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Author: Saintbarb, Richard.
Title: [Certaine points of christian religion].
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan, Digital Library Production Service
2011 December (TCP phase 2)

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Print source: [Certaine points of christian religion].
Saintbarb, Richard.

[London: For W. Young and R. Jackson, 1589]
Title and imprint from STC.
Dedication signed: Richard Saintbarb.
The text is in question and answer format.
Running title reads: Certaine points of christian religion.
Imprint is from Maunsell (pt. 1 of STC 17669), who lists 2 works with this imprint: on C4r: "Rich. Saintbarb. his catechisme, wherein are chiefly handeled such things as are omitted in other catechismes." and on H6r: "Rich. Saintbarb, his exposition ont he creed, the Lords praier, Commandements and Sacraments, in questions and Aunsweers." The present text is probably the former.--STC.
List of errata on M8r, final page.
Signatures: A-M.
Imperfect; lacks leaves A1,2 (includes title page).
Reproduction of the original in the British Library.
Subject terms:
Catechisms, English -- Early works to 1800.

To the right Honourable Sir Francis VValsingham Knight, Principall Secretarie to her Maiestie, and of her Highnesse most Honourable Priuie Counsell: And to the godlie and vertuous Ladie, the Ladie Vrsula his Wife: RICHARD SAINTBARB the vnworthie seruant and mi∣nister of Christ, wisheth great prosperitie in this life, with encrease of grace and peace from GOD the Father, and life euerlasting through Iesus Christ our life and Redeemer.
¶ To the christian Rea∣der, grace and peace in Je∣sus Christ.
Certaine points of Christian Religion.
The second part of the Catechisme.
¶The second parte of the Creede.
¶ The third parte of the Catechisme.
¶A Praier before Catechising.
A Praier after Catechising.
A Praier before meales.
A thankesgiuing after meales.
❧Faultes escaped in the Printing.