII. CHAPTER.
That a soule by sinne, looseth the friend∣ship of God. THE IX. CHAPTER.
That a soule by sinne doth lose the grace of God. THE X. CHAPTER.
Of the terrible sentence which is giuen vpon a soule, at the instant that it sinneth. THE XI. CHAPTER.
That man may easily sinne, but cannot of himselfe rise from thence. THE XII. CHAPTER.
How good workes, done in sinne, doe perish and are of no merit. THE XIII. CHAPTER.
The fourth Trumpet, of the losse that a sinner suffereth through sinne at his death. THE XIV. CHAPTER.
Of the last and deadly disease, and da∣mage of the soule, and that after this life there is no recouery. THE XV. CHAPTER.
Of the separation of the soule from God, in the article of death. THE XVI. CHAPTER.
Of the terrour which the diuell stri∣keth into a soule, in the moment of death. THE XVII. CHAPTER.
Of the fearfull presence of the Iudge in the instant of death. THE XVIII. CHAPTER.
Of the gnawing of the conscience, which after a terrible manner shall mo∣lest a sinner dying. THE XIX. CHAPTER.
Of the separation of the soule from the body, and of the great dolors and af∣flictions, which follow at that time and instant. THE XX. CHAPTER.
Of the place whether the soule goeth, so soone as it departeth out of the body. THE XXI. CHAPTER.
Of the dead body, and carcase of man, and of the miserie of the same, after the separation of the soule. THE XXII. CHAPTER.
The fift Trumpet, of the losse that sinne bringeth at the day of Iudgement. THE XXIII. CHAPTER.
Of the fearful signes which shall apeare before the day of iudgement: by the consideration whereof, many sinne∣ful soules may be saued, which other∣wise might perish. THE XXIV. CHAPTER.
Of the resurrection of the dead, and how that all men which are dead from the beginning of the world, doe die, and shal die vnto the end of the same, shall be reuiued againe. THE XXV. CHAPTER.
Of the comming of the Iudge to iud∣gement, and of the great feare which his cōming will strike into the hartes of sinners. THE XXVI. CHAPTER.
Of the great shame, wherewith all the damned shall be confounded, in the day of iudgement, before almighty God, and the whole world. THE XXVII. CHAPTER.
Of the fearfull sentence which Iesus Christ will pronounce at the day of iudgement, blessed and happy are they who seriously ponder it in their har∣tes, and soules, for this is the most compendious way to forsake sinne, and to turne vnto God. THE XXVIII. CHAPTER.
Of the going, and departure of the dam∣ned to hell in the company of all the diuells. THE XXIX. CHAPTER.
The sixt Trumpett: Of the dammage that sinne bringeth to a soule in hell, and of the most grieuous punishmēts wherwith the damned are there tor∣mented. THE XXX. CHAPTER.
Of the fire of hell, and the paines of sense which the damned doe suffer in the companie of diuells. THE XXXI. CHAPTER.
Of the diuersitie of punishments wher∣with the damned soules are tormen∣ted, without any hope of intermission or mitigation. THE XXXII. CHAPTER.
Of the fift, sixt, and other aboue men∣tioned punishments which the dam∣ned suffer in hell. THE XXXIII. CHAPTER.
The Seuenth Trumpett, of the society, and companie, which a sinner draw∣eth with him, in life, death, and af∣ter death. THE XXXIV. CHAPTER.
Of the societie which sinners haue in their death, and how dangerous their state is about the houre of their death. THE XXXV. CHAPTER.
Of the societie which the soule of a sin∣ner hath after death. THE XXXVI. CHAPTER.
The Approbation.