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Author: Wood, Owen, fl. 1639.
Title: An alphabetical book of physicall secrets for all those diseases that are most predominant and dangerous (curable by art) in the body of man. Collected for the benefit, most especially of house-holders in the country, who are either farre remote, or else not able to entertaine a learned physician: as likewise for the help of such ladies and gentlewomen, who of charity labour to doe good. Whereunto is annexed a small treatise of the judgement of vrines. By Owen Wood.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
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Print source: An alphabetical book of physicall secrets for all those diseases that are most predominant and dangerous (curable by art) in the body of man. Collected for the benefit, most especially of house-holders in the country, who are either farre remote, or else not able to entertaine a learned physician: as likewise for the help of such ladies and gentlewomen, who of charity labour to doe good. Whereunto is annexed a small treatise of the judgement of vrines. By Owen Wood.
Wood, Owen, fl. 1639., Read, Alexander, 1586?-1641.

Printed at London: By Iohn Norton for Walter Edmonds and are to be sold at his shop at the signe of the Crowne neer Ludgate, 1639.
"To the reader" signed: Alexander Read.
Imperfect; trimmed at head, affecting running titles and page numbers.
Reproduction of the original in the British Library.
Subject terms:
Medicine -- Formuoae, receipts, prescriptions -- Early works to 1800.
Botany, Medical -- Early works to 1800.
Urine -- Early works to 1800.

title page
To the courteous Reader.
Martii 21. 1638.
AN ALPHABETICAL Booke of Physicall Secrets.
An Ʋnguent for Ache, Bruise, or Spraine.
Ache in any Member.
Another for the same.
For any Ague falne into the Leggs, and swolne, the Cure.
Aspasmus or Numnesse in Ioynts or else-where, to Cure.
Argentum vivum to Mortifie.
Apoplex to Cure.
A Salve for the Apoplex.
Aqua Composita good for head, Memory, and all Diseases.
Another Aqua Composita.
Aches or Lamenesse in Members or Joynts.
Aches olde, the Cure.
Ache in Bones or Ioynts, the Cure.
For all Aches in generall.
An Oyle that cureth all Aches in Man, or Beast.
Ague, or burning Feaver, to coole or helpe.
Ague, a Medicine to binde to the wrest, to Cure it.
Ague hot, a cooling Iulyp.
Ague to heale both in old and young, proved.
Aromaticum Rosatum which healeth the weaknesse of the stomack, comforteth all parts of the Body, cleanseth corrupt humours in the Breast, comforteth the Braine and Heart, and causeth good digestion.
Ague Tertian, the Cure.
Ague or Fever hot a Iulyp.
Ague Tertian, the Cure.
Ague Tertian, the Cure.
Ache, Griefe, or Paine, an Ʋnguent, the Cure.
For any Ague, sore in Knee or Ioynt. for Swelling or Sciatica.
Ague or Feaver of Phlegme, Diary, or Quotidian.
Pills of excellent vertue to purge all Phleg∣maitck Feavers or Agues.
The poore mans Cure for this Feaver.
Ague or Feaver Quartan of Melancholy.
For the Feaver Quartan.
Ague or Feaver Tertian.
The Cure.
First use this Glyster.
Then a Purge if need require.
Feaver which commeth of Blood, the Cure.
Back weake to comfort.
Back weake to restore.
Belly or Sides hardnesse, an Ʋnguent.
Blood to staunch.
Another excellent one.
Blood spetting to staunch.
Blood-Pissing to stay.
Black and blew in the face by a blow.
Blood bruised to avoid.
Breast swolne to ripe, breake, and heale.
Breast sore to breake.
Bruise to cure and helpe.
Burning or Scalding, the Cure.
Another for the same.
An Iniectivement or Lotion.
Bruises, a Plaister.
Breasts to clense of Phlegme.
Braine and Back to purge.
Braines, Nerves, Sinewes, or Griefes of the Head, the Cure.
Breath stinking, the Cure.
Breath stinking, Lozenges to cure.
Bones broken and Set, a Plaister to ease Paine.
Blood to staunch at Nose, or in a wound.
To skale a mortified black Bone.
Brulse or Bruises to Cure.
Bloody-Flux, Scowring, or Gonoria.
Burning or Scalding an approved at Medicine.
Back Paines, the Cure.
Broath given in Consumption or Weakenesse.
Bruise to Cure; also good for the Stone.
Canker in the Breast, or Polypus in the Nose.
Canker, a Plaister.
Canker to extirpate and take out.
Canker, a Lotion.
Canker in Mens Privities, to Cure.
Canker to Cure.
Canker in the Body to Cure.
Canker or sore Eyes.
Consumption, the Cure.
Consumption a noted Cure.
A Dyet drink for the Consumption.
Cough of the Lungs to Cure.
Cough of very hard Phlegme to cure.
Cold hoarcenesse to cause to speake cleare presently.
Cough very old to Cure.
Consumpsion a Medicine.
Chollick a present remedy.
Cough, and strong Consumption, a Potion.
Chollick and Stone, the Cure.
Chollick of Winde.
Chollick and Stone, the Cure.
Collick the Cure.
Cramps, Convulsion, or shrinking Sinewes.
Cramp, the Cure.
Cods swelling to Cure.
Camphire Water to heale.
Cornes in the Toes to Cure.
Carbunckles to ripen and breake.
Cankers inward or outward to cure.
Cramp in Arme or Legge; the Cure.
Canker or Pock in any part of the Body to Cure.
Deafenesse to Cure.
Diseases many and generall an Electuary.
Dropsie, a Purgation for it.
Dropsie, a Medicine.
Dropsie a Dyet-Drink.
Dropsie or any other Disease, a Treakle to cure.
Dropsie, an excellent Potion.
Deafenesse, a pretions Medicine.
A Defensive to stay Impostumes or Inflam∣mations from all grcene Wounds, apply it both sides the wound.
A Defensive for greene Wounds.
Dropsies, Pox, Consumption, or any Disease.
Diascordium, an excellent Cordiall to make.
Eyes red and watering, the Cure.
Eyes that seeme blinde, the Cure.
Egiptiacum to make.
Emrods, the Cure.
Emrods, or any other Swelling in the place.
Emrods to Cure.
Eyes to preserve by Medicines Locall.
Inner medicine to cleare the Eyes.
Eyes that have Pearles, a medicine.
Eyes that have Pearle or Web.
Another rare secret for the same.
Or this.
For the eyes, The vertue of Tormentill.
Eyes to cleare, An approved distilled water.
Eyes to Cure all griefes.
Falling sicknesse, the Cure.
Falling sicknesse or Epilepsia the Cure.
Feaver to prevent, or all other diseaeses by this cooling Cordiall.
Flux of blood to stop and Cure.
Flux or Womans Menstrous to force or bring.
Bloudy Flux to stay, especially of Women.
Flux of Blood, or Gonoria Pills to stay it.
Fistula, the whole Cure.
A vulnary Potion for the Fistula.
Fistula or Cankers the Plaister, to Cure.
Fistula, a Lotion to wash, or Seringe that cureth.
Fistula in the corner of the eye, or else where.
Fistula or sore mouth, a Lotion.
Face heat, the Cure.
Face to cleanse, a water that taketh away all deformity.
Face Moles to take away.
Falling sicknesse, the Cure.
Face heat by humors flowing.
Face very red pimpled, and Sans phlegme to cure.
Flux to stop.
Tents to make for Fistula's.
Flesh to fret or eat away.
For Fractures or Bruises, a Searecloath.
A strong Powder for Fistula or old Sores, apply it with Tents or otherwise.
Fire wilde, or St. Anthonies fire.
Fistula's or foule Vlcers a Lotion.
For the Fistula a Potion used by the Ancients.
Flling-sicknesse, the Cure.
Fistula, a Tent.
Flesh dead to fret away.
The best Potion in the world to Cure the Fistula.
For a Trush in a sucking Childs mouth, or any sore.
Foule festred Sores and Cankers.
For fretting Sores, a Cure.
Flesh superfluous in wounds, or proud flesh.
Gowt, a Medicine.
Gowt, Medicine the King used.
Gonorrhaea, a Pill that cureth.
Gonorrhaa or womens Whights.
Gonorrhaea, a Julip to strengthen the back.
Gonorrhaea, Pills to cure it.
Greene sicknesse, the Cure.
Greene sicknesse, or any other griefe, an Ale to drink in the Spring.
Gonorrhaea, all Fluxes of Bloud what∣soever, and Womens Whights.
Glysters to loose and fasten.
Glyster for the winde Collick.
Gowt paine to ease quickly on warrantize.
A Gargarizme to wash and cleanse a sore mouth.
Another good one.
Head ache of Rhewme, the Cure.
Head beating or noyse, to purge away by the nose.
Head ache, the Cure.
Head, a Gargarizme.
Humors from any place being setled.
Haire to bring againe.
Haire to cause to fall or take away.
For all diseases in head, as Megrom, Impostume, Dropsie, Feavers, Headache, and corrupt stomack.
Hearing lost, to renew againe.
Heat in the Body or Liver, a Iulip.
Dianthos, which helpeth all feeblenesse of the body, the Tissick, the griefe of the heart and liver after long sicknesse.
Head Megrome, or paine, the Cure on warrandize.
To cure any heat or Feaver, a Iulip.
Humors to stay that floweth out, and will not be stayed.
Hemrods, a plaister to cure them.
Head paines very old to cure.
Hurts in the Seull.
Head Megrome, paine, or winde.
Jaundies yellow, a sure and quick Cure.
Ioynts nummed, or nummed Palsie.
Ioynt ache, the Cure.
A Bath for the grieved joynts before dressing.
A Potion to drink during the Cure.
Joynt ache, the Cure.
Joynt numnesse and ache.
Joynt numnesse or ache, the Cure.
Ioynt ache a medicine.
For ache or swelling in joynt or other parts.
Joynt swolne with winde and water, to draw it out.
Joynt or Gowt swolne to mollifie and ease.
A speciall unguent for Aches, Sciatica, or any other paine.
To helpe any shrunck Sinewes, or Ache hard in them.
Impostume in the head to breake and is good for head∣ache and the hearing.
Impostume outward to heale in any part.
Impostume to bring to matter or Sup∣puration.
Impostume in the the body to destroy.
Impostume an Attractive to draw it forth.
Ioynt ache the cure.
An Incarnative to cover a naked bone with flesh.
Ipocras to make at all times with Wine, Ale, or Beere.
Itch to kill.
Incision by a blister to make.
Issues out of the body or members to stop.
Impostume in the head that runnes out at the eares.
Incision to make, and take out the Coare.
Impostumes to ripen and maturate.
Joynt ache benummed or swelling an approved Bath.
Jaundies black and yellow, the cure.
Kibes, the Cure.
Kidnies wasted, the Cure.
Kidnies ulcerated and is approved good, to mollifie and cure them.
Kibes or Blood-falls in the feet, to cure.
Liver heat, the cure.
Liver distempered, a plaister.
Linseed oyle to purifie or prepare for medicine.
Lapis infernalis to make Insition or Issue, and Corrodates an Impostume.
Legges swolne, the cure.
Livers inflammation a Julip, or a ptisan for it.
Another to coole the inflammation of the Liver.
Liver all griefes the cure.
Liver and Milt oppilation, the cure.
Lethargie or Epilepsie, the cure.
Liver and Milt oppilation, the cure.
Lice and scabs in childrens heads, the cure.
Leprosie, or Leper, the cure.
A Purgation for the matter digested.
Lethargie, the cure, and first the unguent.
A Glyster for the same.
The Oyntment.
Lungs Impostume, the cure.
Mad doggs biting, the cure.
Meagrome in the head Impostume, Feaver, and all head aches.
Menstruous to provoke.
Menstruous, to stop the much flowing.
Morphew to cure.
Morphew, a Lotion.
Mother suffocation the cure.
Mother, the paine in a womans body.
Maturative to bring an Impostume to suppuration.
Maturative, another.
Milt oppilation, the cure.
Morphew spots, or marks in the skin, to cure presently.
Mouth sore, or sore gums, and to fasten loose teeth.
Mouth sore, or any other part, a Lotion most excellent.
Morphew or spots in the skinne or in any part.
Nerve oyle to make for all aches and bruises.
Noli me tangere, to cure and coole.
Neck botches or other place, the cure.
Neck and cheekes swolne, the cure.
Nose ulters to cure.
Oyle of Swallowes to make.
Oyle of Saint Johns Wort, to make of the best.
Another oyle of Saint Johns Wort for aches and bruises.
Oyle of Snayles for any ache to make.
Oyntment to expell winde, paine in the backe stone in the kidnies, Sciatica, or any ache, anoynt the place warme, being first rubbed with a dry cloath.
Oyle of Egges to make.
Oyle of Bever-cod, good for paine in sinewes and joynts, Palsie and stifnesse of the neck, it allayes the cold of Agues if you anoynt the back∣bone therewith.
Oyle of Camomile is good to open the pores, and sweatevents, it expells vapours, and is good for paine, in sinewes, joynts, and guts.
Oyle of Dill asswageth all pain, opens the pores consumes wind, and all hard swelling, it take away all shaking of Agues, causeth sleep eases the paine of the head in hot Agues, i you anoynt the back bone therewith.
Oyle of Lillies healeth all paine of cold in brest, reines, bladder, matrix, and guts it di∣gesteth and asswageth the Cough, ripens all Impostumes, drieth all foule sores in the head, diminisheth all sweatings if you mix Saffron therewith.
Oyle of Wax to make.
Opiats to procure sleepe in a me∣lancholy mad∣nesse.
Palsie, the cure.
Another by Potion.
Palsie, Gowt, Cramp, Convulsion, Sciatica, old aches and Con∣tractions.
Plague, an Antidote.
Piles the cure.
Plague, an Antidote.
Plague, a Defensive.
Plague to prevent and cure.
Plague sore to ripen and bring forth.
Polypus a griefe in the nose.
Pox small, the cure.
Pleurisie or Stitch the cure.
French Pox, the cure.
Pox great, the soonest cure.
His Diet.
Purgations to prepare.
A Purgation which purgeth all Aqueous humors.
Pills that purgeth the foure humours.
Plaister Basilicon to draw and heale.
Plaister gratia Dei.
Plumbeous plaister, or of Lead, to heale and finish a sore.
Plaister greene to cure greene and new wounds.
Plaister that cureth all waterish stinking humours.
Black plaister mundifieth all sores, and taketh away all paine.
Plaister of Tapsus barbatus, that cures all Cankers, Fistulaes, Plague∣sores, hot bruises, botches or fellons.
A Lotion to wash the griefe before you plaister it, dresse it twice a day, bathe it hot, or seringe it before the plaister be applyed.
A Potion to drink warme first and last during the Cure, with the Plai∣ster and Lotion.
Plaister for any Ache, Griefe, Sore swelling, or Paine.
Plaister for old sores.
Pleurisie the Cure.
Poyson and Plague to prevent.
A Pill to give sleepe and ease in all extreame paine.
A Purgation that cleanseth the head, braine, and all the body of melanc holy.
A Diet that cures all Pox, Scabs, and Lamenesse.
Another Diet for Pox.
A Plaister sanative and defensive, for Pox or old Sores.
A Plaister attractive, or drawing, to heale sores or wounds.
Some slight Purgations of Senna.
A good Plaister to heale, and dry a sore being cleansed.
A Plaister of Musalage which healeth and skinneth much, and is pretious, and comfortable for veines and Nerves.
Plaister healing, called Jacobs Plaister.
Another of Jacobs Plaister.
An excellent healing and cooling Plaister.
A very good Plaister called the black Plaister.
A Plaister cold, called Colemanes Plaister.
A good Plaister to dissolve and cleanse a sore.
A good Sanative, Incarnative, and Desicative Plaister for ulcers.
Powder to Incarnate and dry up sores.
Another powder to encrease flesh, and heale.
A Plaister to incarnate, and mundifie.
A Plaister maturative and ripening.
A Plaister or Searcloath for fractures or bruises.
A Plaister to heale Sores and Scabs.
A Plaister for the Cramp in arme or legge.
A good Plaister to heale and cleanse old sores.
Another Plaister to dissolve and ripen.
A good Plaister deficative and clensing, lately used.
A Plaister to skinne and heale very fast.
A Plaister to heale and dry.
Another of the same nature.
A Plaister to asswage heat and inflam∣mation of the liver.
A powder to correct and abate spungie flesh, or mortifie it.
A Powder to destroy Warts any where.
A Powder praised of all Chirurgeons, for it scales bones, and stops the watring of Nerves or sinewes.
The Powder of Mercury sublimat.
Pox, or Plague, or any thing else, to purge out.
A Purgation which wrought good effect.
Another gentle Purgation that is good against melancholy, and com∣forts the spirits.
Paine or Pustulls rising any where.
A Plaister of Adders tongue and sweet Mandlin, all greene, which cureth greene wounds and old sores.
Paine in the belly, or any part to cure.
A Pectorall Electuary that comforts memory, the sight, and all griefes.
Tissick, or infection of the Lungs.
Plague a defensive, and cureth the sick of it.
Purging Lozenges, the Dosse is one or two drams.
Reines running, or Gonorrhaea.
Another for the same.
Rupture to cure.
Ringworme, Tetter, or creeping sore, the cure.
For a Red gum, or Sansfleame face old or new.
Rhewme, or Tooth-ache, the cure.
To stay and dry the Rhewme.
For Rhewme.
Ruptures or Dislocations.
Sores a drying powder.
Sores fretting or eating.
Sores running, leprous, and skin rugged.
Sores old to dry up, a Lotion.
For the same Sore a Plaister.
Sore, a Corrasive.
Sores great and old, a playster.
Sores hollow, a Lotion to mundifie.
Sores swelling to asswage.
Sores, or ulcers to mundifie, a water.
Serpigo, or Tetter to cure.
Serpigo, or Tetter: another sure one.
Sores, Allom water that cureth.
Sores old and Ʋlcers, an oile to heale and dry.
Sores inflamed to coole much, and ease the pain.
Stone, an outward application.
Stone, a distilled water for it.
Stone, a powder.
Stone, straight passage of urine to helpe.
Shingles, the cure.
Sinews and veines cut to cure.
Stitch, a present cure.
Sciatica, the cure.
Sweat to procure.
Squinancie, or any swelling in the throat.
Scurvy, the cure.
Swelling, or Inflammation a Pultis.
Swelling, or any ache an ointment.
Swolne, or scabbed legs to heale.
To skin a Sore or heale a wound.
Scabs, the cure over all the body.
Scabs, an unguent with the former drinke.
Stomack to cleanse.
Scal'd head the cure.
Swelling or pain between the skin and the flesh.
Speech lost to cure.
Strangury and Stone to cure.
Sores running to dry and heale.
Stitch to cure.
Stone to breake.
For all Sicknesse, Fevers, Impostumes, or any other disease in Mans body.
Stitch, a remedy in the Spleene, or any part of the body.
A Stone that maketh water for any sore to bathe it, or heale any Canker in the face.
Sciatica, an approved medicine.
To skin a sore, and make it perfectly whole.
Sciatica, Gowt, or Ache, an excellent oyle to cure it.
To eleanse and heale a sore with a faire linnen cloath dry.
A drink for the Stone that cleanseth the back.
To make Diacentauria, which purgeth the stomack, comforts the liver, Mitt, and cooles the body.
Excellent powders for the Stone.
Stone, a pretious water to drink, and may be taken with the fore∣said powder.
A distilled Water to breake the Stone.
Stitching and drawing wide wounds to∣gether, without touching flesh or skin with a Needle.
Stinking mouth to cure.
Stinking breath for the stomack.
Speech used in sleepe to remedy.
To help Children to speake quickly.
An excellent Cordiall to comfort the stomack, heart, and braine; quickens memory, and much comforts the spirits.
For foule Scabs.
For Scabs and Tetters.
For the Sciatica an unguent, probatum.
Tetter, the cure.
Tympanit or Dropsie, the cure.
Thornes with splinters, and to draw them out.
Tooth-ache with rhewme, the cure
Tooth-ache, stinking breath, and loose teeth to cure.
Tooth-ache of rhewme.
Ptysick or any disease of the lungs.
Turne sole to make.
For the Tooth-ache, a medicine made by Doctor Butler of Cambridge.
A Triacle, or rather a pretty Mithridate.
A stomack drink that cures many diseases, if it be made and drunk in May, they are safe all the yeare after.
Thighes ache, or feet.
Thornes to draw out any where.
For Tetters or any creeping eating Sores.
Vein broken or spitting bloud.
Vein broken.
Ʋlcers, the cure.
Ʋlcers old to Siccatrize and cleanse.
Vomit easie with intermission.
Vomit to stay.
Ʋnguent mundifying.
Ʋnguentum Neopolitanum, to cure the French Pox.
Ʋnguent to heale a green wound at first dressing.
Ʋnguent for Ladies chop'd, or sore Lips.
Ʋnguent for deep thrusts or Wounds.
Vnguent Incarnative and healing.
Vnguent to heale the Hemrods, and breake them.
Vnguentum defensivum & repercussivum.
Vnguentum digestive, which brings a wound to faire matter.
Vnguent to mundifie.
Vnguent to cleanse and heale.
Vnguent to skin any wound.
Vnguent to force one to pisse in any sicknesse.
Wounds and small Cuts.
Wounds green, a Balsome to heale quickly.
Wounds green, a Salve to cure.
Wounds or Sores, a good Lotion.
Wenne to cure.
Wormes to kill and cure.
Winde Collick to cure.
Winde with pain and swelling in the Stomack.
Wilde fire in the flesh to cure.
Water to dry and heale a Sore, and to dry a humour.
Womans milke hard in Brests to cure.
Warts or Wens to cure.
Water to eject or seringe the Secrets of Man or Woman, and a good lo∣tion for old Sores.
Womans Paps swolne, or hard to cure.
The Temperature, Nature and qua∣lities of Plants and Herbs for Physick.
First Medicines temperate, hot in first Degree.
Medicines hot in the first Degree.
Medicines hot in the second Degree.
Hot in the third Degree.
Hot in the fourth Degree.
Medicines cold in the first Degree.
Cold in the second Degree.
Cold in the third Degree.
Cold in the fourth Degree.
Medicines moyst in the first Degree.
Moyst in the second Degree.
Moist in the third degree.
Moist in the fourth degree.
Medicines dry in the first degree.
Dry in the second degree.
Dry in the third degree.
Dry in the fourth degree.
To cure a greene wound by the weapon, that gave it without sight of the party wounded,
The use of it.
How the wound shall be used in the meane time.
His Dyet must be temperate.
How to make oyle of Snayles.
A briefe Collection of all Hearbs, Plants, Seeds, Spices, and Gums now used in Phy∣sick, to purge the Body of Man, omitting all such Hearbs and Plants as have any great Danger to deale withall.
These hearbs purge head and braine.
A brief discourse of the Colours and Judgements of Ʋrines.
Womens Vrines, their signification.
A rule to know the danger in falling sick, by the Diary judgement of the Moon.
To know the Humour that causeth the sicknesse by the Patients Spittle.
A judgement of the state of Mans sicknesse by the Pulse.