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Author: Wirsung, Christof, 1500 or 1505-1571.
Title: The general practise of physicke conteyning all inward and outward parts of the body, with all the accidents and infirmities that are incident vnto them, euen from the crowne of the head to the sole of the foote: also by what meanes (with the help of God) they may be remedied: very meete and profitable, not only for all phisitions, chirurgions, apothecaries, and midwiues, but for all other estates whatsoeuer; the like whereof as yet in english hath not beene published. Compiled and written by the most famous and learned doctour Christopher VVirtzung, in the Germane tongue, and now translated into English, in diuers places corrected, and with many additions illustrated and augmented, by Iacob Mosan Germane, Doctor in the same facultie.
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Print source: The general practise of physicke conteyning all inward and outward parts of the body, with all the accidents and infirmities that are incident vnto them, euen from the crowne of the head to the sole of the foote: also by what meanes (with the help of God) they may be remedied: very meete and profitable, not only for all phisitions, chirurgions, apothecaries, and midwiues, but for all other estates whatsoeuer; the like whereof as yet in english hath not beene published. Compiled and written by the most famous and learned doctour Christopher VVirtzung, in the Germane tongue, and now translated into English, in diuers places corrected, and with many additions illustrated and augmented, by Iacob Mosan Germane, Doctor in the same facultie.
Wirsung, Christof, 1500 or 1505-1571., Mosan, Jacob,

Londini: [Printed by Richard Field] Impensis Georg. Bishop, 1605.
Alternate titles: New artzney buch. English Ein new artzney buch.
A translation of: Ein new artzney buch.
Printer's name from STC.
Includes indexes.
Reproduction of the original in the Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery.
Subject terms:
Medicine -- Early works to 1800.

title page
THE CONTENTS OF THIS BOOKE IN GENERALL. This present Worke, or practise of Physicke, is diuided into nine parts.
A very meet and necessarie introduction, for the better vnderstanding of all such things as are handled in this present Practise of Phisicke.
The Contents of the Jntroduction.
Of the manifold miseries and calamities of mankind. The first Chapter.
The second Chapter. The causes of mans miseries and wretchednesse.
The third Chapter. Of the necessitie, profite, and praise of Phisicke.
The fourth Chapter. The diuision of this present worke.
The fift Chapter. How all manner of Rootes, Barkes, Herbes, Flowers, Fruites, and such like may be gathered and kept.
The sixt Chapter. Of the preparation of some things for Phisicke, as followeth.
To make burned Allume.
The seuenth Chapter.
§. 1. A generall rule to be obserued in purging.
What persons shall abstaine from purging, and the impediments thereof. §. 2.
What is to be obserued in and after the taking of a purgation. §. 3.
An addition for the better and more expedite vnderstanding of this Chapter.
The eight Chapter.
§. 1. Of Phlebotomie in generall.
Of the causes that prohibite or forbid phlebotomie. §. 2.
At what time and in what signe a veine ought to be opened. §. 3.
An admonition to those that let others blood. §. 4.
What is to be done before, in, and after the letting of bloud. §. 5.
What veines ought in euery disease to be opened. §. 6.
Of the head veine Cephalica. §. 7.
Of the liuer veine Basilica. §. 8.
Of the Median or middle veine. §. 9.
Of the armepit veine Axillaris. §. 10.
Of the Spleene veine or Saluatella. §. 11.
Of the hip veine. §. 12.
Of the wombe veine or Saphena. §. 13.
Of the hamme or knee veine. §. 14.
Of the veine in the forehead. §. 15.
Of the veines of the eyes. §. 16.
Of the veine in the temples of the head. §. 17.
Of the veine vpon the nose. §. 18.
Of the veines in the lippes. §. 19.
Of the veines of the almonds or kernels in the throate. §. 20.
Of the veines vnder the tongue. §. 21.
Of the veines of the necke. §. 22.
The ninth Chapter. Of Cupping.
The tenth Chapter. Of the diminishing of the bloud by Horsleaches.
The eleuenth Chapter. Of the sixe things not naturall, called of the Phisitions Res non naturales.
The twelfth Chapter. An explication of all the weights and measures which commonly are vsed in Phisicke.
The first part of this Booke containeth the Head, with all the parts thereof, to the very necke, as Face, Haire, Beard, Scull, Braine, Nose, Eares, Lippes, Mouth, Tongue, Teeth, Speech, &c. with all such accidents as are incident vnto them, and their appropriate remedies.
The first Chapter. Of paine in the Head.
Of the causes of head-ach. §. 1.
The signes of a hote head-ach that proceedeth from choler. §. 2.
Applications, Ointments, Plaisters, Lotions.
The ointment of Roses described by Mesues.
A cooling vnguent, Infrigidans Galeni.
Of the paine in the head with agues, and laske or flixe of the bellie. §. 3.
Heate of the head with melancholie. §. 4.
Head-ach proceeding from emptinesse of the stomacke. §. 5.
The order of diet in hote head-aches.
Of Cephalaea and Hemicrania certaine paines of the head. §. 6.
Headache proceding of the sunne or south winde. §. 7
Headache that commeth of drunkennesse. §. 8.
Headach proceeding of a stroke or fall. §. 9.
The second Chapter. Of the paine of the head that is caused by cold.
The manner of purging in this infirmitie. §. 1.
An especiall medicine of the ancient Phisitions for the cold headache.
Certaine wines composed for the cold headache.
Of neesing for a cold and rheumaticke head. §. 2.
The order of diet for the cold paine of the head. §. 3.
Outward bruisings of the head. §. 4.
What doth conuey the medicines towards the head. §. 5.
Additions vnto the paine of the head.
Diuers kinds of Oxymel. §. 6.
Purging sirupe of Roses. §. 7.
Barley water. §. 8.
Manus Christi with Pearles. §. 9.
The third Chapter. The Haire of the Head.
To cause the haire to grow, and to colour it. §. 1.
Of the dying of the haire in generall. §. 2.
To hinder Gray Haires. §. 3.
To take away haire. §. 4.
Of diuerse defaults of the haire. §. 5.
Of baldnesse and falling off of the haire. §. 6.
Of the scales of the head, of the beard, and eyebrowes. §. 7.
For to driue away Lice and Vermine. §. 8.
The Lowsie euill, Phthiriasis, a miserable sicknesse. §. 9.
Of the bad sore, Scurfe or Scall of the head, and such like. §. 10.
Of a Scald head.
Of the plucking away of the scall.
Of the skinne of the head. §. 11.
The fourth Chapter. Of the Scull of the head.
Of the compression of the skull in yong children. §. 1.
Of the fracture of the skull. §. 2.
Of the skins or tunicles of the braines, called Dura and Pia mater, when they be perished. §. 3.
The triall when the plaister is sodden inough. §. 4.
The fift Chapter. The face a part of the head.
Of all staines or spots of the face. §. 1.
Tristrams water.
Of the rednesse of the face. §. 2.
For all white pushes of the face. §. 3.
For to make a cleane face. §. 4.
For congealed bloud after any blowes remaining. §. 5.
How to make a good colour. §. 6.
The sixt Chapter. Eyebrowes, Eyelids, with all that appertaineth vnto them.
Of the swelling of the eyelid. §. 1.
Of the itch and smarting of the eye∣lids. §. 2.
Of clefts in the eyelids. §. 3.
Of Warts vpon the Eylids. §. 4.
Of the inuersion of the eyelids, where the inward red flesh appeareth outwardly. §. 5.
Of the Consolidation or growing together of the Eyelids. §. 6.
Of the neathermost Eyelid which pricketh the Apple of the Eye. §. 7.
For falling off of the Haire in the vndermost eye-lids. §. 8.
The seuenth Chapter. Of the Eyes.
Of the paine in the eyes in generall. §. 1.
Of the corners of the Eyes and their diseases. §. 2.
Of the disease in the eyes called Ophthalmia. §. 3.
Of the rednesse of the eyes. §. 4.
Hote eyes. §. 5.
Hote Blisters and pricking in the Eyes.
Itch and Scabs of the Eyes. §. 6.
Watering or running Eyes. §. 7.
The order of Diet.
Bleared eyes of a cold cause.
Of actuall cauterisation in the necke in all Rheumes of the head.
What is conuenient for purging.
Sore eyes with or without matter. §. 8.
Impostumes of the eyes through outward occasions.
Where the eyes do bake together in the sleepe.
Of Aegylops, a certaine swelling betweene the nose and the corner of the eye. §. 9.
Of Blemishes or spots in the Eyes. §. 10.
When the pearles or Velmes be new.
Of the Fistula in the corner of the eye. §. 11.
If Gnats, Flies, or any such like thing seeme to swarme before the Eyes. §. 12.
What these patients must refraine.
Of the Skin of the Eye. §. 13.
Of the mists and cloudes of the Eyes. §. 14.
Dispersion, or contraction of the eye beames or sight. §. 15.
Of the extuberation of the Eyes, as if they would fall out. §. 16.
Of eyes that be burnt. §. 17.
Whensoeuer any be stricken in or vpon the eye. §. 18.
If any thing be fallen into the eyes. §. 19.
How to cure the diminishing, feeblenesse, and darknesse of the eyes. §. 20.
A powder to be vsed with meate.
Pillule, Pilles.
Of all those that after the rising of the Sunne, do see nothing at all, or very badly. §. 21.
When one is waxed almost blind. §. 22.
Of Squintnesse. §. 23.
Hydromell, honie water: how to make and vse the same. §. 24.
The eight Chapter. Of the Nose.
Of Obstruction or stopping in the Nose. §. 1.
Of the Vlcers in the nose. §. 2.
Obstruction or stopping in Childrens noses without any other infirmitie. §. 3.
Impostumations of the Nose. §. 4.
Of the Canker in the Nose. §. 5.
Of the Murre. §. 6.
The cleansing of the head.
Of the excessiue bleeding at the Nose. §. 7.
An order of diet.
Enfeebled or lost smelling. §. 8.
Oyle of Tiles or Brickes, called Oleum Philosophorum.
The ninth Chapter. Of the Eares.
Paine of the Eares in generall. §. 1.
A generall rule of the outward applications into the Eares.
Of the order of life or diet.
Of the noise and hissing in the eares. §. 2.
Hissing in the Eares with bad hearing.
What meates are to be refrained.
Of the binding or rubbing in the hissing of the Eares.
Impostumes and sores in the Eares. §. 3.
Outward sores of the Eares. §. 4.
Of the bleeding at the Eares. §. 5.
Of little wormes that grow in the Eares, and that do creepe into them outwardly, and such like. §. 6.
Obstruction or stopping of the Eares through inward and outward causes. §. 7.
If any thing be gotten into the Eares from without. §. 8.
Of the diminishing of hearing. §. 9.
The tenth Chapter. Of the Lips.
Of the chops or clifts of the Lips. §. 1.
The eleuenth Chapter. Of the Beard.
For the growing of the Beard. §. 1.
Against the falling out of the Beard. §. 2.
The twelfth Chapter. The Braines, and all that concerneth them.
For to drie the braines.
Of the Memorie. §. 1.
Order of Diet.
A good powder.
Another meane for to strengthen the memorie.
Of the giddinesse of the head, and infirmitie of the Braine. §. 2.
A powder for meate.
An Electuarie.
The order of diet.
Of franticknesse, madnesse, or doting, and such like infirmities. §. 3.
Of dotage and childishnesse, called in Latin Delirium. §. 4.
Comfortable Electuaries.
Of Phrenitis, or franticknesse with an Ague. §. 5.
If this sicknesse be caused of bloud.
Of the dwelling of a franticke man, and other remedies concerning this disease.
A precious water.
For to bring the sicke to sleepe and rest. §. 6.
A Salue.
A potion and such like to procure sleepe.
A confection and what else may be taken.
Another not so strong.
Of the ouerheated children, when they awake out of sleepe.
Of Mania, another kind of franticknesse, which we commonly called Madnesse. §. 7.
Of Melancholia, or Dementia, a wonderfull madnesse. §. 8.
A potion of Epithymus.
A very precious Confection.
Another Confection.
A Powder which is much commended.
Of the Palsey in generall. §. 9.
Of the sleeping disease Lethargus, Veternus, Torpor. §. 10.
The order of diet.
Of Numnesse and Astonishing, which is Stupor, Congelatio, whereon dependeth Tremor, which we call trembling. §. 11.
Of the shaking Palsey. §. 12.
A Powder.
The Confection of Diamargariton.
For the Resolution of the sinewes or dead Palsey. §. 13.
Of Purging.
Powder for sauce to meate.
Of Bathing.
An especiall Bath.
Fomentations in steade of Bathes.
A water for Inunction.
A maruellous Oile called Hypobalsamus.
Another Salue highly commended.
To be noted.
Palsey through fals or blowes.
Conuulsion of the mouth through the Palsey. §. 14.
A Plaister.
A capitall Powder.
A Lotion for the feete.
Order of Diet.
Of the Crampe, and conuulsion of the sinewes by the Palsey. §. 15.
Suppling or mollifying Salue.
Digestiue Salue.
Of Bathing.
Of the Crampe through emptinesse and heate.
A better Broth.
For Strengthening.
Of Bathing.
Crampe through wounding.
Of the hag or mare Ephialte, and Incubus. § 16.
Of the falling sicknesse, called Epilepsia. §. 17.
Order of Diet.
Of the Falling sicknesse in children.
A good Powder.
A Powder.
A Confection.
Yet more of the Falling sicknesse.
Plaisters which raise and draw blisters.
A Stronger.
For to Purge.
After Purging.
A Bagge.
Here followeth yet many a good remedie.
Of things that may be hanged about the necke.
A capitall Vnguent.
Vngula Alcis.
A Confection or Electuarie for the falling euill.
Of the Friction.
Of the Apoplexie or dead Palsey. §. 18.
Of outward applications.
The thirteenth Chapter. Of the Mouth, and all that appertaineth vnto it.
Of putrifactions and exulcerations in the Mouth. §. 1.
Of the swollen Almonds. §. 2.
Aqua Iohannis.
Of a stinking mouth and breath. §. 3.
A Gargarisme for all infections of the mouth. §. 4.
The Sirupe of Mulberries Diamoron.
Honie of Roses.
The sirupe of Nut shels.
Of the Pallet, and the falling downe thereof. §. 5.
Of the tumor and falling downe of the pallet through heate.
A Powder.
Of swelling, and falling downe of the pallet through cold.
What is to be done in the greatest extremitie.
The order of Diet.
Of the Tongue. §. 6.
Of the losse and vnperfectnesse of tasting.
A Gargarisme for the same.
Of a heauie and slow Tongue.
A Powder.
How to moisten the tongue.
For the Alcola, or hardnesse and cliffes in the tongue.
Of the tumour and swelling of the Toung.
Of the impostume of the Toung.
Of the losse of speech.
A Gargarisme.
Of the Gums and Mandibles. §. 7.
Of the impostumation of the Gums.
Of the bleeding of the Gums.
Another that is stronger.
Of the outward applications.
Of the Fistula in the gummes.
Of the wasting away and consumption of the Gums.
Of the mollification of the Gums.
For a conclusion.
Of the Teeth. §. 8.
Of the paine in the teeth through outward causes.
Of the paine in the teeth through inward causes.
How to procure teeth in children without paine.
These remedies following are more cooling.
Yet more remedies that are approoued.
What else may be vsed for the paine in the teeth.
Of the outward applications.
Of the tooth-ach in the Poxe.
Of hollow and rotten teeth.
Of the wormes that are in the teeth.
Of grinding of the teeth in children.
Of the paine in the teeth that commeth through the application or vse of cold things.
Of the standing an edge of the teeth.
How to confirme and fasten Teeth that be loose.
Of the falling out and drawing of the teeth.
Of the double tooth.
To make and to keepe the teeth cleane.
How to make the teeth white.
How to preserue the teeth from all accidents.
The fourteenth Chapter. Of the Voice.
Of Hoarsnesse. §. 1.
The cold Electuary of Diatragacanthum.
The hote confection of Diatragacanthum.
How to make a cleere voice. §. 2.
The second part of this Practise of Phisicke, Containeth the Breast.
The first Chapter. Of the Necke.
Of Bronchocele. §. 1.
The order of diet.
Diuers powders for the same.
Capitall powders.
If one haue something sticking in his throate. §. 2.
When a Horsleach taken in drinke remaineth sticking in the throate. §. 3.
Of the Squinancie or swelling in the throate. §. 4.
Of the Squinancie or paine in the throate through heate. §. 5.
What ought to be vsed outwardly.
For purging thereof.
Paine in the throate through Phlegma, and cold taking. §. 6.
Of the Vlcers of the throate. §. 7.
The second Chapter. Of all Rheumes and Defluxions in generall.
Of Rheumes that proceede of cold. §. 1.
Cakes to be holden vnder the Tongue.
Syrupes and purgations.
Capitall Powder.
Of the Diet in these rheumes.
Of watching and sleeping.
A plaister for the stomacke.
Hote Rheumes. §. 2.
Of Gargarismes.
The preparation of the losinges for the cough and rheume after diuers manners.
For to Purge.
After Purging.
The order of Diet.
Of Rheumes with agues. §. 3.
If the Rheume would not passe through the nose. §. 4.
The third Chapter. Of the formost part of the Breast, Thorax.
Of womens breasts, milke, and of their diseases. §. 1.
Of the ouermuch growing and hanging downe of the Brests. §. 2.
Of Milke in generall. §. 3.
Of the want or scarcitie of Milke. §. 4.
Against the superfluitie of Milke. §. 5.
For the clotted or congealed Milke in the Breasts. §. 6.
For the hardnesse and inflammation of womens breasts. §. 7.
Of the tumors of swelling of the Breast. §. 8.
Of the Impostumation of the Breasts. §. 9.
For the Canker in the Breasts. §. 10.
The Second.
Of the Fistula of the Breasts. §. 11.
Of the Clefts or chops of the Nipples. §. 12.
What the haire on the Breasts doth signifie. §. 13.
The fourth Chapter. Of the Backe in generall.
Of the paine in the Backe. §. 1.
Of the crooked Backe. §. 2.
Oxycroceum Vigonis.
Many things commodious for the crooke backe.
Of the shoulder blades. §. 3.
Of the Ribbes. §. 4.
Of the Pleurisie, Pleuritis, a sicknesse, with great pricking in the side. §. 5.
Of the Pleurisie of heate and bloud. §. 6.
Another that is also verie good.
The order of diet.
Here follow many things against the Pleurisie.
A wonderfull remedie that might be tried.
An expedite cure of the Pleurisie.
Of the Pleurisie of Cholera. §. 7.
Hereafter follow Plaisters, Salues, and such like.
Of the Pleurisie of Phlegma. §. 8.
Of the Pleurisie of Melancholia. §. 9.
Of the bastard or false Pleurisie. §. 10.
When the Pleurisie sheweth it selfe outwardly.
When the Pleurisie taketh a woman with Child. §. 12.
Rules for such as are recouered of the Pleurisie, that they fall not into it againe. §. 13.
A Salue.
Certaine seuerall remedies against the cold Pleurisie. §. 14.
The fifth Chapter. Of the Lights or Lungs.
Of the Cough. §. 1.
Of the Rheume or Catarrhe which falleth vpon the Lights. §. 2.
What is commodious for the obstructed Lights. §. 3.
Remedies for the Cough. §. 4.
Against all drie Coughes. §. 5.
Of that which may be vsed outwardly.
Hereafter follow diuers Salues, and such like.
Of a moyst and cold Cough. §. 6.
Other things moe that are very requisite for this purpose.
Of an old Cough. §. 7.
What is good for coughing vp of Phlegme. §. 8.
Of a short panting Breath. §. 9.
Of the sixe vnnaturall things, which are called Res non naturales, whereto is also added a rule of diet for the Pursiuenesse. §. 10.
Of the breast oppressed with Phlegme. §. 11.
Of the right pursiuenesse with a sore old Cough through tough Phlegma in the Breast, which is called with one word Asthma. §. 12.
Plaisters or Vnguents for this Asthma.
Certaine excellent things in generall. §. 13.
Of shortnesse of breath through Cholera. §. 14.
Of the shortnes of breath through Melancholia. §. 15.
Of the shortnesse of breathing or Pursiuenesse through wind. §. 16.
Of the spetting bloud through some disease of the Lights. §. 17.
For a broken Veine in the Lights or breast. §. 18.
Order for meate and drinke.
For congealed bloud. §. 19.
Comfortable things in and after the spetting of bloud. §. 20.
Of the infection of the Lights which is called Peripneumonia. §. 21.
Of the anguish of the Lights which is called Empyema. §. 22.
Of the consumption Phthisis, a disease of the Lights. §. 23.
The rule of liuing.
Here do follow many remedies for this disease.
A good Oyntment.
Of the stinking breath in Phthisis, or the Consumption. §. 24.
The sixt Chapter. Of the Hart, the most precious part of mans body.
Of the fainting of the Hart in generall. §. 1.
The order of life or diet for this faintnes of the Hart.
Of Syncope the great Swouning. §. 2.
An order of life for Swouning.
A good Salue.
Of the beating or panting of the Hart. §. 3.
Of the panting of the Hart through heate. §. 4.
Confections and Powders for to vse inwardly.
Of such things as are to be applied outwardly for it.
Of the panting of the Hart through cold. §. 5.
Of the panting of the Hart through a bad stomacke or Appetite. §. 6.
Of the panting of the Hart through frighting. §. 7.
Of Heauines, a disease of the Hart. §. 8.
Of the griping of the Hart. §. 9.
The third part of this Booke of Phisicke, Containeth the Bellie.
The first Chapter. Of the Nauell.
The third Chapter. Of the Testicles and Cods, and of sundry Ruptures.
Of the vppermost Hernies or Rupture, which happeneth aboue the Cod. §. 1.
Of the Ruptures that fall downe into the Cods. §. 2.
Of the Rupture through wind. §. 3.
Of the waterish Rupture Hernia Aquosa. §. 4.
A Confection to strengthen the Liuer.
Of the Rupture through Bloud or Phlegma. §. 5.
Of the fleshie Rupture. §. 6.
Of the Rupture which is caused of broken veines, called Varicosa. §. 7.
Of the terrible Rupture, called Buris. §. 8.
Of the Ruptures whereby the Bowels do fall into the Cods. §. 9.
Of the Ruptures of Children. §. 10.
For to keepe vp the Matter that it descend no more. §. 11.
For to stay the reuersion of the Rupture that it come not againe. §. 12.
The order of life or diet. §. 13.
The fourth Chapter. Of the Testicles or Stones.
The fift Chapter. Of VVomens priuie Members.
Of the inflammation of the place with swel∣lings. §. 1.
Of the Clefts of this place. §. 2.
Of the Vlceration in the priuities of Women. §. 3.
When any body catcheth any sore through carnall copulation. §. 4.
For to make a Woman to be as narrow as a Maiden. §. 5.
The sixt Chapter. Of the Spermaticall Fluxe or running of the Raines.
Of the Fluxe of seed, or running of the Raines through heate. §. 1.
A famous Sirupe for heate.
What ought to be vsed outwardly.
Of the Fluxe of Sperme, or the running of Reynes through cold. §. 2.
Of the Fluxe of the Sperme or seede in the sleepe. §. 3.
Of what and whereby naturall Sperme or seede will be most augmented. §. 4.
The seuenth Chapter. Of Barrennesse in generall.
For to helpe and preferre or hasten fruitfulnesse. §. 1.
Of Barrennesse through heate. §. 2.
For Barrennesse through drought. §. 3.
Of Barrennesse through fatnesse. §. 4.
Of Barrennesse through cold and moysture. §. 5.
For to comfort the retentiue vertue of the wombe. §. 6.
Of Barrennesse through repletion of the body, and obstruction of the Termes or Flowers. §. 7.
For to further the fruitfulnesse in man and woman. §. 8.
The eight Chapter. Of the Raines and their paines.
The ninth Chapter. Of the Buttockes.
The tenth Chapter. Of the Arsegut or Fundament in generall.
Of the going out or hanging downe of the Arse-gut, Procidentia Ani. §. 1.
Of the relaxation or slacking of the Arsegut. §. 2.
Of the Impostume of the Arsegut. §. 3.
Of the Piles called Haemorrhoides. §. 4.
Of the Dyet.
To staunch the bleeding of the Pyles. §. 5.
Powders and other things to staunch Bloud.
Here now follow some Salues.
Other good Salues moe.
How that the inward Pyles are to be staunched.
What is to be vsed inwardly to staunch this bleeding.
How that the Pyles are to be opened. §. 6.
Against the paine of the Pyles. §. 7.
Many kindes of Salues, against the paine of the Pyles.
Certaine Powders for the same.
Of fomenting, bathing, and such like.
Of the Piles which are called Verrucales. §. 8.
Of the Piles that do hang far out. §. 9.
The Plaister Apostolicon which is also called Triapharmacon, is described after two manner of waies: the first is a good Triapharmacon, for that it is made of three things, as followeth.
Of the impostumes in the Arsegut. §. 10.
Of the Clefts that are called Rhagades. §. 11.
Of the Fistula and Canker in the Arsegut. §. 12.
Of the itch in the Arse-gut. §. 13.
The eleuenth Chapter. Of the inward members of the third part.
Of the Stomacke in generall. §. 1.
Of the necke and mouth of the stomacke. §. 2.
To preserue and keepe a good digestion of the Stomacke. §. 3.
Of the debilitie of the stomacke in generall. §. 4.
Of a weake stomacke through cold. §. 5.
Confectio Diacinamomi.
Confectio Aromatici rosati.
Another which is common at Augusta Vindelicorum.
Certaine Powders for meate.
Pils which will not purge, but onely strengthen.
Here followeth now all that is to be outwardly applyed vpon the Stomacke.
Bags to be laid vpon the Stomacke.
Oyntments and Oyles for all cold Stomacks.
To make oyle of Quinces.
Of the debilitie of the stomack through heate. §. 6.
The order of Dyet.
Confected things which do coole the stomacke.
Of Bags, Applications, and Fomentations for the stomacke.
Of the debilitie of the stomacke through drought. §. 7.
Of the skalding in the throate, and of the hartburning. §. 8.
Of Inappetencie or lost appetite, and whereby it may be remedied. §. 9.
Of the wambling, and the loathing of meate. §. 10.
Of wambling or vomiting through weaknesse of the Stomacke. §. 11.
Of Parbraking or Vomiting, with the laske or scouring. §. 12.
Hereafter follow moe salues and oyles.
Of the Flixe, Laske, or scowring by stoole. §. 13.
Of the Laske Lienteria of Cholera and Heate. §. 14.
Of the Laske Diarrhaea. §. 15.
Of the scowring which proceedeth of the Liuer and Stomacke. §. 16.
Of the Laske Dysenteria, called the red Flixe. §. 17.
What ought to be outwardly vsed for this disease.
The other kind of Dysenteria or bloudy Flixe. §. 18.
Of all bloudie Flixes in generall. §. 19.
Of the Constipation or binding in the body. §. 20.
Suppositories to prouoke Stooles.
Of the strayning or vnsatiable desire of going to stoole, which is called Tenasmus. §. 21.
Of the paine in the stomacke in generall. §. 22.
Of the paine of the stomacke without impostumation through heate. §. 23.
Of the paine of the stomacke without impostumation through cold. §. 24.
Of the paine in the stomacke through wind. §. 25.
Potions, and such like.
Suppositories which do draw downe the winds.
Here followeth that which is outwardly to be vsed.
Of the swelling or puffing vp of the stomacke. §. 26.
Of the paine of the stomacke through Phlegma. §. 27.
Of the paine at the stomacke through Melancholia. §. 28.
Of the paine in the stomacke through a hote impostume. §. 29.
Of the impostumes of the stomacke, which be of a cold nature. §. 30.
Of exulcerations in the stomacke. §. 31.
Of the stinking breath through the exulceration of the stomacke. §. 32.
Of the schirrositie of the stomacke. §. 33.
Of the Hickcough in generall. §. 34.
Of the Hickough through repletion, and winds.
Of the Hickough, caused through emptinesse and inanition.
Of vnsatiable hunger in generall. §. 35.
Of the Dogs hunger, or the vnsatiable appetite of meate.
Of the Cow hunger which is called Bulimos.
Of the swouning Hunger called Syncopalis.
The twelfth Chapter. Of the Lyuer.
Of the infections of the Liuer in generall. §. 1.
Of the obstruction of the Liuer in generall. §. 2.
Of the oppilation or obstruction of the Liuer through heate. §. 3.
Here follow now plaisters and such like.
Of the obstruction in the Liuer through cold. §. 4.
Potions and such like.
Of the outward Applications.
The order of Diet.
Of a schirrous Liuer. §. 5.
Of a cold Liuer without obstruction. §. 6.
Of the impostumation of the Liuer. §. 7.
Of the laske of scouring through weaknesse of the Liuer. §. 8.
Of diuers things which be very commodious for all infections of the Liuer. §. 9.
Of the thirst, through drouth and heate of the Lyuer. §. 10.
Of the yellow Iaundies, a sicknesse of the Liuer. §. 11.
Of the Dropsie in generall. §. 12.
Of the Dropsie Anasarca. §. 12.
Of the Dropsie Ascites. §. 14.
What things do moue Vrine.
Sweating is very good for all Dropsies. §. 15.
Of the Dropsie Tympanites. §. 16.
The order of Diet.
The thirteenth Chapter. Of the Gall.
The fourteenth Chapter. Of the Milt or Spleene.
Of the obstruction of the Spleene with heate, and an ague. §. 1.
Of those things which conuey the medicine towards the Milt.
Of the impostume of the Spleene. §. 2.
Of an obstructed Milt without Ague, but yet with paine. §. 3.
Of hardnes, or Schirrus of the Spleene. §. 4.
The order of Diet.
Here followeth now what is outwardly to be vsed.
Of the Melancholia and moisture of the Spleene. §. 5.
How the melancholicke bloud is to be purged. §. 6.
The fifteenth Chapter. Of the Bowels or Guts.
Of the paine and griping of the Guts in generall. §. 1.
Of the vppermost paine and griping of the Guts Iliaca Passio, which the common man calleth Cholica. §. 2.
Of the paine or griping of the guts, which is called Cholica. §. 3.
Of the difference of these paines in the Guts. §. 4.
Of the paine in the guts through obstruction or binding of the body. §. 5.
Of the paine in the guts through slime and Phlegma. §. 6.
Certaine Potions for the cold Phlegma.
Of the paine in the guts through wind. §. 7.
Potions and such like.
Another Bath.
For all manner of paine in the belly. §. 8.
Of the paine of the bowels through any impostume and other affections of the guts. §. 9.
Of the paine in the bowels through heate and Cholera. §. 10.
For purging.
Of the paine of the belly mixt with grauell. §. 11.
Of the paine in the bellies of young children. §. 12.
Of the Wormes in the belly. §. 13.
The order how a man may preserue himselfe from wormes.
Of the wormes Ascarides which do keepe in the Arsegut. §. 14.
The sixteenth Chapter. Of the Kidneyes.
Of the paine in the Kidneyes through cold and moysture. §. 1.
Of the paine of the Kidneies through winde. §. 2.
Of the obstructed Kidneies. §. 3.
Of the paine in the Kidneies through heate and drieth. §. 4.
How to asswage the paine in the Kidneies. §. 5.
Of an hard Impostume in the Kidneies. §. 6.
Of impostumes and vlcers in the Kidneies. §. 7.
Of the impostumation in the Kidneies through heate. §. 8.
The Dyet.
Of Impostumes in the Kidneyes through cold. §. 9.
Of the Exulceration in the Kidneyes. §. 10.
Of the pissing of Bloud. §. 11.
If any man pisse matter. §. 12.
Of outward vlcers of the Kidneyes. §. 13.
The ordre of diet. §. 14.
The seuenteenth Chapter. Of the Grauell, Sand, or Stone of the Kidneyes, and of the Bladder.
For to hinder and restraine the ingendring and growing of the grauell and stone. §. 1.
To let the growing of the stone. §. 2.
Against the paine of the Grauell. §. 3.
Of those things which expell grauell and do breake the stone. §. 4.
Another good Wine.
What outwardly ought to be vsed.
Of bathing and fomenting in the grauell.
When any one cannot hold his water. §. 5.
Of the effluxion of the vrine through cold. §. 6.
For the affluxion of vrine through heate. §. 7.
The order of diet.
The eighteenth Chapter. Of the Bladder.
Of retention of vrine in generall. §. 1.
Of the paine which is caused by the retention of the vrine. §. 2.
Of the stopping of the vrine through the debilitie of the vertue expulsiue. §. 3.
Of the retention of vrine through falles or blowes. §. 4.
Of the retention of vrine through some obstruction of the conduits. §. 5.
Of the hote and scalding vrine. §. 6.
If any one be forced against his will to make his water. §. 7.
Of the excoriation of the Bladder, and of the necke of the same. §. 8.
Of the impostume of the Bladder, or of the necke of the same. §. 9.
The nineteenth Chapter. Of the Matrix or VVombe.
Of the Termes or Flowers of women in generall. §. 1.
How to preferre and moue the Termes or Flowers in women. §. 2.
Plaisters and Vnguents.
How that the excessiue course of the Flowers is to be stopt. §. 3.
Of the whites, or white fluxe in women. §. 4.
Of the suffocation or ascension of the Matrix. §. 5.
Of the descension and falling downe of the Mother or Wombe. §. 6.
Of the paine in the Mother or Matrix through wind. §. 7.
Of the paine in the Mother through cold. §. 8.
Of the paine in the Mother through heate. §. 9.
Of the contraction of the Mother, or the necke of the same. §. 10.
Of the Schirrus, or hardnesse of the Mother. §. 11.
Of the Impostume in the Mother, or in the necke of the same. §. 12.
Of the canker and vlcer of the wombe or Matrix. §. 13.
Of an vnnaturall birth, called Mola. §. 14.
What commonly is good and profitable for the Matrix. §. 15.
The twentith Chapter. Of all that concerneth fruitfull and child-bearing women.
To know whether a woman be with child or no. §. 1.
To know whether a woman be with child of a Boy or a Girle. §. 2.
Of those things which commonly appeare in women with child. §. 3.
At what time and in what maner the child groweth in the wombe. §. 4.
The order of diet for women with child. §. 5.
Of the strange longing of women with child. §. 6.
Of the vomiting in women with child. §. 7.
When a child is weake in his mothers wombe. §. 8.
Of mischances or vntimely birthes. §. 9.
How a mischance is to be preuented or hindered. §. 10.
How a dead child is to be expelled out of his mothers wombe. §. 11.
A preparatiue for an easie child-birth and deliuerie. §. 12.
When the throwes do not continue in bearing women. §. 13.
Of the perillous and hard Child birth in generall. §. 14.
When a woman cannot be deliuered of a child. §. 15.
Of the secundine or afterbirth, and how the same is to be expelled. §. 16.
How that the afterthrowes are to be eased. §. 17.
For the excessiue floud after birth. §. 18.
Of the superfluitie of milke. §. 19.
Of diuers other accidents after the birth. §. 20.
The fourth Part of this generall Practise of Phisicke, doth intreat of the outward members.
Of the Armes. Chap. 1.
§. 1.
Of the Armepits. §. 2.
Of the hands. §. 3.
For to keepe the hands cleane. §. 4.
For to make perfumed hands and gloues. §. 5.
For scabby Hands. §. 6.
For chops in the Hands. §. 7.
For itchie or scabbie hands. §. 8.
Of the Fingers. §. 9.
Of the numbnesse of the fingers in part or in all. §. 10.
When the Fingers be numbed through bruises. §. 11.
Of the Fellon or Ancome in the Fingers. §. 12.
Of the Nailes on the Fingers and Toes. §. 13.
The second Chapter. Of the Legs and the Feete.
Of the Knees §. 1.
Of the Shins. §. 2.
Of the Feete. §. 3.
The third Chapter. Of the paine in the Ioynts in generall.
Of the Gout in generall called Gutta. §. 1.
The fourth Chapter. Of the Goute in the Ioints, Arthritis.
The fifth Chapter. Of the Gout in the hands, Chiragra.
The sixt Chapter. Of the Gout of the Hips Ischia, commonly called Sciatica.
Of the paine in the Hippes or Sciatica through heate. §. 1.
Of the paine in the Hips or Sciatica through cold. §. 2.
The seuenth Chapter. Of some accidents which this paine of the Hips doth cause.
Of the eluxation of the ioynts. §. 1.
Of the extenuated or withered Limmes. §. 2.
Of the extenuated or withered members especially. §. 3.
Of the hardnesse of the Ioynts. §. 4.
The eight Chapter. Of the Gout or Podagra in the Feet.
How the Podagra is to be preuented. §. 1.
Of diuers meanes whereby to free one from the Podagra. §. 2.
How the Podagra is to be purged. §. 3.
Of the cold gout or Podagra and of his paine. §. 4.
An especiall and well approued remedie for the Gout. §. 5.
The direction for the Gout sent to Charles the Emperor. §. 6.
When any one doth go but ill after the Goute of the feete. §. 7.
What things they be which conuey the medicines towards the ioynts. §. 8.
The ninth Chapter. Of the outward accidents of the ioynts and members.
Of strayned members. §. 1.
Of the fractures of bones. §. 2.
For the putrifaction of the bones. §. 3.
Here follow some especiall things for the paine of the ioynts. §. 4.
Of the vnsensiblenesse, shaking, and numbnesse of the Limmes. §. 5.
The fift Part of this booke comprehendeth all the Accidents and Diseases, which do spread themselues abroad ouer the whole bodie.
The first Chapter. Of the Skin.
Of the inward causes which harme the Skin. §. 1.
Of the Warts. §. 2.
Of the Measels, red Gum, and of the small Pockes in generall. §. 3.
Of the Measels. §. 4.
Of the small Pockes. §. 5.
Another sort of small Pockes, which be called Swine pockes. §. 6.
Of clefts in the Skin. §. 7.
Of the itch in the skin. §. 8.
Of Scabbednesse. §. 9.
Of Tumors. §. 10.
Of all Botches, Byles, and other hard swellings. §. 11.
Of the Rose, a certaine impediment, called Erysipelas. §. 12.
Of the swellings of the Groynes, Armepits, and Eares. §. 13.
Of the Carbuncle or plague-sore, a perillous swelling. §. 14.
Of all manner of old Vlcers and old Sores. §. 15.
Of a stinking and running vlcer. §. 16.
Of the broken vaines called Varices. §. 17.
The second Chapter. Of depascent Vlcers in generall. §. 1.
Of the Fistula. §. 2.
Of the corroding vlcers, called Herpes. §. 3.
Of the hard Tumor Scirrhus. §. 4.
Of the Canker. §. 5.
For the heate and inflammation of the Vlcers. §. 6.
The third Chapter. Of the Pocks, and of the lamenes which is caused thereby.
An order and cure of the auncient Phisitions. §. 1.
How to decoct Guaiacum. §. 2.
Another manner to heale the Pocks. §. 3.
The third cure of the Pockes. §. 4.
Of the fourth cure of the Pockes. §. 5.
For the Pockes that haue continued long. §. 6.
If there be great paine with it. §. 7.
Of the Byles in the Pockes. §. 8.
For all open sores in the Pockes. §. 9.
For the Scales and other spots. §. 10.
The fourth Chapter. Of the Leprosie.
Of meanes and medicines against the Leprosie. §. 1.
An order of diet. §. 2.
Of sleeping and waking. §. 3.
Of letting of blood. §. 4.
For to expell the matter of this sicknes by vrine. §. 5.
Wherewith the Mouth and other parts are to be washed. §. 6.
Whereby the bloud in the Leprosie shall be cleansed. §. 7.
For to consume the remanent matter. §. 8.
What is to be vsed for the Scales. §. 9.
For to strengthen the Hart, the Liuer, and the Braines in the Leprosie. §. 10.
What concerneth the skin. §. 11.
Of the actuall and potentiall cauterie. §. 12.
What is requisite for euery sort of Leprosie. §. 13.
Of the bad vlcer Cacoëte. §. 14.
The fift Chapter. Of outward infections and woundings of the Skin.
Of burning or scalding with fire, hot water, and of burning with Gunpowder. §. 1.
Of burning with Gunne-powder. §. 2.
For all scalles of burning. §. 3.
The sixt Chapter. For to draw Splinters and Thornes out of the skin.
The seuenth Chapter. Of wounds and all that concerneth them.
For to stanch blood. §. 1.
Of the clotted bloud in the body. §. 2.
Of the stitching of wounds. §. 3.
Of fresh wounds. §. 4.
Many kinds of vulnerall potions. §. 5.
Of the Plaisters for thrusts and wounds. §. 6.
Vulnerall Salues. §. 7.
For to draw matter out of the wounds. §. 8.
Of the Taints. §. 9.
For foule flesh. §. 10.
To staunch the Synouia.. §. 11.
When a wounded member is lamed. §. 12.
To cause the flesh to grow in wounds. §. 13.
Of that which causeth the Skin to grow. §. 14.
The eight Chapter. Of the Cicatrices and spots of the Skin.
Of the moles or markes that children are borne withall. §. 1.
Of red spots through heate. §. 2.
Of spots which come by fals. §. 3.
Of spots by stripes or falles. §. 4.
The ninth Chapter. Of inward things which spread themselues ouer all the body.
Of the bones. §. 1.
Of Napta. §. 2.
The tenth Chapter. Of three kinds of Veines in generall.
Of the bloud veines. §. 1.
Of the Arteries. §. 2.
Of the Bloud. §. 3.
Whereby the bloud may be cleansed. §. 4.
How the abundant bleeding is to be stanched. §. 5.
How to let out superfluous blood. §. 6.
The eleuenth Chapter. Of the naturall warmth of mans bodie.
Of vnnaturall heate. §. 1.
The twelfth Chapter. Of the Sweate in generall.
Whereby the Sweate is prouoked. §. 1.
Of the sweate-bath and other. §. 2.
The thirteenth Chapter. Of the Sinewes.
Of hurt and wounded sinewes. §. 1.
For the paine. §. 2.
When the Sinewes be resolued and limber. §. 3.
For Sinewes that be shrunke, or for the Crampe of the Sinewes. §. 4.
Now follow those things which may be vsed inwardly.
The fourteenth Chapter. Of the flesh and Muscles or Lacerts.
The fifteenth Chapter. Of the fat of Mans bodie.
Of the troublesomnes of Fatnes. §. 1.
The sixteenth Chapter. For great Leannes.
The seuenteenth Chapter. Of VVearisomnes.
The eighteenth Chapter. Of Sleepe.
What hindereth sleepe. §. 1.
The nineteenth Chapter. Of Paine.
The twentith Chapter. Of Phlegma.
The 21. Chapter. Of the cold diseases.
The sixt part of this Booke maketh mention of all such sicknesses as are incident to the whole bodie.
The first Chapter. Of all manner of Agues in generall.
The second Chapter. Of the one dayes Ague, called Ephemera.
The third Chapter. Of the continuall Ague, Continua, in generall.
The Ague that is continuall, Continua. §. 1.
The order of dyet in time of hot Agues. §. 2.
Common rules for Agues. §. 3.
Of common things for hot Agues. §. 4.
Of the lothing of meate in them that be assayled with the Ague. §. 5.
For the thirst in hote Agues. §. 6.
Of purging and such like. §. 7.
For the vomiting in the Agues. §. 8.
For the losse of Sleepe. §. 9.
For to releeue them that be sicke of the Ague. §. 10.
For the releefe or comforting of the sicke. §. 11.
Ordinances for all those that are recouered of a long sicknesse. §. 12.
The fourth Chapter. Of the halfe third daies Ague, called Hemitritaea.
The fift Chapter. Of the tertian Ague.
The sixt Chapter. Of the counterfeit and bastard Tertian, that is, a false third dayes Ague.
The seuenth Chapter. Of the burning Feuer, called Causon.
The eight Chapter. Of the Ague which is called Synochus.
Of the Ague Synochus, with putrified blood. §. 1.
Of the order of diet. §. 2.
The ninth Chapter. Of the Quotidian Ague, Quotidiana.
The tenth Chapter. Of the Quartaine Ague, Quartana.
The eleuenth Chapter. Of the Consumption or Ethicke Hectica.
Of the Ague Hectica, with a paine in the breast Empyema and Phthisis. §. 1.
The twelfth Chapter. Of the Ague Marasmode.
The thirteenth Chapter. Of the long lingring Agues.
The fourteenth Chapter. Of swellings that follow after the Ague.
The fifteenth Chapter. Of the Plague.
The causes of the Plague. §. 1.
Signes of the Plague to come. §. 2.
How to preuent the Plague. §. 3.
How the healthy may be kept and preserued from the infection of the Plague. §. 4.
How their dwellings ought to be. §. 5.
What exercise is to be vsed in the Plague. §. 6.
Of the sleepe in this sicknes. §. 7.
Of Purging and letting bloud. §. 8.
Of the motions of the mind. §. 9.
Of bathes and other common causes. §. 10.
How one shall gouerne himselfe without doores. §. 11.
Preseruatiua, or preseruatiues, that defend men from the Plague. §. 12.
The sixteenth Chapter. VVhen any are infected with the Plague.
Of the Ague in the Plague. §. 1.
Of the signes whereby this sicknes is knowne. §. 2.
By what meanes the patient is prouoked to sleepe. §. 3.
How to comfort those that are infected with the Plague. §. 4.
What is to be done after sweating. §. 5.
Another regiment when any one is infected with the Plague. §. 6.
How to purge those that are infected with the Plague. §. 7.
Of the vnnaturall heate in the Plague. §. 8.
Of the vnsatiable and great thirst. §. 9.
Of the bitternesse in the mouth. §. 10.
Of the want of Appetite to meate. §. 12.
Of the weaknesse and sleepinesse. §. 12.
Of the binding in the bodie. §. 13.
Of the losse of sleepe. §. 14.
When a Plague sore appeareth. §. 15.
When as there is no plague sore perceiued. §. 16.
For letting of bloud in the Plague. §. 17.
The gouernment of life in the Plague. §. 18.
Of a conuenient ayre for the Plague. §. 19.
How they shall gouerne themselues that escape this Sicknesse. §. 20.
The 17. Chapter. An exhortation for them that keepe these Patients.
The 18. Chapter. Of the Scuruie, Scorbuticus Morbus.
The 19. Chapter. Of the detestable sicknesse, Drunkennesse.
The 20. Chapter. Of Frighting and Feare.
The 21. Chapter. Of Trembling.
The 22. Chapter. Of the impediments that come of Fals.
The seuenth Part of this Booke speaketh of certaine Poy∣sons, and Venims, of Plants, Mettals, and Beasts.
The first Chapter. All those things that are good against Poyson.
An exhortation for all those that are afraid to be poysoned. §. 2.
When any bodie perceiueth that he hath taken Poyson. §. 3.
The signes when one is poysoned. §. 4.
The second Chapter. Of the venimous Plants and such like.
The third Chapter. Of the venemous Mettals, and such like.
The fourth Chapter. Of the venomes that come of Beasts.
Of the actuall cauterie and incision.
An order of diet for them that are bitten by a mad Dog.
The eight and last Part of this Booke, containeth sundry things.
The first Chapter. The Confection of Calmus.
How to make Veriuice for the Kitchin, and for Phisicke. §. 1.
The 2. Chapter. Of the artificiall Balme which may be vsed in steade of the right Balsamum.
Of Beere. §. 1.
The 3. Chapter. Of Clarret wine, Hyppocras, and Herbwines.
Of Clisters and their vse. §. 2.
Of confected Seedes. §. 2.
Of the confected Spices, Peeles, Rootes, and such like. §. 3.
The 4. Chapter. Of preserued Fruits, Flowers, and other things.
How to confect the Elecampane roote. §. 1.
To preserue blacke Cherries. §. 2.
Conserue of Eyebright. §. 3.
Conserue of Betonie. §. 4.
How the greater Pimpernell rootes are to be pre∣serued. §. 5.
How Peares are to be preserued after two waies. §. 5.
How Oranges are to be preserued. §. 7.
Conserue of Burrage. §. 8.
How Calmus is to be preserued. §. 9.
How Citrons are to be preserued. §. 10.
How Citron peeles are to be preserued. §. 11.
How Berberries be preserued. §. 12.
Conserue of Fumitorie. §. 13.
How the Conserue of the fruite of the wild Rose tree is to be made §. 14.
How Abricockes are to be preserued. §. 15.
Conserue of Elderne berries. §. 16.
How Ginger is to be preserued. §. 17.
How Raspes are to be preserued. §. 18.
How the Conserue of Hyssope is to be made. §. 19.
Of the Conserues of Lauander and of Spikenard. §. 20.
How to preserue the Eryngus roote. §. 21.
Conserue of Marioram. §. 22.
Conserue of Balme. §. 23.
How Nutmegs are to be confected. §. 24.
Conserues of Gilloflowers. §. 25.
How Walnuts are preserued. §. 26.
Conserue of Buglosse. §. 27.
How Apples are preserued. §. 28.
Conserue of Pionie. §. 29.
How to preserue Peaches. §. 30.
For to make Conserue of Prunes. §. 31.
How Quinces and other things are to be preserued. §. 32.
Conserue of Roses. §. 33.
Conserue of Rosemary. §. 34.
To preserue the rootes of all red Beetes. §. 35.
Conserue of Sage. §. 36.
How Sloes are to be preserued. §. 37.
Conserues of Cowslips. §. 38.
Conserue of water Lillies. §. 39.
Conserue of Violets. §. 40.
Conserue of the flowers of Cicorie. §. 41.
How red Cherries are preserued. §. 42.
How ripe and vnripe Grapes are to be preserued. §. 43.
Of that which commonly keepeth all fruites fresh. §. 44.
The sixt Chapter. Of the golden and vitall waters, and Elixers of life.
The 7. Chapter. Of Hand waters.
For to make May cheese. §. 1.
How to make wafers of Sugar. §. 2.
Hony water, Hydromel. §. 3.
The eighth Chapter. For to make Iuleps
The ninth Chapter. For to take spots out of all Clothes.
Spice cakes which be excellent good. §. 1.
The tenth Chapter. Here after follow Confections.
Confectio Anacardina. §. 1.
Antidotum Haemagogum. §. 2.
Electuarium de Baccis Lauri. §. 3.
Benedicta laxatiua. §. 4.
Bezoarctica. §. 5.
Electuarium de Calamintha. §. 6.
Confection of Cassie after three waies. §. 7.
Electuarium de Castoreo. §. 8.
Catharticum Imperiale. §. 9.
Catholicon. §. 10.
Electuarium de Cincribus §. 11.
Electuaria varia de Citonijs. §. 12.
Electuarium de Corticibus Aurantiarum. §. 13.
Electuarium Ducis. §. 14.
Electuarium de Epythymo. §. 15.
Electuarium de Gallia. §. 16.
Confectio Hamech. §. 17.
Hiera Picra simplex. §. 18.
Hieralogodion. §. 19.
Hiera Pachij Ruffini. §. 20.
Electuarium Indum. §. 21.
Electuarium Lenitiuum. §. 22.
Electuarium de Lepore combusto. §. 23.
Laetificans Almansoris. §. 24.
Electuarium de Manna. §. 25.
Electuarium ad Melancholiam. §. 26.
Michleta. §. 27.
Mithridatium. §. 28.
Electuarium Oculistae. §. 29.
Electuarium de Olibano. §. 30.
Electuarium de Ouo. §. 31.
Electuarium Diaphoenicon. §. 32.
Philonium. §. 33.
Electuarium Diaprunis. §. 34.
Electuarium de Psyllio. §. 35.
Electuarium de Raphano Syluestri. §. 36.
Electuarium Regium. §. 37.
Electuarium de succo Rosarum. §. 38.
Diasatyrion. §. 39.
Electuarium de Scoria Ferri. §. 40.
Electuarium de Sebesten. §. 41.
Dia Sena. §. 42.
Theriaca magna. §. 43.
Theriaca Diatessaron. §. 44.
Triphera. §. 45.
Electuarium vitae. §. 46.
Of Ley. §. 47.
For to make excellent spice or sugar Cakes. §. 48.
Loch, Lohot. §. 49.
The 11. Chapter.
Almond milke. §. 1.
Manus Christi. §. 2.
Marchpane. §. 3.
For to counterfeit Marrow of bones. §. 4.
Medicamen de Turbith. §. 5.
Melicraton. §. 6.
Of Meade, a common drinke. §. 7.
The 12. Chapter.
Oyle of Poplar buds. §. 1.
Oyle of Mandragora. §. 2.
Oyle of Amber. §. 3.
Artificiall Balme. §. 4.
Sallade oyle, or oyle of Oliues. §. 5.
Oyle of Behen. §. 6.
Oyle of Pyrethrum. §. 7.
Oyle of Beuercod. §. 8.
Oyle of Lead. §. 9.
Oyle of Penniroyall. §. 10.
Oyle of Purslaine. §. 11.
Oyle of Cammomill. §. 12.
Oyle of Capers. §. 13.
Oyle of Costus. §. 14.
Oyle of Dill. §. 15.
Oyle of Egges. §. 16.
Oyle of Annis. §. 17.
Oyle of wild Cucumbers. §. 18.
Oyle of Euphorbium. §. 19.
Oyle of Foxes. §. 20.
Oyle of Lillies. §. 21.
Oyle of Hempeseed. §. 22.
Oyle of the kernels of Abrecocks. §. 23.
Oyle of Elderne floures. §. 24.
Oyle of Saint Iohns woort. §. 25.
Oleum Irinum. §. 26.
Oyle of Cherrie kernels. §. 27.
Oyle of Melilot. §. 28.
Oyle of Cresses. §. 29.
Oyle of Copper §. 30.
Oyle of Gourd seeds. §. 31.
Oyle of Lineseede. §. 32.
Oyle of white Sesamum. §. 33.
Oyle of Linnen cloth. §. 34.
Oyle of Bay. §. 35.
Oyle of Mace. §. 36.
Oyle of the seeds and flowers of Poppie. §. 37.
Oyle of sweete Almonds. §. 38.
Oyle of Marierome gentle. §. 9.
Oyle of Masticke. §. 40.
Oyle of Narcissus. §. 41.
Oyle of Mirtles. §. 42.
Oyle of Mints. §. 43.
Oyle of Motherwort. §. 44.
Oyle of Nutmegs. §. 45.
Oyle of Cloues. §. 46.
Oyle of Walnuts. §. 47.
Oyle of Pepper. §. 48.
Oyle of Peach Kernels. §. 49.
Oyle of Quinces. §. 50.
Oyle of Rue. §. 51.
Oyle of Earthwormes. §. 52.
Oyle of Priuet. §. 53.
Oyle of Rubarbe. §. 54.
Oyle of Roses. §. 55.
Oyle of Saffron. 56.
Oyle of Sandaraca. §. 57.
Oyle of Sulphur. §. 58.
Oyle of blew Flower-deluce. §. 59.
Oyle of Scorpions. §. 60.
Oyle of water Lillies. §. 61.
Oyle of Mustard seed. §. 62.
Oyle of Spikenard. §. 63.
Oyle of Antimonie. §. 64.
Oyle of Steele, or oyle of Iron. §. 65.
Rocke or Peteroyle. §. 66.
Oyle of Turpentine. §. 67.
Oyle of Violets. §. 68.
Oyle of Ireas.
Oyle of Vitrioll, or of Copperas. §. 69.
Of the oyle of Wheate. §. 70.
Oyle of Iuniper berries. §. 71.
Oyle of Willow leaues. §. 72.
Oyle of Argall. §. 73.
Oyle of Wormewood. §. 74.
Oyle of Tyles. §. 75.
Oxycraton. §. 76.
Oxymel Simplex. §. 77.
Oxymel Compositum. §. 78.
Oxymel Scillinum. §. 79.
Oxyrrhodinum. §. 80.
Oxysacchara. §. 81.
The 13. Chapter.
part 1
Emplastrum album Coctum. §. 1.
Apostolicon Plaister. §. 2.
Emplastrum de Baccis Lauri. §. 3.
Basilicon. §. 4.
A Plaister for the Rupture. §. 5.
The Plaister Ceroneum. §. 6.
Diachilon. §. 7.
The Plaister de Galbano. §. 8.
Gratia Dei Plaister. §. 9.
Emplastrum Griseum de Lapide Calaminari. §. 10.
Hyssopi Cerotum, siue Philagrij. §. 11.
Emplastrum de Meliloto. §. 12.
Emplastrum de Muscilaginibus. §. 13.
Emplastrum Oxycroceum. §. 14.
Emplastrum de Pelle Arietis. §. 15.
Emplastrum de Radicibus. §. 16.
The Plaister of Saunders. §. 17.
The blacke Plaister. §. 18.
Sparadropon. §. 19.
Emplastrum Viride. §. 20.
The second part of this Chapter speaketh of Pils.
Pillulae de Agarico. §. 1.
Pillulae Aggregatiuae. §. 2.
Pillulae Elephanginae. §. 3.
Pillulae de Aloe lota. §. 4.
Pillulae Azaiareth. §. 5.
Pillulae Aureae. §. 6.
Pillulae de Bdellio. §. 7.
Pillulae Benedictae. §. 8.
Pillulae Cochiae. §. 9.
Pillulae de Cynoglossa. §. 10.
Pillulae de Euphorbio. §. 11.
Pillulae Foetidae. §. 12.
Pillulae de fumo Terrae. §. 13.
Pillulae de Hermodactylis. §. 14.
Pillulae de Hiera simplici. §. 15.
Pillulae de Hiera composita. §. 16.
Pillulae de Hiera cum Agarico. §. 17.
Pillulae Iliacae. §. 18.
Pillulae de Indae. §. 19.
Pillulae de Lapide Armeno. §. 20.
Pillulae de Lapide Lazuli. §. 21.
Pillulae lucis. §. 22.
Pillulae Masticinae. §. 23.
Pillulae de Meserco. §. 24.
Pillulae de Opopanaco. §. 25.
Pillulae pestilentiales, siue Ruffi. §. 26.
Pillulae de quinque generibus Mirobalanorum. §. 27.
Pillulae de Rhabarbaro. §. 28.
Pillulae de sandaracha. §. 29:
Pillulae de sarcocolla. §. 30.
Pillulae de Serapino. §. 31.
Pillulae sine quibus esse nolo. §. 32.
Pillulae stomachicae. §. 33.
The fourteenth Chapter.
Hony of Roses. §. 1.
Vineger of Roses. §. 2.
Vineger of Rue. §. 3.
The fifteenth Chapter.
Aegyptiacum. §. 1.
Salue of Agrippa. §. 2.
Salue of Alablaster. §. 3.
Vnguentum album. §. 4.
Vnguentum de Althaea. §. 5.
Vnguentum Anodinum. §. 6.
Vnguentum mundificatiuum de Apio. §. 6.
Vnguentum Apostolorum. §. 8.
Vnguentum Arogon. §. 9,
Vnguentum de Artanita. §. 10.
Vnguentum de Cerussa. §. 11.
Vnguentum Citrinum. §. 12.
Vnguentum Comitissae. §. 13.
Salues for Scabs. §. 14.
Vnguentum infrigidans Galeni. §. 15.
Vnguentum Martianum, vel Martiatum. §. 16.
Vnguentum Mercuriale. §. 17.
Vnguentum Neruinum §. 18.
Vnguentum Nihili. §. 19.
Vnguentum Pectorale. §. 20.
Pomada, Pomadoes. §. 21.
Vnguentum Pompholigos. §. 22.
Vnguentum Populeonis. §. 23.
Vnguentum Rosatum. §. 24.
Vnguentum Sandalinum. §. 25.
The second Part of this Chapter, of Sief.
Sief Album Rasis. §. 1.
Sief de Fellibus. §. 2.
Sief Memithe. §. 3.
Sief de Plumbo. §. 4.
Sief de Rosis. §. 5.
Sief de Thure. §. 6.
Sief viride. §. 7.
The third Part of this Chapter of Sirupes. Of the Sirupes and Iuices in generall.
Syrupus de Absinthio, that is, of Wormwood. §. 1.
Syrupus de Acetosa, of Sorrell. §. 2.
Syrupus Acetosus, of Vineger. §. 3.
Syrupus acetosus compositus, also of Vineger. §. 4.
Syrupus acctosus de Cytonijs, which is of sower Quin∣ces. §. 5.
Syrupus Acetosus Diarhodon, that is, of Vineger and Roses. §. 6.
Syrupus de Acetositate Citri, of the iuice of Citrons. §. 7.
Syrupus de Agresta, of Veriuice. §. 8.
Syrupus de Aurantijs, of Oranges. §. 9.
Syrupus de Artemisia, of Mugwoort. §. 10.
Syrupus de Berberis, of Barberries. §. 11.
Syrupus de Betonica, of Betonie. §. 12.
Syrupus Byzantinus. §. 13.
Syrupus de Boragine, of Burrage. §. 14.
Syrupus de Buglossa. §. 5.
Syrupus de Calamintha, of field Mints. §. 16.
Syrupus Capillorum Veneris, or of Maiden∣haire. §. 17.
Syrupus de Cichorio cum Rhabarbaro, of Cicorie. §. 18.
Syrupus de Cytonijs, of Quinces. §. 19.
Syrupus de Citro, of Citrons. §. 20.
Syrupus de corticibus Citri, of Citron peeles. §. 21.
Syrupus de Cucurbita, of Gourds. §. 22.
Syrupus de Endiuia, of Endiue. §. 23.
Syrupus de Epithymo. §. 24.
Syrupus de Eupatoria, of Agrymonie. §. 25.
Syrupus de fumo Terrae, of Fumitorie. §. 26.
Syrupus de Glycyrriza, of Licorice. §. 27.
Syrupus Granatorum, of Pomegranates. §. 28.
Syrupus de Hyssopo, of Hyssop. §. 29.
Syrupus de Ireos, of Ireas. §. 30.
Syrupus de Iuiubis. §. 31.
Syrupus de Limonibus, of Limons. §. 32.
Syrupus de Lupulo, of Hops. §. 33.
Syrupus de Menta, of Mints. §. 34.
Syrupus de Myrto, of Mirtle seede. §. 35.
Syrupus de Nymphaea, of water Lillies. §. 36.
Syrupus de Papauere, of Poppie heads. §. 37.
Syrupus de Persicis, of Peaches. §. 38.
Syrupus de Plantagine, of Plantaine. §. 39.
Syrupus de Pomis, of Apples. §. 40.
Syrupus de Portulaca, of Purslaine. §. 41.
Syrupus de Prassio, of Horehound. §. 42.
Syrupus de Pyris, of Peares. §. 43.
Syrupus de Radicibus, of Rootes. §. 44.
Syrupus de Ribes, of Raspes. §. 45.
Syrupus infusionis Rosarum, of Roses. §. 46.
Syrupus de Rosis siccis, of drie Roses. §. 47.
Syrupus Rosatus solutiuus, purging sirupe of Roses. §. 48.
Syrupus de Rosis albis, of white Roses. §. 49.
Syrupus sapor Regum. §. 50.
Syrupus de Stechade, of Stechas flowers. §. 51.
Syrupus de Thymo, of Thyme. §. 52.
Syrupus Violarum, of Violets. §. 53.
Species Nere. §. 27.
Species de Olibano, of Frankincense. §. 28.
Species de Papauere, of Poppie seede. §. 29.
Species de Penidio, of sugar Pennets. §. 30.
Species Paeoniae, of Piony. §. 31.
Species Diaphoeniconis, of Dates. §. 32.
Species Philanthropon. §. 33.
Species Pliris Arcoticon. §. 34.
Species de Prassio, of Horehound. §. 35.
Species Diarrhodon Abbatis, of Roses. §. 36.
Species Electuarij de succo Rosarum, of Roses. §. 37.
Species Rosatae Nouellae. §. 38.
Species de Seminibus. §. 39.
Species Triasantalum, of Saunders. §. 40.
Species Trion-Pipereon, of Pepper. §. 41.
Species dia Turbith, of Turbith. §. 42.
Species de Xyloaloe. §. 43.
To make strong Water. §. 44.
Species Berchtoldi. §. 45.
The 16. Chapter.
Decoctiones Aperitiuae, Potions that do deobstruct. §. 1.
Decoctio Epithymi, of Dodder. §. 2.
Decoctio fructuum, a Potion of certaine fruits. §. 3.
Decoctio pectoralis, The pectorall Potion. §. 4.
Decoctio & infusio Senae, A potion of Sene leaues. §. 5.
A water of Mans blood. §. 6.
The second Part of this Chapter, of certaine powders for Meate.
The third part of this Chapter, of Trociskes.
Trocisci de Absinthio, of Wormewood. §. 1.
Trocisci Adulphi. §. 2.
Trocisci de Agarico, of Agaricke. §. 3.
Trocisci Alhandel, of Coloquint. §. 4.
Trocisci Alkakengi, of winter Cherries. §. 5.
Trocisci de Berberis, of Barberries. §. 6.
Trocisci de Bolo Armeno. §. 7.
Trocisci de Camphora, of Camfere. §. 8.
Trocisci de Capparis, of Caper rootes. §. 9.
Trocisci de Carabe, of Amber. §. 10.
Trocisci de Chelidonia, of Chelidony. §. 11.
Trocisci de Corallis, of Corrall. §. 12.
Trocisci de Eupatorio, of Agrimony. §. 13.
Trocisci de Lacca. §. 14.
Trocisci de Myrrha. §. 15.
Trocisci de Olibano, of Frankinsence. §. 16.
Trocisci de Rhabarbaro. §. 17.
Trocisci Diarrhodon. §. 18.
Trocisci de Rosis, of Roses. §. 19.
Trocisci de Santalis, of Saunders. §. 20.
Trocisci de Spica. §. 21.
Trocisci de Spodio, of Iuorie. §. 22.
Trocisci de Terra sigillata. §. 23.
Trocisci de Violis, of Violets. §. 24.
For to make writing Incke. §. 25.
For to make common Vernish. §. 26.
Of Painters Vernish. §. 27.
For to make odoriferous Vernish. §. 28.
The 17. Chapter.
The 18. Chapter. Of all kindes of VVines.
Of Wine in generall. §. 1.
Of sundry natures of Wine. §. 2.
Of Must. §. 3.
Of vine cuict, or decocted wine. §. 4.
Of burnt wine. §. 5.
Of Vineger. §. 6.
The nineteenth Chapter. Of Herbed wines and such like.
Wine of Elecampane rootes. §. 1.
Eyebright wine. §. 2.
Wine of whole Grapes. §. 3.
Wine of Auence. §. 4.
Betonie wine. §. 5.
Burrage wine. §. 6.
Wine of Asarabacca. §. 7.
Wine of Framboyes. §. 8.
Wine of Harts toong. §. 9.
Wine of Hyssope. §. 10.
Winter Cherrie wine. §. 11.
Cherrie wine. §. 12.
Lauender wine. §. 13.
Of Malmsey. §. 14.
Wine of Marierom. §. 15.
Wine of Cinnamome. §. 16.
Muscadell wine. §. 17.
Wine of Gilloflowers. §. 18.
Wine of Buglosse. §. 19.
Wine that purgeth. §. 20.
Wine of whole Grapes. §. 21.
Vinum Punicum. §. 22.
Rosemary wine. §. 23.
Wine of Sage. §. 24.
Wine of Clarie. §. 25.
Wine of water Lilly flowers. §. 26.
Tamariske wine. §. 27.
Wine of Wormewood. §. 28.
Wine of Zeduarie. §. 29.
How the infirmities of all Wines are to be amended. §. 30.
The first Table containeth all the names of all diseases, accidents and infirmities: Also all maner of Compositions, Conserues, Confections, Electuaries, Sirupes, Iuleps, Trociskes, Pilles, Potions, Salues, Plaisters, Oyles, Baulmes, Waters, and Aromaticall Wines, with diuers other things more, which are mentioned in this Booke.
This second Index containeth all the Simples that are specified in this Worke, as Rootes, Herbes, Flowers, Fruites, Plants, Iuices, Gummes, Woods, Stones, Barkes, Mettals, Minerals, and Earths: Also all the parts of Beasts, and of the body of man, that are or may be vsed in Physicke.
The third Index.