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Author: Bonaventure, Saint, Cardinal, ca. 1217-1274.
Title: The life of the holie father S. Francis Writen by Saint Bonauenture, and as it is related by the Reuerend Father Aloysius Lipomanus Bishop of Veron. In his fourth tome of the life of Saintes.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The life of the holie father S. Francis Writen by Saint Bonauenture, and as it is related by the Reuerend Father Aloysius Lipomanus Bishop of Veron. In his fourth tome of the life of Saintes.
Bonaventure, Saint, Cardinal, ca. 1217-1274., Montagu, Anthony Maria Browne, 1574-1629.

Printed at Doway: By Laurence Kellam, 1610.
Alternate titles: Legenda maior beatissimi patris francisci. English Legenda maior beatissimi patris Francisci.
A translation, by A. Browne, of: Legenda maior beatissimi patris Francisci.
Duplicate pagination in middle of text; all subsequent pages misnumbered.
Reproduction of the original in the Folger Shakespeare Library.
Subject terms:
Francis, -- of Assisi, Saint, -- 1182-1226 -- Legends -- Early works to 1800.

title page
TO THE RIGHT ƲƲOR∣shipfull and most vvorthy religious gentlman A. B. all happynes in Christ our Lord vvisheth E. H.
THE FIRST CHAPTER. Of Saint Francis his conuersation in secular habite.
THE SECOND CHAPTER. Of his perfect conuersion vnto God, and how he re∣paired three Churches.
THE THIRD CHAPTER. Of the institution of his order of Religion, and of the approbation of his Rule.
THE FOVRTH CHAPTER. Of the increase of the Order vnder his hand, and of the cō∣firmation of the Rule formerly approued
THE FIFTH CHAPTER. Of the austerity of his life, and how the Creatures of God gaue sollace vnto him.
THE SIXTH CHAPTER. Of his humility and obedience; and of Gods fauourable condiscending. vnto all his desires.
THE SEAVENTH CHAPTER. Of his loue of pouerty, and of the marueilous supply of his wants.
THE EIGHT CHAPTER. Os his affection of Piety: and how creatures devoied of reason, seemed to be affected towards him.
THE NINTH CHAPTER. Of the fervour of his Charity, and of his desire of Martirdome.
THE TENTH CHAPTER. Of his diligence and fervency in praier.
THE ELEVENTH CHAPTER. Of his, vnderstanding the scriptures, and of his spiritte of prophecy.
THE TWELFETH CHAPTER. Of the efficac of his preaching: and of his gifte in Curing.
THE THIRTENTH CHAPTER. Of his holy Stigmattes.
THE FOVRTENTH CHAPTER. Of his Patience: and Deathe.
THE FIFTEENTH CHAPTER. Of his Canonisation and of the translation of his sacred bodie.
THE SIXTEENTH CHAPTER. Containing certaine miracles donne by Saint Francis, after his death. Which because it is long, and considering that the miracles be of diuers kindes, is therefore parted into tenne diuisions, according to the seuerall Titles of the miracles.
The first diuision: Of the vertue and force, of the holy Stigmatter.
THE SECOND DIVISION. Of dead persons raised to life againe,
THE THIRD DIVISION. Of such as he deliuered from the perrill of deathe.
THE FOVRTH DIVISION. Of persons, that were saved from shippewracke
THE FIFTH DIVISION. Of persons deliuered out of bonds and imprisonement.
THE SIXTE DIVISION. Of Women deliuered, from daunger, in Childebirthe.
THE SEAVENTM DIVISION. Of giuing sighte vnto the blinde.
THE EIGHT DIVISION. Of persons delivered, from diuers kindes of infirmities.
THE NINTH DIVISION. Of such as obserued not the feaste, and of those that honored not the Sainte.
THE TENTH AND LAST DIVISION Of certaine other miracles, of divers kindes.
A Table of all the Chapters contayned in this booke.