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Author: Taffin, Jean, 1529-1602.
Title: The amendment of life comprised in fower bookes: faithfully translated according to the French coppie. Written by Master Iohn Taffin, minister of the word of God at Amsterdam.
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2012 November (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: The amendment of life comprised in fower bookes: faithfully translated according to the French coppie. Written by Master Iohn Taffin, minister of the word of God at Amsterdam.
Taffin, Jean, 1529-1602.

Londini: [Printed by John Windet] impensis Georg. Bishop, 1595.
Alternate titles: Traicté de l'amendement de vie. English Traicté de l'amendement de vie.
A translation of: Traicté de l'amendement de vie.
Printer's name from STC.
Reproduction of the original in Cambridge University Library.
Some print faded and show-through; some pages stained, creased, cropped, marked, and torn.
Subject terms:
Christian life -- Early works to 1800.

title page
To the chiefe Magistrates and Gouernours of the Towne of Amsterdam: Grace and peace from God the Father, and from his Sonne Ie∣sus Christ, our onely Sauiour.
The Contents.
Faults escaped.
OF AMENDEMENT OF LIFE. The first Booke. Of the foolishnesse of Man, and that his wisedome con∣sisteth in amendement of the same.
That the word translated Amend, signifieth, to be better adui∣sed, and why. Chap. 1.
Of the first Folly. Not to beleeue that there is a God. Chap. 2.
The second Folly. To esteeme more of man than of God. Chap. 3.
The third Folly. To thinke that we shall liue euer. Chap. 4.
The fourth Folly. Not to know wherefore we liue. Chap. 5
The fifth Folly. To iudge of mans felicitie or miserie by the out∣ward apparance. Chap. 6.
Of the sixt folly. Rather to beleeue our enemies then our friends. Chap. 7.
The seuenth Folly. To thinke our selues wise. Chap. 8.
That man knowing Idolatrie and superstition, ought wholy to abstaine from all participation in the same. Chap. 1.
That it is not enough that we seperate our selues from Idolatrie, vnlesse we also ioyne with the Church of Christ, by frequenting Sermons, com∣municating in the Sacraments, and comming to common prayer. Chap. 2.
That we ought diligently to frequent Sermons. Chap. 3.
Of our duties to communicate in the holy sacraments. Chap. 4.
Of our dutie to assist at publique Prayer. Chap. 5.
Of the duetie both of domesticall and priuate praiers of euery faithfull. Chap. 6.
Of our dutie to reade the holy Scriptures. Chap. 7.
That we ought to put in practise the word of God. Chap. 8.
Of Loue and Charitie in generall. Chap. 9.
Of Almos and relieuing of the poore. Chap: 10.
Of the dutie of the Poore.
Of Couetousnes. Chap. 11.
Of Ambition, and Pride. Chap. 12.
Of sumptuousnesse and excesse in apparell. Chap. 13.
Of excesse and superfluitie in feastes and banquets. Chap. 24
Of Ʋoluptuousnesse in generall. Chap. 15.
Of Dronkennesse. Chap. 16
Of Fornication and other whooredome. Chap. 17
Of Dances. Chap. 18.
Of games of Chance and Hazard, as Cards and Dice. Chap. 19.
Of Enuie. Chap. 20.
Of backbiting, slaundering and euill speaking. Chap. 21.
The third Booke. Who it is that ought to Amend. Of the duties common both to the husband and the wife.
Chapter. 1.
Of the perticular dutie of the wife to her husband. Chap. 2.
Of the perticular dutie of the husband to his wife. Chap. 3.
Of the duties of parents towards their children. Chap: 4.
Of the dutie of children to their parents. Chap. 5.
Of the duties of magistrates to their subiects. Chap. 6.
Of the dutie of Subiects to their Magistrates. Chap. 7.
Of the duety of the Pastor and Minister of Gods woord, to his congregation. Chap. 8.
Of the duties of the Church to her Pastors and Ministers of the word of God. Chap. 9.
The fourth Booke. Of the causes of Amendement of Life.
The first cause why we should Amend, is taken of the authoritie of Iesus Christ to command vs. Chapter. 1.
The second cause of Amendement, drawen from the name Holy, attri∣buted to Iesus Christ: wherein is handled Election, Reproba∣tion, and Gods prouidence. Chap. 2.
The third cause of amendment, deriued from the predestination and prouidence of God, entreated of in the former Chapter. Chap. 3.
The fourth cause of Amendement, grounded vpon the title and name Emanuel, attributed to Iesus Christ. Chap. 4.
The fift cause of amendment, drawen from these tytles, wonderfull, a Counsailor, the strong and mightie God, the Prince of peace, the Father of eternity, attributed to Iesus Christ. Chap. 5.
The sixt cause of amendment, deriued of these two names, Iesus, Christ. Chap. 6.
The seuenth cause of Amendement gathered of the signification of this worde Amend. Chap. 7.
The eight cause of Amendement, taken of the reason added by Iesus Christ, where he saith, For the kingdome of heauen or of God is at hand. Chap. 8.
The ninth cause of amendment, taken hereof, that the kingdome of God which we looke for in heauen, doth admonish vs that we are strangers pilgrimes, and traue∣lers in this life. Chap. 9.
The tenth cause of amendment, drawen from the kingdome of heauen which is in vs. Chap. 10.
The eleuenth cause of amendment, taken of the kingdome of heauen, signifying the Ministery. Chap. 11.
The twelfth cause of Amendement, taken of this, That by the kingdome of heauen is signified, the most blessed felicitie of the children of God in heauen: The kingdome of God in vs: and the holy ministerie in the Church. Chap. 12.
The thirteenth cause of amendment, deriued of this saying of Iesus Christ. The kingdome of hea∣uen is at hand. Chap. 13.