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Title: An appendix of the saints lately canonized, and beatifyed by Paule the fift, and Gregorie the Fifteenth.
Publication Info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 April (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: An appendix of the saints lately canonized, and beatifyed by Paule the fift, and Gregorie the Fifteenth.
Kinsman, Edward,, Villegas, Alonso de, b. 1534.

Doway: By Henrie Taylor, 1624.
Of unknown authorship; originally published as an appendix to: Villegas, Alonso de. Flos sanctorum.
Translated by Edward Kinsman, whose name appears on A2r.
With a final approbation leaf.
Reproduction of the original in the British Library.
Subject terms:
Christian saints -- Biography -- Early works to 1800.

title page
To the Catholike Readers in England.
AN APPENDIX OF the Saints lately Canonized, and Beati∣fyed, by Paule the Fift, and Gregorie the Fifteene. And First.
The Miraculous life and Vertues of Saint Isidore Husbandman, and Pa∣trone of Madrid in Spaine, lately canonized by Pope Gregory the XV. Abridged and translated out of Spanish.
THE LIFE OF THE HOLY Patriarch S. Ignarius of Loyola, Au∣thour and Founder of the Society of Ie∣sus. Taken out, of the most part, of the Authenticall Relation made in Consi∣story before Pope Gregory the 15 by Car∣dinal de Monte, vpon the 19. day of Ianuary 1622. a little before his Can∣nization, and translated into English.
THE LIFE OF S. FRANCIS Xauier, of the Society of Iesus, and A∣postle of the Indies: taken also out of the authenticall Relation made in Consistory by Cardinall de Monte the 19. of Ianua∣ry 1622. before Pope Gregory the XV. vpon the Acts of his Canonization, &c.
THE LIFE OF S. PHILIP Nerius of Florēce, Founder of the Cōgre∣gation of The Oratory; wittten in Latin, by Antony Gallonius, Priest of the same Congregation; and translated into En∣glish.
THE ADMIRABLE LIFE of S. Charles Borromeus Arch∣bishop of Milan, and Cardinall. Writtē in Italian by Doctour Guissano, of the Order of Oblates of S. Ambrose in Milan; and translated in to English.
THE LIFE OF S. FRANCISCA of Rome gathered out of the writtings of her ghostly Father, and the Acts of her Canonization, by Iulius Vrsinus of the Society of Iesus.
THE LIFE OF THE HOLY Virgin S. Teresa of Iesus, of the Order of our Blessed Lady of Mont Carmell, & Foundresse of the Congregation of the discalced Carmelites.
THE LIFE AND VERTVES OF Blessed Lewis Gonzaga of the Society of Iesus: taken out of his history written at large by Virgilius Ceparius of the same Order.
THE LIFE AND VERTVES of B. Stanislaus Kostka, of the Society of Iesus, abridged out of his life, written by Peter Rybadeneira and others, of the same Society.
THE LIFE AND VERTVES OF Holy Alphonsus Rodriquez, a Brother Coadiutor of the Society of Iesus: abrid∣ged by Father Michael Iulian of the same Society.