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Author: Knott, Edward, 1582-1656.
Title: Charity mistaken, with the want whereof, Catholickes are vniustly charged for affirming, as they do with grief, that Protestancy vnrepented destroies salvation.
Publication Info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 April (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: Charity mistaken, with the want whereof, Catholickes are vniustly charged for affirming, as they do with grief, that Protestancy vnrepented destroies salvation.
Knott, Edward, 1582-1656., Matthew, Tobie, 1577-1655,, Potter, Christopher, 1591-1646., Potter, Christopher, 1591-1646.

[Saint-Omer: Widow of C. Boscard], Printed with licence, Anno 1630.
Alternate titles: Charity mistaken, with the want whereof, Catholickes are unjustly charged Charitie mistaken with the want whereof, Catholickes are unjustly charged.
Anonymous. By Edward Knott, the name Matthew Wilson adopted in 1602 and kept for the rest of his life.
Printer's name and place of publication from STC.
Sometimes attributed to Sir Tobie Matthew.
Answered by STC 20135: Christopher Potter. Want of charitie justly charged, 1633.
In this edition, line 7 of title ends "unrepen-", the preface is signed "):(2".
Title page stained; some print faded and show-through.
Reproduction of the original in the Cambridge University Library.
Subject terms:
Catholic Church -- Controversial literature -- Early works to 1800.

title page
THAT CATHOLICKS ARE both improbably and vniustly charged with lacke of Charity, for affirming that Protestancy vnrepented de∣stroyes saluation. CHAPTER I.
Of the intention of Catholicks when they say that Protestancy vnrepented de∣stroyes saluation, and how the speech is to be vnderstood. CHAPTER II.
That our saying that Protestancy vnrepented destroyes saluatiō, proceedes from want of Charitie in vs, is no lesse vntrue (because there is but one true Church,) then alrea∣dy I haue shewed it to be improbable, and first this is proued by holy scripture. CHAPTER III.
The expresse vnity of the Church is prooued by the authority of the Fathers of the most primitiue times. CHAPTER IIII.
It is prooued, both by holy scriptures, and Fa∣thers, that out of One true Church of Christ our Lord no saluation is to be found. CHAPTER V.
CHAPTER VI. That both Catholickes and Protestants can not possibly be accounted to be of one and the same Religion, Fayth and Church.
The auoiding of three obiections, which they make against vs, to disproue our vnitie in faith amongst our selues; and of a fourth allegation, whereby they would shew that they hold as much vnity both with the Lutherans, and euen with vs Catholickes at this day, as they are boūd to maintaine. CHAPTER VII.
That Protestants haue no reason in alleadg∣ing the distinction of fundamentall, & not fundamētall points or faith; as intending to prooue thereby, that they are in vnity with the Fathers of the Primitiue Church, of their fellow Brethren the Lu∣therans, yea and some times with Ca∣tholickes at this day. CHAPTER VIII.
That Protestants neither do, nor dare declare what are their fundamentall points of faith; whereby yet they would pretend that they liue in the Communion of the one true Church of Christ our Lord. CHAPTER IX.
A recapitulatiō of the whole discourse, wher∣in it followes vpon the confession of both parties, that the Catholickes, and the Pro∣testants, are not both of them saueable in their seuerall Religions, without repen∣tance thereof before they dy; and that Ca∣tholickes must therefore be no longer held vncharitable for saying so: but those Pro∣testants are shewed to be Libertines, who say the contrary. CHAPTER X.
FAVLTES ESCAPED in the printing.